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Best Airless Paint Sprayer for Stain – Top Priority for Deck and Fence in 2021

There are many kinds of sprayers you might look up to for your painting or staining tasks. Of these, the airless paint sprayer stands out.

  • But just what kind of a sprayer is it?
  • What makes it stand apart from the rest of the sprayers you have around?

An airless sprayer is a piece of equipment that is used to apply paint and stain to larger surface areas at a unit time. Unlike the traditional sprayer, this one derives its pumping power from the electrically run hydraulic pump rather than air pressure.

Our review-cum-buying guide of the best airless paint sprayer for stain here below endeavors to provide answers to these and indeed many more relevant questions.

Best Airless Paint Sprayer for Stain – Top 5 List

Can You Use Airless Paint Sprayers for Stain?

WHY NOT? These appliances are optimized for discharging the stains exceptionally well. Furthermore, the use of this machine brings about some advantages. Among these are:

– Simplifying the Painting Process

It simplifies the painting process by taking the strain and the hassle of operations away from you. This is due to its heavily automated parts and components that draw the functioning from the built-in motor.

– Delivers Awesome Finish

On the whole, the item delivers some awesome finish that has a consistent texture and great look. Its ability to deliver this finish is mainly brought about by the high-pressure stature that also goes beyond to make the discharge smoother.

– Regulates the Pressure

With this appliance, it is also possible for you to regulate the pressure of the output appropriately. A pressure regulator exists as a vital aspect of the machine to make this possibility real.

Properly regulating the pressure gives rise to precise outcomes and a more consistent finish.

– Generates the Necessary Patterns

You may also be able to generate the necessary patterns if you opt to spray surfaces using this wonderful gadget.

Its nozzle is flexible and highly responsive enough to be able to allow this to happen.

Why Buy an Airless Sprayer for Painting Stain?

Several benefits accrue from the purchase and subsequent use of the best airless paint sprayer for stain. Here, we spell out some of these benefits and offer valid explanations against them:

the best airless paint sprayer for stain reviews

– Tackles Larger Spaces

Of all the sprayers we have around, it is this one that is great at tackling larger surfaces.

That is due to the possession of larger tanks that are able to stick a higher amount of paint at any given time. Your use of such a gadget hence grants you some overall convenience.

– Effortless

Unlike the standard sprayer, this one does not in any way require you to put in too much effort.

Instead, it derives its pumping power from a built-in motor that is in turn powered by batteries. You hence have the leeway to use it longer without having to worry about being fatigued.

– Delivers Precise Spraying Outcomes

Its nozzles are specially designed to allow you to channel the sprays precisely and as per your unique expectations. Because of this, the sprayer is good enough for crafting patterns and decorations on surfaces.

To make this possible, its nozzles are easily alterable and patterned.

– Takes Shorter

Compared to the close counterparts, the best airless paint sprayer for stain takes a shorter duration of time to deliver the painting tasks. That is mainly made possible by the powered motor that generates the pumping actions.

With it, you may in fact impact a larger area within a shorter duration of time.

– Delivers Higher Quality Outcomes

Its painting outcomes are generally consistent and smoother. After it has settled it also hardens to last longer than would normally take other paints.

The spraying outcomes also resist all forms of damages from the various elements of weather like wind and rain. These boil down to higher value for money.

– Manages Flexible Operations

For all practical purposes, the best airless paint sprayer for stain manages more flexible operations. It may work well indoors, outdoors and may also transport smoothly to the remote locales of use.

Thanks to this flexibility, you are sure to enjoy unparalleled operations all the while. That is not to mention being able to impact many areas too!

Reviews of the 5 Best Airless Stain Paint Sprayers

We start out by reviewing the leading items of these kinds as at the moment:

#1. Best of the Best – Wagner Airless Paint Sprayer with Power Tank for Stain

Do you want the highest value for your money? Pick this Wagner airless paint sprayer. It has a mix of features that are far superior to its leading competitors and counterparts.

Wagner airless stain sprayer with hand held paint gun

  • High-efficiency Airless Technology

Standing out among its major features is the high-efficiency airless technology. Thanks to this technology, the gadget reduces the risks of overspray by a whopping 55% while at the same time providing softer spray outcomes. Its sprays also exhibit some consistent finish, overall.

  • Control Pro 130 Power Tank

The paint and the sprays are contained in a Control Pro 130 Power Tank. Owing to the powerful nature of the tank, the sprayer delivers faster paint discharges that also tend to cover a wider area with absolute simplicity and reduced time wastage.

  • Continuous Painting

Your use of this sprayer is a sure way of accruing continuous painting outcomes. It does have a tank capacity of about 1.5 gallons. This volume is definitely large enough to be able to impact entire surfaces without the need for a refill in between the start and the finish.

Notable Features:

  • Pretty great for bigger projects
  • Reduces the incidences of overspray
  • Sprays a wide variety of materials and surfaces

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#2. Best for Un-thinned Paint – Titan Tool High-efficiency Airless Stain Sprayer for Softer Spray

Un-thinned paints are thicker and more viscous. Applying them on surfaces is never really easy hence.

You must just set your eyes on the Titan Tool high-efficiency airless sprayer to be able to do the job.

Titan Tool airless stain sprayer with less overspray

  • Higher Operating Pressure

It operates on a higher operating pressure of just about 1,500 pounds per square inch. With this pressure level, it is possible for you to spray up to 300 gallons per anum. The high pressure is largely made possible by the all-metal construction.

  • Variable Speed Pump

Unlike many other sprayers, this one gives you the leeway to vary the speed of the pumping appropriately.

Its pump is rated 0.6 Horsepower and is able to discharge the paint output up to 0.33 gallons per minute. The arrangement gives you maximum convenience while in use.

  • Long-lasting Pump

For all practical purposes, the gadget is long-lasting indeed. It is as a matter of fact capable of lasting three times longer than the many cheap alternatives that exist.

Its fluid section is re-buildable to let you extend the life of the pump if need be.

Notable Features:

  • Delivers consistent finish outcomes
  • Varies the speeds of spraying accordingly
  • Draws its spraying power from a powerful motor

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#3. Best Flexibility – Graco Magnum X7 Cart Spray Machine with Extra-long Paint Hose

Intending to target the hidden areas? You must of necessity use this Graco magnum x7 cart spray machine.

Its pretty long hose is sure to reach and access such areas that are ordinarily hidden from the view of the ordinary painter.

Graco magnum x7 airless stain sprayer for flexible movement

  • Fully-adjustable Pressure

One striking aspect of this sprayer is that it allows you to fully adjust its pressure output. That way, it grants you the ultimate control of the flow of paint regardless of the size of the project you might want to tackle.

  • Stainless Steel Piston Pump

Its pumping mechanism is made of stainless steel material. Being tough and agile, this arrangement grants you the capability of spewing un-thinned paint at extremely high pressure.

Also, it lasts comparatively longer than other cheaper alternatives.

  • Flexible Suction Tube

A flexible suction tube rounds up the leading parts and traits of the sprayer. It draws the paint from a bucket and channels the same to the nozzle for the eventual spraying.

Owing to its flexibility it is able to reach those areas that are harder to access ordinarily.

Notable Features:

  • Allows for faster and easier cleanup
  • Awesome for the multi-story homes
  • Manages continuous spraying actions

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#4. Best for Professional Paint – Himalaya Airless Paint Spray Gun with High Pressure

Do you have some professional goals in mind? You must only choose and use the Himalaya airless paint spray gun of this kind for your painting tasks. It is the one that is equipped for such kinds of applications.

Himalaya high pressure stain airless sprayer reviews

  • Professional Makeup

To enable it to fulfill this particular role, the item features a professional makeup. It is due to this that it is capable of discharging both the oil and the water-based paints to the interior and the exterior locations pretty smoothly.

  • 5/8HP (650W) Motor

A powerful motor that bears the 5/8HP (650W) rating occupies its core. This one has the ability to deliver a whopping 3,000 pounds per square inch of pressure.

It is the mix of these two traits that grant you the ability to cover whole areas conveniently.

  • 25-foot Hose

Rounding up the list of its most awesome features is the hose that measures 25 feet. It is this hose that relays the sprays from the tank or bucket to the nozzle.

Being long, it is similarly flexible and well able to get to those hidden areas easily.

Notable Features:

  • Covers larger areas with ease
  • Works well in both interior and exterior areas
  • Truly more efficient than your ordinary handheld sprayer

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#5. Best with Continuous Spraying – Graco Magnum X5 Stand Airless Sprayer for Indoor and Outdoor Stain

Could it be that you are mainly intent on managing continuous spraying? If you nodded to this question, you need the Graco magnum x5 gadget of this kind.

Graco magnum x5 stain sprayer with airless HEA technology

  • Seamless Controls

A set of seamless controls exists on this sprayer. Its role is basically to allow you to determine the pace at which you would want to discharge the paint output.

Thus, it grants you the utmost control of whichever project you might want to tackle.

  • High-pressure Output

Its output pressure is comparatively higher than that of the many alternatives that exist for your consideration today.

With this high pressure, it is possible for you to spray out the un-thinned paints at exceedingly high-pressure levels. Of course, this is awesome for professional tasks.

  • Direct Painting

As opposed to the many sprayers that be at the moment, this one does not require you to place an intermediary in between the hose and the nozzle.

That is due to its ability to draw the paints straight from the paint bucket. Expect to accrue minimal wastage hence.

Notable Features:

  • Great for all kinds of indoor projects
  • Tackles tasks at amazingly high speeds
  • Simple enough for the do-it-yourself applications

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What to Look for When Buying the Right Airess Stain Paint Spray Machine?

Searching for the best airless paint sprayer for stain? Consider the factors below to be able to make a suitable find:

#1. Pressure Rating

At the top of your concerns should be the pressure rating of the sprayer you have in mind.

This is designated in pounds per square inch (psi) and mainly determines the desired level of pressure that may impact the material or the surface you might have in mind.

Best with High Pressure – Himalaya 3000PSI Airless Sprayer for Professional Finish

Himalaya high pressure stain airless sprayer reviews

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#2. Size of the Surface

The size of the surface you want to paint should come in next. A great best airless paint sprayer for stain has to be able to cover the entire surface in the least number of passes possible.

That can only happen if you factor the size of the tank and the pace at which the item discharges the paint outputs.

#3. Hose Length

To channel the paints to the surfaces, the sprayers shall draw the paints from the tanks to the nozzle via a hose.

A great sprayer has to possess a truly long hose. This is to guarantee the flexibility you need as well as the ability to get to the squeezed spaces easily.

Best with 100 ft Hose – Graco Magnum x7 Wheeled Airless Sprayers

Graco magnum x7 airless stain sprayer for flexible movement

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#4. Texture and Viscosity of the Paint

Different painting tasks demand paints that have varying textures and viscosity. The un-thinned paint is the more viscous of the two.

You have to pick a truly high-pressure sprayer to be able to exude the same at the pressure level that is desirable. Any other alternative would however do for the thinned paint.

#5. Tank Capacity

It is the tanks that hold the paints in escrow while the same is being used to impact a surface.

The size of the tank has a direct bearing on the length of time you may use the sprayer as well as the size of the surface that the item might impact.

Best with 1.5 Gallon Stationary Tank – Wagner Airless Stain Sprayer for Fast Coverage

Wagner airless stain sprayer with hand held paint gun

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#6. Motor Rating

As noted repeatedly, the best airless paint sprayer for stain do draw their power from the built-in motor. It hence goes that the rating of the motor also should be a serious consideration.

Pick a sprayer whose motor rating is higher and able to hence to discharge the paint outputs at a pace that is comfortable and relevant to your cause.

#7. Operational Costs

Needless to say, you have to spend some money to purchase these items as well as operationalizing the same. Finding a great sprayer need not necessarily be a life and death affair.

It is indeed possible for you to find one at a cost that is somewhat affordable. Carry out thorough due diligence to be able to find the most affordable one.

#8. Maintenance and Repairs

From time to time, these items will sustain some damages and hence require some repairs. Though this is somewhat inevitable, it also need not necessarily to be a life and death affair.

That can only happen if the sprayer you have in mind is strong and durable. Of necessity, it has to bear the stainless steel material makeup.

Best Durable – Graco Magnum x5 Sprayer with Stainless Steel Piston Pump

Graco magnum x5 stain sprayer with airless HEA technology

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#9. Desired Frequency and Longevity of Use

  • How often do you plan to make use of these best airless paint sprayer for stain?
  • Are you a professional sprayer who is to use them repeatedly or merely a do-it-yourselfer who plans to use them once in a while?

Choose a brand new and durable version for your professional use. Any cheap alternative would do for a do-it-yourself application.


We bring an end to our look into the best airless paint sprayer for stain there. As you may see, these are pretty significant pieces of equipment that should never be treated lightly.

Instead, you have to see to it that you take your time and really narrow to the most suitable one from the list.