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Best Airless Paint Sprayer for Ceilings – Top Rated Ceiling Spray Machines in 2021

Buying and selecting the best airless paint sprayer for ceilings come with its uncertainty. The uncertainty is a result of many airless paint sprayer models and options that are suitable for your roof but lacks the quality you may require.

An excellent ceiling airless sprayer should be able to atomize the sprayed paint to ensure that any mess made is as little as possible. Because of working against gravity, a good airless sprayer will help you attain excellent results and will have little or no paint droplet messing your floor.

And next comes to the detailed reviews and comprehensive guide!

Top 6 best airless paint sprayers for ceiling painting

Is it hard to spray-paint a ceiling?

Spray painting a ceiling is not a hard task when you use the right sprayer for your ceiling.

  • First, for excellent finish, start by clearing and covering your furniture with a protective cloth that gourd them against excess paint droplets.
  • Then remove bulbs and enclose any hanging fixtures with tapes.
  • Clean your ceiling from any dust, smoke, and other debris attached to the ceiling. Also, prepare your protective gear like goggles that will protect your eyes from getting small paint in your eyes after this procedure sprays your ceiling and gives your overspray to trim.
  • After the first coat dries, you can spray for a second coat to attain a beautiful finish.

What is the best airless paint sprayer for ceilings?

Why do you buy an airless paint sprayer for ceiling painting?

An airless paint sprayer is one of the widespread spraying and painting methods worldwide and is the best painting tool that guarantees an excellent finish. The following are the significant reasons why buying an airless paint sprayer for the ceiling is the best choice.

#1. Wide application

Paint sprayers are generally faster in operation compared to other standard painting methods. Airless paint sprayers allow coverage of broader ceiling surfaces within a short time and less effort.

It also enables painting of your ceiling even at a distance, thus eliminating the need for a ladder. Therefore you get the project completed faster hence saving on time.

#2. Accessibility

An airless paint sprayer allows access to ceiling corners and other surface imperfections. Its nozzles emit tiny particles that override cracks, gaps, or bumps to ensure a perfect finish. This detailed work is not achievable when using paint rollers or brushes.

#3. Even coating

With an airless paint sprayer, you achieve a smooth paint coat on your ceiling than when you use brushes or rollers. An airless paint spray allows even layering and coating of the roof, ensuring a perfect painting.

#4. Easy to use

An airless paint sprayer is a painting tool that is easy to use either by a professional painter or by an amateur. It is a machine that is commonly used for do-it-yourself interior painting covering small areas and has the potential of overspray, making it’s usability easy.

#5. Multi-color decoration style

Painting your ceiling with the same color as wall color makes it look irresistible. A multi-color painting on your ceiling allows highlighting its details making the room look aesthetic and cozier.

Most airless paint sprayers offer an additional bottle for extra color. They allow spraying a spot with two different colors. It eliminates the need to clean the bottle every time you interchange colors, thus enhancing your efficiency.

Reviews of the 6 best cordless airless paint sprayer

On this detailed review, we will take you through 6 best airless paint sprayers that you may consider suitable for your ceiling when purchasing one.

#1. Best sale – Graco Magnum X5 stand airless paint sprayer for ceilings and walls

best sale Graco Magnum x5 airless paint sprayer for ceiling projects

This airless spraying machine is suitable for your ceiling and walls and comes with a brilliant and durable spraying gun. Magnum X5 models can pump 0.27 gallons of material in every minute. To continuously sprayer with this machine, it is advisable to have a one or five-gallon container to avoid frequent refilling.

  • Easy to clean

The machine comes with a power adapter flush that has a Graco Magnum X5. This feature helps the device to attach to a garden hose that cleans it so quickly.

  • Stainless steel pump

The use of stainless steel by Graco industries to manufacture significant parts of Magnum X5 makes its durable, reliable, and a guaranteed life span.

  • Versatility

This airless sprayer works well with different materials. It can control latex, stain, and acrylics. But you should avoid the use of solvent-based lacquers that have particles that easily block your fillers.

  • Adjustable paint flow

When using this airless sprayer, it is easy to control the pressure. This function gives you total control of the flow of your paint.

  • Light design

This product comes with a standard weight of 15 pounds. The feature makes it easy to carry and work out with it.

Notable Features:

  • Best for outdoor use
  • It is effortless to carry and quick to install

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#2. Runner up – Graco Magnum 257025 airless painter plus for professional performance

Graco Magnum professional ceiling paint spray machine

As a result of its stainless steel piston, it normally un-thinned your paint to a compatible size of 0.009, 0.0013, 0.0011, and 0.0015.

  • Lightweight design

This airless sprayer for your ceiling comes with a standard weight of 15 pounds that makes it easy to carry.

  • Stainless steel pump

All essential parts of this pump are stainless steel inclusive of its piston. This feature makes magnum 257025 models durable and allows its user to work with un-thinned paint.

  • SG2 Gun

It has an excellent full metal SG2 gun paint that has filters. This filter prevents and protects your gun from clogging.

  • Adjustable Pressure

Graco 257025 comes with an adjustable knob that helps you control the pressure to your desired amount. It has a clear symbol that shows you how to adjust the pressure, i.e., roller, cleaning, pressure hi, or low.

  • Power flush adapter

This feature gives an easy hook up to a garden hose. Thus makes it easy when cleaning and flushing out residues. It also has a reverse clean tip that assists it when clogged.

Notable Features:

  • Affordable
  • It can work with a variety of paints
  • It was giving your ceiling a professional touch

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#3. Best for popcorn ceiling – Wagner 0580001 control pro airless paint sprayer for large projects

Wagner airless paint sprayer for large ceiling painting jobs

The Wagner 0580001 is an airless paint sprayer best for popcorn ceiling projects. This airless sprayer uses a control pro 170, a high and efficient airless paint sprayer. It gives you a result that is of quality, and its latest high-efficiency airline technology reduces overspray by 55%.

  • All metal gun spray

This product comes with a spray gun that makes durables and efficient for large projects. This gun is sturdy and comes with a 60 horsepower that uses a high-efficiency airless technology pump.

  • Versatile

The product is usable on various paints applied both in the interior and exterior projects. It is useful in spraying 2-in-1 paints with an inclusive of latex, oil enamel, and primers.

  • Suitable for large ceiling

This product, on average, can spray300 gallons per year. As a result of a maximum 1500psi operating pressure, it is useful on higher heights of up 30 feet.

  • Light design

The machine, though slightly more substantial than other airless paint sprayers, comes with a standard weight of 20 pounds. This weight is conducive to work with it.

Notable Features:

  • It is fixed and clean with a garden hose
  • The pressure is adjustable to the desired units

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#4. Best with long hose – Krause & Becker high pressure airless paint sprayer for home ceilings

airless paint sprayer with high pressure for ceiling painting

This airless paint sprayer comes with a long hose manufactured by Krause and Becker. It uses a high pressure of 3000 psi that comes from its reliable steel piston.

  • Reliable design

This product comes with a standard weight of 18.5 lbs, making it easy to move and work with, especially on your ceiling. It can connect with a garden hose, thus letting water pass through and making it easy to clean all stains and leftovers paints.

  • Effective paint sprayer

With the help of a 3000 psi piston pump, it has a better and extended coverage due to this high pressure. This feature helps this airless paint sprayer to complete projects quickly.

  • Adjustable pressure

The machine comes with an adjustable pressure knob that helps you to be in absolute control of the pressure.

  • Multifunctional

The machine helps beginner’s paint like experts, and also it can spray paint on various projects such as exterior walls, frames, doors, and ceilings.

  • Easy to use and assemble

The machine comes with a clear and well-illustrated guideline that makes it easy to assemble and use. This function makes airless paint sprayer user friendly.

Notable Features:

  • Has a 5/8 horsepower motor
  • It is straightforward to control
  • Has a trigger lock on the sprayer gun

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#5. Best with high efficiency – Titan Tool airless painter for softer spray

Titan Tool airless ceiling spray painter

Best with a high-efficiency titan tool, an airless painter is brilliant for softer spray. It has a control that goes up to 1700, which is suitable for handyman and makes it ideal for expert painting on your ceiling and other exterior work. Annually the machine can spray 300 gallons as a result of its maximum pressure of 1500 psi.

  • Use of efficiency airless technology

The use of HEA technology reduces overspray to 55% and delivers a softer spray. This feature makes it a strong ceiling spray.

  • Quick and efficiency

The machine has a hose power of 0.6 pumps that gives it the ability to remove stains and un-thinned paints. The device can pump 0.33 gallons every minute, and this feature makes it quick enough to complete a project on time.

  • Power pump

It has robust sprayers that are three times stronger than its competitors. This feature enhances and extends its long life by the use of a rebuildable fluid.

Notable Features:

  • Its pressure is a consistent
  • Has a powerful pump and motor

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#6. Best handhled – Graco ultra max cordless airless paint sprayer

Graco cordless ceiling paint sprayer without limitation

This model manufactured by Graco uses a Lithium-Ion battery system. It is quick to complete a task without thinning your paint, and the result is ideal for an airless finish.

  • Spray patterns

When you attach the Graco spray tip, you can easily change the design of your roof. The compatible switch gives your ceiling design an exceptional finish.

  • Easy to maintain and clean

The liners used are replaceable and thrown away after use. Individuals who do not want to dispose of the liners after use, they can clean them with the cleaning solution.

  • Uses a triple piston pump

This machine uses a triple Triax piston pump that makes it durable and very light in weight. Unlike its competitors, it does not stick because it lacks an inlet check valve.

Notable Features:

  • Disposable flex-liners makes it easy to clean
  • The machine is portable and can be used anywhere
  • The pro-connect comes out easily, allowing you to repair or replace anything in the piston pump

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Factors to consider for the best airless paint sprayers for ceiling

There are different types of airless paint sprayers in the market for the ceiling painting, making your buying decision quite hectic. Each product has distinctive features setting it aside from others.

It would be best if you looked out for the following factors to guide you to get the best airless paint sprayer for the ceiling.

#1. Capacity

A machine can hold the paint capacity as an essential factor to consider when choosing an airless sprayer for your ceiling. The size determines the frequency of refilling the machine.

Large spraying projects will need sprayers with larger tanks that will limit the need for refilling it but can be cumbersome and cause fatigue. For portability, choose a machine with small paint tanks but will need frequent refilling.

Therefore, the capacity feature is a vital factor to consider before buying a paint sprayer to avoid inconveniences due to refilling needs and portability problems. You should choose the capacity that fits your project.

Buy Wagner airless paint sprayer for large ceiling painting jobs

Wagner airless paint sprayer for large ceiling painting jobs

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#2. Filters

Paint sprayers are subject to clogging up with paint after frequent usage, thus the need for continuous cleaning for effective performance.

The filters are a vital part of a paint sprayer that contributes to a smooth finish. They prevent clogging up on the tip and eliminate debris from paint.

Therefore, you should consider an airless paint sprayer for the ceiling with inbuilt filters because they function by reducing the clogging on the machine, limiting the cleaning frequency. Installed filters also enhance the performance of the sprayer and save you time.

#3. Weight

Choosing the appropriate weight will depend on the project you are executing. Heaviness affects the contingency and portability of a sprayer.

Heavy sprayer reduces mobility and makes the task tiresome and strenuous. Therefore, less weight will enable you to move the machine freely and help you achieve the best finish without hustle.

#4. Adjustable pressure

The horsepower of an airless paint sprayer determines the power of the engine. Adjustable pressures allow adjustment of the machine pressures depending on the projects.

It allows adjusting the speed of the spray and the thickness of the paint. Therefore an excellent airless paint sprayer for ceiling should be adjustable to dispense paint at a different rate, thickness, and various spray patterns.

Buy the best valuable Graco airless paint sprayer with fully adjustable pressure

best sale Graco Magnum x5 airless paint sprayer for ceiling projects

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#5. Material

Another essential factor to consider when buying an airless paint sprayer for your ceiling is its quality. These products are from different manufacturing materials that are different in grade.

Some are from low quality plastics that are prone to breakage and degradation while others are of high-quality plastics and metal components, making the sprayer strong and durable.

#6. Tips size

The tip size of the spray gun is a crucial feature you should consider when selecting the best airless paint spray for the ceiling. The tip is measured in inches and is essential in producing spray, controlling the spray pattern and the amount of paint it releases.

Large tips provide more extensive coverage, while small tips give more accurate control.

#7. Size

Different airless paint sprayer models are different in sizes; mini and large. For indoor use and ceiling painting, the size of the sprayer is a vital factor to consider.

A large sprayer may not be portable and less versatile, depending on the painting environment space. On the other hand, a mini sprayer has less power resulting in poor paint finishing.

Therefore, when choosing the best airless paint sprayer for the ceiling, you should consider the one with more power, versatile, and portable. It allows free and straightforward painting, thus guaranteeing the best finishing.

Buy Graco cordless airless paint sprayer for DIYers and professionals

Graco cordless ceiling paint sprayer without limitation

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How do you paint a ceiling with an airless paint sprayer?

With the help of a hydraulic pump and piston, the airless paint sprayers can pressure paint your ceiling with ease. When used correctly, these ceiling sprayers make the work of a beginner to have a brilliant finish. They also come with a gun that connects to a pump via a pressure hose.

The following are the general steps that you can use when spraying your paint to a ceiling.

airless paint sprayer for ceiling buying tips

1) Choose an appropriate airless sprayer and tip

When you are planning to paint your ceiling with an airless sprayer. Start by shopping around for an appropriate sprayer and tips. Also, you can rent these gadgets from an outlet that does rent.

When purchasing, ensure that the openings are large enough for the thickness of your paint. But also it should not be too full; the standard size of your tip should be 10-12 fan width.

2) Preparing your ceiling

Before you start your task, it is essential to ensure that everything in the room is either removed or protected with protective clothing. This process is vital because overspray from your airless sprayer usually is wet and can stain where it lands.

Even after taking the furniture out, it is wise to cover your floor, walls, and doors. Use a useful pointer masking tape to assist you in not painting the wall. Lastly, cover up any ceiling features with the masking tape and remove your bulbs.

3) Painting

  • Start by laying down your design or spraying sequence that you will use for your ceiling and other parts of your house that you all planning to spray.
  • Then start spraying from the right angle going to the left side,
  • Use your fingers to squeeze the trigger of your gun and then point it to the part of your ceiling that you want sprays and paints.
  • Where a section of your ceiling overlaps continuous use feather spray to avoid uneven colors.

Tips of using an airless sprayer to paint ceilings

Ceiling painting is arduous and prone to drip. Using an airless sprayer to paint your ceiling saves you time and preserve the appearance of the roof. The following are the tips to apply while using the sprayer to achieve a perfect and uniform paint finish.

  • You should select the right tip that best suits the paint you are spraying on your ceiling. The size of the hole should not exceed the capacity limit of your sprayer.
  • Spray the gun straight to the surface. Tilting it will cause an uneven finish.
  • You should ensure overlapping the previous coating by 50% for the best paint coverage.
  • Ceiling painting should start at the edge where the wall and ceiling join to improve efficiency.
  • Position the airless sprayer close to the surface while spraying. It should be at least 12 inches near the ceiling.
  • Trigger the gun after every stroke to avoid double layers in your coating.
  • It would be best if you did not fan the gun as it can cause an irregular finish.
  • Ensure you use the correct hose length
  • Ensure you apply the proper pressure to prevent overspray. It also increases the lifespan of the tip.
  • It would be best if you carry a damp cloth that you will use to clean the spraying tip to prevent clogging.


Buying the best airless ceiling paint sprayers come with it challenging for beginners. It is because of the many similar options of products that the buyer gets from the market. As a result, the buyer ends up purchasing products that he did not intend to buy.

It is a brilliant idea for any buyer to use theses 6 airless paint sprayers reviews when buying new airless sprayers.