Top 10 Best Auto Spray Paint for the Money in 2021

It’s a common scene in the current generation to see a person restoring the color of his/her car by retouching scratches and dents from now and again instead of hiring a shop to do the work. However, this can be possible if you can be able to access the right tools such as the best auto spray paint.

According to research done, consumers mostly prefer urethane and acrylic paints as compared to metallic paints. This is because urethane and acrylic offer a more durable look which is changeable and inconstant and also provides a matte hue look that provides a quality clear coat when applied correctly depending on the choice of a person.

Top 10 Best Auto Spray Paint

Reviews of the 10 Best Automotive Spray Paint

#1. Best Sale – Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound 16 oz for Paint Defects

best car scratches and water spots removal

It’s the most preferred thing for oxidation, water spots, scratches and light defects. The paint provides a clear coat within a short period of time as it is fast in the restoration of the surface texture and the process doesn’t involve the act of scratching or swirling of the surface of the car.

The paint also contains a unique micro-abrasive technology which adds gloss to the surface of the car giving it a completely new and stunning outlook. It’s re-known to be a safe paint and can be applied using one’s own hand or a duo action polisher as it doesn’t contain any form of infectant chemicals.

As compared to the other paints, Meguiar’s doesn’t leave behind hazes and scratches as its compounds are made in a way that they can penetrate into the inner surface very fast hence, producing the required results instantly.

Notable Features:

  • Inexpensive
  • It works within a short period of time
  • Excel at removing scratches, water spots and any other defects

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#2. Dupli Color Perfect Match Clear Coat Spray Can

best automotive spray paint

The paint provides a clear top color. It’s a highly qualitative fast-drying aerosol which is manufactured specifically to blend with the original coating. It’s mostly preferred for OEM surfaces as it contains a complete line of perfectly matching colors for both imported and locally made vehicles, hence this makes it highly affordable for both the locals and large scale vehicle accessories.

It’s also known to dry fast thus saving time. Note that this type of paint has a high percentage of gloss retention and hence can be able to protect the surfaces from UV lights. They also have a nozzle which has an EZ Touch of 360 degrees.

Notable Features:

  • Easy to use
  • It saves time since it dries easily
  • It is ideal for use on OEM surfaces

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#3. Best for Metallic Finish – Krylon Primer Auto Spray Paint

Krylon 11 oz Brushed Metallic paint for cars

This type of paint is specifically meant for stiff, hard and non-flexible surfaces which include plastics, resin and PVC. It’s durable and provides high quality surfaces and its used mostly on Aluminum plaster and Ceramic surfaces.

It’s also mostly preferred as it dries faster within a period of fewer than ten minutes. It’s quite advantageous to use this product as it does not require any form of priming nor sanding. It also bonds very fast to hard surfaces hence making it a preference whenever one is spraying hard surfaces.

The paint is also known to last for a long period of time hence protecting the surfaces from lasting which makes it favorable for a metallic finish. Mostly, this product is silver metallic hence provides the surfaces with a silvery bright color but also there are other colors hence it depends on the preference of the user.

Notable Features:

  • It is fast in drying
  • Highly affordable
  • Provides maximum protection

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#4. Krylon Gloss Black Auto Spray Paint 12 oz.

Krylon 12 oz gloss black auto paint review

This type of brand produces the best-selling type of spray using the cover marks technology which produces a brilliant color and can be used on both wood and metal surfaces and produces a superior color when used on a premium coverage.

It’s known to dry fast within a maximum of 10 minutes or even less. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor because it has a high rate of rust protection. It’s also easy to use as the tip is made in a conical shape which makes it easy to push the spray tip when producing the spray.

This type of paint has a primer designed to underlay a top coat and enhance the durability and adhesion.

Notable Features:

  • Highly available
  • Has a fast rate of drying hence saving on time

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#5. SEM Stain Black Coat Aerosol

black auto spray paint aerosol

This type of paint is designed in a way that when applied it can change the color of vinyl, stiff and flexible surfaces.

It’s mostly used to rekindle the sits and interiors of motorcycles. It is flexible and elastomeric hence when applied on surfaces, the surfaces cannot crack. The spray is re-known to produce a superior adhesion which is flexible though it’s not shinny like the other sprays hence favorable for a finish.

It is key to note that this type of aerosol is not a dye but rather a coat which has the same quality as a dye but it’s also permanent, flexible and fade resistant. It has a diverse number of colors and its quick to dry.

Notable Features:

  • Affordable
  • Quick to dry
  • Fade-resistant
  • It is easy to use as it is delivered in a final product which is ready to spray

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#6. POR-15 Gloss Black 15 Ounces Spray Paint

auto car spray paint 15 oz gloss black

This type of paint is uniquely manufactured to work on prepped bare metal as it contains a POR-15 prime undercoat which contains a monstrous content that provides a barrier to the metal from the atmosphere hence making it long-lasting as it cannot rust easily.

It can be applied on surfaces that are formerly painted without applying an undercoat as it contains POR-15 top coat which acts as an undercoat. It’s also highly available as its colors comply with OSHA safety colors.

Notable Features:

  • Long-lasting
  • It’s applied directly to the metal

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#7. Best Cheap – Plastic Dip Multi-purpose Rubber Coating Aerosol

affordable multi purpose auro paint

This type of paint is mostly preferred for its wide range of uses and also because its cost-effective hence making it affordable for the general public regardless of the class.

This kind of product is manufactured in a way that makes it stretchy and flexible hence it cannot crack in whichever circumstances or change of climate.

It provides a variety of advantages to the users which include: protection of the surfaces against corrosion, protection of the users against vibration and electrical shocks (it’s a bad conductor of electricity).

It also has an added advantage in that it is easier to remove it from the surfaces when the owner decides or prefers the original surface to the current one provided by this type of paint

Notable Features:

  • It’s easy to use
  • Easy to remove from the surfaces

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#8. Best Pearl White – Honda Auto Touch up Paint Spray

auto paint touch up spray cans

This type of spray is easy to use and is of a high quality which makes it highly rated and in demand. It has codes that are more likely to be found on the driver’s door jamp as the paint used must specifically match the former color of the paint used and the company ensures it produces a variety of this product to match the demand of the users.

It ensures maximum coverage of the spaces required and can take up to a maximum of 30 minutes to dry but can only be safe to be handled without any form of destruction after a period of 1 hour. It comes with a can with a 360 EZ Touch Nozzle.

Notable Features:

  • Cheap
  • Easy to handle
  • Fast in drying
  • It’s highly convenient for large types of vehicles

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#9. Best Red Paint – Dupli Color Red Automotive Spray Paint Can

red automotive spray paint

This type of paint also doesn’t require any sanding hence this implies that the primer and the paint during manufacturing are blended to fit into one.

It’s used for a variety of surfaces which include plastic and metals. This type of spray is ideal for many people as it takes up to a maximum of 25 minutes to dry and can only be handled after a maximum of two hours.

Note that this kind of spray is not limited hence can be used both at home and on automotive. Its mostly used when people are dealing with minor scratches. It has a pen tip which is used to remove loose paintings and rust before the application of the red paint.

Notable Features:

  • It’s easy to dry
  • There is no sanding required
  • The paint and primer are jointed to be one

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#10. USC 2 Pack High Gloss Clear Coat Aerosol

best auto clear coat spray paint

This type of paint is made up of a double aerosol clear coat which when applied produces a high gloss finish. It also contains a spray gun with a unique type of nozzle which simplifies the work for the user and makes the paint to flow smoothly. It’s easy to use as the instructions given are very simple and they are contained on the surface of the can and can be applied manually, they include shaking, activating and then spraying. Under favorable weather conditions this type of paint dries within a maximum of 48 hours. It also has an added advantage as the manufacture date is labelled on the can.

Notable Features:

  • Cost-effective
  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s easy to apply as it contains a spray gun
  • It has a nozzle which simplifies work for the user

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What Kind of Spray Paint Can I Use on My Car?

#1. Water-based Paints

This particular type of paints are dissolved in water before using and are particularly water-soluble but are known to be very highly resistant when dry. They are manufactured with microscopic particles which are plastic in nature which makes them have an affinity to water.

They are mostly preferred because they produce limited amounts of organic fumes as compared to the other oil paints. They are easier to use for amateurs and are sprayed using a paint sprayer. This type of paint is mostly used in the car industry.

#2. Acrylic Enamel

This type of paint is known to be very fast in drying, however, this depends if it’s mixed with urethane hardeners which helps in the hardening of the paint. Most people prefer this kind of paint because they are highly resistant to water, fading and chipping and also they can be sprayed using a paint sprayer which simplifies the work.

They are normally manufactured in the form of an aerosol hence heat is needed when priming the paint to improve its firmness. When applied correctly this type of paints dry and form a very strong and long-lasting coating.

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best automotive spray paint

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#3. Acrylic Urethane

This type of paint is made up of two components that are water-based and it’s mostly used for gloss coating. However, it’s the most expensive type of spray because it requires to be mixed with hardeners in order to increase its durability, it’s not easy for amateurs to mix appropriately in order to get the required measurements and above all it also needs a given type of compounds which helps in the drying process. Many in the industry use this type of paint because of its fast in drying.

#4. Nitrocellulose Paint

This is mostly used for touch-ups to increase the outlook of the bodywork. This type of paint also requires some types of chemi8cals which are toxic hence it’s advisable to use safety gear when using this type of paint. It’s not preferred in the market because it needs to be polished from time to time.

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auto paint touch up spray cans

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How Do Professionals Spray Paint a Car?

It requires a lot of steps to spray a car properly. The following are the steps to be followed:

#1. Preparation

You should ensure that you have the following materials at your disposal: a spray paint, a spray gun, painter step, sander, safety goggles, car works and a newspaper

#2. Preparation of the Car

  • This involves scrubbing the original paint job, removal of dents and any form of corrosion.
  • The person should also move the car into a garage and leave the garage doors open for better aeration.

#3. Sand the Car

This involves taking a sand paper and rubbing it over the surface of the car in order to remove the original paint and making the surface of the car smooth for painting. It also helps to remove scratches and any form of corrosion.

#4. Paint the Car

  • It starts with taping newspapers to the windows wheel reams, side mirrors and window frames and also placing them under the car using an adhesive tape so as to avoid dirtying the floor.
  • Put on safety goggles.
  • Stand about 2meters away from the car and spray with your legs apart while moving side to side while painting.
  • Leave the car to dry.

#5. Addition of a Second Coat

  • This ensures that the car looks even more presentable and also it ensures the paint is evenly distributed.
  • It takes a maximum of 48 hours to dry


#1. Is It Legal to Paint Your Car in Different Colors?

There is no law that prohibits one from changing the car color hence the citizens are at liberty to change the colors of their vehicles in any way they desire. One can even decide to change the color of his\her car in a span of 24 hours without reporting the incident to any given authority

#2. What Auto Paint Is the Easiest to Spray?

The easiest auto paint to be sprayed is normally urethane this is because of the following:

  • Urethane when used on an already painted car it does not react with the earlier paint used.
  • Urethane paints does not run lines hence provides a good finish to your car.
  • Urethane dries up quickly as compared to the other types of paint.
  • Urethane does not fade easily and it’s also known to be highly resistant to chipping.

#3. Can Krylon Spray Paint Be Used on Cars?

Can you use Krylon spray paint on cars? It can actually be applicable on cars. But before using one needs to sand the car surface in order to form a very smooth primer for application. This kind of paint also requires the primer and paint to be highly compatible.

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#4. What Is the Most Durable Automotive Paint?

According to a research done the most durable type of paint is the Plasti Dip Rubber Coating which is manufactured by a company known as Peformix. It has a variety of advantages which include:

  • It can be deployed by brushing, dipping and spraying.
  • It’s durable hence it’s not easier to crack or damaged by moisture and acids.
  • After application it provides a matte black outlook which is dashing.

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affordable multi purpose auro paint

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#5. How Long Does It Take to Paint a Car?

This mostly depends on the type of paint to be used, the amount of manpower and the type and quality of the materials available. On average to paint a whole car it can take approximately 40-80 hours depending on the speed of the painter because after painting with whichever type of paint it takes approximately 24-32 hours to dry

#6. How Many Coats of Car Paint Do I Need to Apply?

In normal circumstances it takes 2-3 coats of paint to cover the whole surface of a car with each of those coats taking a maximum of approximately 10-20 minutes depending on the materials available for use but generally most people prefer two coats of primer which are followed by three coats of paint


As discussed above its key to note that painting of a car is very important for the general outlook of the car and also to protect the car from rusting and even more reduce the possibility of exposing the car to harm.

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