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Best Battery Powered Sprayers for Your Projects in 2021

There is nothing as good as having the best paint sprayer that does not make you go through hustle. This means you will work with it without worrying about anything; first, what is a battery paint sprayer? This is a cordless gun spray that functions without electricity. Furthermore, this battery paint spray has an operating battery system that is rechargeable.

Therefore, in case you are worried about finding the best battery paint sprayer, you do not need to worry anymore. This article will break down some of the best battery paint sprayers you should opt for.

The 5 Best Battery Paint Sprayer

Reviews of the 5 Best Battery Paint Sprayers

#1. Best Sale – Graco Ultra 17M363 Battery Paint Sprayer

Graco battery powered paint sprayer

Graco Ultra 17M363 sprayer is one of the best and recommended products in the industry. It has positive feedback from the customers; with it, you will be able to get a remarkable performance you have ever experience.  It comes with jet spray settings such as pencil, horizontal and vertical. Moreover, it contains a comfortable grip, a solvent paint based, or water spray.

The Ion Lithium XR DEWALT system powers this product. Moreover, it has an airless finish, which is perfect for any given speed with absolutely no thinning. It comes with a piston pump Triax triple in combination with ProConnect. For extended life, it is entirely repairable, plus it has spray tips that use RACX FFLP.

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#2. Runner up – Sun Joe HVLP Battery Powered Paint Sprayer

HVLP battery powered paint sprayer kit

The Sun Joe HVLP paint sprayer has a performance with no fade. The four 24V battery system generates a rechargeable run time of 20 minutes that allows a perfect performance with completely no fade. It comes with minimal pressure with a maximum volume technology, which equally distributes the paint flow without using maximum pressure to lower high overspray control.

This product contains a paint container on-board that can hold a capacity of 32 paint oz. The three pattern spray can engulf large as well as small areas easily. In case you want to examine the ratio of dilution viscosity cup will help you.

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#3. Best for DIYers and Handyman – Graco Ultra Max 17M367 Battery Powered Hand Held Sprayer

Graco Ultra max airless battery sprayer

Graco Ultra Max 17M367 works effectively, and it is highly recommended in the industry. It is the upgraded model of the first sprayer on our rundown. To some extent, the two are the same quality products. What makes the two different lies in the objects you need paint. The Ultra Max 17M367 can spray flammables while the 17M363 can’t.

So, in case you are wondering which one you should purchase worry no more since with this product, you will not regret it. Therefore, thanks to these wonderful features of this product for making it extra-ordinary in the industry, you can always make it your number one choice whenever you are looking for one.

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#4. Best for Professionals – Graco TC Pro Handheld Paint Sprayer

Graco TC pro battery operaterd airless paint sprayer

The Graco TC Pro handheld paint sprayer has a technology of SmartTip, which generates a finish that is superior with minimal pressure. It does not have a direction of spraying so that you can do it in any given direction. It comes with a piston triple Triax pump made out of durable carbide pistons to create the reliability of years.

The tips of TC pro offer a perfect airless finish with the potential of having everything sprayed from the thick to the thin. Pressure adjustment from 0-2,000 psi is made by the ProControl, enabling you to have the spraying speed controlled with minimal overspray. It sprays stain as well as paint without any thinning needed, airless perfect finish, even, smooth with maximum control for coating spray at any given speed.

This product contains flex line bags, 514 TC pro reversible tip spray, 4-32 0z, pump armor fluid storage 4 oz, and two caps vac valve, among many more accessories.

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#5. Best Cheap – NEU Master Battery Spray Gun

Power battery paint sprayer for cabinets and furniture and fences

This product comes with a huge capacity and a cordless design, when you have a cordless paint sprayer, you can freely work by doing away with the cord. It contains a compatible battery with a master’s Neu lithium battery. Note that the 900ml container of paint is appropriate for large areas. Furthermore, it is a flexible product for household duties such as quick coverage as well as a simultaneous finish on cabinets, furniture, fences, patios, and decks as well.

NEU Master Battery Spray Gun has a smooth grip handle and a cap top design durable for painting addition compared to the wireless normal gun paint. Being lightweight, it is design to generate maximum control, comfort, and minimize fatigue. Plus, the advanced adjustability is for an easy set up.

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Factors to Consider with a Battery Paint Sprayer

Purchasing a battery paint sprayer is not an easy task as you might think. Note that this product is sold widely in the market, so to get the appropriate product, you should at least do enough research because this is not something you can just pick randomly. Therefore purchasing this product comes in two stages, the selection as well as the elimination stage. With these stages, you will be able to end up with quality products with features that are more desirable.

Thus, below are some factors that you should put into consideration while purchasing the battery paint sprayer. These are:

  • Speed, Power Level and Fitness of the Nozzle

There is nothing that plays a vital role, like the power level, as well as the speed of the battery paint sprayer. So, when you want to purchase a paint sprayer, examine whether it has a maximum capacity and runs quickly or slowly. It is also essential to investigate the quality of your battery as well as its capacity.

Moreover, select a product with a fit nozzle that will not interfere with you while working. Therefore, you should put this factor into consideration to end up with a product that will serve you best and meet your demands efficiently.

>> Graco TC Pro Battery Sprayer with Adjustable Pressure <<

Graco TC pro battery operaterd airless paint sprayer

  • Versatility and Spray Patterns

Before you decide on purchasing a battery paint spray, it is crucial that you make sure it has varying patterns of spraying. This means you will have a product that can do various functions apart from paint spraying alone. There are three crucial patterns, and these are; circular, horizontal as well as vertical, which come with a good range.

  • Price

It is good to know your budget before purchasing a battery paint sprayer. Note that a higher price comes along with a quality product, while a low price comes with a low product that will not give you quality services. However, a lot of brands make quality products at an affordable price. Therefore, your budget is a determinate factor to whether you will purchase a quality product or not.

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HVLP battery powered paint sprayer kit

  • Origin

There is a belief that products manufactured from a certain origin have a high quality make. However, most of the overseas products are affordable and of high quality. The challenge is that they come with a double cost of shipping, so if you are ready for them, your pocket must be well loaded if not check on the other products.

  • Application

In case you know the material that you are going to work on, do away with the brands that are not compatible with the product. These details are well explained on the products manual script; so, make sure you check with the salesperson. This will enable you to end up with an appropriate product for your work with no hustle.

>> NEU Battery Operated Sprayer for Most Works <<

Power battery paint sprayer for cabinets and furniture and fences

With the above factors, be sure that you will end up with a quality product that will serve you appropriately and for a very long time. Therefore, while looking for one, put these factors into consideration.

How to Store a Battery Paint Sprayer When Not in Use?

You might not need a paint sprayer daily; this means you will occasionally be using it. For appropriate storage, you need to prepare your paint sprayer properly. It does not matter if you want to store it for a long or short duration; proper cleaning is crucial to enable it to serve you for an extended period of time.

  • Switch off your paint sprayer, and the pressure should be on the lower setting, and then remove the filter assembly from your gun.
  • You should remove the guard and the airless tip too.
  • Then run a solution that is protective to your sprayer and apply minimal drops sell throat lube to your pump as it cycles.

With this, you would have stored your pump correctly.

What Is the Difference between Graco TC Pro and Ultra?

– Paint. The Graco TC has no potential of spraying materials which are flammable based, while ultra can spray materials that are flammable based.

– TC Tips. On the other hand, Graco TC is shipped with TC tips, which are standardized wile Ultra are pre-equipped shipped with FTP tips.

– Compatibility. When it comes to compatibility of the model Graco website for extenders Graco tip, the TC Pro has a compatible model with its extender tip, but with ultra, it is not mentioned. TC Pro has an outright line while ultra is out phased.

– Battery Duration. The TC Pro works for a very minimal time while the ultra is designed and designated to work harder and for a longer duration. Ultra batteries have a longer life while TC Pro has a minimal lifetime to function

These differences make the products vary from each other greatly. With this kind of comparison, you can easily tell which product works more effectively than the other. Anyway, both of the 2 sprayers do well in painting jobs.

How Do You Use a Battery Powered Paint Sprayer?

A battery paint sprayer is suitable for painting large areas effectively. However, for you to get a positive result, you have to purchase the appropriate paint sprayer that will meet your demands to your best level. This makes your work easy resulting in a quality finish.

  • After choosing the proper type of paint spray, you need to prepare your room. This requires you to cover the things in your room that probably do not need to be sprayed.
  • For your floor, you can cover using a drop cloth; at the edges, use a tape to cover them tightly.
  • Moreover, for light baseboards as well as light switches, use a mask, use plastic bags to enclose your ceiling fans, use plastic sheeting to cover your windows, and tape the edges.
  • Make sure you protect yourself when using a battery-powered paint sprayer. It is appropriate you have your old clothes on, put gloves and shoes with goggles. This is for your safety purposes; also remember to use a hat to protect your hair from the paint.
  • Afterward, read instructions on your manual script on how to use the battery paint sprayer, practice using the paint spray to master well before starting the real work.
  • Spray your paint overlapping every pass, even passes and smoothly.


Based on the above review, you are now well familiarized with some of the best battery paint sprayers in the market, the buyer’s guide as well as how to handle these paint sprayers. Therefore, it is upon you to purchase a battery paint sprayer that will serve you effectively and meet your demands as required. I hope this article will be of benefit to you, cheers.