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Best Paint Sprayer for Interior Trim and Best Paint – Buyer’s Guide in 2021

Most homeowners know pretty well how vital owning a best paint sprayer for interior trim is. Furthermore, if you own one, you know the feeling it gives. This is because a paint sprayer eases your work and enables you to consume very minimal time while spraying.

However, there are several things you need to examine when selecting the best paint sprayer for interior trim, even if the paint sprayer is not designated for interior trim, it does not mean you can’t purchase it for your trim duty. All you need to do is to have a clear understanding of its function, features as well as the capabilities of your paint sprayer.

Paint sprayer does a perfect job in doing away with stains and spreading paint in a required manner compared to any kind of roller or brush. Therefore, your job can be done quite appropriately if you choose the best paint sprayer for interior trim, which best meets your demands and gives you positive end results.

Top 5 Best Paint Sprayer for Interior Trim

Can You Spray Paint Interior Trim?

Yes, you can spray a paint interior trim and get to attain the interior finish that you desire. Furthermore, spray painting helps get rid of all the brush marks as well as uniformly coating both the door surface and trim hence leading to a professional finish.

What Is the Best Way to Spray Painting Interior Trim?

The best way to spray painting interior trim is by using an airless paint sprayer together with a Graco sprayer. With this, you can change the interior of your house within a limited period compared to when you would have used a roller or brush.

>> Best Graco Airless Paint Sprayers for DIYers <<

Therefore, whenever you are using a spray tool, make sure you exercise safety measures and be aware of its side effects that can be so hazardous. This means you should be in your protective gear whenever you are spray painting and ensure there is enough ventilation in your room to avoid suffocation. It is also vital for you to switch off the electrical appliances; you can always refer to your sprayer manufacturer’s manual script.

Required Tools

Below are several tools that will help you to spray paint to your best of ability:

Paint; Spray shield; Paint sprayer; Empty buckets; Paint strainer bag; Masking tape; Pressure roller kit; Cleaning brushes which are in a nylon manner


Make sure you remove some of the furniture out of your house. In case they are so many moves, the remaining ones at the center of your home and ensure that you cover them completely. By doing this, you would have preserved enough space for your tools.

Anything that should be paint free should be covered completely and sealed with a masking tape. After that, switch off the power that you are working on as you do away with covers of air conditioning vent then least but not last using masking tape on the left switches.

    • Spraying

First, select the sprayer tip that best suits the paint you want to use as well as the surface you want to work on, ensure that your tip hole size is appropriate, and does no outdo the highest capacity of your entire sprayer.

In case you are working with numerous containers, have it mixed in a free 5-gallon to achieve consistency in color with a slight difference. Commence from the top of your house down or from far as you can reach down; as for the corners, you need spray straight into them.

    • Clean up procedure

Allow enough time for your paint to dry before undoing tape from the trim. This will be able to give you clean lines as well crisps, undo the coverings from the furniture, and other things that you had previously covered.

Make sure you fix all the electrical devices that you had interfered with by replacing them then arrange everything into its appropriate position.

Moreover, make a point of cleaning up the airless paint sprayer once you are through with it. If you find it hard cleaning it, then you have an alternative, which is to refer to your manual script for energy flush cleaning using water. Confirm if you have set everything in your house in position.

#1. Hot Sale – Graco Airless x5 Paint Sprayer for Professional Trim Painting

best sales Graco airless paint sprayer for interior trim

Is It Better to Brush Paint or Spray Interior Trim?

When it comes to comparison between a paint brush as well as a paint sprayer, they are both beneficial; however, most individuals prefer the paint sprayer more than the brush.

In case you need one, then use a guide to acquire a perfect one. So, once you identified the appropriate buying guide, then it merely means you will purchase a suitable paint sprayer that will best meet your demands and needs based on your preferences.

So, with a quality paint sprayer, you will experience the following advantages:

  • Portable

You need to note that paint sprayers are useful due to their portability, plus it has a cart accessory that you can move with it around quickly in your entire room.

#2. Best Portable – Graco x7 Airless Cart Paint Sprayer for Trim and Doors

Graco x7 airless paint sprayer for interior trim

  • Gives a Uniforms Application

As an expert in painting, sometimes when you are performing your work, there is a possibility that you will reach some places that are so very difficult to paint, especially on the textured areas; you will be forced to use a paint sprayer to apply the paint evenly. Moreover, a paint sprayer is usually crucial in granting you consistency in paint application.

  • Speed as well as Efficiency

In case you are a traditional painter then you better go digital by using the paint sprayer since a paintbrush is only necessary when it comes to filling left out places or when you are painting a small space, but when you are dealing with ample space, you need to use a paint sprayer. A paint sprayer makes your work easier than you would have ever imagined. They have features that enable it to work efficiently and over a short time.

#3. Best Budget Option – Scuddles HVLP Handheld Paint Sprayer for Efficient Home Spray

lightweight paint sprayer for interior trim painting

Tips for Using a Paint Sprayer

Using a paint spray is usually very easy when you have the necessary skills and knowledge on how to use it. Therefore, before you commence using your paint sprayer, make sure you go through your manufacturer’s manual script to understand more about how it works and how you need to handle it.

Furthermore, your manual script will educate you more on how to exercise safety measures. This will also help you to prepare the surface efficiently you are going to work on hence leading you to cover things that are not meant to be sprayed.

Below are several tips you should emulate while using paint sprayer, these include:

  • Exercise First

It will take you quite some good time to learn and become comfortable with spraying tips, so if it is your first time, you better exercise using water. This will force you to choose a free place of your own choice for the purpose of exercising with water.

Follow the procedures as indicated in your manual script. Make sure that your sprayer is filled with water, carefully set the gun trigger as you follow the tips of spraying appropriately.

  • Choose One of the Best Pressure Settings That Meet Your Demands Accordingly

To achieve an appropriate and excellent spraying pattern, you are required to make good use of pressure controlling know to acquire the right pressure for spraying. If you have a proper setting, then the pattern will automatically flow smoothly without any issues.

However, before you commence spraying, make sure you examine your spraying pattern on a place of your choice too.

First, start with the minimal pressure and quickly trigger your gun if it has a full pattern that flows smoothly. This simply means you are ready to commence on your spraying activity.

On the other hand, it is the spraying pressure you achieve is poor and not smooth, you will have to make a point of increasing the spraying pressure slowly as you examine it over and over again until you achieve the appropriate pressure setting need for you to start spraying officially.

Note that if you have reached the highest pressure and the pattern is still poor, there is a possibility you are working with the wrong tip size that needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

#4. Best with Variable Setting – Wagner Spraytech Sprayer with 2 Speed Settings and Advanced Adjustability

Wagner sprayer for home projects

Below are some guidelines that will help you more with appropriate praying techniques that will probably give you substantial coverage and impressive finishing.

  • Work within Your Reach

It is usually good that you work within the reach point and maintain a good spray gun position. Do not force yourself to reach where you can’t manage.

  • Maintain Your Distance Always

Spray painters usually have a recommended distance, especially from the surface. Hold your gun 12 inches away from as well as perpendicular to your spraying surface. As you move your arms, make sure you maintain a gun position to the straight on the surface you are painting because if you do not, then you will have uneven finishing.

  • Trigger the Spray Gun Properly

For proper work, make sure always to make sure your gun on movement before you commence pulling your trigger and stroke continuously after releasing your trigger.

  • Overlap the Passes

To have enough and even quantity paint on the surface, overlap the passes by exactly 50%. This will enable you to do your work well and efficiently.

  • Spray the Corners

Make sure you spray correctly, especially when your corners meet. Therefore, this means you will aim your gun straight to the corner and spray it evenly too.

#5. Best for Corners – Wagner Handheld Sprayer with Light Weight for Hard to Reach Area

WAgner portable sprayer for trim painting

Below are some guidelines that will help you more with appropriate praying techniques that will probably give you substantial coverage and impressive finishing.

How to Choose the Best Paint for Interior Doors and Trim?

Making a color mistake is the worst mistake that should ever happen to you since the paint you choose is a determinant factor of how your house will look like. Therefore, below are some tips that will help you to select the best paint for interior doors and trim, these are:

  • Commence with an Inspiration

Opt for Pinterest when it comes to choosing the best paint. At least in each room, have a board and observe the room that catches your attention most. Furthermore, if you have 10, you are likely to get the paint of your own choice.

  • Choose Oil-based Paint

It is thick and time quite a long time to get dry compared to water-based latex. Even though it takes longer to dry, it does not sag once you have done the application and has probably sufficient time to dry as it creates a uniform layer. It is free from any kind of marks. Moreover, this oil-based paint does not react with moisture; it has strong resistance towards moisture and does not wear out quickly compared to water-based products.

#5. Diamond 5 Gallon Oil Base Paint for All Purpose


5 gallon oil based paint

  • Go for Semi-gloss

Most doors and trim paints are usually not traded in sheens minimal than satin. The objective of trim is to decorate, so this makes you go for a paint that is semi-gloss, satin, as well as high gloss. All these are so very suitable when it comes to the best paints for trim and interior doors. On the other hand, semi-gloss is always standardized for trim since it is very reflective and smoother than others.

  • Pick a Paint Based on Replacement

For interior painting, go for oil-based paint with a symbol or sign of interior. This is due to its durability as well as its resistance towards rain, cold, and heat. Furthermore, oil-based paint exterior, as well as interior paint, are resistant to both mildew and mold hence enabling you to achieve a moisture resistance.

When you are not sure, choose white.

Most of you have no idea about white being the standard color as well as versatile paint for doors and trim. Additionally, white matches everything from rustic to modern designated designs; it pairs appropriately with walls that are neutral colored. Even if you decide to do away with your wall color, your home will still look amazing as usual.


Based on the above information, you are now well educated about the best paint sprayer for interior trim and probably how well it works. Therefore, it is upon you to make a right choice when it comes to choosing a paint sprayer. Remember to select the one that meets your demands appropriately, cheers, and enjoy the article.

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