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Best Airless Paint Sprayer for Interior Wall – Reviews, Guides and Tips in 2021

Painting has been associated with pure professionalism for ages with many individuals shying away from painting their living environments due to fear of ruining existing decors. The advancement in technology has, however, brought about several types of paint sprayers which can be utilized by individuals to paint their homes. Try to use the best airless paint sprayer for interior wall painting!

These sprayers utilize a piston to mix and pressurize the paint which is atomized at the tips of these guns to produce a fine spray of paint. Plus, it can be used to perfectly paint the inside of your house at your convenience and with the colors of your preference turning your internal décor into a perfect blend of aesthetic looking décor with colors creating an ambient environment.

Explained below are some of the best airless paint sprayers to be utilized for the internal walls by users while reciprocating quality painting and satisfying almost all the needs by the majority of the users.

Top 6 Best Airless Paint Sprayer and Roller for Interior Wall

Reviews of the 5 Best Airless Paint Sprayer for Interior Walls

#1. Best Cheap – Rexbeti HVLP Paint Sprayer for Interior Walls

cheap hvlp paint sprayer for interior walls

Lightweight Sprayer for Interior Wall

The Rexbeti Company produces some of the best paint sprayers in the industry. Specifically, their latest model the Ultimate-750 ranks among the best paint sprayers since it comes with high power of about 500 Watts resulting in a smooth, precise and excellent paint pattern finish even for beginner painters.

The sprayer also comes with a 1000ml capacity container for the paint. It has 3 nozzles in the kit, allowing for the adjustment of the sprayer to enable three different spray patterns: horizontal, vertical and circular patterns. The nozzles come in specific measurements of 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 mm for different painting projects and various paint types and viscosity.

A control knob is designed for adjusting the output flow of the paint, thus conforming to the best spray patterns in different locations more so interior walls. It also comes packaged with cleaning equipment and an extra-long power cord of about 6.6 feet, allowing for free-roaming within a large workspace.

It really values your money since it is rather light in weight and a little small and easily grasped in hand and used longer without fatigue.

Notable Features:

  • Easy to clean
  • Best fit beginner’s needs
  • Allows for diversity in spray patterns of up to 3
  • Lightweight thus easy to use and move around
  • Allows for a variety of paints through the different nozzle sizes

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#2. Hot Sale – Graco x5 Stand Sprayer for Home

Graco x5 airless sprayer for interior wall

Graco x5 Stand Airless Sprayer for Walls

Graco Inc. is a famous manufacturer of these types of sprayers. Specifically, the best airless paint sprayer by the company currently is the Magnum 262800 model which has some distinguishing features.

This model comes with an adjustable pressure feature enabling full control of paint flow for different project sizes. Its piston pump is made of stainless steel allowing the user to spray paint unthinned at high pressures. It also comes with a flexible suction tube allowing the user to spray directly from one-gallon paint bucket or several of them.

Furthermore, it has a Power Flush adapter that connects to a garden hose for fast and easy cleaning. A 75 ft paint hose allows for wider reach within an indoor environment and a Reverse-A-Clean IV Switch Tip allows for the reserving of the tip even when clogged to permit for the continuation of spraying.

  • It is durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy and quick to assemble and use
  • Lightweight thus easy to move around
  • User-friendly and can be utilized by amateurs

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#3. Best Handheld – Wagner Airless Spray Gun for Walls

Wagner handheld airless paint sprayer for interior wall

Wagner Airless Interior Spray Painter

The Wagner 0525027 model provides for quick coverage of an environment with an assured precise and smooth finish. It comes with an EZ Tilt Flexible Suction Tube which is adequately long and allows the user to cover a wide area and at any angle for satisfactory spraying thus maximum mobility.

It is also a multipurpose airless paint sprayer that can be adopted in the spraying of other products like furniture, fences, and overhang among others apart from interior walls. A material select lever enables quick adjusting of the sprayer paint to match the material being sprayed, i.e. from paint for thick coatings to stain for thin coatings.

This model has an adjustable spray pattern direction mechanism in the form of an Optimus dual Tip feature which delivers differential spray patterns as it can be turned to spray either horizontally or vertically enabling a perfect spray finish. It also has a twist lock 1-quart cup which allows for much easier filling and refilling, and it is capable of applying about 6.6 gallons per hour.

Notable Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean up
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Minimal overspray with uniform coverage
  • Capable of fast coverage saving time and energy
  • Can work with a variety of paints from thick to thin

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#4. Best Cordless – Graco Handheld Sprayer Powered by Lithium Ion System

Graco cordless paint sprayer for interior wall

Rechargeable Airless Paint Sprayer

It is cordless because it is powered by a DEWALT XR Lithium-Ion System of about 20 volts battery packs which are very reliable in the sense that they charge quickly and last longer in between sprays.

This product is designed to provide the perfect and precise airless finish, and the users can often operate them at any speed by adjusting the PSI levels and working at the most comfortable speed. It can further work without the paint thinning requirements by other sprayers.

With a TRIAX Tripple Piston Pump made from carbide and stainless steel, the Graco cordless sprayer means more reliable power and long-lasting. It also has a ProConnect system which allows for the on the go pump replacement.

You can use RAC X FFLP Spray tips to ensure that the finish is smooth and professional even with low powered low-pressure machines and the Reverse-A-Clean system accounts for a quick and easy unclogging process. It also has a dependable startup process with a smart control pressure balance, all in all, providing for a flawless finish.

Notable Features:

  • Very versatile
  • Simple to use
  • Extremely portable
  • Easy pump replacement
  • Durable thus long-lasting
  • Can handle small projects effectively
  • Uses a variety of paints from thick to thin
  • They are straightforward and quick to assemble

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#5. Best for Large Job – Titan High Efficiency Paint Sprayer for DIYers

Titan airless paint sprayer for interior wall

High Efficiency Sprayer for Large Interior Wall Painting

The Control Max 1700 model enables pro like painting for both small and big projects. It has a high-efficiency airless technology tip which decreases overspray by about 55% while delivering softer spray, improving control and providing a more consistent spray finish. The tip is also rotatable during use allowing for more mobility.

It further has a maximum operating pressure of about 1500 PSI and can often spray up to 300 gallons a year. An all-metal gun uses an extendible hose from 30 ft to a maximum of 80 ft for extensive area coverage.

This model operates at variable speeds with a 0.60 horsepower pump capable of spraying unthinned paints and stains of up to 0.33 gallons a minute thus accounting for fast and great coverage. It is long-lasting due to its rebuildable fluid section, which extends spray life.

No refilling of the reservoir and the bucket can usually be attached to a cart making it easily mobile and portable. Thus, you can often spray straight from a bucket.

Notable Features:

  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Reduced overspray rate
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Comes with a favorable 2-year warranty
  • Recommended for beginners and DIY users
  • Lightweight for easy mobility and portability

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What to Look for in an Airless Paint Sprayer for Interior Walls?

Many of the airless paint sprayers utilized indoors for painting the interior walls are often simple with a few but essential features. This enables for both expert and amateur users to be able to spray perfectly and smoothly. Thus, some of the vital features in these sprayers include:

#1. Adjustable Pressure

This is a significant feature for an airless paint sprayer since it allows the painter to adjust per their project of choice. It guarantees the perfect adjustment on the speeds of the spray of the products to the thickness of the paint and thinness of the spray.

Furthermore, this feature also allows for the different directional spray patterns such as vertical, horizontal and circular patterns thus diversifying its applicability. It is therefore vital in that it accounts for the flexibility and smooth performance of the specific sprayer model as per the user’s requirements.

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cheap hvlp paint sprayer for interior walls

Lightweight Sprayer for Interior Wall

#2. Filters

Paint sprayers often clog up with paint after frequent usage and thus require constant cleaning for effective performance. Therefore, inbuilt sprayer filters are very vital when considering a purchase since they function by limiting the clogging on these products.

As a result, the cleaning can be occasional and not as frequent, while the sprayer works optimally. It is therefore essential to look for paint sprayers with installed filters which will enhance performance and save on time.

#3. Size

Airless paint sprayers often come in different sizes from mini products to huge ones. However, for indoor use and interior wall painting, the size is usually a crucial factor to consider. This is because a very large sprayer might not be portable or easily versatile within the painting environment’s space.

Similarly, a tiny sprayer might often come with less power, thus reflecting a poor paint finishing trend. It is therefore important to choose one with more power but also versatile and portable to allow for free and simple painting, thus ensuring a perfectly smooth finish.

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Wagner handheld airless paint sprayer for interior wall

#4. Weight

The weights of the airless paint sprayers also come in varieties, and this feature is closely associated with the size. The weight choosing should be dependent on the project to be executed. This is because weight affects the portability and mobility of the machine.

Heavy products often reduce mobility hence making spraying tiresome and strenuous thus weight consideration will enable the user to carry the machine and move it freely and easily as they see fit to assist in achieving the best finish without a struggle.

#5. Capacity

The amount of paint that the sprayer’s reservoir can hold for a single spray is also very vital as it will determine the number of times the user will be refilling it. This will, however, be dependent on the user’s project size.

Larger projects will require larger paint tanks, but this will limit the portability of the machine. For portability, the sprayers often need to have small paint tanks; however, this will need constant regular refilling, unlike large paint tanks, to finish a project.

The capacity feature should, therefore, be considered before acquiring a paint sprayer to prevent inconveniences due to portability problems.

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Titan airless paint sprayer for interior wall

#6. Manufacture Material

The quality of the manufacturing materials is also an important feature to look for in an airless paint sprayer. This is because you would want to acquire a long-lasting product rather than frequently buying them. Some of these products are made from poor quality plastics which break and degrade fast unlike some which have strong and durable plastic and metal components.

Can I Use a Paint Sprayer for Interior Walls?

Yes. Airless paint sprayers are very popular in contemporary society for interior wall painting. This is because they provide a wide range of services and conveniences as they are manufactured with several different features all satisfactory and specific to interior wall painting and the needs of the painter.

How to Use a Paint Sprayer for Spraying Interior Walls?

Spray painting is not as complicated as some people presume it to be; however, certain steps often require fulfillment before, during and after the exercise to ensure that the finishing is perfect. Below are some of the steps to follow while spray painting.

  • Interior Wall and Room Preparation

This step entails the removal of furniture from the room adjacent to the wall and covering any remaining accessories. Therefore everything that should not be painted should be masked using drop cloths to cover them. For instance, light switches, windows, fans, door, floor among other things need covering since during spray painting, paint mists often develop, and these eventually drop covering the items and accessories in the room.

The wall to be painted should also be properly prepared by removing any foreign objects sticking in them or even dust.

  • Self-protection

airless paint sprayer for interior walls

The following step is to protect oneself during the process. You should always wear protective gear in the form of old whole-body covering clothes to cover even the hair, gloves and facemasks covering mouth and nose. The windows should also be open and a box fan situated near them to facilitate ventilation of the room due to the paint mist.

  • Actual Spraying Using the Sprayer
  • First, you should read the sprayer’s instructional manual carefully on how to assemble it, fill it with paint properly, how to adjust the nozzles, and how to thin the paint to proper consistencies.
  • Furthermore, before spraying on the intended wall, you should engage in a practice program on a scrap piece of wood to determine the proper distance of spray and the type of spray required.
  • After this, you are ready to start spray painting the wall while keeping in mind that the spraying process should be in even passes and overlapping each pass.
  • While painting, you should also not swing your arm in an arc-like manner to prevent thinning of the paint and also you should avoid loading the paint at the beginning and at the end of each pass by moving the sprayer before pulling the trigger and releasing the trigger before you stop its movement.

Is Airless Paint Sprayer Better for Painting Interior Walls?

In comparison to a majority of sprayers from the compression category and other conventional forms of painting, the airless paint sprayers still rank among the best when painting and spraying the interior walls.

This is because they are very efficient when achieving a uniform and precise finish. Their numerous features allow for easy maneuvers within the wall and a uniform application of paint all over despite the location or structure of the area to be sprayed. Thus, it results in a very appealing and aesthetic wall that matches perfectly to an individual’s internal décor thus creating an ambiance within the room which is the sole purpose of painting interior walls within living spaces.

Should You Roll or Spray Interior Walls?

This is a matter of preference to be determined by the painter or the owner of the property being painted. This is because both of these painting methods often have advantages and disadvantages over the other, which might require the details of the painting requirements to sort out.

  • For instance, despite spray painting being fast and efficient, thus time conscious, it requires more control and precision within an interior environment to achieve a flawless finish.
  • Rollers, on the other hand, require patience and are time-consuming; however, they often give the painter much better control of the flow of the paint unlike in spray painting thus guaranteeing accuracy in paint location.

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Roller set for interior wall

Why Should You Use Paint Sprayer for Painting Interior Walls?

Speed. Paint sprayers are overly fast on their operation compared to the other conventional painting methods. This implies that you will get to get the project done much faster saving on more time.

Accessibility. The sprayers emit tiny particles from the nozzle, and these particles are able to fill and occupy any nook and cracks on the walls, which ensures a perfect finish. A trait not experienced when using a roller or even brushes.

Even coating. Spray painting often offers a sure smooth paint finish a character rarely achieved through the other conventional painting methods when painting a wall. The even layering and coating of the wall ensure a perfect painting.

Easy to use. A paint sprayer is often very easy to use whether a professional painter or just an amateur. Brushes and rollers, on the other hand, requires numerous preparatory steps and they are also often strenuous to the body more so the arms and the back.


Airless spray painting is among the currently popular spraying and painting methods all over the world. This is because it often comes with numerous favorable benefits to ordinary citizens compared to conventional painting methods.

Also, when considering for acquisition of the sprayers, it is often best to do thorough research on some of the best of them while considering certain factors such as the type of project, paint type to be used, size of the project and the timeframe of finishing. These, together with other factors, may help when considering painting an interior wall or any other structure in your environment.

Thus, for instance, the above models of the airless paint sprayers are some of the best in the industry with considerable features that can be best for the majority of applications.