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Best Paint Sprayer for Interior Doors – Top Spray Machine Reviews & Guide

A paint sprayer is a must-have tool for any homeowner who frequently changes the color of their interior doors and is looking for efficiency and functionality. The best paint sprayer for interior doors is a worthy investment that gives you value for money.

Using a paint sprayer, you enjoy an effortless work, less paint wastage, even paint distribution, and a smooth finish. With its endless possibilities, a paint sprayer is a piece of versatile equipment that comes with an assortment that allows you to adjust and fine-tune all its elements of paint application including your interior door painting.

As a result, it enables you to control with ease the quantity of paint released and the ideal spread pattern.

Have a look at this article if you are on the market for the best interior door paint spray machines.

Best paint sprayer for interior doors – Top 5 on the market of 2021

Can I spray paint interior doors?

Yes, you can paint your interior door with a spray paint machine. Without a good sprayer, painting interior doors manually is an extreme and involving task that consumes a lot of your time and energy.

When using a sprayer, a professional painter is guaranteed a smooth finish when the sprayer has the ideal tip size. Ensure your sprayer has the required paint when painting interior doors before you start spray painting your door.

It would be best to prepare your workspace by covering walls and floors to avoid extra paint drop falling on unwanted surfaces.

Is it better to spray or roll or brush interior doors?

The following guide will assist you in the different pros and cons of each painting method, thus helping you make the best choice on which procedure to use when painting your interior doors.

best paint sprayer for interior doors

1. Spraying

Using a good sprayer makes your painting job easier, effective, and quicker. But a sprayer requires some experience for a person to produce excellent work. With expertise covering the entire surface for door takes only a few minutes.


  • Quicker than any other method.
  • With a sprayer, one coat is enough.
  • A sprayer gives a smooth finish free from any marks.
  • With the help of the adjustability features, it enables the user to adjust the spread pattern.
  • A paint sprayer is versatile equipment with an ability to control the spread and quantity of paint released.


  • Spraying uses more paint.
  • It is not a suitable painting method on a windy day when you paint your interior door outside.
  • Preparation consumes a lot of time because it requires you to do extensive masking to avoid extra paint from falling on unwanted surfaces.


2. Brushing

Brushing is one of the conventional methods of applying paint. Painting on tight corners and straight lines are easily achieved with a brush. The brush is tedious, slow, and you leave brush marks behind when you are not careful.


  • Better control.
  • Very brilliant with adhesion.
  • Brushes quickly get your paint into nooks and crannies in a better way than sprayers.


  • Requires several coats.
  • Brush marks are inevitable.
  • The process is more physically demanding and takes longer timer.


3. Rolling

Quality rollers are good at painting large surfaces like walls and ceilings. Rolling is not an ideal method of painting an interior door that uses customized designs.


  • Relatively cheaper.
  • Easy to clean after use and minimal maintenance requirement.
  • Ideal if you don’t have painting skills; as a result, the roller is easy to use and straightforward.


  • It is ineffective when it comes to filling nooks.
  • It lacks consistency, and some surface will be thicker than others.

Reviews of the 5 best paint sprayers for interior door

The following are the reviews of the best paint sprayer for interior doors.

1. Best for interior door and trim – Graco Magnum 262800 X5

This airless paint sprayer from Graco Inc. is an ergonomically constructed sprayer that optimizes its functionality and capability.

Graco Magnum 262800 paint sprayer is a precision tool that is suitable for both commercial painting projects and DIY. The paint sprayer is also ideal for painting both interior and exterior doors.

Graco x5 airless paint sprayer

Long hose – This sprayer has a fully flexible 25ft airless hose that enables you to operate the machine quickly and efficiently.

Power and pressure – Graco Magnum 262800 is a powerful machine that can work with high pressure of up to 3000 psi that is perfectly adequate for painting larger projects.

The tool has a 0.5HP motor that gives this paint sprayer suitable power and strength for effectively painting interior doors.

Spray tips – This model is compatible with a variety of tip sizes making the machine very versatile. It can support a tip with a maximum of 0.015 that gives an accurate and impressive finish on your interior door.

Adjustability – It features an adjustable pressure allowing you to have control over the paint output. This feature improves your projects’ accuracy and enables the use of sprayers in a wide range of tasks.

Easy to clean – Graco X5 features a power flush adapter that makes the machine’s cleaning process easy. You attach the garden hose with the power flush adapter for quick and easy cleaning hence saving you time.

Notable Features:

  • 3000 PSI
  • Comes with a 75 ft hose
  • Fully adjustable pressure

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2. Best for wood doors – Wagner 0529021 FLEXiO 890

Flexio 890 is one of the best paint sprayers for interior doors, especially for wooden doors. This paint sprayer offers adequate power, flexibility, and decent capacity.

Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890 is capable of spraying un-thinned paints, making the sprayer very versatile.

Wagner paint spray machine for large painting projects on interior doors

Dual nozzles – This paint sprayer comes with two nozzle sizes making the sprayer ideal for multiple tasks.

The larger nozzle tip is efficient in covering walls and ceilings while the smaller nozzle is precise on working on the finish on furniture, trim, and cabinets.

Ease of use – Wagner 890 is easy to assemble, simple to set up and very easy to use. It is designed for use by people with little or no experience hence ideal for DIY painting.

Versatile – This paint sprayer features a flexible long air hose measuring 11.5ft. This length is perfect as it will allow you to reach higher areas enabling you to paint nearer to your target.

iSpray nozzle – The 890 model features an iSpray spout that allows you to use un-thinned paints hence reducing the preparation time needed.

Powerful – Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890 uses a patented X-boost function of turbine drive for excellent spraying power. You get superb performance within a short time. You can easily paint eight by ten ft. area within just five minutes.

Notable Features:

  • Versatile
  • It has a built-in flexibility
  • Excel at painting large painting jobs on interior doors

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3. Best for flat interior doors – Graco Magnum 262805 X7

Are you looking for excellent paint sprayer for flat interior doors? Graco Magnum X7 is an ideal choice.

This sprayer features an impressive hose length and an integrated cart allowing you to wheel the machine around the house with minimal effort.

Graco x7 portable interior door paint sprayer

Long hose – Magnum x7 features a long-hose that enables you to reach every nook of wherever you are painting. Its hose length is 100 feet making it possible to paint interior doors in a three-story building.

Portability – This paint sprayer has an integrated wheeled cart that enhances ease mobility of the machine. Also, you can transport up to five gallons of paint with the cart system.

Power flush adapter – This feature of Graco magnum x7 can connect to a garden hose easing the cleaning process.

Easy to clean spray tip – Any spray system is prone to clog, but with Magnum x7, it is easy to clean the tip. The sprayer features a Reverse-A-Clean Spray system that deals with inevitable clogs whenever you encounter them. All you need to do is twist the tip, and you will be able to mitigate the clog.

Adjustable pressure – This tool features an adjustable pressure that enables you to access a full range pressure setting allowing you to have comprehensive control over your paint flow.

Notable Features:

  • Easy to clean
  • Clog resistant tip
  • Hs a long hose of 100ft.

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4. Best for interior doors and frames – Rexbeti 750 – Hot sale

Rexbeti ultimate-750 paint sprayer reviewed as the best selling paint sprayers in Amazon. It has features that enable it to attain a superior paint finish on interior doors.

It incorporates four nozzle sizes making the tool highly versatile. This 500w paint sprayer is lightweight, easy to spray, and easy to clean.

Rexbeti cheap handheld paint sprayer for interior and exterior door painting

Adjustable flow control – Rexbeti paint sprayer features adjustable flow control knobs that allow you to control the paint output. The feature will enable you to get different paint output appropriate for DIY projects, corners, and edges.

Powerful – Rexbeti ultimate-750 is a powerful paint sprayer. It has a 500-watt system that allows you to attain a perfectly smooth finish.

Also, with this sprayer, you can choose between 3 spray patterns. You can paint either vertically, horizontally, or in circular patterns.

Four nozzle sizes – this paint sprayer comes with four nozzle sizes for different painting projects. Different sizes of tips ensure maximum versatility as you can select these nozzle sizes for any painting projects.

Lightweight – This paint sprayer weighs just 3.64pounds making the tool convenient to carry around.

Notable Features:

  • Powerful 500-watt system
  • Adjustable paint flow setting
  • Supports three different spray patterns

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5. Best for the front door – Wagner spraytech 0518050

Over the years, Wagner has held a big name in the production of quality sprayers. One of its best front door sprayers is Wagner spray tech 0518050 models that come with a double-duty control sprayer.

Wagner spraytech for painting new interior doors

Professional work –When you work with a Wagner 0518050, it gives you an excellent finish no matter your skills. With the use of a Two-stage turbine, you are guaranteed a constant flow of air and paint.

For a professional finish, all you need is a little practice before you start your work to acquit yourself with the sprayer.

Extensive coverage – This sprayer gives you a lot of control over the type of spray pattern that you require. Whether you need your design to be vertical, round, and horizontal, it gives you an ideal model according to the surfaces and dimensions.

Also, with its ability to embrace tip technology, it becomes easy to magnify the sprayer coverage.

Easy to use and safe – The lock -N-go feature in this control sprayer allows you to change cups and other material within seconds. As a result, it makes cleaning easy after use.

The sprayer also has a two-stage motor that guarantees your safety when you are operating the sprayer.

Notable Features:

  • It’s a lightweight design
  • Can handle outdoor and indoor tasks
  • Gives you options to adjust the pattern

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How to choose the best paint sprayer for internal doors?

Using a paint sprayer is the best way of painting your interior door. It is fast, easy to use, and gives your door an excellent finish quality. There are various paint sprayers for internal doors, making it a bit tricky when choosing the best.

The following are some of the things you need to look out for when selecting the best.

1. Pressure and horsepower

Usually, the two aspects are the things that determine how powerful the paint sprayer is and the amount of power you will be able to generate while painting.

A sprayer with more energy will be able to complete large surfaces in the shortest time possible. Also, with more power, the paint sprayer will be capable of spraying thick materials like latex paints.

When selecting your paint sprayer, you should first evaluate the thickness of the painting product you will use and the amount of power you might need and buy a sprayer that will adequately meet your requirements.

Buy Graco Magnum x5 stand sprayer with 3000PSI

Graco x5 airless paint sprayer

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2. Hose length

Different paint sprayers come with varying lengths of the hose.

A paint sprayer with a longer hose enables you to move around and higher without moving the paint sprayer. That does the painting job for your interior door much easy and efficient.

Buy Graco x7 portable sprayer with 100ft long hose and wheels

Graco x7 portable interior door paint sprayer

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3. Portability

The weight of a paint sprayer influences its portability. A lightweight paint sprayer is less powerful but highly portable. On the other hand, a powerful paint sprayer is most likely to be bulky and less mobile.

  • If you need a powerful sprayer for more significant projects, consider the one with backpack-style or wheeled for better mobility.
  • For a small painting project of interior doors, choose a lightweight sprayer that is portable but doesn’t have a lot of power.

4. Spray system type

According to the type of spray system, there are 3 categories of paint sprayers, including HVLP, airless, and compressed.

Airless sprayers feature a powerful motor that enables them to quickly pump paint at high pressure for a thick coating. This feature makes these sprayers efficient for large projects.

Compressed sprayers use air compressors in paint spraying, making them prone to overspray and utilize more paint for even coverage. However, these sprayers are less expensive, handheld, and features customizable settings.

HVLP paint sprayers are more precise and less prone to overspray, making them most ideal for small applications.

You should choose the paint sprayer with the type of spray system that will be most effective on your interior door painting project.

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Rexbeti cheap handheld paint sprayer for interior and exterior door painting

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5. Nozzle tip

There are different nozzle sizes for paint sprayer compatible with varying sprayers of paint. It is essential to consider the size and shape of the nozzle tips of the paint sprayer.

Some nozzle tips are suitable for large surfaces, while others are ideal for small surfaces. Some paint sprayers come with multiple nozzle tips allowing a versatile application.

A paint sprayer compatible with multiple nozzle tips will be the best to buy for the interior door painting.

6. Spray patterns

Before buying the best paint sprayer for your interior door, you should check the spray patterns sprayer support. Spray patterns have a significant impact on the outcome.

Consider a paint sprayer that supports multiple spray patterns as it makes it more versatile for different looks and creativity.

7. Adjustability

The paint sprayer’s adjustability to painting multiple surfaces and using various painting products is crucial to look out before buying a paint sprayer for the interior door.

Choose a paint sprayer that features an adjustable flow rate as it will allow you to customize your work by dispensing the paint in at different thicknesses.

Buy Wagner paint sprayer with full adjustable flow rate and 2 nozzles

Wagner paint spray machine for large painting projects on interior doors

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8. Project size

First, you will need to evaluate the size of the painting project before choosing a paint sprayer. If you need the sprayer to paint fewer interior doors, consider a smaller sprayer that can adequately handle the task.

For larger projects, you should select big and powerful paint sprayers that can efficiently handle such tasks.

Ideas for painting new interior doors

For a new interior door, as a painter, you can choose to paint when attached or before you attach it to the frame. No matter the physical location of your new door, here are some ideas that will ease your work.

– Has your new interior door been painted before

It is advisable before you apply new paint to look out if you require a primer. Then determine what type of paint by dumping a piece of clothing on the spirit and then rub the door with it.

If the painted color comes out, then it’s advisable not to apply any primer. But in case the paint does not come out, you are dealing with I-based paint, and now you will need a premier before you use any other color.

– Shop around for qualify material

Note down before you go shopping for all the tools and materials that you will require to paint your door.

If you are going to use a brush, ensure it’s 2½ inch, and for the best quality, the price should not go below 10 dollars.

For the guys who are roller fanatics, ensure that the roller is made of microfiber sleeves that hold your paint well and gives an excellent smooth finish.

– Go for unique colors and finish

When painting your interior door, go for colors that will add an impact to your room. Conventional designers use the same shade from their walls to decorate their doors for a smooth and superb finish on your interior door.

Then it is advisable to consider picking paints that have a semi-gloss or gloss finish rather than those with a flat look.

– Select the best shade

There are some rules that all thumb designers use.

For example, if your door is painted with a darker shade, it is advisable to use a neutral tone like white to complement it. If the door is decorated with a light color, the surrounding should be of the same color.

– Fill any cracks and holes.

Before you paint your door, ensure that you fill every crack in your wood with a quality wood filler, any adhesive filler that cannot shrink if dries, and gypsum plaster.

How to spray paint interior doors?

The following are the steps on how to paint interior doors.

interior door paint sprayer

1. Prepare your working area

If the new door is installed, there is no need for you to remove it. Start by removing the door locks and knobs and place them in a separate but safer place.

Then place and cover the floor underneath the door with old newspapers or plastic papers to protect the floor from wet pains.

2. Sanding and prime

For you to have a smooth and elegant finish, it is advisable to look for 120-grit sandpaper. These days you can choose to sand your interior either with a power sander or manually.

Then using a cloth soaked in mineral spirit clean off any small dust particle produced.

If you are going to use oil-based paint, then apply primer. Ensure that the premier is of good quality to help your painting to glide well with it and come out smooth.

Then after priming, allow it to dry for not less than 12 hours, then use 220-grit sand the surface of your interior door for a more beautiful touch.

3. Get your material ready

Depending on the type of interior door you are painting, for example, if there is a flat door with no paneling or moving, it is advisable to have a brush of 10 cm, sprayer, or a small roller.

If the door has some panels, it is advisable to have a small-brush of 5 cm or a good paint sprayer.

4. Painting

When painting, ensure that you apply the paint evenly using your sprayer. For you to avoid an uneven finish, it is advisable to prevent paint spraying surfaces already painted.

When using a brush or roller, you should apply two coats, but for spray painting, one layer is enough.

5. Fix back the door accessories

Once the paint is fully dry, fix back the doorknobs and locks that you removed earlier.

How do you paint an interior door with an airless sprayer?

Painting an interior door with an airless paint sprayer is an easy task that requires you to follow up with simple guidelines. These guidelines are best illustrated in the manual of every airless sprayer.

The following are some of the guidelines you should follow when using an air sprayer.

– Look out for the best sprayer tip that suits your paint and the surface of your interior door. Ensure that the tip hole is of the recommended size with your paint products before you buy it.

– Suppose you are using a mixture of several colors to get consistent paint color. In that case, it is advisable to mix them first in a separate empty container to achieve the desired color.

For lighter colors like stains, to maintain a brilliant spray pattern, use the lowest pressure. Using lower pressure settings as a user, you are guaranteed a more elegant finish and better control.

– In case your assignment involves painting the interior wall of your room. Start by trimming your paint first.

Then air sprays the trim with long consistent strokes. To ensure that you sprinkle evenly, make sure that the tip is about 12 inches away from the surface of your interior door.

– It is always advisable to work within your reach to maintain proper consistency and the required spray gun position.


#1. Do I need to sand interior doors before spray painting?

For good results, it is imperative to sand the interior doors before spray painting. The door surfaces should be as smooth as possible for even results.

Spraying a coat of paint on your interior door without proper preparation will interfere with the adhesion of the finish making the paint not to stick on the surface for longer.

Sanding removes the old paint finish or the shiny varnish layer smoothening the doors and creating even surfaces.

  • First, you sand any dented areas on the surface and then cover the dents with filler.
  • You then use sandpaper for sanding the entire areas with 150 grit sandpaper until the cuts aren’t visible.
  • You then use 400 grit sandpaper and sand the whole door surface.

#2. What color to paint interior doors and trim?

What color of paint for my inside doors and trim is a frequently asked question, but there is no definite answer. The color choice is on personal preference, determined by several factors.

Some homeowners prefer painting their interior doors with the same colors as the trim and the surrounding walls, while others choose different colors.

Nowadays, interior designers use the interior door and trim with unique painting color accents adding impact to a room. It would be best to paint your interior doors and trim with a color blending with your room’s attributes and layout.

The color you paint on the door, and trim depends on the interior door’s design and moldings.

#3. What is the best paint finish for interior doors?

Grime and fingerprints are messes expected on interior doors, especially in high traffic areas. For this reason, the interior doors will need regular dusting, wiping, and even cleaning.

Semi-gloss, gloss, or high-gloss finish are the best paint finish for interior doors that can tolerate frequent cleaning needed. With a glossier finish, it is easier to clean the door surface without harming the paint coating.

These paint finishes give liberty of regular dusting and rigorous wiping the door surfaces with a damp cloth without having adverse effects on the paint finish.

Also, the glossier paint finish on interior doors makes them stand out beautifully against the surrounding walls.

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#4. Can I use an interior paint sprayer to paint the exterior door?

The paint sprayer features you buy for interior doors will determine if it can be suitable for painting exterior doors.

A versatile interior paint sprayer that is compatible with different nozzle tips can spray various paints and finishes even for exterior doors.

Also, if your interior paint sprayers feature an adjustable knob, you can use it to paint the outer door as you can easily control the width of coverage and the intensity of the spray.

Therefore, for versatility in application, you should consider a paint sprayer for interior doors that can handle different types of coating, with adjustable pressure, and one that can accommodate separate nozzle tips.

These features will make the sprayer suitable for painting even exterior doors.

#5. What kind of paint to use on interior doors?

The interior doors take a lot of use and abuse, making it recommendable to choose a durable paint finish. Also, the paint you use should be easy to clean up easy and hold up frequent cleaning.

The following are the two types of paint products suitable for interior doors.

– Semi-gloss paint

Semi-gloss paint is one of the most popular colors on trim, cabinets, and doors. This paint offers enough resilience needed for interior doors. Semi-gloss paint is easy to clean the messes like smudges and fingerprints.

Because the surface is more moisture resistance, you use special sprays or a damp cloth to clean up. This paint is slicker and gives your interior doors a beautiful, subtle shine that is not too glitzy.

– Stain paint

Stain paint is another kind suitable for use on interior doors. This paint is long-lasting and protective. Before application, you should first sand all sides using sandpaper because staining will highlight all scratches and dings on the wood.


A paint sprayer is an efficient tool suitable for use for both DIY projects and by professionals. Interior doors are prone to messes from fingerprints and grime; hence the paint finish you apply should be easy to clean up.

The above is a review and guide on the best paint sprayer for interior doors. Choose one that will be best suitable for your project.