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The 6 Best Portable Paint Sprayer in 2021

Paint sprayers come in diverse shades, styles, and capacities. Finding the right one from the pool of many that are available might not always be an easy thing to do. Thankfully, you have this good review-cum-buying guide to look up to. It endeavors to look into the best portable paint sprayers for your consideration.

6 Best Portable Paint Sprayers on the Market

Top Rated 6 Best Portable Paint Sprayers Reviews

#1. Best Cheap – Rexbeti Handheld Spray Paint Gun

Lack the necessary financial muscle power? Why not attempt your luck on this Rexbeti handheld spray paint gun? Though cheap, this apparatus is still reliable enough to utilize for those applications that require accurate precision. Being handheld makes it a lot easier to move around.

best handheld portable paint sprayer



  • High Power and Superior Finish

In all, the sprayer exudes high power and superior finish. These two are made possible by the 500 Watts of power output. They see to it that the apparatus generate some precisely smooth spray patterns. The superior finish, on the other hand, adds to your aesthetics. This makes the sprayer pretty functional.

  • 3 Spray Patterns and 3 Nozzles

With this specific sprayer, it is possible for you to enjoy three spray patterns. These patterns are circular, vertical, and horizontal, respectively. The three patterns are brought about by some three nozzle sizes. Thus, the equipment gives you the leeway to handle many painting tasks with absolute convenience.

  • Adjustable Flow Controls

Other than exuding varied spray patterns, it is also possible for you to enjoy the privilege of being able to adjust the pace of flow. The adjustable flow controls features exist to make this achievable. By regulating your flow of paint, you get to stay ahead of the game always.

Notable Features:

  • Easy to Use and Wash
  • Too simple to tackle any painting chores
  • Packaged with cleaning items and equipment
  • Extra-long power cord extends the range of use
  • Gives you the room to move freely out and about
  • Its lightweight body allows for smooth transportation

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#2. Best HVLP – HomeRight Small Portable Spray Gun for Painting Projects 

Could it be that you want to embark on too long painting tasks? Choose this HomeRight HVLP small portable spray gun for your use. It operates in a high volume low-pressure system. This simply means it compresses the paint and releases the same at a pace that is low.

hot sale HomeRight portable paint sprayer



  • Multiple Spray Settings

This sprayer is equipped with multiple spraying settings that you easily pick and make use of for your use. Thanks to these spray settings, it is possible for you to tackle just about any other task that may come your way. Being comprehensive, it cuts down the time you would ordinarily take to have your way.

  • Lightweight Design

It does come about in a lightweight design. This simply means that you will not have to expend too much of your muscle power to have your way. In light of this, you will not tire even when you have to use the sprayer for durations that are longer than average.

  • Economic Spraying

Overall, the sprayer uses less thinning to do its job. As such, it is truly economical. This arrangement allows it also to handle furniture, decks, fences, crafts, and cabinets conveniently. By virtue of this economy, the sprayer also cuts down the time you would ordinarily take to have your way.

Notable Features:

  • Accommodates three interchangeable spray tips
  • Handles all painting and staining projects with ease
  • Uses comparatively less thinning than other sprayers
  • Saves you plenty of money and financial resource base
  • Exudes paint at faster rates than the conventional methods

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#3. Best Airless – Graco Magnum X5 Stand Paint Sprayer

Those painting applications that require longevity of outcomes are best performed using the airless sprayers. These sprayers exude the paint output at a rate that is faster than your ordinary sprayer. The Graco Magnum X5 stand paint sprayer of this kind will no doubt help you to achieve those permanent outcomes.

graco x5 stand portable paint sprayer



  • Adjustable Pressure

It gives you the rare power to adjust the pressure accordingly. In doing so, you get to enjoy the benefit of the ultimate controls of the flow of paint. That way, you also get to stay ahead of the game at all times. You will highly unlikely yield mishaps in the course of doing so.

  • Flexible Suction Tube

A flexible suction tube yet again comes to your rescue. With this tube, it is possible for you to channel the paint in the precise direction you desire. It runs through to the container that has an impressive capacity of around 5 gallons. The tube does give off precis outcomes all factors considered.

  • Power Flush

After you are through with your painting, you will yet again find it easier to keep clean. All you have to do is connect it to a garden hose. That way, you will be able to easily channel the water that is necessary for a cleanup exercise, and there you go!

Notable Features:

  • Sprays the unthinned paint
  • Controls the flow of the paint
  • Sprays more projects each year
  • Sprays directly from the paint bucket
  • Faster and easier to clean up after spraying

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#4. Best Cart – Graco Magnum X7 Airless Spray Paint Machine 

Desiring to generate some styles other than painting your surfaces? You have a worthy companion in this Graco Magnum X7 Airless spray paint machine. By all accounts, it is very effective at generating the spraying styles and patterns that may be necessary.

graco x7 professional portable paint spray machine



  • Fully-adjustable Pressure

Unlike your ordinary sprayers, this one lets you adjust the pressure as well. By adjusting the pressure, you also get to control the flow of paint. This, in turn, puts you in full control of the painting exercise. It also lets you handle just about any other project with ease.

  • Stainless Steel Piston Pump

Its pump is available in the form of the stainless steel piston. With this piston, it is possible for you to spray out unthinned paint as well. This you do at a pressure that is comparatively higher than average. Its stainless steel character lets it last longer and endures many incidences of use.

  • Flexible Suction Tube

To dispense the paint output, the sprayer makes use of a flexible suction tube. This tube pierces through the tank that holds the paint intact. Being flexible, it allows for smooth and convenient use all the while. It, on the whole, does a pretty good job of dispensing the paint output.

Notable Features:

  • Awesome for multi-story homes
  • Manages faster and easier cleanups
  • Capable of handling 125 gallons a year
  • Manages continuous and unimpeded spraying
  • Connects to a garden hose that extends its range of use

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#5. Best Electric – Paint Zoom Handheld Paint Gun for Interior &Exterior Home Painting 

It is definitely impossible to spray paint larger surfaces without the use of electric-powered sprayers. These sprayers, by virtue of electricity power, are able to discharge consistent amounts of paint on a wall for a prolonged duration of time. Pick this Paint Zoom handheld home painting sprayer for the job.

electric paint sprayer with portable construction



  • Electric Paint Sprayer

As noted above, this appliance draws its power from electrical energy. As such, it demands no physical effort on your part to engage. This makes it better suited for impacting larger areas within no time. It, in the course of doing so, eliminates the possibilities of fatigue and inconvenience.

  • Compact and Lightweight

In all, the sprayer is compact and light in weight. On account of these two traits, the equipment is quite convenient to make some good use of. You will find it a convenient appliance to use when you have to tackle prolonged applications at any given time.

  • Powerful Motor

A powerful motor exists to give off the power that is needed to engage the spraying apparatus. It is the motor in fact that replaces the human effort that is expended under normal circumstances. With this motor, it is also implosive for you to generate uneven painting outcomes.

Notable Features:

  • Lasts a longer duration of time
  • Able to make unique painting outcomes
  • Good enough for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Tackles any painting job that may come your way
  • Grants you maximum directional controls of the painting process

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#6. Best Air – TCP Global Portable Paint Sprayer for Auto Paint 

Are you a do-it-yourselfer who simply wants a sprayer for light everyday tasks? Your best companion is this TCP Global portable auto paint sprayer. It derives its power from the air and is also portable enough to deploy to the remotest parts of a worksite.

auto paint portable spray gun



  • High-performance HVLP Spray Guns

On the whole, this sprayer operates on the high volume low-pressure technique. It does compress the airtightly and delivers it slowly and steadily via a means of low pressure. This it does by means of the stainless steel needle and nozzle sets. It allows for smooth and safe operations all the time.

  • Full Adjustment Knobs

Some adjustments knobs do exist to allow for easy and smooth controls of the pace of the ejection of the spray paints. With these knobs, it is possible for you also to generate unique styles that are applicable to your own tasks. Thus, it keeps you in full control of the painting process.

  • Comfortable Operating Pressures

By virtue of drawing its spraying power from the air, this equipment manages comfortable operating pressures. Its operational range spans 29-50 pounds per square inch. Definitely, this is comfortable and safe enough to ward off any accidents or any other breach of safety issues. Say goodbye to all forms of deteriorations and safety breaches.

Notable Features:

  • Ease of use
  • Provides atomized spray outcomes
  • Good enough for all kinds of workmen
  • Accesses tighter areas with absolute ease
  • Manages medium to heavy-duty viscosity
  • Has an impressive air consumption rating

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There you have them! Our portable paint sprayers review comes to an end there. It is our hope that you now have the empowerment you need to utilize these appliances well. The onus is now on you to make good use of the information we have furnished. All the best in your next painting exercise!

You can keep reading to acquire further information about the portable paint sprayers!

Why You Need the Best Portable Paint Sprayer?

Paint sprayers come at different sizes, types and prices and are used by owners, contractors and professional painters. Because they are easy to use and offer a lot of benefits, they have become trendy for all types of painting projects, from walls to furniture. Some notable advantages of using a paint sprayer include: 

  • Full coverage. The paint sprayer can get paint in the corners of the walls and small, hard-to-reach areas with a roller or brush. With a fine mist of portable paint sprayer paint, the paint can be applied to all surfaces entirely and quickly.
  • The fastest paint. In addition to simplicity, quickly completing a painting project is a great incentive to use paint sprays. The spray provides better coverage so that the painter does not have to paint the same surface repeatedly. Just think about the number of brush strokes or coils of paint that will be needed to provide the same coverage on a surface that the spray can provide in minutes.
  • Smooth finish. The compact pressurized mist created by the sprayer helps you achieve a softer smoothness compared to a cylinder or brush. With the right application technology, your project will look professional.

Tips for Using Portable Paint Sprayers

Although portable paint sprayers offer considerable advantages to many paint projects, it is essential to understand some limitations, especially if you do it yourself:

tips when using a portable paint sprayer

  • The sprinklers will take some practice to get the correct result. Make sure you have enough time to get used to the job before starting your project.
  • Sprayers should be prepared and cleaned properly after use. If your project is very small, it may not be worth the effort.
  • Painting large surfaces such as walls require a careful application. Its overlapping spray can make the finish uneven.
  • Because portable paint sprayers use to paint over large areas, you should ensure that everything you do not want to spray is covered.
  • Be sure to select the appropriate type of portable paint sprayer according to your project. Furniture and parts, for example, will require a higher volume and less pressure. If you use varnish or varnish, you will need a commercial-grade spray.
  • Due to the high pressure used to paint on some models, you should pay attention so that the parts of your body do not come into contact with the spray and cause injuries. Portable paint sprayers provide an excellent tool to save time, improve coverage and create an exceptional finish. As with any purchase, you must do your homework to ensure that the right tool matches our project.

What Is the Best Portable Paint Sprayer?

There is really no straight answer to the question: “What is the best portable paint sprayer?” It is up to you to put into consideration the factors we have delineated below to arrive at the most suitable choice for you.

#1. The Surface to Be Sprayed

Surfaces, just like the sprayers themselves, come in diverse shades and forms. It is important to match the right sprayer with the right surface. Choose a sprayer that is meant for a cabinet and that which is meant for a trim for the same, and so on.

#2. Quantity of Paint Required

How much paint do you intend to use in the entire process? This metric has a bearing on the capacity of the sprayer you have in mind. Yet again, you have to insist on a sprayer that is larger in size for impacting huge space and vice versa.

#3. Controls

To dispense the paint output, you will definitely have to engage some controls. These controls vary significantly from one sprayer to another. You do not want to settle on a sprayer that is too complicated for you to comprehend. That is why we insist that you assess your own capabilities first and foremost assess your capabilities before settling on the desired control parameters.

#4. Brand

Lastly, the brand also has a bearing on the kind of sprayer that may be useful. As we speak, the following are some of the most reliable brands: Graco, Wagner and REXBETI. They have consistently performed well. Do prioritize them in your search for the right paint sprayer for the job. You too stand to enjoy the selfsame benefits.

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graco x5 stand portable paint sprayer



#5. Color-mix

Some spraying tasks require that you mix several colors to attain the desired end. This is a feat that not many sprayers may attain. The only way to go about it is to choose that one which is able to combine many colors. Closely related to this is the fact that the sprayer ought to be easier to handle and engage.

#6. Intended Duration of Use

How long in all, do you plan to utilize the sprayer? For prolonged use and applications, you want a sprayer that is tough and durable indeed. That can only happen if the sprayer in question is made of some tough and powerful structures. Then, it should also be able to accept upgrades and accessories.

#7. Desired Frequency of Use

Other than the total length of use, the right sprayer also of necessity ought to be strong enough to ensure repeated and frequent use. Yet again, this requires that the structure be manufactured using the most reliable materials available. This requirement is particularly useful if you do happen to be a regular plumber of a workman.

Final Words

Portable paint sprayers exist in different shades and are used for different purposes. Finding the right one from the pool of many is hence never really a walk in the park. That is why it is almost impossible to give a straight answer to the burning question. Here is our recommendations. Buy one and get a good result!