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Best HVLP Spray Gun – Top 7 High Pressure Low Volume Paint Sprayers

There are numerous reasons why you should go for the best HVLP spray gun. Most importantly, it is a very efficient and stress-free way of painting which would, in turn, save you a great deal of time, particularly with huge tasks.

HVLP paint sprayers are known to be one of the safest to use. It makes provision for less overspray which means that you would not need to spend much time cleaning because there is less paint in the air. The quality finish that the HVLP paint sprayers produce with its affordable price is just superb.

Finding the right HVLP paint sprayer can be quite a difficult task, but in this article, we have the work made easier for you.

Top 7 Best HVLP Spray Guns and Paint Sprayers List in 2021

Reviews of the 7 Best HVLP Spray Guns

#1. Best Overall – HomeRight HVLP Paint Sprayer for Latex Paint

HomeRight super finish max HVLP handheld paint sprayer

The HomeRight Super Finish Max performs a variety of functions from fences and walls to furniture and cabinets, this sprayer uses less thinning and hassle to cover a wide range of coatings and projects. An air compressor is not needed because this High Volume, Low Pressure (HVLP) sprayer possesses a turbine motor.

This sprayer allows for the ultimate customization of paint flow for all your work because of the six available spray tip sizes. This sprayer can handle thick paints which in turn prevents thinning this happens because of its 450 watts of power.

The Super Finish Max sprayer possesses a 39-ounce container capacity which means less stopping to refill and a built-in access door which makes for easy inletair filter changes. It is suitable for water or oil-based materials like milk paint, latex paint, chalk type paint, enamel, clear sealer, stain, polyurethane, varnish, and primers.

Cleanup is made easier and faster because of the sprayer’s cup vent and picks up tube.

Notable Features:

  • It allows for easy cleanup because of its pick up tube and cup vent.
  • With its 450 watts of power, this sprayer can handle thick paints and prevents thinning.

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#2. Best Budget – High Power HVLP Paint Sprayer for Home Use

best budget hvlp spray gun

REXBETI has always been at the top of the chart with their marvelous varieties of tools and affordable prices. REXBETI has an edge over traditional methods because of its speed, it is 5-10 times faster than the regular brush or roller and it is sure to provide a better finish. This particular spray is very easy to use and it is lightweight.

You can switch the air cap because of its 3 spray patterns: vertical 180 degrees, horizontal 90 degrees, circular 45 degrees. With the flow control knob near the handle, changing the flow rate is very easy.

It possesses 4 nozzles that allow for coating of different surfaces with your oil, favorite latex or stain. This sprayer is very appropriate for chalk type paint, stain, varnish, latex paint, and sealer.

It is appropriate for both outdoor and indoor projects and it possesses three spray patterns that would help you get your work done faster. Also, it is very easy to clean because of its detachable design.

Notable Features:

  • It is easy to clean because of its detachable nature.
  • This sprayer is very adjustable; it can be adjusted to 3 different sprays: circular, vertical and horizontal.

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#3. Best with 3-Stage Turbine – Earlex HVLP Paint Spray Gun for Lacquer

Earlex hvlp turbine sprayer for home and professional use

Earlex Spray Port 6003 is perfect for a serious professional woodworker by providing for a perfect end product, affordability, and durability in one package. It is appropriate for spraying chalk paints, latex (though some latex paints may need thinning), polyurethanes, shellac, varnishes, lacquer, enamels, stains, and milk paints on your woodworking projects.

This spray gun features a 3-stage turbine with an output of 5.5 PSI at 90 CFM which allows for improved atomization for thicker or thin coatings. It possesses a 1.3 mm needle which helps to make a flawless finish on your woodworking project with no brush marks.

Additionally, the pressure-fed spray gun can contain up to 1 Qt. of material for continuous spraying. The 25ft. Hyperflex hose is lightweight, durable and unmatched flexibility specially designed with the woodworker in mind.

This superb sprayer comes with a metal spray gun made of 1.3mm stainless steel and a needle and a 1 qt. PTFE coated paint container which provides more durability compared to plastic counterparts. It always produces an awesome finishing when you are done with your project.

Notable Features:

  • It allows for ease while working because of its Pro8 non-bleed spray gun.
  • Its 360-degree rotating air cap that allows you to spray even the most difficult of places.

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#4. Best Mini – Graco Lightweight Spray Gun for Cabinets

Graco hvlp spray gun with ergonomic handle

The FX3000 paint sprayer is a full-size HVLP spray gun that can be used for larger jobs. This paint sprayer is simply the best gun of choice when HVLP is required. It is a 1.0 mm HVLP gravity feed spray gun that provides you with all your needs.

It is both lightweight and compact also very user-friendly. It is easy to use while working on your project. It provides for a cleaning brush which makes cleanup of the FX3000 paint spray gun very easy.

This paint sprayer includes an FX3000 gun, it also features a 600cc aluminum cup which when put together makes work easier and faster. This sprayer produces an awesome finishing when the work is done.

Notable Features:

  • It is used for larger jobs.
  • It is very lightweight and compact.
  • It is very easy to use and doesn’t require any technical skills.

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#5. Best with Complete Adjustability – Wagner HVLP Spray Gun for Furniture and More

Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Paint for Stains and Decks and Furniture and More

The Wagner Control Spray Max gives a smooth, consistent and perfect finish faster than the usual traditional painting methods. You can adjust easily and quickly based on the material you are working with and the project you are working on because of the stress-free controls which are a huge function that the normal spray can or brush can’t perform.

Materials are atomized into fine particles because of the HVLP technology which provides for a high volume of air at low pressure. This spray gives a professional finishing, with virtually little or no overspray.

This spray paint gun possesses some features such as viscosity cup, 20ft. hose, plastic cup, Control Max Sprayer ans 1qt. metal cup. With the combination of a powerful 2-stage turbine, a metal spray gun and a variable air pressure control, the Wagner Control Spray Max makes it smoother to paint walls with thinner materials and latex paint.

Notable Features:

  • It is perfect for painting cabinets, decks, furniture and many more.
  • You can attain a professional finished look with practically no overspray.
  • It can be easily adjusted through the pressure control dial and material flow to achieve an amazing finish every time.

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#6. Best for Professional Finish – Earlex Heavy Duty HVLP Spray System for Woodworking

Earlex hvlp paint sprayer for serious woodworking

TheEarlex Spray Station 5500 is a semi-pro unit that is specifically made for the light contractor, automotive enthusiasts, and serious woodworking. It is very perfect for both beginners and serious woodworkers.

This sprayer makes it possible for you to attain that showroom finish on your cars, furniture, and cabinets. It is perfect for small to medium-sized woodworking projects. The combination of the two-stage turbine and the 650 watts of power make provision for superior finishing.

It also possesses a push-and-click to easily switch between the three spray patterns it features (horizontal, vertical and circular). Less material can be used for both interior and exterior projects using this spray gun. You can also use it with different materials such as varnishes, sealers, oils, urethanes and also thinned latex.

Notable Features:

  • It is for small to medium-sized projects.
  • It features a hose and cord with a carry handle for easy portability.
  • It allows for easy cleanup because of its convenient, onboard hose storage.

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#7. Best for Polyurethane – Fuji HVLP Sprayer with 400cc Gravity Feed Cup

best Fuji hvlp turbine spray system

The Fuji Spray Semi-PRO 2 Gravity has brought to the market the most powerful 2-stage system. It provides features like no other within its price range. The Fuji M-Model Spray Gun possesses features such as a Fan Control Knob which can be used to adjust pattern size from small circular to wide.

This sprayer is specifically ideal for professional users and perfect for spraying furniture pieces, walls, cabinets, doors, fences, shutters, etc.

The Semi-PRO Spray System provides the best combination of the performance to lay down a professional-looking work and versatility. This sprayer is ideal for waterborne and solvent-based coatings because its steel fluid passages prevent wear on the needle tip. It also disassembles easily for efficient maintenance and effective cleanup.

Notable Features:

  • It features turbine filters that are quick and easy to change.
  • It possesses a stainless steel nozzle and needle which makes it very durable.

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What Is an HVLP Paint Sprayer?

HVLP is an acronym that stands for high-volume low pressure. These are the newest paint sprayers and are perfect and ideal for completing most paint projects, especially household paints in a period of the normal time. Because of the long list of advantages, numerous painters are switching over to the best HVLP paint sprayers. It is efficient, less time consuming and stress-free.


How Do I Choose an HVLP Spray Gun?

Paint sprayers enable you to any paint job in the normal period of time necessary without even worrying about brush lines, dripping paint or messy rollers. Well, with the price of paint being what it is, the HVLP spray gun is very advisable because it would save you a great amount in the overspray.

Durability – While the DIY hobbyist is very much okay with an entry-level spray gun the HVLP paint sprayers are designed for the professionals that make use of them frequently. These professional-grade products are very durable as you can use them for many years without any issue and you would also enjoy quick painting speed with finishes like that of engineering and durable construction.

Adjustable Control – All HVLP spray guns atomize the paint which helps in the reduction of overspray; they have limitless control from small to large fans and control spray density from heavy coating to mist. These sprayers possess paint volume controls, airflow, a paint basin, an air inlet and a nozzle that moderates the spread of the paint being sprayed and helps controls the pressure.

Buy Wagner Spraytech HVLP Spray System with Complete Adjustability

Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Paint for Stains and Decks and Furniture and More

Paint-Saving – The benefit of a rightly set HVLP spray gun is fast, even coated finishing with virtually no wasted paint from overspray. Both professionals and contractors love working with the HVLP sprayers because it helps minimize wasted paint from overspray which in turn saves them money from paint costs. They are the sprayer of choice for most repair shops and auto bodies because of their speedy performance, durability, and quality.

Helps Faster Job – The HVLP sprayers are superb because they can atomize paint faster, at a lower pressure than traditional paint guns and more accurately which in turn creates a softer and more even spray coating. Additionally, the lower pressure helps in minimizing air pollution. Looking from the commercial aspect, the HVLP spray guns are used in a variety of fields like marine, furniture finishing, automotive, and decorative industries where high-quality paints, finishes, and stains are used in large quantities.

Air Compressor and Turbine Performance – The HVLP paint sprayers feature a separate air compressor or an onboard turbine that ensures that the paint and air are kept apart until they meet just outside the point of spray (nozzle). By using the controls on the gun, you can customize the spread, volume and pressure of the paint you are spraying.

Buy Earlex HVLP Spray Gun with Turbine System

Earlex hvlp turbine sprayer for home and professional use

Unlike airless sprayers, the HVLP paint spray guns do not rely on heavy pressure to spray paint, which in turn gives you the control you need for superb finishing projects without paint messing up everywhere.

For example, you can make use of the HVLP sprayer while applying latex paint to interior baseboard trim or even stain furniture wherever you wish.

It is important to note that the HVLP sprayers can effectively store paint in different containers for a period of time, while airless hoses and guns require to be thoroughly cleaned out after each use. It is one of the best decisions to opt for the HVLP sprayers because it also saves you time and increases your efficiency.


#1. Can You Spray Latex Paint with an HVLP Gun?

To atomize or break up the coating, the HVLP spray gun uses a high volume of air at low pressure. Although,the low pressure that HVLP spray gun use makes it tougher to breakup thick coatings, including latex paints.

#2. How Much Air Does an HVLP Paint Gun Use?

When we talk about air pressure, we do not mean air cap pressure but rather the air pressure at the neck of your spray gun dial when the trigger is pulled.

A good starting point for the air pressure would be 50 psi, and then you adjust accordingly, although some people also like to set their air pressure between 40-60 psi.

You can shut off the air volume control knob; it is usually at the right beside the gun regulator. When the trigger has been pulled, gently and slowly listen to the hiss until you reach the point where air volume is maintained.

#3. Who Makes the Best HVLP Spray Gun?

Fuji. Right now, it is recorded that the Fuji 2203G PRO 2 is the best overall with its editor rating at 4.6.

best Fuji hvlp turbine spray system

What Is the Difference Between HVLP and Conventional Spray Guns?

Conventional spray guns use compressed air to create high pressures that blast the finish onto the surface. These types of paint spray guns produce excellent finishes, though they do waste a lot of paint. About 75% of the paint that you would buy would eventually get sprayed up in the air which is bad for your environment, or for your cleanup.

HVLP spray gun is a type of spray gun which uses a high volume of air is used to propel paint at a lower pressure. This spray limits the amount of wastage of paint because the low pressure limits the amount of bounce back so that more paints stick to the surface that is being painted. Now that we are familiar with the basis of these two different sprayers, let’s get to what makes them different.

  • Air Pressure

Between a conventional sprayer and an HVLP spray gun, the air pressure is a major difference. HVLP spray guns use low pressure to propel paint, about 10 psi at the outlet. This spray gun limits overspray so that over the course of your project only little paint would be wasted.

best hvlp spray gun

The conventional spray guns, on the other hand, are opposites of the HVLP spray guns. With the psi the same at the outlet and the inlet, they use high pressure to produce a low volume of paint.

  • Spray Finish

The low pressure of HVLP paint spray guns produces a thicker coat producing large droplets. But note that if you are not careful with your HVLP sprayer, you might end up with a texture that looks like an orange peel and a splotchy application.

Conventional spray guns turn paint into a finely atomized misting giving you a thinner application and this is due to their higher pressure.

  • Transfer Efficiency

Conventional spray guns tend to have lower transfer efficiency. To minimize the amount of paint that would eventually be wasted, make sure that your fluid and air pressure are as low as possible and your fan size is optimized.

HVLP spray guns tend to be more efficient. More paint sticks to the surface while you are painting, which would, in turn, result in less wastage of paint and less cleanup. A professional operator can attain a transfer efficiency of about 60%.

  • Pollution

Conventional spray guns are not great and advisable for the environment because of the high levels of overspray, they release more organic compounds that must be caught with filters to prevent pollution and these filters should be scrubbed down regularly.

HVLP spray guns release fewer pollutants because they have much less overspray, like primers that contain harmful chemicals. HVLP sprayers are perfect and ideal for usage for everyone.

What Is a Good Quality HVLP Spray Gun?

A good quality HVLP Spray Gun is one that can be durable, versatile and easy to use. It must be in an affordable price range with quality features.


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