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Best Paint Sprayer for Interior Walls – Top 5 Best Spray Painters

There are varieties of paint sprayers available in the market, but you should know that not every type is ideal for indoor painting. Therefore, when looking for the best paint sprayer for interior walls, consider the work input in terms of convenience and effective rate and the output. A sprayer should allow providing a nice and even coat of paint on a given area attended.

The 5 Best Interior Wall Paint Sprayers in 2021

Reviews of the 5 Best Paint Sprayer for Interior Walls

#1. Best Sale – Wagner HVLP Interior Paint Sprayer

Wagner SprayTech 0518080 control multicolor sprayer for interior walls

If you are looking for a control sprayer that provides a maximum smooth and consistent finish within a short period of time, then Wagner SprayTech will meet the need. This product has controls attached to it that gives one the ability to make adjustments based on where you are working on and the kind of material that you are using, as it will determine the features the spray can offer.

This sprayer pattern ranges from 0.5 to 12 inches wide as for the settings which enable optimal control and for excellent finish work. It is designed with an HVLP tech, hence uses a high voltage of air at a slight pressure making it optimize materials to fine particles. This product’s finish is professional with no overspray, and its package comes with a control max sprayer, a metallic cup of 1 qt, a hose of 20 feet long, and a viscosity cup.

This product is perfect for a variety of projects like priming staining and painting of cabinets, decks, door trim, furniture, woodwork projects, and more. This equipment comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturing company. Definitely, you have to say goodbye to brushes and rollers, as this is a real pro compressor painting machine you have to go for.

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#2. Runner up – Graco X5 Airless Paint Sprayer for Interior Walls

Graco magnum 262800 airless interior wall sprayer

This is another suitable product you can go for as it for fast and easy cleanup. It controls the flow of paint as it is fully adjustable, and its pressure can be controlled and has a flexible suction tube that allows spraying directly from 1 to 5 gallons of paint. This equipment is powered by a high-quality stainless steel Piston pump that enables un-thinned painting at high pressure.

This product is ideal for both indoor and outdoor projects and can support up to 75 feet of paint hose, thus giving extra reach when working on a given project. It has a voltage of 110, with RAC IV control switch for allowing reverse of its tip when clogged for keeping continuous spraying and has an annual recommendation of 125 gallons.

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#3. Best for Interior and Exterior – Wagner Handheld HVLP Paint Sprayer

Wagner handheld paint sprayer for interior walls

This product is suitable for painting broad interior and exterior surfaces as it provides un-thinned coatings. The front end nozzle of spray provides improved and concentrated spray patterns for fast coverage.

It contains adjustable controls that enable the provision of the distinct flow of paint with the selected numbered dial, and the lower level can be used to change the flow of paint to narrow or wide. The air cap is well designed with air-like curtains that help to improve the concentration of spray patterns horizontally and vertically, and its trigger is unique in design with two layers for simple use as the 1st layer is for starting the turbine, and the 2nd layer is for releasing paint flow.

This product can be cleaned easily within 5 minutes with only three removable pieces and can be washed with water with soap or with paint thinner. This product nozzle is compatible with Wagner sprayers and allows spray up to 10 by 12-foot surface in a single fill.

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#4. Best for Professional Spray – Paint Zoom Paint Machine for Interior Walls and Trims

Pain zoom handheld electric containers

This is a product that will definitely transform the whole of your house into a desirable home, and one can make use of any space without considering the previous color that was on the wall. All areas, including the dark hues, will be coated easily and well replaced with new looking palettes eliminating the old coating completely.

It contains 925 watts and 3 containers for paint for max spaying and for an easy switch from the color of paint, hence qualifying it as commercial-grade HVLP home use paint sprayer. This equipment enables provision of any even paint pattern and has no drips, splotches, and splatters that you have to be worried about.

This equipment is electric and features a powerful motor than most of the electric sprayers in the market, light in weight, and very compact hence contains a high work rate, as well can be easily be moved from one place to another. This product is suitable to attend to your walls, ceilings, and other places that need painting in your home as it can cut any mess and eliminates any hassle when painting.

It comes with a handy of extensions and unique spraying nozzles as these tools will give you max directional control when using this unique three-way reinforced sprayer. The hose is long enough to give desirable freedom when doing painting jobs as it takes it to the maximum standards.

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#5. Best for Latex and Milk Paint – Wagner Spraytech HVLP Interior Paint Sprayer

Wagner SprayTech 0529054 stationary sprayer

This is a studio plus painting sprayer that applies fine desirable finish without brush marks and is perfect for spraying furniture, home décor such as chalk, furniture paints, milk, plus all addition to stains, lacquers and sealers, crafts and more at it will take every project you handle to next level.

This equipment includes two spray nozzles for completion of countless projects with a control finish nozzle for semi-finish application on medium in size furniture like dressers and armoires.

You can as well switch to a detailed finish nozzle for smooth application and fine finish. Its turbine base helps to keep its weight to the ground hence improving its stability hence reduces fatigue when holding it by hand, especially when working on large projects.

This is suitable equipment as it provides up to 30 feet of working areas and can easily be moved to different locations when handling large surfaces. This product is featured with several adjustable settings hence allowing one to customize its output and include paint flow controls.

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What to Look for in an Interior Wall Paint Sprayer?

When selecting a spray sprayer, there are factors that you have to be keen on for you to get the best that will meet your expectations. Get to know at what level is the sprayer safe when using it because there are some types of sprayers that operate at high temperatures, and you have to be considerate over the climatic conditions that you will be using it. This is important to avoid accidents of an explosion, burning of skin, or other related damages when using it.

#1. Budget

Budget is the central determinant and is a fundamental factor when choosing a paint sprayer as it goes with the size that you will be working on. Pick a small spraying gun if you will be working on small projects as they are less costly than those designed to handle large tasks. As well one can buy a new one or hire and is determined by the need, and the budget one has.

Buy Cheap Wagner Handheld Paint Sprayer

Wagner handheld paint sprayer for interior walls

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#2. Shapes and Sizes

Shapes and sizes of nozzles are very important as some are best for spraying small pieces of items like furniture as others are suitable for large areas. Large nozzles are suitable for attending to large walls, and there are different varieties of tips, and you should consider them for the best paint sprayer.

#3. Paint Coatings

The type of paint to use is as well very important as it can be used to apply a couple of paint coatings sprayers are effectively used for water and oil paints but not paints with fibers. Some of the paints, especially those used for exterior walls, spray too quickly and result in several coatings and are not appropriate when dealing with interior walls.

Buy Paint Zoom Portable Paint Sprayer for Interior and Exterior

Pain zoom handheld electric containers

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#4. Variety of Painting

If you are likely to have a variety of painting works, then it means that you should be equipped with high-quality painting sprayers for quality work within the desired working rate. You should not compromise with these factors because the quality of work output determines how you will be recommended in your business and jobs.

How to Paint a House Interior?

You should do proper planning before painting the interior of your house by picturing how the project will look like at the end after painting. Choose the color you want to apply and pick a few shades and obtain some samples, and then test the shades to find out how they are looking.

Pick the materials necessary depending on the paint you have chosen to apply and determine the quantity of the paint that can complete the project you are going to handle—generally, 400 sq. Ft. can be handled with one gallon of paint always consider paint calculator when working on large projects.

Prepare the interior of your house by moving out room furniture if the space is limited or push them to the center and ensure they are well covered with light in weight plastic sheet. Mix the paint you need to apply and pick the painting technique and when working start from the top areas moving down.

You have to cover the floor, windows, and other trim that you are not targeting to spray totally and as well ensure that you have cleaned the paint sprayer properly for the best output effect.

Ensure that space has enough ventilation. If possible, you can turn on the fan to keep air blowing to increase rate of drying the paint. After painting, gives it sometime and then clean up the area by removing tapes, drop clothes, and ensure spills are dry before removing them.


#1. Can I Use a Paint Sprayer for Interior Walls?

Of course, it is appropriate to use a paint sprayer for interior walls as it works very fast than when using paintbrushes and rollers.

The fine and tiny particles of paints emitted by the sprayer ensure it is complete and even coverage in every corner and sections attended. Rollers and brushes cannot easily access small spaces because of their shape and may cause wall scratches when forced to access such areas, hence creating more problems than solving. The use of sprayers for interior walls is the best way to go as it is designed to provide fine mist with the ability to get into hard-to-reach points.

#2. Is It Better to Roll or Spray Interior Paint?

It is better off to use a sprayer over rollers as it is much faster and saves much of your time. The sprayer provides tiny paint particles that a roller can’t produce that ensure complete and very quick coverage in corners and nooks of your wall. Paint sprayers do perfect and even paint distribution, and there is no wastage due to dripping, unlike using rollers that are mostly limited when it comes to accessing small spaces on the wall due to their shapes.

paint sprayer for interior wall reviews

When doing large projects, sprayers are appropriate as they are convenient and effective than use of rollers. Generally, paint sprayers are advantageous over rollers as they can spread stains, paints, and clear previous colors quickly and are good when dealing with interior walls due to low pressure that can be controlled between 3 to10 psi. And it creates almost no over sprays.

#3. What Is the Best Paint Sprayer for Interior Walls?

No doubt, you are looking for an indoor sprayer that will definitely offer you great and desirable performance. When choosing an indoor sprayer, you have to be certain that it is working extremely well; in particular, its ability to be adjustable as pressure makes it be more useful when handling tough and different surfaces.

The weight of the equipment should be about 20 lbs. This is not much if you will be using around and in your home compound. The results should be impressive coating and work rate plus attachments that it comes with it where you will male comparison and able to pick the one that is suitable for you.

Adapter’s likeability to be connected to the garden horse is an important feature that you can consider as it will make cleaning easy and fast – Sprayers which their performance can be enhanced i.e., reversing of the tips when clogging occurs or with filters in the handles, will provide continuous spraying without creating any issues when using it.

Consider the quality material construction of the sprayer and the quality of the motor as this is much to your budget options; those made from plastic materials are generally less durable. Keenly observe machines that offer excellent performance and power.

Buy Best Sale Wagner HVLP Paint Sprayer with Complete Adjustability

Wagner SprayTech 0518080 control multicolor sprayer for interior walls

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Tips for Spray Paint Interior House

  • Before spraying the interior of your house, you should mask some surfaces by use of 3M hand mask to ensure that places that are not targeted are not sprayed.
  • Use the sprayers’ extensions, especially for low and high areas for easy access to such areas, and it will reduce fatigue when spraying because you will not be bending very much.
  • Allow wall paint to be dry before removing the masks.


When selecting a paint sprayer, you have to make a comparison before deciding on which type to buy and the size you need to attend to determines as well the size of the sprayer.