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Best Handheld Paint Sprayers – Top Pick HVLP, Airless & Air Spray Machines

From the enhanced convenience they offer to their unrivaled portability, handheld sprayers have proven to be the real deal.

Whether you have a small or a relatively big project, there will be no reason not to use these handheld sprayers.

A handheld paint sprayer will make an excellent addition to your tool collection as it comes with numerous benefits to the user whenever they choose to complete a painting project.

This article thus reviews the best handheld paint sprayers, further providing guidelines on how to acquire the best handheld paint sprayer in the current market with numerous models.

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Top 10 best handheld paint sprayers list in 2021

Reviews of the 5 best HVLP handheld paint spray machines

#1. Best sale – Wagner Spraytech 0518050 double duty hvlp paint spray gun

#2. Best for large jobs – Wagner Spraytech 0518080 max control hvlp paint sprayer with long hose

#3. Best cheap – Rexbeti hvlp paint spray gun with high power

#4. Best buy – Wagner Spraytech 0529010 Flexio 590 handheld hvlp paint sprayer

#5. Best for Indoor and outdoor – Scuddles lightweight handheld sprayer with 3 powerful modes

Top 3 best airless handheld paint spray gun reviews

#1. Best cheap – Graco TrueCoat electric handheld airless sprayer with adjustable speeds

#2. Best cordless – Graco Ultra Max battery-operated airless handheld paint sprayer

#3. Best for cabinets – Graco TrueCoat airless handheld paint sprayer for multi-color projects

Reviews of the 2 best handheld air compressor sprayers

#1. Best for auto – TCP Global air spray gun with suction feed cup

#2. Best with 1000cc capacity – Valu-Air professional air spray gun with multi pressure

Is it worth buying a handheld paint sprayer?

The use of a handheld paint sprayer usually comes with certain benefits over other painting methods. These benefits thus include:


#1. Fast painting time

Time is a precious commodity in every aspect of life, including painting. Thus, you would not want to take the whole day painting a small project.

With the handheld paint sprayer’s ability to atomize and spray fine droplets, the final results are always great with just one paint coat.

To achieve such results, you would need to do several passes using a roller or a brush, which is time-consuming and tedious. The handheld paint sprayers thus cover great areas within short periods compared to other painting mechanisms.

Similarly, on the matter of time coverage, access, and precision also matters a lot.

This is to say that brush/roller painting usually requires precise paint applications beyond which runs start to occur, and this could be inconvenient since you will always have to go back and inspect your paint job while dealing with any overruns which takes a lot of time unlike with the handheld paint sprayers with no paint runs due to over-application.

Furthermore, failure to apply enough paint at one point on the projects usually warrants several other coats, which further takes time. Handheld paint sprayers, however, guarantees excellence with just one sweep spray.

#2. Fast dry time

Using a handheld paint sprayer implies that the sprayed paint coat is usually very thin compared to those applied by rollers and brushes.

Thin coats mean faster dry time, allowing you to apply a second coat. Thus by using a handheld paint sprayer, you can finish your project much faster compared to those using brushes and rollers.

#3. Uniform application

In simple terms, spray painting using a handheld paint sprayer guarantees flawless end results. This because of the even paint application on the wall.

These machines spray paint evenly as previously set in the nozzle guaranteeing a smooth and professional look for the project even for amateur painters.

On the other hand, brushes and rollers are always coupled with runs and random thick paint spots; thus, leading to uneven end results even for professionals at times.

best handheld paint sprayer reviews

#4. Easy maneuver

In as much as rollers and brushes are usually easy to move around, their designs usually limit their access to certain areas such as corners and sharp edges.

This thus leads to a problematic painting of these areas.

Handheld paint sprayers, on the other hand, are usually similarly portable and can easily paint over the tight spots as all you need is maybe to adjust the nozzle or just shoot some sprays in the given area, and you are all set.


Despite all the above advantages to using the handheld paint sprayer, there are usually some downsides as well. These include:

#1. Extensive preparation time

Spray painting usually requires that you put a lot of emphasis on preparing the room you desire to paint.

This entails proper masking and covering the floor and windows to ensure that you do not damage the floor or that strong winds are blowing away and wasting the paint as you spray.

Therefore, in as much as brush and roller painting require preparation, it is usually nothing as detailed and complex as that done for a handheld paint sprayer.

#2. Extensive cleaning time

People who use handheld paint sprayers usually spend a lot of time cleaning the device.

This is because unlike brushes and rollers, which can be cleaned in under five minutes, these devices usually have to be taken apart and thoroughly cleaned by flushing before it can be used again next time or when you were just changing paint.

What is the best handheld paint sprayer?

A handheld paint sprayer usually needs to have certain unique features to be ranked among the best. These features will guarantee efficiency during the performance while counteracting some of the cons associated with these devices.

handheld spray gun

Thus, the best handheld paint sprayer should be:

#1. Compact and lightweight design

This entails the robustness and size of the device. This, coupled with the lightweight, should allow for an ergonomic grip and easy maneuvering around the project for excellent work.

#2. Accessories

A great handheld sprayer device should also come packaged with vital spraying accessories, such as varying nozzles. This will guarantee versatility in its operation by providing room for different types of spray.

#3. High-quality manufacture

The manufacture materials used usually guarantee the robustness and lifespan of a handheld paint sprayer.

Thus, the device should be made from strong, tough, and durable materials such as thick plastic and metal.

#4. Easily detachable design

Cleaning these paint sprayers is usually a little time consuming due to the disassembly and reassembly, which lasts different periods depending on the model and quality.

Thus, to wash your handheld paint sprayer easy and fast, the best device should always have easily detachable parts.

#5. Long power cord

This allows for easy maneuvering during painting without getting blocked by stuff in the way. Thus facilitating faster spray time.

#6. Adequately sized paint cup

A paint cup on the handheld paint sprayer further means that you are free to move around without the worry of the hose pipe lengths.

Also, adequately sized cups make a device the best since there will be no constant refilling or fatigue on the hand due to heavy paint.

Best sale – Wagner HVLP paint sprayer with portable hand held gun

Reviews of the 5 best HVLP handheld paint spray machines

The functioning of these sprayers is dependent on low pressure. Further, there will be a need for you to use a high volume of air to aerosolize and even propel the paint.

Here are the best 5 HVLP handheld sprayers.

#1. Best sale – Wagner Spraytech 0518050 double duty hvlp paint spray gun

Wagner double duty hvlp handheld paint sprayer

You can hardly ignore how popular and a best seller this sprayer has become, thanks to its incredible performance. It boasts of a two-stage air turbine that assures you of an elegant finish at all times.

With this product, you will be confident of getting up to three distinct spray patterns. Whether you want it round, vertical, or horizontal, there will hardly be any hassle.

While at it, the spray will boast of a flawless flow rate. That you will be free to adjust this rate accordingly is no surprise.

It will suffice to mention that this sprayer will spray up to 8 gallons per hour. You will also witness that it can cover about 80 square feet within five minutes.

Notable Features:

  • Features 2 cups
  • 3 spray patterns
  • Holds up to 8 gallons per hour

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#2. Best for large jobs – Wagner Spraytech 0518080 max control hvlp paint sprayer with long hose

Wagner hvlp paint spray machine with hand held sprayer

Are you looking forward to taking on a big project? This sprayer is all that you could ever need, as it assures you of spraying over 10 gallons per hour. It is a sprayer that you will fall in love with, thanks to its energy efficiency.

You can hardly overlook the convenience that this option provides. Remember, it comes with a 20-foot hose, which ensures that you move around with much ease. With this, you will effortlessly spray a more significant area in the long run.

You will be confident of unmatched control over the sprayer, which allows you to atomize materials into much finer particles.

With the adjustable settings present, you will customize the flow of your pain by using the pressure control knob.

The impeccable design that this device comes with will get you falling in love. The design is relatively ergonomic, ensuring that you do not end up fatigued.

Notable Features:

  • Long hose
  • Impressive control abilities
  • Builds with a large tank for paint storage

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#3. Best cheap – Rexbeti hvlp paint spray gun with high power

Rexbeti cheap hvlp paint spray gun

If you are on a budget, look no further than this option. That it is affordable is an understatement.

This product prides itself on up to three nozzles, which assure you of enhanced performance at all times. The three nozzles measure 2.0 mm, 2.5 mm, and 3.0 mm. It will be upon you to choose whichever can provide you with the desired finish.

Thanks to the 500W of power, you will be confident of a seamless experience in the long run. This device will provide you with incredible spray patterns whose smoothness will get you smitten.

Did you know that you will get up to three spray patterns with this device? That means that you will be free to consider vertical, circular, and horizontal spraying.

You will also be confident of getting the enhanced flow control that you so desire. What is more, you will be sure of easily adjusting this flowrate, which makes it suitable for different types of surfaces.

Notable Features:

  • 3 nozzles
  • High power
  • Comes with a long power cord

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#4. Best buy – Wagner Spraytech 0529010 Flexio 590 handheld hvlp paint sprayer

Wagner handhled paint spray gun with complete adjustability

You will hardly go wrong with this product, as it has proven to be one of the best buys. Its myriad of features will effortlessly highlight the value for money that you will get in the long run.

It will suffice to mention that this sprayer is one of the fastest, and it guarantees you a more consistent finish.

It boasts of an iSpray nozzle, which is vital whenever you want to work on a more significant project. That it will provide you with a detailed finish is no secret.

One of the outstanding features in this sprayer is its material flow control. It comes in handy in making sure that you not only start slow but also maintain a level of steadiness.

It will be upon you to determine the rate that befits your project, as this determines the kind of results you get.

Whether you want to paint your fence, deck, cabinets, exterior walls, or interior walls, this sprayer will come in handy for you.

Notable Features:

  • Easy to use and control
  • Assures you of variable speed

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#5. Best for Indoor and outdoor – Scuddles lightweight handheld sprayer with 3 powerful modes

Scuddles lightweight and portable handheld paint sprayer

Here is yet another incredible device you cannot afford to overlook. It is one of the best for both indoor and outdoor painting.

It will suffice to mention that it comes with three distinct, powerful modes. While at it, it remains the best for you when spraying different types of surfaces.

Usually, it comes with up to 5 nozzles, which measure between 1.8 mm and 2.6 mm. This way, you will be free to paint or even varnish your surface without any difficulty.

Did you know that it boasts of 1200W of power? Such performance is all that you could ever desire, as it ensures you complete the job smoothly and on time.

There will also be an adjustable flow control for you. It comes with a control knob that you will have no issue to access.

Notable Features:

  • Comes with 5 nozzles
  • It is relatively lightweight
  • Robust construction and improved durability

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Top 3 best airless handheld paint spray gun reviews

Are you looking forward to having an improved finish? Airless handheld sprayers will be all that you need, as they boast of elegant finishes and speedily so.

You will, undoubtedly, fall in love with how efficient these devices are. They will include the following options.

#1. Best cheap – Graco TrueCoat electric handheld airless sprayer with adjustable speeds

Graco TrueCoat airless paint sprayer with hand held

Graco has proven to be one of the most affordable options in the market. Thanks to this, it is the right choice for those on a budget. It is a 120V airless sprayer whose reliability you cannot doubt.

It boasts of adjustable speeds that will give you the convenience you need. Ideally, you will choose between low speeds and high speeds.

It will be vital for you to select the low-speed option if you are working on a small project, and vice versa. This way, you will be sure of completing your task not only on time but also efficiently.

This sprayer allows you to spray in any direction, whether upwards or sideways. This technology ensures that you have an easier time altogether.

Continuous spraying becomes something that you will appreciate from this device. While at it, you will witness that its paint tends to be relatively unthinned.

Notable Features:

  • You are sure of dual-speed control
  • It comes with the Vacuvalve technology

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#2. Best cordless – Graco Ultra Max battery-operated airless handheld paint sprayer

graco handheld airless paint sprayer without cord review

Are you a fan of cordless airless sprayers? This device assures you of not only a cordless experience but also one that will warm your heart.

It will suffice to mention that this product sources its power from Dewalt XR lithium-ion, which has proven to be reasonably long-lasting. With this option, you will hardly need to worry about recharging your device now and then.

Further, you will witness that there will hardly be a need for thinning. That means that you will be sure of a flawless painting process.

You will also witness that it comes with the Triax Triple Piston pump, which assures you of incredible performance.

The robust construction of this impressive device highlights longevity. With the machine lasting for long, there is no denying that you are likely to get value for money.

Notable Features:

  • Comes with a reasonably high suction power
  • Can spray on solvent and flammable based materials

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#3. Best for cabinets – Graco TrueCoat airless handheld paint sprayer for multi-color projects

Graoco Truecoat 360 handheld sprayer review

Sometimes, the only focus would be on handheld sprayers for your cabinets. This product will offer you more than that, as its performance on cabinets is out of this world.

It boasts of impressive speed control, which is vital in ensuring you get the results you so need.

Further, it comes with a reversible spray tip that allows you to reverse the tip whenever it gets clogged. This way, you get an excellent finish in the long run.

It will be much easier for you to spray in any direction, thanks to the Vacuvalve technology. Whether you have to do it upwards or sideways, there will hardly be any harm. Besides, you will be sure of different spray patterns too.

Notable Features:

  • You have enough control over it
  • Comes with a durable storage case

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Reviews of the 2 best handheld air compressor sprayers

It will be unfair not to mention these beautiful gems, as they are some of the most reliable ones in the market.

Their unmatched portability is striking, and their level of efficiency is outstanding. The following are the options you could consider.

#1. Best for auto – TCP Global air spray gun with suction feed cup

handheld air compressor for painting

If you are looking for the best spray gun for automotive applications, this is the ultimate choice. Thanks to its design, you will hardly regret the choice.

It has a max pressure of 130 Psi and air consumption of between 6 and 9 CFM.

This gun comes out as a long-lasting pneumatic air application gun. It plays a significant role in applying the right undercoating on vehicles.

You will also rely on it for rustproofing, painting the Bedliner, and taking care of the chip guard.

Its weight is well-balanced, giving you unmatched experience and results in the long run. Ideally, with the perfect weight, you will comfortably apply different coatings and textures flawlessly.

It comes with robust construction, which is a highlight for both elegance and durability. Its aluminum body and an easy-to-grip nature will often assure you of the convenience you so desire.

Notable Features:

  • Excellent results
  • Reasonable long-lasting
  • Much more straightforward to clean

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#2. Best with 1000cc capacity – Valu-Air professional air spray gun with multi pressure

air handheld paint spray machine

Are you looking for a device with a 1000cc capacity? Do you want unmatched affordability and quality results? This device is what you should prioritize.

This product weighs about 2.2 pounds. With this, there is no denying how compact a design it has. This two-piece construction comes with a gun that has an excellent air valve design.

It features an aluminum cup, which is capable of providing up to 1000cc. With that, you are confident of the utmost durability. Did you know that it has a maximum pressure of around 4 bars?

It will suffice to mention that the device comes with one nozzle that measures around 1.8 mm. With this, you will be confident of a spray pattern of between 180 and 240 mm.

Notable Features:

  • Affordable
  • Perfect finishes
  • Excellent paint coverage

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How to choose the right handheld paint sprayer for your needs?

Before choosing and committing to a single handheld paint sprayer for your tool collection, you should consider some of the following guidelines since they will help you choose the best handheld paint sprayer for your situation.

#1. Type

There are several types of handheld paint sprayers in the market; however, some of the popular types include the compressed air handheld paint sprayers, the airless paint sprayers, and the HVLP handheld paint sprayers.

All these handheld paint sprayers are usually designed to provide you with a fine quality paint job; however, they all work under different mechanisms that provide varying levels of quality work and the time taken to finish. For instance:

  • Airless

The handheld airless paint sprayer utilizes a great amount of pressure to atomize the paint, pushing it through the nozzle in the form of tiny droplets that form an even pattern and, thus, a paint coat on the project.

These devices are usually recommended for speed jobs, thus suitable for completing massive projects in short periods.

They are often fairly pricey and recommended for use by at least a skilled amateur and professionals for exemplary results.

Best with Variable Speed – Graco TrueCoat 360 Airless Sprayer for Multi-Color Projects

Graoco Truecoat 360 handheld sprayer review

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  • HVLP

The high-volume low-pressure (HVLP) handheld paint sprayer, on the other hand, atomizes the paint and releases it by minimizing the pressure to produce high spray volumes. Therefore, the painting process often takes time and not recommended for speedy jobs.

However, it is a precision tool designed to produce a beautiful finish with the finest details of all the devices.

It is therefore used in spray painting small objects requiring nuances such as furniture, cabinets, crown molding, and other but not large room wall painting.

Best Cheap – Rexbeti High Power Electric HVLP Sprayer

Rexbeti cheap hvlp paint spray gun

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  • Air

Finally, the compressed air paint sprayer is the simplest of them all in terms of operation since it only needs a spray gun and an air compressor.

These are, however, somewhat outdated since finding individuals with air compressors is quite rare. This also needs little skills to properly connect the gun and the air compressor since wrongful connections result in poor finishes.

Best with Suction Feed Cup – TCP Global Air Sprayer with Aluminum Body

handheld air compressor for painting

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Therefore, as an individual, you should be well conversant with your situation and why you need the said handheld paint sprayer because this will assist you in first deciding on the type of paint sprayer you need for your project.

#2. Weight and Portability

You should always check for the weight of the product labeled on the side to make sure that it can be carried easily from place to place and at different angles during spray painting.

You should, therefore, choose a handheld paint sprayer of lightweight design because this will improve on the portability aspect allowing you to move from one area to the next and spray painting for the longest time possible without getting fatigued due to the weight of the device being a little too much for you to handle.

This will be immensely inconvenient as it will force you to stop the painting process to rest up, a factor that will consume even more time.

#3. Paint Cup and Suction Hose

These features are very crucial to the efficiency achieved during painting.

First and foremost, paint cups are usually screwed to the top of the handheld spray guns, giving you mobility freedom. The problem, however, comes on the weight it adds to the gun when filled with paint.

Therefore, this means that these paint cups are usually small in size carrying only small amounts of paint suitable for small projects.

Engaging in large projects will warrant constant refilling, which is usually tedious and discouraging. Thus, when going to work on small projects like furniture painting, this might be a great option.

Suction hose, on the other hand, requires you to use a large paint bucket. You will then be able to facilitate the painting of large projects continuously without the need to refill the bucket after every few minutes constantly.

The problem is that different handheld paint sprayers usually come with varying lengths of suction hose, which means that some are usually very short while others are adequately long.

This usually limits mobility within the area of work. Furthermore, switching between paints is also costly as you always have to flush out all the previous paint to install new paint.

Best for Large Job – Wagner HVLP Sprayer with Large Bucket and Long Hose

Wagner hvlp paint spray machine with hand held sprayer

Check Price on Amazon

#4. Cleanup

A downside to using handheld paint sprayers is usually attributed to the demanding and time-consuming cleanup process.

Thus, while choosing a paint sprayer, you should try and select one which is easy to assemble and disassemble. This will reduce the cleanup time immensely.

Thus, a simple design with few components will ensure that only a small portion of the device is exposed to the paint, thus further improving cleaning time.

#5. Accessories

These include components such as the tip nozzles, power cord, among others.

Thus, for a more satisfying painting session, you need to select a handheld paint sprayer package with at least three nozzles, which will allow for continuous painting while also adjusting spray patterns at will.

The power cords also often need to be sizable enough to allow for free mobility during painting.

Thus, the cords need to be adequately long because short ones will not suffice for a project that needs a lot of maneuvering.

Which is better, handheld airless paint sprayer or HVLP handheld paint sprayer?

This is a question that usually gets asked by many individuals trying to decide which of these handheld paint sprayer model designs is the best and most recommended.

Before making this decision, we should properly understand some of the pros and cons of these separate devices while comparing their utilization criteria.

airless handheld electric sprayers

#1. Cost

Therefore, when comparing the two devices, the airless paint sprayer, while using the high amounts of pressure, usually utilizes a lot of power compared to the low pressure used by the HVLP paint sprayers.

This means that the airless paint sprayer is a little costly during operations than the HVLP paint sprayers.

Similarly, on the market, the price range for the airless handheld paint sprayer gear is usually slightly higher than that of the HVLP paint sprayers. This further makes them expensive in comparison.

#2. Painting scales

However, in as much as the costs go, the airless paint sprayers are usually convenient when dealing with large projects due within short periods of time.

Thus, they work faster than the HVLP paint sprayers, which works much slower.

Nonetheless, these HVLP paint sprayers are great precision tools specifically designed for small projects which require a detailed finish, unlike the airless paint sprayers, which are usually full of over sprays hence not ideal for finer detail painting.

#3. Clogging

Another issue among the two has to do with clogging. Clogging of the nozzles is usually common with the HVLP handheld paint sprayers slowing work down even further, unlike with the airless paint sprayers with limited clogging scenarios.

#4. Verdict

These are just some of the comparative merits and demerits to using both the airless and HVLP handheld paint sprayers. However, the fact still remains that there is no better device than the other.

This is because each is specifically designed to accomplish specific purposes, and to try to use one instead of the other would not yield professional results.

Thus, always try and use each type of handheld paint sprayer per the type of project you are handling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

#1. Are battery-powered handheld cordless paint sprayers worth it?

This is always dependent on the battery system of the specific cordless paint sprayer.

Thus, if the battery system is solid and capable of sustaining the painting period for a while at least until a great chunk of the project or the entire project is completed, then I would say that that handheld cordless paint sprayer is definitely worth it.

Best Cordless – Graco Airless Handheld Sprayer for Free Movement

graco handheld airless paint sprayer without cord review

Check Price on Amazon

#2. Are handheld paint sprayers good for painting walls?

Yes, you only need to find and use the recommended type for wall painting. That is the airless handheld paint sprayers.

These devices will efficiently paint your walls very quickly with clean patterns.

However, you need to acquire a high-quality airless handheld paint sprayer to guarantee the fine quality work because the substandard devices usually produce a lot of oversprays, which could make your work seem amateurish at best.


The properly painted project will always look stylish, appealing, and professional, which is always the desire of the project owners. However, to achieve this, you always need to use the right equipment to paint.

Nowadays, the most recommended are always handheld paint sprayers. Thus, finding the best models of these devices will guarantee a perfect end result for even amateur painters with limited skills.

Therefore, you should consider adding one of these gadgets to your garage for occasional use when the need arises.