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Top 12 Best Graco Paint Sprayers Reviewed in 2021

Graco paint sprayers consist of 4 main types: airless, HVLP, handheld and for commercial use. When and where use any of them? This page talks about the 12 best graco paint sprayers for different use and some informed information before a deal.

Top 12 Best Graco Paint Sprayer

Best for Large Area – Top 3 Airless Graco Paint Sprayers

Have a pretty large area in mind? Well, the sprayer you pick for the task has to be optimized for the task. We have sampled and are going to review three of the best sprayers of that kind at the moment. All of them apparently are of the airless type.

#1. Best Rated – Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Spray Equipment

Want to lay your hand on the most effective sprayer? Choose this one as it is the best rated. These ratings are derived from the reviews of past users. You may also be sure to enjoy the highest possible benefit from them besides limited incidences of breakdowns.

graco paint sprayer x7



  • Fully Adjustable Pressure

The gadget allows you to adjust the pressure thereof. In this way, you get to be in full control of the discharge of the paint from the item at any given time. Chances of soiling your surface unnecessarily with ugly marks are hence suppressed to the absolute minimum.

  • Stainless Steel Piston Pump

Playing the role of ejecting the paint output is the stainless steel piston pump. Stainless steel is ordinarily quite tough. On account of this, the pump is tough enough to spray out even the paint that is unthinned. This is besides the higher pressure of the output that the sprayer manages to attain.

  • Flexible Suction Tube

A flexible suction tube rounds up the list of the many benefits that this sprayer potentially brings along. Its role is mainly to draw the paint firm the sprayer to the nozzle. Being flexible, the tube impacts every space and corner of the can. It aids with the minimization of any possible wastage.

Notable Features:

  • Suitable for multi-story homes
  • Operates on a comfortable voltage level
  • Manages to discharge 125 gallons per annum
  • Allows for faster and easier cleanup after use
  • Suppresses any possibilities of clogging that may compromise the discharge of paint

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#2. Best Overall – Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

Of the three sprayers we have for the large painting work, it is this one that is rated to be the best overall. This simply implies that it fairs on well when all factors are put into consideration. You hence have it for your own consideration if you happen to have strenuous chores that are beyond the scope of your ordinary sprayer.

graco magnum 262800 x5 stand airless paint sprayer



  • Awesome Capacity

This sprayer has a truly awesome capacity indeed. With it, you may be able to safely discharge 125 gallons of paint per annum. With this arrangement in mind, it is possible for you to impact a huge area or use it severally without having to refill or use extra attachments.

  • Power Flush Adapter

A power flush adapter also comes along. Its role is to attach the sprayer to a garden hose. In this way, you get to enjoy faster and easier cleaning outcomes after use. Never will you have to expend too much of your effort to do a good job afterward.

  • Extra-long Hose

An extra-long hose also comes in handy for your use here. The hose measures 75 feet and reaches those places that are generally located afar off. With this hose in your hands, you will be able to reach those areas or portions that are inaccessible under normal circumstances.

Notable Features:

  • Ejects unthinned paints at a higher pressure
  • Sprays directly from the various gallon paints
  • Its tip reverses to unclog itself while spraying
  • Puts you in firm control of the spraying process
  • Allows for continuous and uninterrupted sprays

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#3. Best Medium-duty – Magnum 257025 Project Plus Paint Sprayer

Have some moderate tasks to care for? You want a medium-duty sprayer of this kind to make use of. This one is neither large nor small. It is hence a good bet to lay your hands on for those tasks that are equally medium. Our mini-review here below seeks to lay bare its finer details.

graco medium duty paint sprayer for hard to reach area



  • 50-foot Hose

A 50-foot stands out among the list of features. This hose is sufficiently long as to be able to impact those areas that are hard to reach under normal circumstances. In fact, it is possible for you to impact the second stories of the buildings you are desirous of impacting.

  • Extra Storage Compartments

Unlike your ordinary sprayer, this one comes with its own storage compartments. These are basically slots where you may slip in the extras and accessories you use as you spray the paint. Examples of these are the power cord, spray tips, and spray guns.

  • RAC IV Switch Tip

Its tip comprises a RAC IV switch that reverses to unclog the nozzle when spraying. This way, it keeps you discharging the paint output throughout the use and applications. It also helps with cleanliness and maintenance after use. At the same time, it prevents the paint from splashing on you unnecessarily.

Notable Features:

  • Tackles many kinds of projects
  • Discharges unthinned paints too
  • Connects to a garden hose as well
  • Puts you in ultimate control of the painting process
  • Recommended for many do-it-yourself applications

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Best for Furniture – 5 Graco Handheld Paint Spray Guns

Graco paint sprayer guns are the top best sprayers for both small and large painting jobs. The spray guns come in different sizes for convenience when working on various painting projects. This part features the top 5 best handheld Graco paint spray guns on the market today.

#1. Graco TrueCoat 360 Sprayer for DIY Painting

This is one of the most convenient spraying gun kits on the market that allows you to focus on your work since it does not easily clog from the paint.

Graco TrueCoat 360 handheld paint sprayer with continuous spraying



  • Spray Tips

The equipped reversible spray tip enables the device to preserve the tip from clogging with paint. The sprayers do not produce thinned paint. The kit allows for a 360-degree paint point such that you can paint from any direction without worrying about the paint getting blown away.

  • Cleanable & Lightweight

There is no limit to the number of color paints you can use with this kit since it is cleanable. It is light in weight for comfortable holding when working for large painting projects. The kit comes with other accessories such as a carrying bag in case you want to travel with it, 2 reversible spray tips to exchange when working, and also a manual for guidance.

Notable Features:

  • This is easy to work with the spray gun
  • Cleaning it takes less time as it is detachable
  • The spray gun can be used on projects that require more than one color
  • The spray gun comes with a carrying bag for secure storage and transportation

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#2. Best for Airless – Fast Handheld Spray Guns for Small Jobs

The ergonomic and lightweight design of this spray gun allows you to work comfortably with one hand as you focus on your project.

Graco airless handheld paint sprayer for small jobs



  • Versatile

It is recommended for small jobs since it does not hold a lot of paint. Therefore, you can use it for finishing surfaces, trimming, among others. The presence of the airless finish allows you to work from any area and prevent the thinning of the paint as well.

  • Continuous Spray

It has a non-clogging tip that continuously dispersed the color without clogging. The kit can be repaired in case of any damage, so you can continue to use it for long as opposed to other models. The presence of the Triax Tripple piston pump provides pro connection. Using this spray gun is straight forward and can work effectively for small DIY projects at home.

Notable Features:

  • This is easy to use a spray gun
  • The cost is also affordable for many customers
  • The spray gun gives an excellent finish without thinning

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#3. Best for Cordless – Graco Ultra Battery Powered Sprayers

There is no limit to the areas you can work with this sprayer since batteries power it. The kit is light in weight and has an ergonomic handle to offer a firm grip when holding with one hand.

Graco wireless sprayer for furniture painting



  • Cordless & Multi-directional Work

The gadget is cordless; hence, there is a limitation when moving around when painting. This also allows you to paint the object from different directions. It has an airless finish system to ensure you get the nest paint finish without thinning.

  • Varying Speed Selection

The spray gun has varying speed selection so you can choose the level of paint flow depending on the surface you are working on or the kind of paint you use. The pack comes with a RAC X FFLP spray tip that does not clog to ensure a good flow of paint. Note that this kit is repairable in case of default so you can continue enjoying your painting sessions at home. The gadget comes with a warranty from factory defects.

Notable Features:

  • The gadget is cordless for convenient movement when working
  • The spray gun is quite light for comfortable holding when working
  • It is easy to use and has paint pressure control options to choose from
  • The gadget provides an excellent and smooth finish on any surface painted

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#4. Best for Electric – Graco TrueCoat 360VSP Sprayer with Variable Speed Control

This is a convenient spray gun for all, including beginners, since you can control the speed and paint pressure. This feature allows one to paint surfaces that require a thin coat too.

graco truecoat paint sprayer for stains



  • Durability

The gadget comes with a reversible tip that will enable you to reverse it in case of paint clogging. Durability is guaranteed since it features sturdy material and comes with a protective case for storing it after use.

  • Airtight System

This spray gun is made with a stainless steel piston pump for painting on different surfaces without causing any thinness. You can paint your objects from any direction with this kit, thanks to the airtight system that provides good paint flow.

  • 25 Gallons Per Year

Note that this spray gun is recommended to be used with 25 gallons per year. You can use it when working on a project that requires multiple painting as it can be used with different color shades. Maintaining it is quite easy as it can be cleaned.

Notable Features:

  • The tip paints in different directions
  • The kit delivers excellent paint results without thinning
  • The pack comes with a protective case for storage purposes
  • The spray gun is suitable for both DIY and professional jobs

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#5. Best for Smooth Work – Graco Cordless Airless Paint Sprayer

If you need a paint spray gun that you can use from any area, then get this magnificent model. Lithium batteries power it; hence, you can comfortably work in areas without electric connection.

Graco cordless paint gun



  • Super Light

It is super light in weight and has an ergonomic handle that offers excellent and firm grip when working. The paint pressure outlet is adjustable from 0 to 20000 psi, depending on the kind of paint you are working with or the surface you are panting.

  • No Thinning Required

This feature allows one to control the amount of color used for the painting session. There is no thinning hence guaranteeing the best and most beautiful result when painting with this device.

  • Accessories

It is compatible with other painting accessories like the interior and exterior paint primers, stain cups, among others. Other accessories packed together with this sprayer include; pump reserver and a gun tip.

Notable Features:

  • The gadget provides excellent painting results without thinning
  • The kit is light for comfortable hold with one hand when working
  • Controlling the paint pressure is easy when working with this device
  • There is no cord for recreations; thus, you can work freely and from different directions

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Best for Details – 2 Best Graco HVLP Sprayers

Want to generate some details on your surfaces? You have no option but to pick and use the Graco High Volume Low-Pressure sprayers. These are compact, handy and precise pieces of equipment to make use of. They are also maneuverable enough to allow for the generation of finer details.

#1. High End – HVLP 9.5 Equipment for Interior & Exterior Spray

This sprayer is able to impact both the interior and the exterior of the surfaces concerned. Thus, it is a good one to use for commercial purposes. That is because you will not have to shuffle back and forth many sprayers during a typical spraying session.

graco hvlp paint sprayer



  • Automotive-type Intake Air Filters

Its filters come about in the form of the automotive-type. This makes them stronger and pretty reliable to make use of. With this arrangement, you may be sure to generate smoother and finer paint particles. This one leaves behind truly lasting outcomes that do not easily come off.

  • Adjustable Guns

Unlike the guns of your ordinary sprayers, the ones for this one adjust to allow for the channeling of the paint to many surfaces or areas of use. Expect hence to obtain precise spraying outcomes that your ordinary painting apparatus cannot easily manage. The same applies to the nature of the styles themselves.

  • Extremely Powerful

In all, this sprayer is extremely powerful. It generates sufficient power that even ejects the heavy latex paints without necessarily requiring that you thin it before going ahead. With this power, it is possible for you to work with paints that are too viscous without posing any damages to the structure of the item.

Notable Features:

  • Accepts many other guns as well
  • Sprays the polyacrylic varnish too
  • Handles both oil and water-based paints
  • Capable of spraying paints in the upside-down direction
  • Performs well when compared with the other paints on the market

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#2. Best Lightweight – Graco HVLP 7.0 Sprayer for Fine Finish Stain & Other Projects

Could it be that your project requires ultimate controls? You have no worthier companion than this one if you nodded to the above question. Indeed, this sprayer is the one that is designed and optimized for those applications that require that you be in full control of issues.

graco hvlp spray gun



  • FlexLiner Bag System

A FlexLiner Bag system ranks first among the many benefits and topnotch features that the item has. Thanks to this feature, the sprayer is lighter and more flexible. Also, it tends to be easier to keep clean after a spate of use. All these make for flexible applications when in use.

  • Super-Flex Air Hose

Next comes the Super-flex air hose that is a whopping 15% lighter than the other leading brands. Thanks to this arrangement, the air hose allows for more control at the gun. This way, it keeps you in a state of absolute control and overall wellbeing. You won’t tire or fidget while using it.

  • TurboControl System

Lastly comes the TurboControl System. The system basically allows you to adjust the speed of the TurboForce turbine. As you vary this speed, you get to match it with the performance that you need at any given time. This is definitely some good news as it makes for easier applications.

Notable Features:

  • Changes out the needles by using a click
  • Delivers many kinds and shades of paints
  • Distributes the paint faster and uniformly
  • Its trigger is 75% lighter than the ordinary one
  • Employs the standard filtration mechanism to do its thing

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Best for Professional Spray – Top 2 Graco Pro Sprayer Series

There are several professional paint sprayers that you can go for today. If you do painting for a living, or even for fun, you got to make it more fun by choosing the best Graco sprayers in the market. Here is a small sample of them:

#1. Best for Commercial Projects – 17C305 Pro210ES Cart Sprayer

With this option, you can easily set it up within a few minutes and have your work done. It can spray up to 47 gallons of paint per minute. Such a speed is ideal for your commercial painting. You will end up using little time but to do huge duty.

Graco sprayer for large spray jobs



  • Easy-to-operate

It also has a 1-HP DC motor that can run on long extension cords so that you get to paint even the walls that are highly placed like the second and the third story buildings.

  • Fit for All Surfaces

Additionally, this sprayer has the capacity of spraying all types of surfaces. Don’t worry if your wall already has latex or acrylics. It will have the spray ideally. This is something that is made possible since this sprayer is compatible will all types of paints.

Notable Features:

  • Comes with all its accessories
  • Sprays up to 47 gallons of paint per minute
  • The hosepipe is long enough for high wall painting

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#2. Graco Pro X17 Paint Sprayer with 5 Gallon Paint Containers

This is Last Graco option that comes in a Magnum ProX17 stand paint sprayer. With this sprayer, you have control over the paint flow since you can adjust it. As you do this, you can achieve an unthinned paint outcome.

Graco x17 Pro paint sprayer with paint spray unthinned



  • Fast Spraying

In fact, if you want to do your painting within a short time, a stainless steel piston pump can help you achieve the unthinned results even when you involve high pressure. This sprayer also allows you to spray the paint directly from the paint bucket; hence, there is a minimum waste.

  • For Large Projects

It is a commercial paint that can allow you to do the painting of large projects within one year. You can use almost 300 gallons of spray per year. If most of your projects are multi-story homes, this becomes the best option for you. The hosepipe can reach up to 150 ft high.

Notable Features:

  • It is easy to clean
  • High voltage input, about 110v
  • It sprays directly from the bucket
  • Can spray up to 300 gallons of sprayer yearly

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What Is the History of the Graco Company?

Graco was founded in 1926 by the famous Gray brothers who were working as parking lot attendants. At that time, it was merely a family business. It has however grown in pace and stature to employ 3,500 persons at the moment. At its inception, the company mainly engaged in the manufacture of lubricants and construction equipment.

In the course of time, the company diversified its portfolio. This happened in 1958. At that time, it pioneered the manufacture of the first airless spray gun. The launch of this gun was a success mainly because of the culture of consumerism that gripped the US at that time.

graco paint sprayers

This airless sprayer propelled the Graco Company to be a world leader in paint spraying industries. To tap into this new feat, the company began an ambitious expansion drive. That saw it acquire numerous facilities and the establishment of the headquarters along the Mississippi River.

To bolster its grip on the manufacture of paints, the company did venture into the production of other accessories as well. It has also embarked on an ambitious expansion drive that has seen it enter mergers and acquisitions with many like-minded firms around the United States.

>> Best Graco Airless Paint Sprayer Review <<

How Much Does a Graco Paint Sprayer?

There is no standard amount of money that Graco paint sprayers cost. Instead, there are guidelines that may inform the amount of money that a user may have to part with in order to lay his hand on the paint. Below are some of those factors explained:

  • Capacity

This refers to how much paint the sprayer can hold at any given time. There is a direct correlation between the capacity and the costs. Sprayers that are larger in capacity tend to cost a lot more than those whose capacities are somewhat limited. The reason is they can do more in a short time.

  • Flow-rate

Also called the discharge rate, this is a measure of how much spray the sprayer is able to deliver at any given time. Sprayers that manage a higher rate of flow tend to be more expensive than those that have a limited flow rate. The main reason here is that the former can do a lot more within a short time.

  • Structural Makeup

The kinds of materials that constitute the sprayers also determine the eventual costs. Sprayers that are manufactured using strong and heavy materials are more expensive than those that are made of lighter materials. They also last longer and endure repeated impacts for an extended duration of time.

  • Type

Sprayers come in various kinds. Two of the most common are the high volume low pressure and the airless sprayers respectively. The latter is more expensive as they are usable in areas that are cut off from the mainstream. They also tend to do better jobs than all the other sprayers.

  • Pressure Output

Lastly, the pressure output also determines to a large extent the costs of the sprayers altogether. Sprayers that exude higher pressure are usually more expensive than those that can only manage a paltry pressure. The reason largely is that they do a tremendously good job.

When all factors are put into consideration, you should expect to part with $100-$500 for a good Graco sprayer. Never hesitate to take advantage of any special offers, promos, and hot discounts if and when the same are availed to you!

Buy the Best Rated & Hot Pick Graco Airless Paint Sprayer

graco paint sprayer x7