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Best Paint Sprayer for Exterior Walls and House – Reviews in 2021

When selecting the best paint sprayer for exterior walls, you have to make a comparison before deciding on which type to buy and the size you need to attend to determines as well as the size of the sprayer.

The sprayer provides tiny paint particles that a roller can’t produce that ensure complete and very quick coverage and do perfect and even paint distribution, and there is no wastage due to dripping.

Top 4 Best Exterior Wall Paint Sprayers


Reviews of the 4 Best Paint Sprayer for Exterior Walls

#1. Wagner Spraytech HVLP Exterior Wall Paint Sprayer

Wagner handheld exterior wall paint sprayer

This product is flexible for both indoor and outdoor painting projects, and it provides a consistent finish, hence improving your home projects ten times faster than using a brush or a roller. The sprayer comes along with an iSpray nozzle that can handle large projects plus a detailed finish nozzle for provision of fine work.

It can cover 8 by 10 feet surface within a range of five minutes and contains few parts making it quick and easy for cleaning up. Paint flow can be adjusted with an X-boost turbine that provides power for spraying un-thinned exterior stains and paints where one can achieve precise control.

The product is perfect for a couple of projects, i.e., superior finish on furniture, ceilings, walls, fences, cabinets, trims, exterior siding, and more. Having this equipment is enough for you to say goodbye for brushes and rollers as it delivers a desirable painting job in your home.

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#2. Wagner Airless High Power Paint Sprayer for Exterior Walls

Wagner exterior wall paint sprayer airless

This product is designed with HEA tech that enables it to produce up to about 55% less overspray and provides a softer spraying pattern for consistent and controlled finish. It can hold up to 1.5 gallons of paint material hence enabling one to work on a larger project.

This equipment contains 130 power tanks for working on both interior and exterior stains and paints and includes 2-in-1 paint and latex, primers, and oil enamels. It can be used with a wide range of un-thinned stains and paints and its gravity feds within a short period and records no mess in priming and cleaning.

It is most recommended for a variety of jobs as it can be used for painting home exterior areas staining a large deck and more. This sprayer does a good job and can meet your desires for painting the exterior walls.

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#3. Paint Zoom Cheap Electric HVLP Exterior Home Paint Spray Machine

Paint Zoom portable paint sprayer for walls exterior

This equipment is airbrush equipment designed for home use, and it delivers desired flawless results giving the efficient distribution of paint and stain and gives it a short period to dry up after spraying. It is suitable to provide painting on walls, ceilings, and any other home place that needs painting as it is compact in make and light in weight for easy transportation, ability to move along with it during work, and speed.

It cuts any mess that can arise during painting in your home. It provides even and beautiful finish, unlike other paint sprayers, as there is no stutter or interruptions of paint flows and distributions during the time of painting as it eliminates any risk of uneven sprays on the worked surfaces.

The equipment features a very powerful motor for efficiency and effectiveness during the painting period. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as it comprises rugged and materials to handle heavy-duty, making it durable and suitable to tackle any painting job, whether it is for exterior or interior as it can spruce your home with good looking color theme easily.

This machine contains spraying nozzles that delivers maximum control in direction with 3-way spray heads plus a long extension hose that gives more room when painting.

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#4. HomeRight Airless Paint Sprayer for Large Painting Projects

HomeRight airless paint spray gun

If you have been experiencing difficulties when spraying a large surface, then this is a machine that you should not hesitate to go for as it delivers professional results within a very short period of time. You can work on home projects with it without any hassles as it is not intimidating, thanks to this equipment. This gives a beautiful finish as it exceeds paint brushes and rollers and is a heavy-duty product.

The product is ideal for spraying un-thinned oil-based and latex paints, sealers, and stains. It provides even coating to uneven surfaces making it the best choice for many who are working on exterior surfaces in sheds, garages, or even fences in your home.

It is powered with a quality motor producing 2800 PSI pressures that enable one to handle large projects quickly with desirable results. It also consists of a pressure control knob in it that allows you to control the flow of paint and allows dialing of the perfect pattern when doing the spraying.

The package comes along with a chrome-plated spraying gun with 100 mesh spray gun, 515 spray tip that is reversible plus a guard, 25 feel airless hose, and a 2-year warranty from the manufacturing company.

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#1. Can You Spray Paint Exterior of House?

Of course, it is appropriate to use a paint sprayer for exterior walls as one can work through it within a very short period of time than when using paintbrushes and rollers. The fine and tiny particles of paints emitted by the sprayer ensure it is complete and even coverage in every corner and sections attended.

Rollers and brushes nay times cannot access small spaces easily because of their shapes and sizes hence cause wall scratches when forced to access such areas or creating more problems than solving. Using wall sprayers is the best way to go as it is designed to provide fine mist with the ability to get into hard-to-reach points.

>> Wagner Handheld Paint Sprayer for Hard-to-reach Sections <<

Wagner handheld exterior wall paint sprayer

#2. Do I Need to Scrape off Old Paint Exterior?

There are various ways available that one can work on the exterior surface before applying new paint. Tackling old paint off involves a heat gun and a set of paint scrapers, and the procedure is very simple as it entails holding the heat gun a few inches from the surface to be scraped, and when the old paint has been heated up, it begins to bubble.

Then before it cools down, you can now use the scrapper or even a putty knife to scrape the loosened paint off from the surface. The scrape hardens very quickly and will not create any mess than when using paint removers.

If working on wooden surfaces, consider using an infrared heater as they heat large areas than heat guns. Scrappers are available in the market as others are flat, and some have points, so you have to maintain them sharp with a file or by use of sharpening stone to quicken your work.

#3. How Do You Prepare Exterior Walls for Painting?

  • Before spray painting, you have to ensure that you have moved any outdoor furniture or any other available item that needs not to be sprayed away from the areas that should be worked on.
  • Tape off any area and cover the surfaces you don’t want to spray.
  • You can then use the pressure washer to clean the exterior surfaces that are supposed to be painted then give it time to dry up.
  • Remove any dirt, molds, and mildew if present and do away any peeling surface, then repair the damaged siding, trim, or soffits and drive in any loose nails.
  • Then select a spraying tip that is best suitable for you considering the type of paint and the surface to be worked on.

The type of paint to use is as well very important as it can be used to apply a couple of paint coatings sprayers are effectively used for water and oil paints but not paints with fibers.

#4. How Do You Spray Paint Exterior Walls?

Before spraying the exterior of the house, ensure you have masked surfaces that are not to be sprayed. Use the sprayers’ extensions, especially for low and high areas for easy access to such areas, and it will reduce fatigue when spraying because you will not be bending very much.

After getting the right paint that you want to spray, you are supposed to pick the right tip that will best suit the paint to be sprayed. Make sure that the size of the hole does not exceed the maximum capacity of the spraying equipment.

After mixing the paint, choose a surface that you want to start with and paint starting from the top of the surface moving down.

Consider first the eaves or undersides of the overhangs, and when handling such areas, ensure that you are using the necessary tip to allow you to reach hard-to-reach parts safely.

When spraying, you should ensure that you are working in sections that are reachable while keeping the tip of the sprayer at about 12 inches away from the surface.

When handling the outside corners, you have to ensure that you have aimed the spray tip directly to ensure that the spray fan is overlapping both sides. After you are done with the eaves, then cut in on doors and windows then later handle the remaining flat surfaces. Allow wall paint to be dry before removing the masks.

#5. Which Is Better Air or Airless Paint Sprayer?

Air sprayers are different from airless ones as they are supported to be connected to the air supply, making them require bulky air compressors making their portability a bit difficult and entail connection of high-pressure air hose. As on the other hand, airless paint sprayers contained pressured streams of paint that do not depend on airflow hence convenient to work along with them as it is very portable. Some of the airless sprayers are pumped directly from the can, making them be portable.

best paint sprayer for exterior walls reviewsAn air sprayer works in such way that its air is forced out pushing the paint out through the nozzle and there are chances for it to get mixed with the air hence causing blemishes in the paint finish and bubbles while airless paint sprayers tend to eliminate chances of paint mixing with air during the time of spraying thus provides a smooth and bolder finish on the sprayed surface.

There is also a difference in pressure that one will encounter in the 2 types of spraying machines where an air sprayer has the ability to build up its pressure by the help of the attached compressors which is within safe operating psi range which is safe for a breakable property like; glass, sliding and thin metals.

While airless sprayer is operated by forcing paint at high pressure through a very thin nozzle, which has the ability to double PSI to unsafe standard hence breaking glass, bending thin metallic product, or even harm your skin.

Air sprayers are relatively cheaper than standard airless sprayers in terms of cost. This is so as well when it comes to matters relating to efficiencies where air paint sprayers are cheaper and will take longer time to work with them on a given surface as they can exhibit flaw of paint finish, unlike the airless sprayers that are very expensive but produce professional work within a very short time.

Cleaning up is also an important factor and should be considered when choosing a painting product. The air sprayer produces relatively high messes when compared with the airless, and these both types of sprayers have the ability to pump from the available cans of paint to be sprayed from cartridges and eliminate drips over spraying and eliminate a lot of wastes when compared to rollers and paintbrushes.

#6. What Is the Best Paint for Exterior Walls?

Best Rated Exterior Wall Paint

What Paint Is Best for Outside Walls


  • Cheap
  • 1 Gallon
  • Eco-friendly
  • 10-year warranty
  • For interior and exterior painting

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What Paint Sprayer Is the Best for Outside Walls?

When selecting a spray sprayer, there are some important features that you should be keen on to get the best sprayer, which will meet your expectations. Budget is the central determinant factor when choosing a paint sprayer as it goes with the size and the condition of the surface that you will be working on. Pick a small spraying gun if you will be working on small projects and are relatively costing less than those designed to handle large tasks.

You have to know at what level is the sprayer safe when using it because some sprayers operate at high temperature hence considers the overall climatic conditions that you are going to use it. This is important to avoid accidents of explosion, burning of skin, or other related damages when using it.

Shapes and sizes of nozzles are also important for you to know because they come in different designs, as some are best for spraying small pieces of items like furniture or doors as others are suitable for large areas. Large nozzles are suitable for attending to large walls, and there are different varieties of tips, and you should consider them for the best paint sprayer.

If you are likely to have a variety of painting works, then it means that you should be equipped with high-quality painting sprayers for quality work within the desired working rate. You should not compromise with these factors because the quality of work output determines how you will be recommended in your business and jobs.