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Best Paint Sprayer for Home Exterior – Reviews and Guide in 2021

Painting a home’s exterior is not an easy task. It can be time-consuming and work-intensive, more importantly, without the right tools for the job. While you could decide to adopt the traditional roller or the paint brush method of painting, these methods could take twice the amount of time you could use if you opted to use a paint sprayer.

Thus, this renders a power paint sprayer an excellent option when you need to handle the task faster, with more precision, and with less energy.

Given the lots of paint sprayers for home exterior made available by different manufacturers, choosing one among them is not an easy task.

For this reason, I did the hard work for you and settled for best paint sprayer for home exterior. These models are durable, easy to use, versatile, and convenient for entry-level sprayers and professional sprayers.

Read on as you pay attention to the features and their benefits so that you can pick a model that will meet your needs.

Best Paint Sprayer for Home Exterior – Top 5 Options


Can You Spray Paint a House Exterior?

Yes, you can use a paint sprayer to paint the exterior of your house.

With a paint sprayer, you can handle the task in half the time while using a roller brush and still achieves professional results. A challenge that you are likely to face while spray painting a house exterior is the amount of prep work that is required.

For instance, you should mask the doors and windows while painting the walls of your house. But other than that, spray painting can help you achieve exceptional results within a fraction of the time spent while using a roller or brush.


Reviews of the 5 Best Paint Sprayers for Home Exterior 

#1. Best Sale – HomeRight Finish Max Outdoor HVLP Handheld Paint Spray Gun

Are you in search of the best electric paint sprayer for painting walls, fences, decks? If that is the case, the HomeRight Finish Max Paint Sprayer is one of the best choices. It is easy to use and designed to apply a smooth finish without brush marks.

Furthermore, the sprayer features a lightweight and compact design. As a result, it can comfortably fit into the hand to reduce fatigue and increase maneuverability around the projects.

best selling handheld exterior house spray painters

  • Adjustable settings

The Finish Max spray gun features an adjustable air cap. You can conveniently adjust the cap, allowing the sprayer to release a vertical, horizontal, or round spray.

Still, there is a flow control knob. Using it, you can increase or decrease the amount of paint so that it can suit your project or coating needs.

  • Versatile and clean

Also, the Finish Max spray gun is an excellent option for a multi-purpose paint sprayer. It can spray a wide variety of paints, including latex paint, primers, chalk type paint, stain, enamels, varnish, milk paint, and polyurethane.

And after use, the sprayer can clean quickly and smoothly. For water-based paints, you can simply clean it using water while you can use mineral spirits to clean oil-based paint.

  • Brass spray tip technology

This sprayer adopts a brass spray tip technology. In particular, the sprayer uses a 2mm precision brass spray tip and nozzle. As opposed to plastic tips and nozzles, brass can deliver a high-quality spray with excellent durability.

  • Powerful and leak-proof performance

And finally, the Finish Max spray gun can deliver a powerful and leak-proof performance. It features a powerful motor with 400watts of power, allowing it to provide a precise spray pattern.

Additionally, the spray gun forms a tight seal while it incorporates a splash guard to protect the paint from flowing into the nozzle area.

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#2. Best with Adjustable Pressure – Graco Magnum 257025 Airless Paint Sprayer for Exterior House

An ideal paint sprayer with adjustable pressure, whether you are an entry-level sprayer or professional sprayer is the Magnum 257025 Project Paint Sprayer.

It is a perfect choice for painting decks, homes, fences, rooms, ceilings, and furniture. This model is suitable for those who need to paint up to 50 gallons of paint in a year. After use, its PowerFlush adapter can connect to a garden hose for fast and easy cleaning.

spraying exterior of house with a graco airless paint sprayer

  • Storage compartment

The Magnum 257025 Project Painter highlights extra storage compartments. The compartments can provide adequate space to store additional tips and the power cord for compact transportation.

  • Suitable for hard-to-reach areas

If you need a paint sprayer that will help you reach distant places, then this is an ideal option. The sprayer can support a 50 feet paint hose so that it can reach second stories without compromising the performance.

Moreso, the paint sprayer highlights a flexible suction tube. This tube can spray directly from a 1-gallon or 5-gallon paint bucket, which makes painting large areas quite convenient.

  • Suitable for use with thick paints

Another benefit of this sprayer is its compatibility with unthinned paint. It is compatible with a variety of tips including 0.009″, 0.011″, 0.013″, and 0.015″ tips for effortless spraying of unthinned paint.

Still, the sprayer packs a stainless steel piston pump so that you can spray unthinned paint at high pressure.

  • Ultimate control of the paint flow

And finally, this sprayer offers a fully adjustable pressure. You can control the flow of the paint so that you can get the right amount of spray for different project sizes.

Moreover, the paint sprayer comes with a RAC IV Switch Tip. The benefit of this is the ability to reverse the tip so that you can unclog the machine fast and effortlessly.

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#3. Best Cart – Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Sprayer with Wheels for Portable Painting

If you are looking for a portable, but functional paint sprayer for the home’s exterior, the Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer is an ideal option.

It can take the stress out of the painting and still help you deliver exceptional results with finesse and speed. This sprayer is suitable for use by handymen or DIY homeowners looking forward to spraying 125 gallons of paint in a year.

best airless paint sprayer for exterior house

  • Fully adjustable pressure

The Graco Magnum 262805 is an ideal choice for handling different sized projects. It delivers a fully-adjustable pressure. As a result, you can control the flow of the paint so that you can get an ideal flow for different-sized projects.

Additionally, the sprayer integrates a RAC IV SwitchTip. This means that you should never have to worry about the sprayer having to clog up while spraying.

  • Ideal for Multi-story building

Also, this is one of the best paint sprayers for multi-story homes and big projects. It can support a lengthy paint hose up to 100feet long. As a result, you can be sure to spray multi-story building fast and conveniently.

Additionally, the paint sprayer integrates a flexible suction hose. The hose draws paint from a 1-gallon or 5-gallon paint bucket to provide you with a sufficient supply of the paint without the need for frequent refilling.

  • Portable design

Another addition that makes this paint sprayer an excellent investment is the portable design. It comes with a convenient cart. Thus, you can easily maneuver it around the projects, another feature that makes it an ideal choice for use with big projects.

  • SoftSpray Technology

Lastly, the sprayer integrates a TrueAirless spray tip. This tip adopts a SoftSpray technology. Because of this, the sprayer can provide greater control with less overspray, making it an ideal choice for those who need to achieve professional results without much struggle.

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#4. Best Cheap – REXBETI 700 Watt Handheld HVLP Paint Spray Gun with High Power for Exterior Walls

Whether you are a remodeling contractor, DIY enthusiast, or handyman, the best electric paint sprayer for crafts, tables, fences, chairs, and interior walls is Rexbeti High-power Paint Sprayer.

It derives its power from a 700watt motor enabling it to provide a smooth and superior finish. Furthermore, the paint sprayer integrates a 1000ml high-capacity container for effortless application of the finish.

spray painting exterior brick house

  • Three spray patterns

The Rexbeti Paint sprayer is one of the best choices for remodeling contractors or DIY enthusiasts who need a paint sprayer that will help them handle multiple types of projects.

This unit provides three spray patterns. The patterns comprise a horizontal spray, vertical and circular spray to help choose the right kind of spray to handle different types of projects.

  • 6 nozzle sizes

Better still, the sprayer is equipped with six sizes of nozzles. The nozzle sizes include 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.2mm, 2.6mm, and 3.0mm.

As a result, the sprayer is an ideal choice for use with different kinds of paint, including thin paints such as sealers and varnishes, and chalk type paint, latex paint, or milk type paint.

  • Adjustable paint flow

Another benefit of the paint sprayer is the flow control knob. The knob on the sprayer makes it possible to regulate the paint output. As such, you can rest assured to get the right amount for corners, edges, or broad interior surfaces.

  • Lightweight and easy to use

And finally, this model is an ideal option for a paint sprayer for the home exterior that is easy to use. The sprayer is lightweight and fitted with a 6.6feet long power cord for effortless maneuvering over different kinds of projects.

Also, it includes a spray width lever that makes it possible to switch between a wide and compact spray pattern.

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#5. Best for Large Job – HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 Home Exterior Airless Paint Spray Machine

Accomplish professional painting results without the need for hiring a professional with the help of HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 C800879 Airless Paint Sprayer.

It is a heavy-duty sprayer that applies an even coating on uneven surfaces. The model is an ideal option for large painting projects, including the home exterior, garage, shed, and deck.

airless spray paint house exterior

  • Powerful motor

This airless paint sprayer packs a powerful 1/2hp motor. The motor enables it to provide a 2800PSI, making it an ideal choice for use with unthinned paint. Also, the motor enables it to handle projects fast, a measure that makes it an ideal option for large painting projects.

  • Pressure control knob

Another advantage of the paint sprayer is the integrated pressure control knob. The knob allows you to customize the flow of the paint so that you can achieve a perfect spray pattern with different projects.

  • Easy to maneuver

Also, this sprayer is easy to maneuver. It comes with a 25 foot long hose. The hose doesn’t kink to facilitate easy maneuvering around the projects. Adding to that, the paint sprayer has a top carry handle for effortless portability.

  • Multi-purpose paint sprayer

Lastly, this sprayer is an ideal option for a versatile or multi-purpose paint sprayer. It supports a maximum tip size of 0.015 while it delivers a high pressure of 2800PSI.

Because of this, it is an ideal choice for spraying sealers, unthinned latex paint, stains, and oil-based paints. And because of the reversible spray tip, this sprayer can paint smoothly without the worry of potential clogs.

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What to Look for When Buying the Best Paint Sprayer for Home Exterior?

best paint sprayer for home exterior reviews

You must familiarize yourself with the options you have before purchasing a paint sprayer. Still, you should be familiar with all features that make the best sprayers for you to make the right buying decision.

That said, here are some of the features to consider while selecting the best paint sprayer for home exterior.

1. Sprayer tips

Paint sprayers come with different spray tips, and these tips do not assume the same sizes. That said, you must start by determining the projects that you want the paint sprayer to handle.

If you are looking for the best paint sprayer for spraying heavier paint, you shall require large tip sizes and a sprayer that delivers a high pressure.

On the other hand, you can get a sprayer with small tip sizes and one that provides low pressure when working with thin paints.

2. Sprayer’s spray patterns

Next, consider the spray patterns of the paint sprayers’ tips. Ideally, the sprayer’s spray pattern is the shape by which the sprayer delivers the paint. For instance, the best paint sprayers can spray in multiple patterns comprising vertical, horizontal, and round.

Such sprayers provide room to spray different-sized surfaces without turning the sprayer. Thus, consider the spray pattern size of each tip size, since each tip size offers multiple spray pattern widths.

  • While getting a sprayer for small surfaces, you should acquire a sprayer with a small pattern width.
  • On the other hand, big surfaces, including walls and ceilings, require large pattern widths.

3. Type of the paint sprayer

There are two types of paint sprayers: an airless paint sprayer and an HVLP (High Volume, Low Pressure) sprayer.

  • An HVLP model uses air while spraying the paint. Ideally, the air is pumped from a compressor then it pushes the paint out.
  • On the other hand, an airless sprayer doesn’t use air while spraying, but it uses pressure to push the paint through the tool.

Airless paint sprayers are perceived to be more powerful while compared to the HVLP type. Thus, I would recommend getting an airless paint sprayer while looking for the best paint sprayer for a home exterior of large surfaces.

4. Coverage area

If you are getting a paint sprayer for the exterior house, the chances are that you will need it to cover an extensive area. Therefore, consider the length the paint sprayer can cover after plugging it into the power outlet.

The longer the reach, the better. Thus, opt for a paint sprayer that comes with a long hose. Still, you could opt for a model that includes a replaceable hose so that you can adjust the hose depending on the required coverage.

5. Paint material compatibility

Paints are of different types. You will come across thick and thin paint. So, depending on the type of paint, you must determine if your sprayer will be compatible with the paint’s thickness.

In most cases, you will find yourself using thicker paint for outdoor surfaces and exterior walls. As a result, your paint sprayer must manage to handle such kind of paint.

So, opt for a home airless paint sprayer instead of an HVLP paint sprayer. An airless sprayer can handle all paint thicknesses while an HVLP sprayer tends to clog up while spraying thicker finishes.

6. Type of sprayer tip

Sprayer tips are of two types: standard tips and reversible tips.

To avoid the frustrations that come up as a result of using a sprayer that clogs frequently, I would recommend that you get a model that supports reversible tips.

A reversible tip is one that reverses easily so that you can blow out the blockage to solve the clogging problem.

7. Capacity

The amount of paint that the paint sprayer can hold at a time is a must-consider factor while getting a paint sprayer.

To eliminate the chances of having to refill the paint frequently, opt for paint sprayers that draw the paint from a 1-gallon or 5-gallon paint bucket.

However, if you are looking for a sprayer for painting small surfaces, you could choose to use a paint sprayer that features an attached paint container.


How Do You Paint the Exterior of a House with a Sprayer?

how to spray paint home exterior

Painting the exterior of the house should begin with the prep work, followed by the actual painting and cleanup.

1. Prep work

Start by moving outdoor equipment and furniture near the painting area. Also, cover the surfaces that you do not want to spray, including the shrubs, doors, or windows.

Next, clean the exterior surface that is to be painted. You could do so using a pressure washer and a perfect cleaning solution. During the cleaning, remove mold and mildew and scrape off the peeling of the paint.

Finally, repair damaged siding and sand caulk gaps and rough surfaces.

2. Actual Painting

Begin by mixing the paint in an empty 5-gallon container even if you will use paint from multiple paint containers. This measure will help you achieve a consistent finish on the whole home’s exterior.

Next, choose a spray tip that is best suited for the job. In so doing, the hole of the tip must never exceed the maximum capacity of the paint sprayer.

Once you start painting, start from the top of the surface to be painted as you work your way down. In fact, work in sections and ensure that you start by spraying the eaves and any undersides of any overhangs. After painting the eaves, cuts around the doors and windows then spray the flat surfaces.

3. Clean-up

Give enough time for the paint to dry before starting the cleanup.

As the paint dries, clean the paint sprayer after each use and be sure to follow the directions in the user’s manual.

Once the paint is dry, remove the tape from your trim for crisp and clean lines. Also, remove all covering from bushes, shrubs, and tapes. Finally, remove all tape from the door and window trim.



#1. Is It better to Roll or Spray Exterior House Paint?

I would recommend using a paint sprayer as opposed to a roller or brush. Given the size of exterior surfaces, you will be required to get an option to help you handle the painting task fast and effortlessly and without sacrificing the performance.

Thus, I would recommend using a paint sprayer so that you can cut the time spent by half. Still, a paint sprayer offers adequate coverage in each corner and small spaces, since rollers and brushes cannot provide adequate coverage because of their shapes and sizes.

#2. Should I Sprayer Paint or Brush Paint My House?

Well, you could choose to use either of the options. However, buying a best paint sprayer for home exterior is a wise decision when you want to achieve a smooth finish.

Ideally, paint sprayers apply fine layers of paint that dry fast. These tools do not leave lines and patterns on the surface as long as you use them correctly. As such they are an ideal choice when you want to acquire professional results.



With the best paint sprayer for home exterior, painting and staining large projects should no longer be intimidating. These sprayers can help you save thousands of dollars and still manage a beautiful finish.

Therefore, buy either of the reviewed products and enhance the look of your home’s exterior in style.