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Best Airless Paint Sprayers for Home Use & Homeowners in 2021

The surrounding environments always need to be appealing in all aspects to ensure that you live in comfort and satisfaction. One way of ensuring this is through the occasional painting of the house walls to suit your individual preferences. Painting may have been a hectic process in the past, however, with the advancement in technology and introduction of the home use airless paint sprayer, it has been made much simpler and convenient for many individuals and occasions.

Nevertheless, there are currently numerous models of the residential airless paint sprayers in the market, making selecting the best and most fitting for your needs quite challenging. This article has henceforth sampled some of the best airless paint sprayers for home use currently in the market to ease your shopping process and guarantee quality and efficient painting sessions.

Top 5 Best Household Airless Paint Sprayers

Why Do You Need to Buy a Home Airless Paint Sprayer?

Airless paint sprayers are quite essential in a homestead setting. This is because of the tremendous benefits they present whenever you are considering painting. Below are some of the reasons you need to buy an airless paint sprayer for your home.

#1. Smooth and Even Coating

These devices guarantee smooth painting. Thus, compared to the other modes of painting, such as the use of brushes and rollers, airless paint sprayers top the list for home painting. The atomized paint droplets in the sprays ensure even coating throughout the painted area.

#2. Time Efficiency

Also, in comparison to brush and roller painting, airless paint sprayers are typically faster. This means that within the shortest time possible, you will be able to cover a large area using these devices regardless of the texture of the surface being painted.

#3. Versatile

Airless paint sprayers can be adapted to many functionalities. Thus, within a homestead, they may be used to paint the interior house walls, external walls, smooth surfaces, rough surfaces, fences, among other areas. This makes it quite an all-round machine for your overall paint job.

#4. Cheap and Affordable

Even though some of these devices might be costly, in general, the overall cost for professional painting quoted by professional painters when compared to the expense incurred when you paint yourself is usually quite distinctive with professional painters costing more than DIYers using the airless paint sprayers.

Reviews of the 5 Best Airless Paint Sprayers for Home Use

With numerous options, have no idea about what is the best airless paint sprayer for home use? Look at these popular ones:

#1. Best Sale – Graco Magnum Airless Sprayer with Controllable Flow

Best sale Graco magnum plus airless paint sprayer for homeowner

Its unique design ensures that both professionals and amateurs can efficiently use the machine. This airless paint sprayer comes equipped with the capability to adjust the spray pressure, thus giving you ultimate control of the paint’s flow.

Included is also a Reverse-A-Clean tip and a power flush mechanism, which both guarantees smooth and effortless cleaning and removal of any paint residues and clogs during spraying.

These devices also have a stainless steel piston pump, which ensures the longevity of usage while allowing for the application of unthinned coatings. The entire setup is quite lightweight, allowing for easy locomotion during a project. The full metal SG2 gun further ensures durability and has a filter to minimize clogging of the RAC IV tips.

The package also comes with a flexible suction tube, which allows you to spray from a 1 or 5-gallon paint bucket. The device also has extra storage compartments in the body to provide safe storage space for some of the components, such as the spray gun, tips, and cords.

Notable Features:

  • Controllable paint flow
  • Ideal for hard-to-reach corners and areas

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#2. Runner up – HomeRight Airless Paint Sprayer for Home Exterior

HomeRight Pro home airless paint sprayer for exterior

This device comes incorporated with a chrome-plated spray gun and a 100-mesh filter inside, which guarantee longevity and reduced clogging by solid paint residues. Further included in the packaging to be installed in the spray guns are the Reversible-A-Clean tips for further simplified removal of potential clogging.

It has an adjustable pressure control system through a pressure knob, which ensures that the user has massive control over paint flow for achieving the most desired outcomes through the selection of the perfect spray patterns.

The machine is portable due to the lightweight, and the carry handle installed. Further included is a 25 ft. Spray hose for wider and easy maneuvering during spraying.

The sprayer can also draw paint from a paint bucket of about 1 or 5-gallon capacity through a suction tube. This coupled with the ½ HP motor installed, and this device can deliver up to 2800 psi, which is quite fast and thus superb for large projects.

Notable Features:

  • Fairly priced
  • Easily adjustable pressure control

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#3. Best for Less Overspray – Wagner High Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayer for Home Use

Wagner powerful airless paint sprayer with less overspray

The device is usually compatible with up to 3 types of spray tips, the 515, 313, and 211, all of which make it multifunctional in that it can be used with latex paints, stain painting, and sealers, respectively.

Further incorporated in the device is the High-Efficiency Airless Technology which ensures that overspray is minimized by up to 55%, thus guaranteeing increased spray precision during painting due to improved control and consistency.

Other necessities included in the packaging is a 1.5-gallon paint bucket for prolonged painting sessions and coverage of large areas. The buckets also come with spill-resistant lids for securing the paint and minimizing messes due to spillages.

The 25 ft. hose allows easy maneuverability within a space for much easier painting and wide area coverage.

Notable Features:

  • Multifunctional
  • Limited overspray
  • Ideal for large projects

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#4. Best Portable – Graco Magnum ProX19 Cart Paint Sprayer

Graco cart airless paint sprayer for large job

This paint sprayer usually comes installed with a pressure control knob on the side to ensure control over paint flow by allowing for the adjustment of the spray pressure to achieve the desired spray pattern.

The device comes with an SG3 spray gun with an InstaClean pump filter for clearing any paint debris reducing the possibilities of clogging. Installed is also a ProX stainless steel pump that guarantees durability and the capability to use unthinned paint during spraying.  Also included in the packaging is a 515 RAC IV spray tip, which is also essential in fast twisting and clearing of clogs.

The sprayer is quite powerful, with the capacity to spray up to 3000 psi. Thus, it can also support painting up to the extended length of a 150 ft. paint hose. This guarantees a wide coverage when coupled with the flexible suction tube, which allows the user to spray from up to a 5-gallon paint bucket.

This model is designed with wheels and a handle for easy maneuverability through the spray painting process.

Notable Features:

  • Very powerful motors
  • Very portable with the wheels

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#5. Best Cordless – Graco Ultra Airless Handheld Paint Spray Gun

Graco portable airless paint sprayer for home use

This Graco paint sprayer comes without a power cord which means that this sprayer model is usually powered by a battery source, specifically the DEWALT XR Lithium-Ion battery system. The 20V battery usually guarantees longer spray times with less charging times. The batteries also come in a pack of two, which estimates to relatively 70 minutes of continuous use.

The advanced technology used in designing these devices further ensures that minimal to zero thinning is required during painting. This will, therefore, assist in producing perfect and flawless results much faster despite the spraying speed.

The sprayer is also designed with a TRIAX carbide/stainless steel triple piston pump which ensures a more continuous and powerful paint flow system over time without stressing and wearing the pistons.

The ProConnect system is also a vital feature in these sprayers as it makes the process of pump replacement and repairs much faster and simple for continued spraying without delays. The included RAC X spray tips minimize and prevent clogging.

The FlexLiner is also essential as it is capable of carrying 32 ounces of paint at a go and are also easy to interchange between sessions.

Notable Features:

  • Free to move and use
  • Lightweight and very portable

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How Do I Choose a Homeowner Airless Paint Sprayer?

Before committing to a single airless paint sprayer to take back home or order from your shopping, you should at least try and ensure that they have some of the following features, if not all, of them.

how to choose the best airless paint sprayer for home use

#1. The Horsepower

This is a vital consideration as it determines the efficiency of painting in several aspects. For instance, you should consider a device with high horsepower. This will guarantee for high-pressure spraying, which is applicable on most occasions.

#2. The Capacity of Paint Tank

This is usually dependent specifically on the type of airless paint sprayer.

  • For the handheld models, an averagely sized tank is usually preferred as this provides for sufficient spray time and adequate weight for limited fatigue.
  • For the other models with paint buckets and hoses, the larger the bucket capacity, the better.

However, this feature is usually dependent on the size of the area an individual wishes to paint at a go. Therefore, for small projects, small to average paint tanks usually suffice; however, large projects require large paint tanks/buckets.

#3. Range of Motion

Several design features regulate the range of motion of a paint sprayer. For instance, you should check for features such as the source of power, whether battery or plugged. If it is powered through plugging to a socket, then you should consider the power cord length. The longer the cord, the more range of motion. The battery-powered models are usually handheld and thus even freer to maneuver around.

Graco Handheld Airless Paint Sprayer without Power Cord for Free Movement

Graco portable airless paint sprayer for home use

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Moreover, using a paint sprayer with a paint bucket, the hose’s length is also vital to the range of motion. The longer the hose, the better. However, the hose length should also be compatible with the horsepower of the prayer.

#4. Durability and Reliability

First, you should ensure that you are well versed in the manufacturing materials for the paint sprayer. Thus, some of the best models are usually metallic, more so made with stainless steel components and thick plastic.

The warranty coverage period should also be favorable, and the spraying rating capabilities should be at least 80 gallons a year. These will be indicative of the ability of your paint sprayer to last longer.

#5. Nozzle Tips

These are quite important in an airless paint sprayer as they determine the coating and the paint viscosity used. Thus, many of these devices usually come with three interchangeable tips, and you should ensure that your sprayer has all of them or at least the one you most need and compatible with the coating thickness you desire. Incompatibility of the paint and tips usually result in problematic and poor painting.


This article has provided you with some of the best airless models for a home currently in the market by listing some of their distinguishing features.

These models are also appropriately priced for the features incorporated to guarantee a satisfactory purchase. Therefore, you should peruse through this article to assist you in the acquisition of a great home use airless paint sprayer.