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Best Paint Sprayer for Interior & Exterior Doors for 2021

The manufacture and distribution of paint sprayers are flooded with many players. Picking the right one from the pool of many possibilities may not really be a walk in the part. Thankfully, you have this review for your own inspiration. In this review, we shall look into the 3 best paint sprayers for doors at the moment.

Following the review is a series of frequently asked questions. These questions exist primarily for your own guidance. They endeavor to look into some of the issues that many people constantly ask about these gadgets. Do read these explanations to know how to go about finding one for yourself.

Top 3 Best Paint Sprayer for Doors

Reviews of the 3 Hot Pick Paint Sprayers for Doors

#1. Best for Interior Doors – Wagner Powerful Sprayer with Customized Settings 

If all you want is a sprayer for your interior doors, you have no better companion this Wagner powerful sprayer. As you are about to note in the proceeding explanations, it has all the features and settings necessary for the accomplishment of a good spraying job.

Wagner portable paint sprayer for doors and any other project



  •  HVLP Paint Sprayer

This sprayer operates on the High Volume Low-Pressure technology. On account of this, it does not require too much power input on your part. Also, it is cheaper overall to handle as opposed to those ones that require a consistent input of external pressure. This technique leaves behind a smooth finish.

  • Adjustable Settings

All the crucial settings of the sprayer are adjustable. Thanks to this adjustability, it is possible for you to customize your painting tasks to the preferences you want at any given time. These let you obtain the most perfect finishes at any given time. They also minimize any hassles that are likely to arise.

  • Stationary Base

Its base is stationary enough to allow for stable mounting and handling. It is this stability that you need to fit the hose keenly without any likelihood of hassles. Of note is the fact that it greatly minimizes hand fatigue and makes it possible for you to paint indefinitely.

Notable Features:

  • Sprays stains, lacquers, and latex
  • Reduces the overspray of thinner materials
  • Its two filters shield your finish from the dust
  • Gives you the options to select from three spray patterns
  • Transitions from larger surfaces to detailed tasks via the viable flow controls

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#2. Best for Cabinet Doors – HomeRight Super Finish HVLP Spray Gun

Do you have cabinet doors in mind? Look up to this HomeRight Super Finish spray gun for your use. As its name implies, this door has the tools needed to apply the sprays on your cabinet doors. This is mainly due to its ability to get to the squeezed segments of your rooms precisely.

HomeRight paint sprayer for doors with less thinning paint



  • 450 Watts of Power

It derives its power from the 45W motor. Thanks to this awesome power output, this sprayer is able to handle varnishes and thicker paints without necessarily requiring any thinning before use. This also goes a long way in cutting down the time you need to conclude your painting tasks.

  • 6 Available Spray Tips

You have some six available spray tips for your leverage and choice. These tips make it possible for you to handle a wide variety of painting projects using only one sprayer at a time. Thus, you won’t really have to clutter your room with too many sprayers at a time.

  • Larger Capacity

Its carrying capacity is larger than average. This is the 39 fluid ounce capacity. With this awesome capacity, it is possible for you to handle extremely larger projects without the need to refill it too soon. This way, you also get to save some of your time in the process.

Notable Features:

  • Relatively easier to engage and use
  • Requires comparatively less thinning
  • Comes about with three tips for your choice
  • Lighter in weight and usable for a longer duration
  • Sprays everything to leave behind a smoother surface

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#3. Best Handheld – Graco TrueCoat Paint Sprayer for Doors and Trims

Could it be that you have leaner muscles? There is no need to stress yourself with excess muscle power. Not when you have this wonderful handheld sprayer for your choice and leverage. Indeed, this Graco TrueCoat Paint Sprayer has proved to be handy for small and light projects.

Graco TrueCoat handheld paint sprayer for doors



  • VacuValve Technology

The VacuValve technology exists as the premier feature of this sprayer. It basically creates an airtight system. This is the system that allows you to spray the paint in whichever direction that you may think of. On account of this, you get to enjoy some convenience that is unattainable.

  • Variable Speed Controls

It is also possible for you to regulate the speed of the ejection of paint. The variable speed controls exist for your own choice in this. This control puts you ahead and fully in charge of the painting project. It also makes it possible for you to enjoy more uniform and consistent outcomes.

  • Durable Storage Case

A durable storage case also comes along for your use and deployment. The case, being durable, allows for longevity of use and applications. This case is the one you will use to ferry the appliance to the specific spot of intended use. Being durable, it also negates the need for constant repairs.

Notable Features:

  • Sprays out a variety of coatings
  • Ideal for the multi-color projects
  • Delivers 25 gallons of paint in its lifetime
  • Comes about as a comprehensive package
  • Does not require any thinning when engaged

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What to Look for on Picking a Right Sprayer for Doors and Trims

  • Spraying Speed 

As you may already have deduced from the foregoing reviews, these sprayers are able to deliver the spraying outcomes at variable speeds. It is important that you factor the speed you are desirous of in your search for the right sprayer. The speed you choose has to be easily manageable by you.

  • Can Capacity

This refers to the amount of paint that the can is able to hold at any given time. It has a direct correlation with the area to be sprayed. A larger area definitely requires a larger can and vice versa. To be able to arrive at the best purchase, you have to ascertain how much space you are after.

  • Controls

To be able to engage the can, you have to make use of some controls. These controls vary in complexity from one can to another. A good can has to be easier for you to handle and engage. You do not want to settle on that one which is too complicated for you to master.

  • Surface Area

The surface area is the sum total space or area that the sprayer is expected to handle and impact at any given time. It is important that you match the capacity of the sprayer with the surface area to be sprayed. That way, it is impossible to get things all wrong.

how to choose the best paint sprayer for trims and doors

  • Desired Styles and Patterns

Over and above merely applying the paint on the surfaces, these apparatus also generate some styles and patterns. It is important yet again to choose that one which is capable of generating the styles and patterns you desire. While at it, take good care of your expertise also.

  • Operational Technology

These sprayers operate on varying degrees of technology. These variations have a bearing on the kind of experience you are more likely to obtain when you engage them for your work. Choose an operational technology that is easily comprehensible by you. Needless to say, it has to match your tasks too!

  • Item to be Sprayed

What kind of item do you want to spray? Is it a trim, a cabinet, or a wall? Yet again, these surfaces will determine to a great extent the kind of sprayer that you will find needful for your job. Also, these surfaces have a bearing on the kinds of operational techniques that may be necessary.

  • Accessibility of the Spraying Area

Some areas to neb sprayed are too hidden from view. Others though are easily accessible. Not any sprayer you pick randomly will be able to handle these areas. It is good yet again to find a sprayer that is capable of accessing the area you have in mind.

  • Intended Longevity of Use

How long overall do you want to use the spraying machine? Is it for a one time use or repeatedly? If all you want is a one-time use, the sprayer you choose for the job need not necessarily be strong and spacious. A smaller and weaker alternative would do. The opposite nonetheless applies to long-term use.

  • Cost Implications

When all is said and done, you have to factor the costs of the sprayer. By costs we mean the amount of money you will need to purchase the sprayer and keep it operational after a purchase. You do not want to dig too deep in your pocket to be able to finance these two parameters, do you?

Buy the Cheapest HomeRight Sprayer for Doors

HomeRight paint sprayer for doors with less thinning paint




#1. Can You Spray Paint Interior Doors?

YES, it is possible but there is a catch. You have to maintain a comfortable 10-feet distance from the surface of the door to prevent the possibility of soiling the door. Then, leave the room unoccupied for no less than 24 hours to allow it to dry completely.

#2. Can You Spray Paint Louvered Doors?

YES, but it is not the most recommended way of going about this issue. Instead, you should use the small brushes as they are the ones that deliver the precise outcomes that may be needful at any given time. If you choose the sprayer, take great care that you handle it cautiously.

#3. Is It Better to Roll or Spray Interior Door?

Rolling is undoubtedly the better option. Roller delivers more uniform and consistent outcomes. Then again, it takes shorter to deliver the desired outcomes. On the flip side, the sprayer accesses those hidden areas with ease. Moreover, it also generates patterns and styles that are beyond the scope of a roller.

#4. What Is the Best Paint to Use on Doors?

#5. What Is the Best Way to Paint Interior Doors?

You have three main options for your considerations:

  • Rolling. This entails the use of a roller to spread out the paint on the interior surface of the doors. It is the fastest way of impacting a larger surface area.
  • Spraying. In this way, you pour the paint in a can and then dispense it in the form of spraying. The method is mainly suitable for cramped up spaces and when styles are needed.
  • Brushing.  Brushes are the most common and handy means of delivering the paint output. They mainly pride themselves in being convenient to engage.


Well, we now believe you have what it takes to do a better job with regards to finding the best paint sprayer for your needs. With this knowledge, you may now take the extra leap of faith to find the most suitable one for your caliber and use. Would it be amazing now for you to do so alone?