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Top Rated 8 Best Commercial Airless Paint Sprayer Reviewed in 2021

If you need the best commercial airless paint sprayer to work with, then you land the right place. This page got you covered with the best models. They are versatile in use and fit both DIY and commercial painting jobs. Some of these sprayer guns are with large capacity for convenience when working in different areas and different directions.

Let us have a look at them!

8 Best Commercial Airless Paint Sprayer

Reviews of the 8 Best Airless Paint Sprayer for Commercial Use

#1. Hot Sale – Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Paint Equipment

Graco x5 airless paint sprayer for commercial use

Graco Hot Pick Commercial Sprayer

With a price of around three hundred dollars and a wide variety of functions, the Graco Magnum 262800 x5 is a good investment. The adjustable pressure controls of any size of projects. Compared with normal brushes, this sprayer can paint everywhere including decks, doors, ceilings, walls and even the tiny corners.

Overall, it is a great value of money to turn back since it can reach a top-notch result by using minimal effort.

Notable Features:

  • Easy to clean
  • Uses 110 voltage
  • Lightweight in the material
  • The annual use can be 125 gallons per year
  • Allows the spraying directly from the spray bucket

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#2. Best for Latex Paint – Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Sprayer

Graco x7 commercial airless paint sprayer

Graco Cart Airless Sprayer for Commercial Use

The Magnum X7 airless paint comes with a SG2 metallic spray gun, RAC IV switch 515 tip, 25 tip Duraflex paint pipe, pump armor storage liquid, power flash adapter among other things. The homeowners and the professional painters will benefit a lot from this spraying equipment.

Overall, it is a professional spray painter ideal. Continuous spraying allows for a smooth finish when doing painting projects. The control floor plain button gives an adjustment and control the paint flow as need be. Thus, you will avoid uneven painting. Plus, The annual use can be around 125 gallons a year.

Notable Features:

  • Fast and easy cleanup
  • Has a stainless-steel paint gun
  • Contains a power flush adapter that is used for quick
  • Allows the spraying to take place directly from the paint bucket
  • Ideal if used to paint the multistory building with a support of up to 100 ft of painting hose.
  • Uses 110 voltages that provides a 0.31 gal/min performance rating from an 5/8 hp universal motor with a maximum atmospheric pressure of 3000 psi

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#3. Best High Efficiency – Titan Paint Sprayer for Large Projects

High power commercial airless paint sprayer

Commercial Airless Paint Sprayer with High Efficiency

The titan Control Max 1700 Pro is designed for large projects with a touch of extra professionalism. It has an all-metal spraying gun with an extendable paint hose of 100ft and allows the spraying of 300 gallons a year. The variable speed gun can be used to adjust the painting speed to ensure awesome productivity.

It is fully portable for easy movement between the project of different kind and height. On account of that, the hard-to-reach area can get an awesome spray.

Notable Features:

  • Gives a delivery of a softer spray
  • An airless paint sprayer is ideal for outdoor activities
  • Has improved control over the other forms of spraying with an up to 55% reduction of overspray

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#4. Best Professional – Graco Magnum Pro X17 Paint Sprayer with Adjustable Pressure

professional commercial airless paint sprayer

Commercial Airless Sprayer for Professional Paint

With a 50ft Duraflex hose, SG3 spray gun pump armor and a 515 RAC IV spray tip included in this product, the Graco Magnum Pro X17 paint sprayer helps a lot of people to work faster and smatter. This system allows for replacement of the pump onsight with no tools at hand thus eliminating downtime.

With the support of a longer hose, tthe system can be used to support a variety of work from spraying thin coast to heavy latex with a lot of ease. The adjustable pressure pump to give you an ultimate paint flow control for any project. The continuous spraying by using the RAC IV switch is one of the brilliant features it has. This makes your work easier as it allows the tip reversal when clogged to keep on spraying.

Notable Features:

  • Uses a voltage of 110
  • Has an on-the-job replaceable pump
  • Uses a ¾ hp DC motor giving a maximum pressure of 3000 psi
  • Support up to 150 ft hoe paint thus ideal for multi-story building
  • Has a 300-gallon annual usage capacity with a 034 gal/min performance rating
  • Allows the spraying of untinned paint using a Pro X stainless steel gun at high pressure which can be sprayed directly from the paint bucket

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#5. Best for Any Commercial Project Size – Graco Sprayer with 5 Gallon Paint Bucket

commercial airless paint sprayer for home use

Household Commercial Airless Paint Sprayer

With the capacity to handle interior home improvement projects, this system allows the spraying directly from the pain gallon thus allowing for faster completion of the jobs.

The machine is easy to use and operate. Spraying can be done directly from the bucket. Apart from that, it has a fully adjustable pressure to give ultimate control of paint for any project size. When connected to a garden hose, it will have a fast and easy clean up by using a power flush.

Notable Features:

  • Has a minimal voltage usage of 110 volts
  • Allows the spraying of untinned paint at very high pressure
  • Ideal for reaching the place that is unreachable and maintains the same performance
  • Has an annual recommended use of 50 gallons per year with a RAC IV switch that allows for reversal during blockage in order to allow spraint to be continuous

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#6. Best Electric – HomeRight Professional Airless Sprayer for Interior & Exterior Walls

HomeRight commercial airless paint sprayer for large projects

Large Job Sprayer for Commercial Use

Weighing at 15 pounds, the system is great for painting home exteriors, sheds, fences and decks. It has a two-year limited warranty which is based on following the maintenance and instruction provided in the manual.

Some of its shining functions include high pressure and smooth finish. With its working pressure of 2800 PSI for unthinned paint, it is a perfect machine for large household projects.

Notable Features:

  • Anti-clogging features
  • An excellent power and performance ration
  • Has a superior finish for household projects making it ideal for large painting projects.
  • Has a pressure control knob that allows for ultimate customization of spray patterns on different levels of power.

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#7. Best for Stain – Graco Pro210ES Paint Sprayer with Replacement Pump

Graco airless paint sprayer for ceilings

Commercial Airless Sprayer for Stains

The Graco Pro210ES can be used to manage heavy painting task, and it is usually available in 2 models, the cart form model number (17c305) and the stand form model number (17d163).

With the 515 spray tips, spraying a wide variety of coating from tiny stains to very heavy latex is a no-worry thing. The metal spray gun is durable and ergonomic. The motor can run on a longer extension cord that means an increased height of work with an upward height work of 39.5 inches and lower height of 29.5 inches.

Notable Features:

  • It can spray hot solvents
  • Has a large capacity of 1500 gallons
  • Comes with an option of replacing pump
  • With a performance rating of 0.47gal/min
  • Has a 1 hp DuraDc motor which gives a maximum Pressure of 3000 PSI
  • Can be used for multistory paint job with a maximum length of about 200 ft

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#8. Best Handheld – Wagner 0525025 Power Painter for Small Commercial Jobs

Wagner Handheld Airless Sprayer

Portable Hand Held Paint Spray Gun

The Wagner 0525025 Power Painter can be used to take care of easy hand-held jobs that can be done with the self. It has a sanction tube that stays in the paint even if when turned upward or sideways one still able to paint. To spray stains, oil paints, latex paint and sealers, this Wagner machine does the best.

Notable Features:

  • An inclusion of warranty
  • Easy to use because it is handheld
  • An adjustable spray pattern direction.
  • Allows for consistent finishes on jobs.
  • Has a flexible suction tube technology that allows spraying at any given angle.
  • Mainly used for medium indoor and outdoor painting projects and is a multipurpose spray gun.
  • Has an adjustable setting that allows the spraying of two different types when painting thicker paints and when painting thinner coatings.

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What Is an Airless Paint Sprayer?

An airless paint sprayer is a piece of equipment that discharges the paint sprays at extremely high pressure. Most of them operate at and manage a whopping 3,000 pounds per square inch of pressure.

Its tip, on the other hand, is designed in such a way as to break down the paint in some uniform way. This is due to the fact that it is shaped in the form of a fan. The paint ejects out in the shape and form of tiny droplets.

Unlike the conventional paint sprayers, this one delivers a consistent amount of pressure at all times, from the start to the finish. It is hence widely applied for commercial painting applications that require a fair degree of accuracy and consistency.


Q1. How to Use an Airless Paint Sprayer?

  • Connect the spray gun to the hose
  • Flush and prime the sprayer
  • Install the tip and the guard firmly on the sprayer
  • Maintain the spray gun at a comfortable distance of around 12 inches from the surface that you want to spray paint.
  • Discharge the paint in long and continuous motion.

Q2. How Can You Achieve a Professional Finish with a Commercial Airless Sprayer?

To achieve the professional finish using a commercial airless sprayer, it is important that you adhere to the following four main steps:

  • Mask out the areas where do you not want the paint to get to when spraying. The object of this step is to restrict the paint only on those places that are to be impacted, nowhere else.
  • Start moving around before triggering the gun and go on with this motion after releasing the gun trigger. This is to ensure that every corner of the painting surface is uniformly impacted when the paint s eventually released from the can.
  • Overlap the spray patterns by around 50% to see to it that you obtain the uniformity you need to deliver better outcomes. Keep a keen eye on the surface to ensure that a fair degree of uniformity is upheld at all times.
  • Vary the speed accordingly before releasing the painting outcome. Choose a higher speed for more viscous paint and a slower speed for more dilute paint. The purpose of this is to prevent the paint from clogging the nozzles and maintaining some uniformity.

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Q3. What Is the Difference Between Commercial Paint Sprayer and Sprayers for Home Use?

These two pieces of equipment are different in the following ways and means:

  • Capacity

Generally speaking, commercial sprayers are more voluminous than their home use sprayers. That is mainly because they are designed to apply paint on larger surfaces than the ones for home use. On account of this, they also take up larger storage and mounting spaces. The ones for home use are smaller and handier.

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  • Controls

To engage these two pieces of equipment, you will no doubt have to make use of some control features. The controls of these two items differ considerably. In all, the controls of the commercial sprayers are more sophisticated than those of their home-use counterparts. They hence require some fair degree of expertise.

  • Functionality

All factors considered, a commercial paint sprayer is able to handle more roles than the home use sprayers. Other than merely applying paint on your surface, these sprayers also have the ability to make decorative marks, patterns, and styles. Their home use counterparts are however only capable of applying paint on surfaces, nothing more!

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  • Operational Mechanisms

Apart from the controls, these two pieces of appliances also differ with regard to their operational mechanisms. The commercial sprayers are more sophisticated than the ones for home use. They are subsequently able to tackle chores that are beyond the reach and affordability of the home use sprayers.

  • Structural Construction

Lastly, these two sprayers vary with regard to their structural construction. When all factors are taken into account, the commercial sprayers tend to be larger in size, more durable and sophisticated enough to handle more complex chores. The ones for home use, however, tend to be smaller, largely operable by hand and only able to handle light everyday chores.


There you have them! Now that you have known about these sprayers and what they potentially bring about, you may go ahead and make the best choice. Just read the explanations that accompany them and use the same to arrive at a viable choice.