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Best Handheld Paint Sprayer for Cabinets – Top 9 for 2021

From a quick overview of the best handheld paint sprayer for cabinets review, you will get to learn a lot about the handheld sprayers. They come in different designs to accommodate a wide range of needs.

If you would like to paint your kitchen cabinet, then you need to look for the best sprayer to get the job perfectly done. There are several factors you need to take into consideration so that you can buy the best unit. For example, you need to ensure the sprayer has a large paint cup to accommodate enough paint for your entire project.

We rounded up the top 9 handheld sprayers for your cabinet project painting and some useful guides. Let us dive into the best handheld cabinet paint spray machine!

9 Best Handheld Paint Sprayers for Cabinets Online

Reviews of the 9 Best Handheld Paint Sprayers for Cabinets

1. Best HVLP – HomeRight C800971 Extra Power Painter for Home Cabinets

Hot Pick HomeRight Paint Gun for Cabinet Projects



The paint sprayer has been designed to make you realize the best results on different painting jobs. With the unique design, you will apply less thinning but the quality of the paint job will be great. It is a sprayer you can buy to enhance your performance if you are invalid in paid paint jobs.

Easy to use design makes it preferred by many people. It is a lightweight unit that comes in a unique design to assure you the best performance at all times.  You can count on the sprayer to realize the best results each time you are out painting. With the high quality construction and the versatile function, it can be applied to a wide range of paint jobs.

Overall, it is a spray gun that never lets you down!

Notable Features:

  • Lightweight device
  • Easy to use sprayer
  • Requires less thinning
  • Versatile paint sprayer

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2. Best Price – Wagner 0518050 Double Duty Paint Gun for Interior & Exterior

Wagner handheld spray gun for cabinet



With three spray patterns, you can count on the sprayer to realize the best performance when working on different projects.

The paint sprayer is designed to meet the highest quality. With its large capacity paint cups, you can apply it for big jobs and accomplish the project fast. While the small interior painting also achieve a perfect result by using the small 1 quater material cup.

When it comes to durability, it has been built to meet the highest durability possible. You will use it for long before it can develop complications. The adjustable regulator allows you to work on a wide range of surfaces and still realize the best performance, thanks to the 3 different spray patterns.

It is a sprayer you can buy and it will help you realize value for money in the long run.

Notable Features:

  • Versatile
  • Two painting cups
  • Three spray patterns
  • Superior performance

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3. Best Cordless – Graco Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer for Cabinets

graco airless handheld sprayer for cabinet painting



It is a powerful handheld sprayer. Features such as the airless finish allow you to achieve the perfect finish on different paint jobs. Triple piston pump used is highly reliable. You can expose the sprayer to wide applications but you will never regret. With fully repairable and durable design, you can count on the sprayer to realize value for money in the long run. It comes with all features you need to enjoy your spray painting job.

On the other hand, It is a potable sprayer you will find very helpful. No need to struggle with cords. It works on a battery to allow you paint different surfaces. You can apply paint even in places where there is no electricity.

The quality of paint realized is top notch. You will always feel value for money after buying.

Notable Features:

  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Airless finish
  • Uses lithium ion battery

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4. Best Lightweight – Rexbeti Electric Spray Gun for Home Use

best cheap hanheld paint sprayer for interior and exterior cabinet



Are you looking for the best lightweight handheld sprayer for your paint job? The sprayer has been built to guarantee you the best performance. It incorporates features such as the high power and superior finish to make you enjoy each session you will have when painting.

With three spray patterns, it is a highly reliable unit you can buy to realize the best performance when working on different paint jobs. The adjustable regulator makes it easy to work on a wide range of jobs.

Extra-long power cord makes it a reliable sprayer for large projects. It will allow you reach different parts of your room as you paint. Adjustable flow makes it an easy to use device. Even in areas where you would be required to use different amounts of paint, it will be easy to adjust due to the simple design of the sprayer.

Notable Features:

  • Easy to use
  • High power
  • Adjustable flow
  • Extra-long power cord

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5. Best for Stain – Wagner 0529010 HVLP Paint Sprayer for Home Furniture

wagner handheld hvlp sprayer for fast work



The handheld sprayer works very well in removing stains. You can apply it in your daily life and it will assure you the best performance.

It aims to accomplish a wide range of projects due to the versatile function. The sprayer can speed up your painting progress, which is 10 times faster than using a brush. Adjustable paint flow makes it easy to work on any type of surface but still realize the best look ever.

Even when working on projects which require multi-colored paints, it can help you achieve the best results. Value for money is realized after you decide to buy the paint sprayer. Even on un-thinned surfaces, it will still serve you.

Different factors are taken into consideration in the design of the paint sprayer to guarantee you great results.

Notable Features:

  • Fast operation
  • Versatile design
  • Adjustable nozzles
  • Sprays un-thinned materials

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6. Best Compressor Sprayer Kit – Critter Painter with Glass Mason Jar

handheld paint gun kit for cabinet painting



It is a compressor mounted spray gun kit. With the ability to reach 90 PSI, you will realize the best performance when working on cabinet painting. The metal spray gun is assured of great durability. It is a high capacity unit which you can use to accomplish professional jobs since the design of the sprayer fits most nozzles.

The paint cup is highly durable and the gun handle adopts ergonomic construction. Each time you hold the paint sprayer you will feel comfortable. It is a fast operating paint sprayer aimed at making it easy for you to accomplish tasks fast. With a pressure capacity of up to 90 PSI, it is a paint sprayer you can find in the market which aims at making it easy for you to achieve the best in all your painting jobs.

It is designed after taking into consideration comfort and durability. Try it!

Notable Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Fast operation
  • Can accommodate 90 PSI
  • Comes with glass Mason jar

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7. Best for All-purpose – Astro Pneumatic Handheld Easy-to-Clean Paint Sprayer

metal cup handheld paint sprayer for cabinet



It comes with features such as the all-purpose design to allow you to work on a wide variety of applications. With two piece construction design, it is a highly reliable spray gun you can rely on to realize the best performance. With the air valve design, it is a fully adjustable spray for different applications. You can rely on it for a wide range of applications.

Several factors have been taken in the design of the paint sprayer to ensure it does not let you down. The paint sprayer is also highly powerful. It does not matter how complicated the project you are working on, the sprayer has been designed to assure you great performance. With the unit, you will never regret.

Notable Features:

  • Powerful
  • Easy to use
  • Fully adjustable
  • All-purpose design

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8. Best for Multi-color Projects – Graco TrueCoat 360 VSP Handheld Paint Sprayer for Cabinet Doors

Graco handheld paint sprayer for painting 25 gallons per year



A storage case is proved to make it easy for you to store the sprayer. Each time you apply the sprayer in your painting job it will serve you to satisfaction. With multidirectional spray, you can apply it to work on any surface. It is ideal for a wide range of applications. With four spray tips, you can rely on it to accomplish a wide range of applications.

Even on tight spaces, the sprayer is designed to tackle such areas well. With the multicolor handing capacity, you can buy the unit and it will guarantee you the best performance when working on different areas. Easy speed control makes it a easy-to-use unit. You will never worry when it comes to applying paint in sensitive areas.

Notable Features:

  • Speed control
  • Multidirectional spray
  • Storage case provided
  • For multicolor projects

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9. Best Electric – Wagner 0520000 Spray Gun for Texture Paint

Wagner handheld paint sprayer for textured paint



The adjustable spray gun works well in a wide range of applications. You can apply it to work on your kitchen cabinet among other areas where you would like to realize the best paint job. Three nozzles are provided to allow you to choose the perfect for different applications.

With adjustable hopper, it is a unit you can buy to achieve the best performance in your daily applications. There is no need for a compressor because the unit has an inbuilt pressure building system.

It is an economical paint sprayer you can have. The unit comes with an inbuilt system to increase the pressure and assure you the best paint job. The lock and go technology avoids cases of misfiring. Even if you are involved in activities that require a lot of painting, the unit will still perform.

Notable Features:

  • Texture spray gun
  • Adjustable hopper
  • Lock-n go technology
  • No need of air compressor

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Why Buy the Hand Held Sprayers for Cabinets

Handheld sprayers are extensively used to applying paint to the cabinets. But just why do many people prefer using it? Could it be purely a matter of coincidence or is there are good reasons that underlie this? Well, we are going to examine why this is the care here below.

  • Cheaper and Economical

By all accounts, the handheld sprayers are cheaper to come by and more economical to operationalize. That is because they, unlike their standard sprayers, are smaller, on the whole. Then again, they only emit the amount of spray paint that may be needed for the job at any given time.

  • Extremely Portable

Being light and compact in size, the handheld sprayer is extremely portable. You will find it easier generally to take to the desired area of use without any hassles on your part. Specifically, if you lack the necessary muscle power, this again is the equipment to look up to.

  • Pretty Convenient to Use

Owing to the light nature of this kind of sprayer, it is yet again pretty easy to engage. It is devoid of the many complex parts and components that full-fledged counterparts possess. As such, even a person with zero experience will find it pretty easy and convenient to engage.

  • Accesses Tight Spots with Ease

Some portions of the cabinet are ordinarily hidden from view of any person. Accessing such portions of the cabinet with other kinds of painters is never an easy feat to attain. Luckily, the sprayers have that distinctive ability to access them with absolute convenience.

  • Less Tedious

Owing yet again to their lightweight, these sprayers are less tedious to engage even when painting for too long. Their light weights impose a minimal drag on you all along. This, in turn, allows for smooth and convenient handling. It is unlikely that you shall suffer any strains in the course of use also.

Buy the Hot Pick Wagner Hand Held Sprayer

wagner handheld hvlp sprayer for fast work



How to Select a Right Handheld Sprayer for Your Cabinets?

#1. How Many Area Are You Working for?

Whole Cabinets? Cabinet Doors or What-else? Every tip size comes in different painter design widths. In the wake of settling on the tip size required for the paint, pick the example width needed for the activity. Widths can differ from around 6 to 14 inches wide.

Littler surfaces, similar to a cabinet door, utilize a littler example width. Entire cabinet surfaces use a more significant example width. It’s not unexpected to find that shower design tips wear out, and when they do, the stream rate increments; however, the fan width diminishes, which implies more paint is splashing over fewer surfaces. Tips likewise come reversible or standard. A reversible tip can be unblocked effectively by turning it and smothering the blockage.

#2. How Many Power Do You Need?

While airless sprayers are appraised by what the wattage of the turbine generally evaluates some gallons every hour, they can splash. The hypothesis is that the higher the wattage, the more weight the turbine can make. What’s more, higher pressure permits better atomization of the paint and permits progressively gooey materials to be showered.

Wattage is just a single piece of the condition to locate the best paint sprayer; however, as a rule, more is better. The turbine is appraised at about 1,000W, with the wagner paint system turbine coming in second at about 540W.

Buy the High Power Handheld Paint Sprayer

best cheap hanheld paint sprayer for interior and exterior cabinet



#3. Is it Compact or Lightweight?

If you have to convey your paint supply a long separation, think about a unit with wheels or a rucksack. That is why a compact and lightweight sprayer is the best.

Consider a movable weight control with low, high, roller, or cleaning settings to assist broaden the life of your painting tips. A type that accompanies a weight roller connection can likewise take over on ventures where splashing is beyond the realm of imagination

#4. What Is the Hose Length?

Sprayers with 25 feet or a higher amount of adaptable hose or a long electrical line are best for employments that require separation, such as painting a fence. An electrical line makes cleanup significantly simpler toward the finish of the activity.

#5. What Is the Capacity of the Spraying Cup?

Decide your paint spray capacity limit and how regularly you’ll have to top up. You may choose a bigger spraying cup or a unit that draws directly from the can. The later will help you avoid the need to top up your spraying cup.

What Is the Best Handheld Sprayer for Painting Cabinets?

Like any other piece of panting equipment, the handheld sprayer is also available in numerous shades and forms. Each of these forms is suited for varying tasks and purposes. It is important to know about these differences and how suited they are to the tasks of painting.

High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) Sprayer

Coming in first is the high volume low pressure. This one basically compresses the paint vapors and then discharges the same at extremely low pressure naturally. It is also smaller and requires no use of external power to operate.


  • Reduces wastage
  • Simple to operate
  • Cheaper to operationalize
  • Negates the need for electrical power
  • Unlikely to pollute the air around you


  • Has a limited reach
  • Unreliable in the long run
  • Unsuitable for professional applications

Buy the Best HVLP Paint Spray Gun for Multi Jobs

wagner handheld hvlp sprayer for fast work



Airless Sprayer

As the name suggests, this one does not make use of the air to discharge the paint output. Instead, it compresses the paint into an extremely high pressure of around 3,000 pounds per square inch and then releases the same slowly and conveniently.


  • Reduces the labor costs
  • Completes the tasks in no time
  • Yields an even painting outcome
  • Flexible enough to use in many areas
  • Up to four times faster than your ordinary sprayer


  • Difficult to clean after use
  • Requires special storage equipment

Buy the Graco Airless Paint Spray Gun without Cord

graco airless handheld sprayer for cabinet painting



Compression Air Sprayer

This one uses a pump to generate the pressure in the inside of the tank as soon as the trigger is engaged. It is this pressure that ejects the paint to the surface that is under the impact. Generally, this one is more reliable than the high volume low pressure as it is able to operate for a longer duration.


  • Manages long term use
  • Usable in remote locations
  • Delivers inconsistent patterns
  • Generates styles and patterns too
  • Lets you regulate the pressure manually


  • Highly susceptible to fatigue
  • Moderately costly to engage

Buy the Air Compressed Paint Sprayer 

metal cup handheld paint sprayer for cabinet



Handheld Paint Spray Guns vs. Rollers for Painting Cabinets

For spraying or applying paint on your cabinets, you have the spray gun or the rollers for your taking. But which of these two is the better option? Could they be employed interchangeably? Well, read through to know how suited each is to the task.

  • Economy

Of these two, it is the spray gun that is more economical. That is because it ejects only the quantity of paint that is needful for the job; nothing more. It hence goes that by using it, you get to save a substantial chunk of your money.

  • Functionality

The spray gun allows you to also generate some styles, drawings, and patterns. With the roller, you can only apply paint on the surface. Thus, the spray gun is the more functional of these two items. With it, you will be able to handle many roles and accrue many more benefits too!

  • Expertise

Operating a spray gun requires the mastery of a fair degree of technical expertise. These range from choosing the right nozzle, to applying the right pressure, to generating the various styles and patterns. With a roller, all you have to do is dip it into the paint and there you go!

  • Time

Generally speaking, a roller takes a shorter amount of time to yield the required outcome. This is mainly attributable to the fact that you do not have to make multiple passes. Also, engaging a roller is a somewhat straightforward undertaking. A sprayer, on the other hand, takes too long more so when impacting a larger surface.

  • Size/Area of Impact

These two pieces of equipment differ with regard to the amount of space or area they may impact at any given time. A sprayer has a rather limited scope or area of an impact compared to the roller. You have to make numerous passes to achieve the desired end result. A roller nonetheless has a larger scope.

From the foregoing explanations, it appears that there is no clear winner here. The spray gun is mainly useful for tight corners, styles, and patterns. As for the rollers, you will find them suited for squeezed time, larger areas and open areas of your rooms.

How to Paint or Spray Kitchen Cabinets?

Have some kitchen cabinets that you want to spray or paint? You definitely want to know how best to go about either issue. That is the only way you may do a proper job and achieve awesome outcomes. We have dedicated the scope of this article to discuss the twin issues.

Tools and Materials

Paint; Brush; Sprayer; Primer; Screwdriver; Sanding paper

Step-by-step Procedures

  • Step I: Disassemble the Cabinet

Start off by disassembling the cabinet to allow for maximum impacts. Use a screwdriver to remove the hinges. It is strongly recommended that you videotape the process to allow for re-assembly later on. Place the pieces conveniently in place during the entire duration of the painting.

  • Step II: Sand and Clean the Cabinet

Sand and clean the various parts of the cabinet. The purpose of this is to make it possible for the paint to sink in much faster. Also, this procedure ensures that the cabinet exudes a glossy appearance that is definitely breathtaking to behold.

  • Step III: Tape off Unwanted Areas

Move to tape off unwanted areas. Obviously, it may not be that you want to apply paint to all parts of your cabinet. Taping those unwanted parts will see to it that you only focus on those areas that you have to apply paint to. It also allows for the application of different paints at a time.

  • Step IV: Prime and Apply an Undercoat

Get down to business now by priming or applying the undercoat, whichever the case may apply to you. Priming prevents the paint from peeling off later on chiefly by hardening the paint firmly onto the surface. Apply generous amounts by taking good care of the highly vulnerable areas.

  • Step V: Paint or Spray

Finish off by spraying or painting the surface accordingly. Take great care that you ensure maximum uniformity as you do that. Exercise some patience and due diligence as the paint requires ample time to harden firmly on the surface to which it is applied. Once done, re-assemble the pieces together.

Painting or spraying your cabinet is as simple as such. All you have to do is exercise some patience and a great deal of skill; nothing more. This is something you can definitely do as a do-it-yourselfer without necessarily possessing too much expertise or skill.


You need no further conviction that the handheld sprayer is the equipment to look up to for your cabinet painting needs. No other painting gadget comes even close to it with regards to matters of suability. Go for it for your next painting needs!