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Best Airless Paint Sprayer for Furniture – Top Pick Sprayers Reviews

Furniture painting has grown popular over the years since, apart from adding to the aesthetics, it has largely contributed to the recycling of old furniture that was thrown away due to rusty looks. This process often required the hiring of a professional painter.

However, nowadays, many home improvement projects are usually done by individuals themselves. This is usually attributed to the utilization of DIY gadgets for furniture painting, the airless paint sprayers.

Buying the best airless paint sprayer for furniture usually present with numerous benefits to the user. However, they are usually numerous in the market, making it quite challenging to find the best capable of fulfilling the user’s desires while also performing maximally.

This article thus provides you with a list of some of the best airless paint sprayers worth considering and some ways of choosing the best models when trying to acquire one for painting your furniture.

Best airless paint sprayer for furniture – Top 4 list in 2021


Why buy an airless paint sprayer for furniture renovating?

Painting of your furniture may warrant for the acquisition of the right painting tool. Generally, airless paint sprayers are usually recommended for such kind of job due to several reasons. Some of which include:

best airless paint sprayer for furniture reviews

#1. Accessibility

Furniture is usually designed and build through the joining of various components, which often result in tiny space areas, nooks, and crannies, where certain painting tools such as brushes and rollers may not fit appropriately.

Thus, employing an airless paint sprayer is usually the best option since atomizing the air and paint into tiny particles can easily access all the crannies and nooks in your furniture body, leaving you with a flawless painting.

#2. Fast speed

Painting your furniture project should never take too long, as this will be frustrating.

Thus, through the utilization of an airless paint sprayer, you will be able to paint your furniture much faster compared to the use of brushes, rollers, or even other types of paint sprayers.

#3. Professional finish

Unlike many painting methods, airless paint sprayers usually provide you with an even coating.

Thus, the fine mist of paint released usually forms a thin, smooth, and even coat on any furniture surface it comes in to contact with.

This allows even an amateur DIY painter to achieve a high-quality paint finish, which will be much appealing compared to the other conventional painting methods, which are prone to the formation of thick, uneven layers.

#4. Straightforward to use

Using these airless paint sprayer to paint your furniture will not require professional training.

However, just a slight familiarization with the gadgets; therefore, any individual can just buy and use them and still achieve a professionally finished furniture.

These gadgets are also often designed with a consideration of the strain that they may inflict on the body.

Thus, the best models are usually lightweight, thus comfortable to use, unlike brushes and rollers, which often result in fatigued arms and aching backs. The portable function makes them quite convenient for painting your furniture.

#5. Economical

Airless paint sprayers are economical when paint spraying your furniture.

First, you will forgo the hiring of a professional to style up your furniture, and rather you do it yourself, thus saving on some resources.

Similarly, with the late advanced models of airless paint sprayers using the HEA enabled systems such as tips, there is usually a greatly reduced level of overspray thus low usage of paint that would have otherwise been wasted.


Reviews of the 4 best airless sprayers for painting furniture

#1. Best handheld – Graco TrueCoat 360 airless paint spray gun

Graco handheld airless paint sprayer for furniture with light weight

Graco is a popular brand when it comes to the production of airless paint sprayers. This is usually because they supply high-quality products manufactured with unique features that guarantee customer satisfaction and maximum performance.

Some of the features include the reversible spray tips, which facilitates for continuous spraying by allowing reversal of the tip when clogged for further spraying.

The stainless steel piston pump incorporated in the design further allows spraying paint unthinned at very high pressure since this airless paint sprayer comes with a maximum pressure of 1500 PSI.

These models usually come with a new installation called the VacuValve technology, which allows individuals to spray paint in any direction they please through the creation of an airtight spray system.

These airless paint sprayers also come with flex liner bags that replace traditional material cups by reusing and recycling when done with one bag.

The handles also often come with storage areas for keeping accessories, such as the extra tips.

Included in the packaging as helpful accessories are 2 0.015 inches reversible spray tip measuring 4 by 12 inches, 2-32 ounces FlexLiner bags, and an operation manual.

These airless paint sprayers are also lightweight, measuring only 3.5 pounds for easy mobility and portability during use.

Notable Features:

  • Affordable
  • Work with thick paint
  • Compact and portable

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#2. Best for medium size furniture – Graco Magnum x5 stand airless sprayer

Graco Magnum x5 professional airless paint sprayer for furniture

This is another Graco product ranked among the best in the market due to their quality manufacture. They are thus designed with unique features to give them the exemplary performance capability for a smooth and effortless painting at home.

Some of the features include the fully adjustable pressure feature, which allows you to control the paint flow rate for any project you undertake.

These paint sprayers also often perform much faster than other models at 0.27 gallons per minute for a quick finish.

Further included in the design is a stainless steel piston pump, which facilitates the spraying of the most challenging coatings unthinned.

Among the accessories included during packaging is a flexible suction tube measuring about 75 feet, which allows you to move freely within an environment.

This also facilitates continuous spraying without the need to constantly refill the reservoir since the tube can be connected to a 1 or 5-gallon paint bucket.

The recommended annual usage of paint for these gadgets is usually at 125 gallons, which signifies extensive use in numerous projects yearly.

Included in the model is also a power flush adapter that connects to the garden hose for a quick and simplified cleaning process. The airless paint sprayer’s accessory kit also includes a RAC IV switch tip, which guarantees continuous spraying despite clogging by simply reversing the tip to the unused side.

Notable Features:

  • Fully adjustable pressure
  • No need to thin the paint
  • For medium-sized project

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#3. Best for high efficiency – Titan Tool airless furniture paint sprayer with less overspray

Titan Tool airless paint sprayer for furniture reviews

These are usually specially designed for individuals looking for a guaranteed pro-like finishing during your painting project.

These models have been incorporated with advanced technological features to give them much greater efficiency during their performance.

Thus, these paint sprayers have High-Efficiency Airless Technology more so on the systems new tip technology guaranteeing reduced overspray by up to 55%.

The HEA tips further deliver softer sprays, thus providing for much consistent finishing.

The high efficiency of these paint sprayers is often attributed to the maximum operating pressure of 1500 PSI. They can also spray up to 300 gallons of paint annually, thus illustrating the possibility of the sprayer handling much bigger projects successfully.

The paint spray gun is also usually all metal for strength and increased durability.

These models usually come with a 30 ft. Hosepipe, which can usually be extended to about 80 ft. depending on the user’s requirements, thus allowing for free and effortless mobility within the spray painting area.

These paint sprayers also come with numerous adjustable features that guarantee great performance and productivity.

For instance, the 0.60 horsepower is usually capable of spraying and staining unthinned paints at an adjustable speed with the maximum speed of 0.33 gallons per minute.

The gadgets also come with replaceable fluid sections, which maximizes the sprayer’s overall lifespan.

Notable Features:

  • Reduced overspray
  • Strong and durable
  • Comes with adjustable pressure

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#4. Best powerful – Wagner airless paint sprayer with long hose for large furniture painting

wagner control pro airless sprayer with handheld paint gun for furniture

Wagner products are also quite popular in the market as the brand is known to supply high-quality paint sprayers for maximal customer satisfaction.

These airless paint sprayer models are usually designed with the High-Efficiency Airless (HEA) technology, enhancing the paint sprayer’s overall performance.

For instance, this ensures that the overspray is 55% less than other brands/models and the spray tips included further provide for a variety of painting options in that, a 515 HEA spray tip is usually great for latex paints while a 313 HEA recommended for stains, and finally, the 211 HEA recommended for sealers.

These gadgets also often come with a large paint reservoir capable of carrying at least 1.5 gallons of paint at a go, which guarantees continuous spraying for prolonged periods since the constant refilling would not be required.

These reservoirs also have spill-resistant lids, which often keep out any dirt while further making mobility easy without the worry of spilling the paint.

These gadgets can also spray many paints from unthinned variations to 2-in-1 paints and primers, latex or enamel.

The package also comes with a 25 ft. hose with an extension possibility to the maximum of 75 feet, which allows for the coverage of a large working area without restrictions and obstacles.

Notable Features:

  • Less overspray
  • Easy to set up and use
  • More consistent finish
  • Sufficiently large reservoir

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What to look for when buying the right airless furniture paint sprayer?

airless paint sprayer for furniture

Whenever you decide to go shopping for an airless paint sprayer specifically for spray painting your furniture, you should often take into consideration certain vital factors/features.

These will guarantee that you pick the most appropriate and fitting airless paint sprayer for your project. These factors include;

#1. Capacity

This is usually the size of the paint reservoir utilized by the specific airless paint sprayer.

Thus, depending on your project’s size, you may need to decide on the appropriate capacity, which will not create constant disruptions due to refills every other minute or be too heavy to move around with easily.

Thus, most individuals with large furniture projects to take care of often use external paint buckets, which measure 1 or 5 gallons as this will provide you with an endless supply of paint for your furniture.

At the same time, others also prefer small attached containers, although these are convenient for small furniture like chairs and tables.

Best for small furniture painting – Graco portable handheld paint spray gun for chairs and tables

Graco handheld airless paint sprayer for furniture with light weight

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#2. Range

This is the area that you can comfortably cover while using your airless paint sprayer.

Thus, you will need something more portable and easy to maneuver around the working area to allow you access to the furniture’s entire surfaces.

Therefore, you will need to check for the length of the power cord or the suction tube provided and maybe whether the big reservoir models have wheels for easy movement.

These often come in several varying sizes, and you should make sure to choose one that can allow your long and free-range motions as you paint.

Best for easy movement – Graco Magnum x7 airless paint sprayer with wheeled base

#3. Pressure and speed

These constitute some of the benefits of using an airless paint sprayer. However, the horsepower an airless paint sprayer can generate usually determines the amount of pressure it can further replicate for painting purposes.

Thus, for a faster working gadget, higher horsepower, meaning higher pressure, is usually recommended.

This also aids in spray painting using thick paints. However, the pressure should be optimal to make sure you can still control the paint flow since too much pressure often gets challenging to control.

Thus, many experts usually recommend airless paint sprayer with adjustable features regarding paint flow and pressure levels.

Best with adjustable pressure – Titan Tool airless sprayer with 1500PSI

Titan Tool airless paint sprayer for furniture reviews

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#4. Manufacture materials

Airless paint sprayers are usually constructed from metal or thick plastic with occasional rubber present on certain accessories.

Therefore, this results in differential constructions with both plastic and metallic airless paint sprayers, both with strengths and weaknesses.

Thus, for small furniture projects, you should buy plastic sprayers since they are lightweight and require minimal pressure output.

However, when spray painting massive projects with numerous furniture, you may consider metallic sprayers since they are sturdier despite the heavy weights and also provide better performance.

However, you may purchase those models blended, both plastic and metallic components, thus guaranteeing maximal service delivery and durability.

#5. Accessories

Accessories such as spraying tips are usually quite fundamental in achieving great results when using an airless paint sprayer.

Thus, you should always look for models with at least more than one tip as this will increase the versatility of the sprayer while giving you an array of possible spray patterns to imprint on your furniture.

Similarly, your tips should also be contemporary with HEA configurations to maximize performance by not dragging you behind due to petty problems such as clogging.

Best for large job – Wagner sprayer with 3 spray tips

wagner control pro airless sprayer with handheld paint gun for furniture

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Airless paint sprayers have immensely transformed the painting industry by not only diversifying but also making it easily accessible to any individual who wishes to paint their projects.

Thus, by acquiring the best airless paint sprayer model in the market, you will be guaranteed of professional like finishing on your project such as furniture.

Thus, this article helps you find the best and most suitable airless paint sprayer for handling your furniture projects.

All the above reviewed sprayer works well on furniture.