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Best Interior Paint Sprayers for Indoor Home Painting in 2021

Finding the best interior paint sprayers is an uphill task for many homeowners willing to buy. The best interior machine enables the user to paint their interior surfaces quickly, and the results are incredible and professional.

This guide will answer some of the frequently asked questions and review the 5 best paint sprayers for the interior painting.

Top 5 best interior paint sprayers

Is it better to roll or spray interior paint?

These days, many painting lovers find themselves combining roller painting and spray painting. The decision that guides selecting the preferred tool depends on the type of surface you are painting.

To understand the best mechanism between a roller and sprayer, we will conduct some comparisons to guide your choices.

A quick comparison between a roller and sprayer when it comes to painting your home interior.

– Preparation time

A sprayer painter consumes more time to prepare because you need to add paint in the reservoir, set up your spray equipment, and ensure that all the hoses and cords are connected and working correctly.

On the other hand, a roller requires less and shorter preparation time.

– Application time

Spray painting uses less time and is faster than a roller. Using spray paint compensates back all the lost time during preparation.

On the other hand, the precious time a roller saves during the preparation process applies during application. Rolling is physically demanding and takes more time to complete your interior wall.

– Painting accuracy

Spray painting your interior surfaces like walls and ceilings require a lot of masking to avoid the paint droplet.

A sprayer can also reach out more quickly on cornices, pop ceiling, crown molding, hard to reach surfaces on furniture, and brick walls.

Spray painting helps in aerating your paint; as a result, it gives you a smooth finish. For clean surfaces, one coat of paint during spraying painting is enough.

On the other hand, rollers are not good when it comes to painting corners and places. Rollers require a second coat or even the third coat for effectiveness.

Rollers also use less paint; several studies have shown a spray painting tool will use 33% more color than a roller.

– Spread paint evenly

Both rolling and spraying do a brilliant job when it comes to evenly spreading your paint.

– Clean up

Cleaning a sprayer is faster because all you need is to connect the hose to a water pipe. The reservoir bottle is also easy to clean. But clean a roller is time consuming and involving.

Are paint sprayers suitable for indoor use?

best interior paint sprayer reviews

Paint sprayers are ideal tools that can paint all your indoor surfaces irrespective of the size with excellence.

The following are some benefits associated with the use of paint sprayer in your indoor surfaces.

#1. Accessibility and speed

When comparing a sprayer and other painting tools like rollers and brushes, a sprayer completes painting quickly, and during the process, it emits tiny particles.

With a sprayer’s help, it guarantees a more extended spread on every corner and nook.

#2. Even coating

Painting the interior of your homes or offices with rollers and brushes does not guarantee a smooth finish.

When you use a sprayer to paint, it releases fine paint particles that form a mist. When this fine paint particle touches your surfaces, it covers and fills your paint evenly.

As a result, this method is ideal and attractive to many painting professionals when working on their stairs, furniture, windows frames, wall, and ceiling.

#3. Variety

The best paint sprayers come with various sizes that make them ideal for professional and home painters. There are two types of sprayers in the market that are air and airless models.

– Airless sprayers typically use pressure to push the paint, while air sprayers have an inbuilt compression mechanism that helps them eject the stain.

– Air paint sprayers are the best though cost more than airless types.

Reviews of the 5 best paint sprayer for home interior

1. Best for interior walls – Wagner 0529050 Pro HVLP stationary sprayer with two nozzles for latex

The 05299050 pro HVLP paint sprayer by Wagner is the best interior paint sprayers for your walls. This versatile paint sprayer can spray various chalk, latex, decorative paints, milk, and other coating types.

painting interior with Wagner hvlp sprayer review

  • Ideal for professional

The HVLP sprayer model is an excellent paint sprayer for workshops and other indoor projects. An air hose that is 11.5 ft can provide excellent maneuverability, enabling you to paint even the tightest corner with ease.

  • Two nozzles

With its advanced spray nozzle, the sprayer can spray with excellent undiluted paint and, with the help of a control finish nozzle, complete it to a smooth finish. As a result, this feature makes it ideal for broad walls and surfaces.

  • Easy to transport

With the help of a self-contained case, storing and transporting this machine after work becomes easy

  • Variety of material

These sprayers can use various decorative paints, such as milk, latex paints, lacquers, and sealers.

Notable Features:

  • It easy to clean and store
  • Easy to operate and assemble
  • The sprayer gun use a robust plastic material
  • The sprayer has an ergonomically designed handle

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2. Best for interior doors – Graco Magnum 157025 airless paint sprayer with fully adjustable pressure

Graco Magnum 157025 is the best interior paint sprayer for interior doors. It can quickly handle both interior and exterior projects; it can also use one to five-gallon containers.

Graco best paint sprayer for interior doors

  • Specification

The product weighs 10 lbs and a dimension of (12 by 13.5 by 13.5) inches. With a limited warranty of one year, the buyer can use the product for one year without worrying.

  • Lightweight design

These airless paint sprayers come with a standard weight of 10 lbs, making it easy to handle while you are working.

  • Stainless steel piston

Graco produces quality sprayers that use a stainless steel piston pump. As a result, the user gets a quality product that has a long life.

  • Adjustable pressure

Unlike other sprayers from Graco, this airless paint sprayer comes with an adjustable knob. This knob helps the user to regulate and control the pressure to the desired level.

  • SG2 gun

This sprayer comes with a metallic SG2 gun that has an inbuilt filter that protects your paint from clogging

  • Power flush adapter

Graco sprayers use a staple that allows the user to hook the sprayer to a garden hose. This feature enables you to clean the sprayer easily by running the water through it.

Notable Features:

  • Has large hose
  • 50 gallons per year
  • Comes with a fully adjustable pressure

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3. Best for interior trim – HomeRight handheld HVLP paint spray gun with adjustable settings

Homeowners looking for the best interior paint sprayer for performing interior decoration, then the HomeRight handheld HVLP sprayer would be their best choice. This product comes with an electric paint sprayer that gives a smooth finish.

cheap HomeRight interior paint gun

  • Adjustable feature

The HomeRight c800766 sprayer comes with an adjustable nozzle that enables you to adjust the air cap either vertical, horizontal, and round to spray in the desired direction. It also has a control knob that allows you to increase or reduce the pressure.

  • Painting acceptance

This paint sprayer model accepts a wide range of paints that range from exotic colors to acrylic paints. To avoid the nozzle from clogging, ensure that you thin the paints properly.

  • Even coating

The product gives you an even coat when you’re working on your project. With only one layer of paint, the result is appealing.

  • Easy to clean

This paint sprayer is easy to clean with clean water or with alcohol for oil-based paints.

  • Tip technology

The home right c800766 model uses a 2mm brass spray tip and nozzle that gives it a higher niche than other plastic models. With technology, this sprayer can work consistently and produce a very high spray pattern.

Notable Features:

  • Manageable weight
  • Has an adjustable spray control
  • Because of a simple design, the sprayer is easy to clean

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4. Best for interior and exterior – Paint Zoom cheap electric HVLP paint sprayer for home use

This electric paint sprayer is one of the best for interior and exterior use. It features a potent motor enabling the sprayer to dispense an even coating. Zoom sprayer is compact and lightweight, making the machine maneuverable.

Paint Zoom paint gun for interior and exterior

  • Portability

A zoom paint sprayer is lightweight, weighing only 5 pounds. This feature makes the tool comfortable to your hand and easy to transport from place to place.

  • Powerful

The spray gun operates at 625 watts, making it powerful enough for interior and exterior home painting projects.

  • Unique sprayer nozzle

This paint sprayer has a uniquely designed nozzle. It has a 3- way spray nozzle head enabling you to have full control.

The three settings are; vertical, horizontal, and pot jet for corners. The nozzle also has an adjustable knob that allows you to adjust depending on your painting project.

  • Long and flexible hose

This paint sprayer features an extra flexible hose that enables comprehensive coverage even when painting higher surfaces.

Notable Features:

  • Versatile
  • Unique sprayer nozzle
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior

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5. Best for house interior – Wagner 0580678 airless paint sprayer with less overspray

Are you looking for a paint sprayer best for house interior? Wagner control pro 130 is the ideal choice.

This airless paint sprayer features HEA technology that reduces the chances of overspray with over 55 percent.

It also has a tank with ample space of 1.5 gallons. You can conveniently complete a mid-size project without refilling the sprayer.

wagner airless interior paint sprayer for house paint

  • Versatility

Wagner 0580678 is a versatile tool suitable for both interior and exterior projects. Also, it can dispense a wide range of un-thinned stains and paints.

  • Long hose

This sprayer features a 25ft hose that allows you to paint even higher walls efficiently.

  • Spacious tank

Wagner pro 130 has an ample tank space of 1.5 gallons. This feature allows continuous painting without the need for frequent refilling. You can also utilize the tank space as a storage compartment of spray guns, tips, and other equipment.

  • Quick

This airless sprayer is highly efficient with the ability to spray 0.24gallon per minute. Therefore, with this sprayer, you can complete your project with less time.

Notable Features:

  • Long hose
  • No need of using a thinner
  • The spacious tank that can serve as a storage compartment
  • HEA and soft pattern technology reduce the chances of overspray

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What should you look out for when purchasing the right interior paint sprayer?

If you have decided to buy an interior paint sprayer, you will have to consider several factors. There are various paint sprayers in the market to choose from, and for you to get the right one, you have to narrow down your choices.

Below are some of the factors to look for when buying the right interior sprayer.

#1. The type

The first consideration you need to look out for is the type of paint sprayer. With various interior paint sprayers available in the market, it is crucial to choose your projects most suitable project.

Generally, there are two typical paint sprayer types: HVLP and airless paint sprayers.

An airless sprayer dispenses its mixture through the noodle at high pressure. With this sprayer, you get the job done faster.

On the other hand, HVLP paint sprayers atomize under low pressure. This type is slower, but you achieve a subtle finish with less overspray.

If you need an efficient sprayer for large projects, consider the airless paint sprayer, but if you need a precise tool, select HVLP paint sprayer.

Best for small projects – HomeRight cheap handheld paint spray gun

cheap HomeRight interior paint gun

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#2. Flow rate

Flow rate determines the rate at which the paint sprayer can be able to dispense paint. How quick you want your interior painting to go will determine the flow rate of the sprayer you will select.

A paint sprayer with a high flow rate minimizes the time taken to complete a project. However, working with a high flow rate sprayer requires someone with skills to control but not a beginner as it is harder to master.

Therefore, you should select an interior paint sprayer with an ideal flow rate that will ensure you complete your task as you plan, and with a flow, you can handle.

#3. Strength

It is crucial to buy a solidly made tool that can withstand rough handling.

Since a paint sprayer is not something you will need to buy on every project, consider the one that is durable and compatible with different types of painting jobs.

With such a sprayer, you can use it for multiple projects.

Best for interior and exterior – Paint Zoom electric handheld HVLP sprayer for even finish

Paint Zoom paint gun for interior and exterior

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#4. Material

It is essential to look out for the paint products that you can use with the interior paint sprayer before settling for one. The product manual of the sprayers indicates the list of materials the machine can dispense.

Even if the sprayer meets your current needs, it is crucial to factor the future needs. Consider a sprayer that can handle a wide variety of the available paint varieties.

#5. Physical dimensions

The interior paint sprayers’ size and weight are essential parameters when selecting the ideal sprayer to buy.

Since you will need to carry the paint sprayer and work with it in different places, avoid too heavy machines.

Choose a paint sprayer with a compact size and a portable one.

#6. Adjustments

It is advisable to purchase a spray with adjustable pressure, flow rate, and spray patterns.

Pressure control allows you to adjust depending on the quantity of paint you want to be ejected by the sprayer for either thin or thick coating.

A sprayer with adjustable features enables you to achieve your desired results effortlessly.

Best with full adjustment – Graco Magnum airless paint sprayer for house interior

Graco best paint sprayer for interior doors

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#7. Hose length

Another feature you have to look out for when selecting the ideal interior paint sprayer is the hose length.

Consider a sprayer that supports a long hose as it will allow you to cover a broad surface of interior walls with minimal time.

Best with the longest hose – Graco x7 Magnum airless paint sprayer with 100ft hose

#8. Easy to clean and maintain

Flushing out a paint sprayer after use can turn out to be a hassle and time-consuming.

It is advisable to look for models attachable to a garden hose for fast and easy cleanup.

Airless sprayer vs HVLP for painting interior

To better understand the best type of painting machine for our homes’ interior places, between HVLP and airless sprayers.

We will discuss the insights related to both HVLP and airless sprayer paint.

#1. HVLP sprayers

The HVLP spray has a design that enabled it to evenly spray your project without over-spraying your work with excessive droplets that cause uneven coating.

– Quality of finish

A quality HVLP paint sprayer in the hands of an expert painter produces highly-rated work.

With the help of a sprayer gun, it creates a quality finish to your interior painting projects by ensuring overspray droplets are minimal.

Using this product, you do not have to buff the final coat to make it clear.

– Saving

Using an HVLP spray gun, a professional painter can cut your paint’s cost to 30%. As a result, of controlled overspray and modernized technology, this sprayer works with maximum efficiency.

– Speed

When it comes to speed, this sprayer is relatively quicker than most other brands of the sprayer. The transfer efficiency in its gun enhances the speed rate.

As a result, a large amount of paint is always delivered to the surface when the sprayer works.

– Cost

A good HVLP gun is not expensive, and it sells within the average price range between $50 to $200.

– Safety

Although using a face mask is vital to a professional painter, transfer efficiency on the HVLP spray gun is higher than in other sprayers. As a result, the painter is safe from excess overspray.

Hot Pick – Wagner HVLP paint spray machine for woodworking

#2. Airless sprayers

The airless sprayer uses a high-pressure liquid that normally pumps to overcome fluid viscosity, to form an excellent fine spray. Also, the size of the tip and the released pressure determines the flow of the paint

An airless sprayer is economical, and it is user friendly. Many professional painters love using this paint sprayer because of the following benefits.

– Quality

Airless sprayers are excellent in producing a quality coat that is evenly spread over the surface, giving your work a quality finish.

– Speed

This product is up to four times quicker than using conventional painting methods. As a result, you can complete larger projects within a short period.

Painting big walls and surfaces with speed is the ideal application of an airless sprayer.

– Flexibility

This versatile paint sprayer is suitable for a wide range of coating that includes exterior and interior surfaces.

It is also not heavy; thus, transporting it from one location to another is easy.

How to paint interior walls?

You can use rollers or sprayers to paint your interior walls. However, for fine finishing and efficiency, consider using an interior paint sprayer. The following is a step by step guide on how to paint interior walls.

best airless paint sprayer for interior walls

#1. Preparation

When using a paint sprayer, your preparation process of the room is crucial before painting the wall.

First, move the furniture out of place to create space for your tools and equipment.

Then cover areas you don’t want to paint using masking tape and protective paper, including windows, doors, and trim.

Also, remove all the lighting fixtures from the outlet and switches.

#2. Painting

After preparing the room, it’s time to paint your walls. If you are using multiple colors, mix them thoroughly for consistent coloring. Start painting your wall up to downward.

If you are using a sprayer, use overlapping stroke-making repeated spray down your walls. You should handle one wall at a time.

Apply paint until you get a subtle finish on all intended walls.

#3. Clean up

After you finish painting all the interior walls, you ought to allow significant time before removing masking tape so as the paint to dry.

Remove all the coverings after the color is dry and fix the lighting fixtures you removed.

Also, move the furniture and other items you rearranged back into place.


Paint sprayers have become a must-have tool for professional painters and beginners because they are quick and give an impressive finish.

The above is a guide on the best interior paint sprayers. Since there are many sprayers in the market, you should consider several factors in choosing the best.

Also, you can select the one that most suits you among the reviewed interior paint sprayers.