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Best Wagner HVLP Paint Sprayer for Professional Results in 2021

Previously nothing was common like using brushes to do painting, which becomes tiresome sometimes. However, thanks for the best Wagner HVLP paint sprayer for making work more comfortable than before.

Therefore, if you require to paint your wall or have a lot of walls lined up for you to paint, you must opt for the best Wagner HVLP paint sprayers to deliver faster as well as maximum results that meet your demands.

This article will make you informed about the top-rated Wagner HVLP paint sprayers in the industry.

Top 6 Best Wagner Brand Paint Sprayers

What Is the HVLP Paint Sprayer?

The HVLP has advanced gradually since the invention of the technology. The term HVLP stands in for high-volume, low-pressure; this model of the sprayer is appropriate for air-spraying guns.

On the other hand, the HVLP sprayer is a tool through which the application of paint, using a pressurized air gun, is accomplished.

After this, the result is the generation of the fine spray. In other words, this model of product uses compressed air for spraying facilitation.

However, it is appropriate for you to note that HVLP sprayers function at minimal pressure. Bear in mind that the sprayer will need high or maximum volume for aerosolizing of paint in the entire basin. This paint will later be propelled and released at minimal pressure.

Moreover, the low pressure regulates the amount of spray as it minimizes over-spraying hence causing slight air pollution and conserving material for future use.

Note that this sprayer comes with accessories such as an air compressor, a nozzle, and a paint basin, so, during the entire painting process, you should press the trigger of your gun. This will make the paint in the sprayer to efficiently mix with the compressed air.

Are Wagner HVLP Paint Sprayers Any Good?

Of course, Wagner HVLP paint sprayer is good since it comes with various varying benefits over the paintbrush as well as other applications.

The paint sprayer primarily has the potential to spray a lot of paint compared to what you would do with a brush. Note that with a sprayer gun, you can fill the paint into its cup. This will be sprayed later out in a uniform, as well as a smooth manner. When you do this, you will take you a lot of time, and this will minimize your investment time that you would take to accomplish the painting process. If you use a brush, it will take you a couple of days to finish painting while using Wagner; you will just need a couple of hours.

On the other hand, paint sprayers will always guarantee you a professional finish each time. This is unlike painting with a paintbrush, which is likely to generate paint strokes, bubbles, and lumps. With Wagner HVLP sprayers, there are no expectations of such problems; instead, it offers you a luxurious, smooth coat as well as even.

Reviews of the 6 Best Wagner Paint Sprayer

#1. Best Sale – Wagner 0518050 Control Double Duty HVLP Sprayer

Wagner double duty paint sprayer for decks and seals and more

This product is a superior HVLP spray gun with excellent performance. It utilizes its dual-stage, primarily outdoor, or indoor air turbine that is rated to generate a perfect finish on your entire surface.

On the other hand, it comes with three spraying patterns, so you can opt to turn your air cup to spray around, vertically or horizontally. This is to enable you to match the shape of the object you are spraying.

This product can also be appropriate for applications of materials that are thin, such as lacquers, varnishes, urethanes, sealers, and stains. You can also use it to spray latex paints; however, you must do some thinning.

Wagner 0518050 is ideal for any given project, including 1.5 quarts for extensive exterior work and 1-quart interior minimal work as well as two cups of material. This product is much appropriate in making cabinets, furniture, fences, patios, and decks.

Notable Features:

  • 3 spray patterns
  • Comes with 2 cups
  • Guarantees you a professional finish

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#2. Runner up – Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer

wagner 0518080 control spray max hvlp sprayer

Wagner 0518080 uses low-pressure technology and high volume to atomize materials into particles that are fine enough to generate a smooth finish. This product is ideal for any given product, such as woodworking projects, furniture, decks, door trim, staining cabinet, and priming.

Moreover, when used with a powerful turbine of two-stage, it makes it easier to paint surfaces as well as walls. This also works well in combination with thinner materials and latex paints, such as poly and stains.

It comes with adjustable settings for paint flow customization through a dial for pressure control and an adjuster responsible for material flow to acquire a perfect finish each time.

Additionally, it has an air cap that, when you turn on, it enables you to spray vertical, horizontal, and also round. Generally, this spray machine has a perfect design that allows you to work effectively without getting fatigued.

Notable Features:

  • 2 stage turbine
  • Perfect use on a variety of projects
  • Turn the air cap for different setting adjustments

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#3. Best Handheld – Wagner Flexio 590 HVLP Paint Sprayer for All Needs

Wagner Flexio 590 handheld paint sprayer

This product is perfect for several projects, especially for the application of a superior finish such as trim, cabinets, fences, exterior siding, and ceiling, among many more projects.

It comes packaged with two nozzles; this iSpray nozzle is perfect when working on jobs that are large while the detail finish nozzle is appropriate for minimal projects and a finishing that is fine.

The turbine x-boost offers the energy for unthinned interior spraying and exterior stains and paints.

On the other hand, its paint flow is adjustable since its power x-boost dial contains ten settings of speed for easy adjustment of material flow and precise achievement control. Note that the modification of patterns can either be vertical or horizontal and narrow or wide.

Additionally, it is faster ten times compared to a brush, plus it is easy to clean up.

Notable Features:

  • Adjustable paint flow
  • For both interior and exterior projects
  • Features 2 nozzles, one for large jobs and the other for detailed work

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#4. Best with Adjustable Settings – Wagner Flexio 890 HVLP Paint Sprayer

Wagner flexio 890 hvlp paint sprayer

The Wagner Flexio 890 sprayer is suitable for numerous projects, especially for a superior finish application on trim, cabinet, ceilings, walls, and furniture, among many more.

Its paint system is portable because the turbine settles on the ground maintaining its weight on the entire flow hence minimizing the fatigue of hands for prolonged projects. It then offers air energy using the hose to spray unthinned coatings.

Furthermore, it comes packaged with two nozzles; the iSpray nozzle is responsible for larger jobs spraying as detail finish nozzle is ideal for fine finishing as well as small projects. It has a spray pattern that entails round, vertical, and horizontal.

This product comes with adjustable settings; you should turn the energy dial x-boost on the handle of the gun for easy adjustment of air pressure. You can also opt to turn the material flow control to minimize and maximize the flow of paint.

Notable Features:

  • Portable and easy to move
  • 3 spray patterns when painting
  • Its cleaning is easier and faster

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#5. Best for Stains – Wagner PaintReady Station HVLP Sprayer

wagner hvlp paint ready sprayer station

The iSpray technology generates a textured finish that is light and coverage that is consistent and it has the potential to spray 15 ounces every minute.

On the other hand, it contains 15 feet hose that is stationary based on a broad reach of working and causing less fatigue. This product also sprays paints that are unthinned, such as products that are primer-in-one as well as paint. Its pattern of adjustment can either be narrow or wide, vertical, or horizontal.

The adjustable paint flow allows you to match the project size and covering speed when doing jobs. It is easy to use as well as clean too.

Notable Features:

  • Extra-long hose
  • Designed for unthinned paint
  • Has excellent coverage and power

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#6. Best for Home Use – Wagner HVLP Spray Gun for Latex Paint

Wagner hvlp paint sprayer for home use

It is remarkable for home décor, crafts as well as furniture refinishing. Furthermore, you can use it with several finishing materials, such as milk as well as chalk type.

This product has adjustable settings, plus it has controls that are easy to use, like control material flow and pattern dial adjustment. Note that these settings that are adjustable saves you stain material or paint by enabling you to customize the output.

On the other hand, it has a compact size that makes its gun for spraying lightweight enabling you to maneuver wit it around easily. Because it maintains its weight on the ground so as to prevent your hands from getting fatigued.

Notable Features:

  • Applies a smooth finish
  • Compatible with numerous finishing materials
  • Set your hands free because of its main machine is on the ground

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Tips for Using Wagner Sprayers

You can also opt to put on protective gear. A pair of face masks, gloves, and goggles are always needed.

For the rest of your body, you can opt for old clothes or purchase disposable coveralls. This will protect you and especially your skin from the paint you will be spraying.

Can You Paint a Car with a Wagner HVLP Paint Sprayer?

This question has become very popular. You need to know that painting a car is never an easy obligation, especially if you think of even hiring an expert plus quality materials to get the job perfectly accomplished. But you can save your capital by not looking for an expert since they are simple to paint sprayers you can use to paint your car.

Therefore, can you paint a car with a Wagner HVLP paint sprayer? The answer is a confident YES.

What Is the Difference between Wagner Flexio 570 and 590?

At your first impression, Wagner Flexio 570 and 590 have similarities since they have little in common. Like they both have iSpray nozzles that are adjustable to meet your demands. Additionally, they are both easy to clean and have an easy operational built.

However, they also have several variations that play a crucial role when it comes to delivery of what you opt for out of it. Thus, below is the difference between Wagner Flexio 570 and 590:

#1. Features

When it comes to features, Wagner Flexio 590 emerges to be the best. Furthermore, it has a maximum capacity hourly; it also features high speed. However, 570 have dual speed settings, but 590 outdo it.

On the other hand, 590 come packaged with accessories for spraying, making it versatile. This component enables you to do minimal projects that need a bit of attention as well as concentration to detail, such as furniture painting. In case you need these features in the future, then it is upon you to decide and select the perfect that seems to impress you.

#2. Speed

The primary difference between this equipment is the speed at which both of them can operate effectively. Wagner 590 has the potential to reach a remarkable 8 gallons for a single hour while 570 can work on only 7.2 gallons per hour.

This difference may look minor, but for other big projects, such as painting your entire exterior home, the speed will matter and make a huge difference. However, when it comes to a perfect finish, you do not require speed, but it is ideal to consider it.

#3. Price

You should know that 570 is more affordable compared to 590. For anyone who wants to purchase, this is sufficient to make perfect decisions.

However, both of them perform the same function. You should not also purchase these sprayers according to the price, but, ideally, you settle on one of them in terms of how effectively they can achieve your needs, leaving you 100% satisfied with your entire work.

Therefore, based on the above differences, you can opt for the best that is likely to serve you best. You can also choose to look at several considerations to enable you to settle on the best of the best products.

Are Graco and Wagner Tips Interchangeable?

It is appropriate for you to know that your tip selection size is vital. Therefore, a 1.4mm or 1.3mm tip functions perfectly for topcoats. For larger tips, 1.5 to 1.7 mm works appropriately for primer.

However, it is not an offense to have a gun responsible for topcoats as well as another for the primer since numerous guns come along with interchangeable tips.

Therefore you need to note that Graco and Wagner are both excellent companies. They generate great products that are interchangeable and related, especially the accessories for finishing such as guns swivel, spray tips, and paint filters.


From the above review, you are now well informed about the best Wagner HVLP paint sprayer along with its superb features. Therefore, it depends on you to pick on the best that would satisfy your needs and meet your expectation and demands. I hope that this review will make you informed. Cheers.