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Best Paint Sprayers for Decks – Top 8 on Amazon for DIY Deck Stain

Wanting to spray your decks? You have to acquire and make do with the most suitable paint sprayer. Many of these appliances do exist at the moment. Identifying and narrowing to the ideal one is hence never really that easy. Our Best Paint Sprayer for Decks Review & Guide below exists to shed more light on them.

Top 8 Best Paint Sprayer for Decks in 2021

Reviews of the 8 Best Deck Sprayers

#1. Wagner Paint Sprayer for Decks & Other Woodworking

Is your deck purely made of wood? This Wagner paint sprayer will help you out. It is wholly structured and meant for the wooden structures. This has also been evidenced by the many positive reviews that past users have returned after using it.

Wagner paint sprayer for decks with complete adjustability



  • Two-stage Air Turbine

It does employ a two-stage air turbine to channel the sprays to the decks. Thanks to this feature, the sprayer delivers more thorough outcomes than the ordinary gadget. Moreover, it is also useful for both indoor and outdoor applications with absolute ease. This is besides producing an extremely fine finish.

  • Three Spray Patterns

The gadget is able to deliver sprays in three main patterns. These are vertical, horizontal, and round. On the strength of this feature, the sprayer is able to conform its sprays to the precise shapes and directions of the object of your intent. It also gives you the freedom to generate patterns and aesthetics.

  • Perfect Flows

With the various parts and components firmly in place, the gadget does deliver perfect flows every time. The sum total of these parts allows you to adjust the flow by volume, style or pattern. That way, they keep you in firm control of the spraying process for the best ever outcomes.

Notable Features:

  • Great for any project
  • Usable on a variety of materials
  • Able to discharge many kinds of hues
  • May be used with thinned latex paints
  • Generates variable styles, decorations, and patterns

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#2. Graco Magnum x7 Airless Paint Sprayer for Deck Stain

Could it be that all you want to spray is some stain? Well, this Graco Magnum x7 airless paint sprayer will definitely come to your rescue. It is structured and engineered wholly for the attainment of that very end. In fact, fewer if any come even close to it.

Graco x7 cart airless paint sprayer for decks



  • Fully-adjustable Pressure

It gives you the leeway to adjust the pressure wholly. This allows you to control and regulate the discharge of the paint from the sprayer. Then again it puts you in charge of the spraying tasks as it handles and conforms to just about any other size of the project.

  • Stainless Steel Piston Pump

Its pumping mechanism comes in the form of a stainless piston pump. This one, being strong, gives you the leeway to spray out the unthinned paints also at extremely high pressure. It hence negates the need to take too long and expend too much energy to have your way.

  • Flexible Suction Tube

Lastly comes the flexible suction tube that basically sprays directly from a bucket. Its capacity to paint discharge varies from 1 through to 5 gallons. Being flexible, it gives you the leeway to determine the parameters of your paint discharge at any given time. Moreover, it also cuts down on time use.

Notable Features:

  • Reaches the 3rd story floor levels
  • Operates within the safe voltage of 110V
  • Provides for faster and easier cleanups later
  • Sprays more projects during each typical year
  • Allows for continuous and uninterrupted sprays

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#3. Graco Magnum x5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer for Decks and Fences

Could it be that you have many other tasks and projects to care for besides the decks? This Graco Magnum x5 airless paint sprayer will get you there. As its designation implies, it is capable of impacting fences and a host of several other locations.

Graco x5 deck paint sprayer with easy and fast spray and clean



  • Ultimate Paint Controls

With this gadget, it is possible for you to manage the ultimate paint controls. This stems mainly from the fully-adjustable pressure output of the gadget. In light of this, you will be able to enjoy the rare privilege of being able to impact projects of just about any other size.

  • Sprays Unthinned Paints

The appliance is also capable of spraying out the unthinned paints as well. Simply put, you do not necessarily have to thin your paints first and foremost before proceeding to apply it. Thus, it cuts down the time you would ordinarily have to expend to have your way.

  • Direct Spraying

You will also enjoy the benefit of being able to spray directly from the bucket. A flexible suction tube comes along to help with this. It, unlike your ordinary suction channels, is able to draw paint without the support or intervention of any third-party accessory. Yet again, it saves your time and effort.

Notable Features:

  • Supports 75 feet of paint per unit time
  • Fits indoor and outdoor projects with ease
  • Ca channel out 125 gallons of paint annually
  • Its tip unclogs itself to save your time and effort
  • Reaches higher areas of a typical building with ease

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#4. Graco Sprayer Kit for Staining a Deck with Pump Armor

If all you want is to stain a deck using a pump armor, this Graco sprayer kit could be a good one to place your bet on. It indeed has every trapping you may be looking for. Moreover, it has been vouched for success and reliable operations.

Graco sprayer set for painting decks



  • Reversible Spray Tip

A reversible spray tip stands out among all the elegant features it has to offer. The tip is ‘reversible’ in the sense that it can channel the paint output in either direction. Further to that, the tip also unclogs the system to guarantee the smooth flow of the paint output.

  • Higher-than-average Pressure

Compared to the many of its peers, this gadget discharges the paint out in a higher-than-average pressure level. This even allows it to spray out unthinned paints without requiring that you first and foremost thin it out. The pleasure of maximum benefits is hence yours to leverage.

  • VacuValve Technology

VacuValve Technology also exists as a vital part and parcel of this machine. The technology basically operates by generating an airtight system that enables you to discharge the output in whichever direction you may be desirous of. This way, you get to obtain unparalleled outcomes.

Notable Features:

  • Stores and tucks away easily
  • Has a pretty high carrying capacity
  • Comes about as a comprehensive gadget
  • Withstands freezes and harsh colds to -30° F
  • Strong enough to manage repeated applications

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#5. Fuji 2903-T70 HVLP Sprayer for Deck Stain

Fuji is a brand that is renowned for its reputation and quality products. It is only fair that you similarly lay your hand on one of its products. We recommend this Fuji 2903-T70 HVLP sprayer as it stands out as a reliable alternative.

Fuji HVLP paint sprayer for decks



  • Side-pattern Control Knob

At its side is a control knob that helps with the controls and regulations of the shapes of the patterns. With this knob, it is possible for you to adjust the size of the patterns from small through to the large and indeed, more besides. It keeps you ahead of the game.

  • Non-bleed Lightweight Spray Gun

On the whole, the structure is lighter in weight and hence convenient to carry around with absolute ease. It is hence unlikely to tire you as is the case with your ordinary sprayers. The lightweight combines with the ergonomic stay-cool handle that expedites the handling and operations of the gadget too!

  • PLATINUM Turbine

The core of its motor is available in the form of a Platinum turbine. It is this one that generates the spraying motor. Being tough and powerful, the turbine is able even to discharge the unthinned paints without having you dilute it first and foremost. A heat dissipation box seals all of its tiny features.

Notable Features:

  • Manages quieter operations
  • Delivers higher levels of pressure
  • Cuts down on the noise output and pollution
  • Portable enough to transport with absolute ease
  • Its powerful motor operates in three main stages

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#6. Fuji Professional Spray Gun for Deck Stain

Have a larger area to impact at a time? You need an automated and highly powered spray gun to use. This Fuji Professional Spray Gun embodies those two traits. It is hence better placed to save your time and effort. Do get hold of it to enjoy the selfsame benefits.

Fuji HVLP deck paint sprayer with lightweight gun



  • Patented Noise Reduction

A patented noise reduction feature stands out and sets this equipment apart from its peers. This one, as you may have guessed, plays the role of reducing the levels of noise by a whopping 50%! Thus, it is a good one to look up to for those applications that transpire in areas that are sensitive to noise.

  • Cooler-temperature Operations

Other than low noise, this gadget also allows for cooler-temperature operations. It does contain the HDC that expels the extra heat from the turbines in the course of an operation. With reduced heat production also comes the rare benefit of the prolonged lifespan of the gadget altogether.

  • Fuji T-75G Non-bleed Spray Gun

Unlike the guns of the ordinary sprayers, this one does not bleed. As such, it is pretty effective and less inclined to the risks of spillages of the paints as is the norm. With this armory at your fingertips, you may count on it not to dirty your workplace as you move along.

Notable Features:

  • Silent enough to use in libraries
  • Gives off professional finish outcomes
  • Handles and discharges all known coatings
  • Suffers limited buildup of paint at the tip of the nozzle
  • Its turbine is powerful enough for more lasting outcomes

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#7. Fuji Deck Sprayers with Adjustable Pattern Fan Control

Planning to generate many patterns and shades? You have this specific Fuji deck sprayers to do just that. It is so designed to be able to achieve that very end owing to its elegant parts and structure mix. Moreover, it is light enough to hover around as need be.

Fuji paint sprayer for decks with 1.3mm air cap set



  • Multiple Air Cap Sizes

To achieve the end we have highlighted above, the equipment makes use of some multiple air capsizes. These impact various kinds of materials of varying levels of viscosity on your parts and surfaces. Also of note is that the paints require limited dilution and hence takes shorter to apply.

  • Stainless Steel Fluid Passages

Some stainless steel fluid passages channel the outflow of paint from the bucket to the target areas. The use of stainless steel negates the emergence of the wear on the tips of the needles. This makes the same suitable for the solvent-based and waterborne coatings alike.

  • Dedicated Fan Pattern Controls

A set of dedicated fan controls also exists as a vital component of this sprayer. It mainly contributes to the delivery of precise amounts of spray paints. This, in turn, reduces the incidences of wastes that are generally bound to arise in the course of a typical painting exercise.

Notable Features:

  • Ejects the flow of air smoothly
  • Light enough to carry around easily
  • Adjusts and regulates the flow of paint accordingly
  • Does not bleed and spill over the contents anyhow
  • Reduces overspray and the possibility of bounce backs

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#8. Earlex HV5500 Deck Sprayer for Oil-based & Water-based Materials

For your own convenience, you want an all-rounded sprayer. This is simply a sprayer that can discharge the oil and water-based paints in equal measure. Set your eyes on no other than this Earlex HV5500 deck sprayer. It is the one that is wholly equipped for the job.

Earlex HVLP sprayer for perfect deck finish



  • Semi-pro Paint Sprayer

This item is for those with an intermediate level of skill and expertise. This is largely made possible by the semi-pro setting and structural makeup. You will subsequently find it awesome if you are an automotive enthusiast, light contractor, or a serious woodworker. The same goes for workshops and on-site jobs.

  • Professional Metal Spray Gun

A professional metal spray gun that draws its power from a 650-watt turbine ranks second among its most honorable goodies. Its role is mainly to deliver superior finish atop and around surfaces. It is agile enough to impact all kinds of structures like cabinets, doors, and decks, to name but a few!

  • Adjustable Settings

All its settings adjust to allow for specific and on-point impacts. These settings are fast push-and-click spray patterns and the flow control dials respectively. By adjusting them, it is possible for you to channel the flows horizontally, vertically, or round and about. They give you some leeway of use and operations.

Notable Features:

  • Powerful enough due to the 650W turbine
  • Good enough for small and medium-sized projects
  • Easier to move around as the need may so determine
  • Capable of delivering the paint output in three patterns
  • A convenient carry handle expedites transportation and deployment

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Guide to Pick up the Best Paint Sprayer for Decks

Spraying decks effectively requires that you first and foremost pick the most suitable paint sprayer. This is a feat you can only manage if you consider and adhere diligently to the factors that inform the best decisions.

How else can you do so save receiving expert advice to the very end? This expert advice forms the basis of our discussions here below. We are going to examine the factors that inform the most suitable paint deck to use.

#1. Maneuverability

This refers to the ease, or lack of it, with which the sprayers may be moved out and about the desired area. Generally speaking, the lighter and smaller sprayers are more maneuverable than the bulkier versions. They may not hold a sufficient amount of paints though.

Their weightier and bulkier counterparts may not maneuver well but will hold sufficient amounts of paints for long term use. Your search should subsequently take great care of these vital parameters.

#2. Types

Paint sprayers come in three main kinds. These are the high volume low pressure, compressed air and the airless respectively.

  • The high volume low pressure is the simplest to engage and the cheapest to come by. Nonetheless, it also fits do-it-yourself applications.
  • The airless sprayers, on the other hand, are the most sophisticated yet perform exceptionally well in handling professional applications. You should hence ascertain your own needs and expertise before setting out.

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Fuji HVLP paint sprayer for decks



#3. Power

To eject and spread the paints atop any given surface, these sprayers rely heavily on a power source. At the same time, they also emit sprays of varying power outputs. You should also factor these metrics as you find your own suitable sprayer.

A good sprayer on the basis of this consideration has to be able to generate enough power for the task at hand. At the same time, its power consumption has to be moderate to prevent too many expenses on your part.

#4. Pressure

The pressure is the amount of force that the sprays deliver when engaged. It is the pressure that determines the pace at which the paint shall take to dry. The pressure also determines the length of time that the paint shall stick on a surface after being applied.

A good sprayer has to be able to generate enough pressure for the job at hand. That will require that you ascertain the right pressure need for each painting task. Expert advice may come in handy at such a time.

#5. Size

Needless to say, these sprayers come in varied sizes and carrying capacities. This variation in sizes determines the amount of time that the sprayer may take to impact a surface as well as the total length of time it may be relied on.

It hence goes that you should factor the scope or area of the surface you want to impact. Then again, you should also determine your own muscle power before setting out for a purchase. Larger sprayers tend to demand excess muscle power from you.

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Wagner paint sprayer for decks with complete adjustability



#6. Accessories

Lastly, it is a good thing for a sprayer to be to accommodate many accessories, extras, attachments, and upgrades. On account of this, the sprayer we have in mind ought to be able to accept those other items we have talked about.

It is only thanks to this arrangement that the sprayer may perform well in the long run and stay in vogue at the same time. You do not want to purchase a new sprayer every quite often, do you?

How to Paint a Deck?

Decks, like any other structural component, has to be painted every now and then to retain its stature and elegance. This activity is largely a do-it-yourself undertaking as it is not really too complicated to undertake.

Nonetheless, you still have to know about the process to be assured of the best ever outcomes. Our goal in the proceeding conversations endeavors to do just that. Read through to get to know how to paint your deck better.

  • Tools and Materials Required

Deck paint, Roller, Gloves, Aprons, Overall, Gas mask

  • Step-by-step Procedures

Step I: Dip the roller in the paint

Dip the roller in the paint. While at it, ensure that all the bristles are covered in the paint. Leave the paint for some time to have each strand of the paint fully soaked. It is also strongly recommended that you swirl the roller to mix the paint wholly and completely.

Step II: Apply the paint onto the surface

Get the roller out of the paint and shake gently to eliminate all drips. Then, proceed to roll it gently on the surface of the deck. As you roll it, ensure that you press it firmly to be able to squeeze in the paint firmly onto the surface.

Needless to say, you have to start high up and then proceed to the flow, if painting vertically. In case you are painting horizontally, start from a far off and then get nearer to you. These two approaches ensure that you do not soil the surfaces unnecessarily.

Step III: Maintain some consistency

It is important to maintain some consistency as you go about the business of applying the paint. As a general rule, you should maintain about 1-yard square per dip. This will definitely require some focus and attention on your part. You have to take great care that you do not apply excessively higher amounts of paint.

Step IV: Take care of the grooves

Chances are that the deck itself contains some cracks, grooves, and inconsistent surface levels. It is important also to be sure to seal these loopholes. Caring for these grooves might require that you re-dip the brush into the paint and then re-work the affected areas. Yet again, you should put in place appropriate measures to maintain the same consistency we talked of above.

Step V: Repeat the above steps severally

For best outcomes, you may often have to repeat the procedures we have stated above a couple of times. 2 to 3 more times would be appropriate. As always, you have to maintain consistency and use the same colors throughout. That way, you may be assured of the excellent outcomes you desperately yearn for.

PS: We reiterate a second time that painting the deck is not so daunting a task. Nonetheless, it requires a great deal of attentiveness-to-details. For best outcomes, we ask that you read through the explanations we have provided above keenly and adhere to them to the latter. You just will never go wrong!


Q1. When to Stain a New Deck?

There is no fixed time to stain a new deck. The general rule of thumb is to wait until the wood is completely dry to do so. This should be around three to twelve months after harvesting. This is to allow the wood to be dry enough to be able to accept the paint.

Q2. What to Use to Stain a Deck?

You have three main options for your leverage. These are:

  • Roller. This entails using a rolling implement to apply the paint. The beauty of this approach is that it greatly cuts down the time that the paint takes to sink in the deck.
  • Brush. Brushes are by far the most common and widely used tools for the job. They are preferred mainly because they are cheaper and simpler to use. Moreover, they also access squeezed spots with absolute ease.
  • Sprayer. The sprayers are the ones that generate styles and patterns. They also have a distinctive capability of reaching areas that are far removed from the view and largely inaccessible.

Q3. Is Oil or Water Based Deck Stain Better?

Oil-based stain it is! These stains permeate the interiors of the decks much deeper than the water-based paints. They also last longer, withstand moisture damages, and also give off that elegant looks in ways that the water-based paints cannot. They nonetheless cost a lot more to come by.

Q4. Should You Stain the Underside of a Deck?

NOT really! Many undersides these days bear the pressure treatment. As such, they are reliable enough to withstand all forms of damages that ordinarily arising when in the course of use. This negates the whole purpose of using the stains to adorn them.

Q5. Can I Use a Roller to Stain My Deck?

YES, you can! As a matter of fact, you are highly advised to use the rollers as they cut down the time taken to achieve the desired ends. This is not to mention also that they allow for more uniform staining outcomes that other applications methods cannot manage.

Q6. How Many Coats of Deck Stain Should I Use?

Generally speaking, you are supposed to apply only the amount of stain that the wood in question can absorb. Many kinds of wood have the ability to absorb two layers of coating; nothing more. Be sure to check the number of layers that your wood can absorb before setting out.

Q7. Do I have to Sand My Deck before Painting?

YES, you have! It is impossible to improve the smoothness of the wood after applying the paint. That is a role you can only achieve before doing so. Also, by sanding your surface, you make the application and the absorption of the paint easier overall.

Q8. How Often Should I Restain a Deck?

Many experts recommend that you do so every 2 or 3 years. This is to see to it that the structure retains a distinctively elegant look. It also ensures that the wood itself is spared of any dirt or other issues that may eat it and render it of no consequence a bit too soon.

Q9. What Is the Best Way to Spray on Deck Sealer?

Follow the procedures below to achieve this end:

  • Hold the sprayer at an angle to let it impact the surfaces appropriately.
  • Start out with the deck support and the railings
  • Finish off with the main deck
  • Arm yourself with the brush just in case the need arises
  • Maintain a keen eye on the progress of the staining

Q10. Is It Better to Paint or Stain a Deck?

Staining is the better as its effects are more far-reaching than that of painting. The technique of staining lets the paints sink into the inner layers of the wood more thoroughly than they would ordinarily. This way, the effects last longer and are more thorough overall.


Our page comes to an end there. We now believe you are aptly equipped not only to make the most suitable choice but also appreciate these sprayers better. As a bonus, we suggest that you prioritize the appliances we have reviewed above as they are more likely to yield better outcomes.