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Best Paint Sprayer for Exterior House – All Inclusive Reviews and Guide

Imagine the satisfaction that comes with sprucing up your home. Things can only be more beautiful if you considered the exterior of this home. From brushing to spraying, painting the exterior of your home will be the ultimate source of joy.

But besides this, did you know that the paint sprayer you choose affects your eventual results?

You can hardly ignore the significance of paint sprayers when renovating your exterior. It is in this light that you will need to choose the best paint sprayer for exterior house that suits you the most.

Here are a few insights into what to consider.

Best paint sprayer for exterior house – Top 6 list in 2021

Can you spray paint a house exterior?

There is no denying that some people have reservations about painting the exteriors of their houses.

However, this is a mistaken aspect, as the choice to paint this exterior is not only refreshing but also a sure way of improving the value of your house.

For that reason, you will be free to spray paint your exterior at any time.

Why you need a paint sprayer for the exterior painting?

Various benefits come with using paint sprayers for your exterior walls. Perhaps, a look at what they offer will make you rethink your current position.

Here are the reasons to buy these paint sprayers.

best paint sprayer for exterior house reviews

– Space coverage

There is no denying that these paint sprayers will often assure you of broader coverage, especially when compared to brushes. Usually, you will take the least effort and time to spray a particular section.

The duration could be 20% of what you spend when using paint rollers.

– No worries on bumps

These paint sprayers allow you to override bumps, cracks, and gaps on the surface. This way, you will be confident of flawless results in the long run.

What is more, you will be sure of a uniform application at all times. Whether the surface is textured or not, the results will remain the same.

Indeed, you will fall in love with the superior finish you get.

– Enhanced portability

Thanks to how lightweight they tend to be, these paint sprayers will often assure you of unmatched portability.

You will be free to cart them around or even carry them, giving you the convenience you so need during the process.

What is the best paint sprayer for exterior painting?

Getting a one-dimensional answer to this will be relatively hard. However, various features could come in handy for you during this time. They will include the following.

#1. Lightweight

It will always be vital to have a relatively light paint sprayer. That is because it will allow you to move around the house without too much hassle.

Preferably, focus on one with wheels, as this ensures that carting it around becomes effortless.

#2. Long hose

A long hose will always matter, as it ensures that you reach some of the hard-to-reach places without much struggle.

Besides this, take the time to consider how flexible it is. The more flexible it tends to be, the better it will be for you.

#3. Power

Enhanced power should be inevitable, as it determines how smooth your finish will be. It will be essential to pick something that produces over 500 watts. With this, you will be sure of the ultimate satisfaction.

It will be fair to highlight Graco Magnum X7 as one of the best options you have at hand. Thanks to its versatility and myriad of features, you will find this sprayer ideal for your exterior.

It is not only lightweight and compact but also ideal for a professional-grade finish.

Best portable – Graco Magnum x7 powerful paint sprayer with long hose

Graco x7 portable paint sprayer for house exterior

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Reviews of 6 best paint sprayers for house exterior

#1. Best for exterior stain – HomeRight airless paint sprayer for home exterior

HomeRight airless paint sprayers for exterior house painting

If you are looking for that flawless exterior stain, this paint sprayer is all you could ever need. This airless paint sprayer boasts of incredible innovativeness and a myriad of impressive features.

This product assures you of adjustable pressure settings, thanks to the easily accessible control knob.

This knob ensures that you comfortably change the pressure between high and low, assuring you of a perfect flow of paint.

You will also be sure of a 515 reversible spray tip, which is vital whenever you are dealing with the quick cleaning of clogs.

This sprayer will comfortably handle both medium and light coatings, depending on your preferences.

You can hardly ignore its impressive, compact design. From its long, flexible suction tube to the sizable tank capacity, drawing paint will hardly be a hassle.

Notable Features:

  • Enhanced power
  • Reasonably easy to set it up
  • Comfortably clears clogs on time

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#2. Best for interior and exterior – Paint Zoom cheap electric hvlp paint sprayer

Paint Zoom exterior spray gun

This product has proven to be ideal for both exterior and interior painting. Whether you are a beginner or a professional painter, this item will be suitable for you.

The design featured by this product is worth appreciating, as it highlights elegance, durability, and portability.

Usually, it comes with high-quality plastic construction and a flawless finish. It will suffice to mention that this heavy-duty, rugged construction makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage.

This product will hardly stutter, which assures you of a perfect and uniform finish. That is because you will hardly need to worry about the distribution and even the flow of the paint.

Its motor is designed in a way that will give you an even coat.

Its spray nozzle assures you of directional control, which makes it easier for you to use it. Besides this, it comes with an extended hose that will allow you to maneuver without too much hassle.

Notable Features:

  • Robust construction
  • Relatively easy to use
  • Compact design, lightweight

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#3. Best for exterior wall – Wagner stationary hvlp paint sprayer with 2 nozzles

wagner exterior paint sprayer

Are you looking forward to repainting your exterior wall? This option will be worth your time, and at any time.

There is no denying that the myriad of features Wagner HVLP 0529021 sprayer comes with will have a significant impact on the quality of your finish.

This HVLP sprayer comes with an X-boost air turbine, which helps in pushing large volumes of paint even when the pressure is low. That implies that the paint will hardly get atomized, and it will come at a much better rate.

Its air hose is flexible, meaning that you will need not to stick to a specific position at all times. With this flexibility, reaching some of the hard-to-reach places will be no hassle.

Further to this, its design ensures that there are hardly any leakages or even the loss of power.

Did you know that you will have up to two nozzles? This dual-nozzle design is critical for those who want fine spraying. With this, it will also be easier for you to apply an unthinned coating at any time.

Notable Features:

  • Incredible storage capacity
  • Assures you of built-in flexibility
  • You will fall in love with its speed

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#4. Best for exterior latex – Graco Magnum x5 stand airless paint sprayer with controllable flow

Graco interior and exterior paint sprayers

This airless paint sprayer has proven to be ideal for exterior latex. The incredible flow it offers will effortlessly get you smitten. That the flow is often controllable can only assure you of enhanced convenience.

It will suffice to mention that this product comes with True Airless Technology, which focuses on speed, control, and performance.

Ideally, it ensures that you complete your task within a relatively short time. There will also be minimal chances of overspray, which assures you of a professional result at all times.

Did you know that it has the PushPrimer feature, which ensures priming becomes effortless?

Its stainless steel piston comes in handy in ensuring that the performance is outstanding. With this technology in place, there will be no reason to worry about spraying coatings without thinning.

Further to this, its robust stainless steel construction is vital in enhancing not only longevity but also reliable performance.

Notable Features:

  • Relatively lightweight design
  • Relatively straightforward to set up
  • Comes with an adjustable pressure control

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#5. Best portable – Graco handheld corded lightweight paint spray gun for exterior

Graco best airless paint sprayer for exterior

You can hardly ignore this handheld paint sprayer, thanks to how incredibly portable it tends to be. From how compact its design is to how lightweight it is, it is a gem worth beholding.

This product comes with two spray tips, including a smaller one and a more extensive option. With these two, there will hardly be an issue when working on thinner materials and thicker liquids, respectively.

Further to this, their reversible nature allows you to unclog any clogs that could arise, assuring you of an excellent job.

Graco 17D889 guarantees you variable speed control, allowing you to determine which speed is ideal for your project. As if that is not enough, its control knob tends to be relatively easy to access.

Usually, this sprayer allows you to spray in any direction, including upside down. The spray could be unthinned too.

Notable Features:

  • Its speed control is variable
  • It has a reversible spray tip
  • Comes with the FlexLiner paint bag system

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#6. Best for large job – Graco Magnum x7 airless paint sprayer with durable construction

Graco x7 portable paint sprayer for house exterior

Sometimes, all you could ever be needing is a sprayer for relatively large projects. It is at this point that Graco Magnum X7 steps in, thanks to its impressive output and enhanced speed.

It boasts of stainless steel construction, assuring you of enhanced longevity and impressive performance.

Its stainless steel piston guarantees you of unmatched reliability, as it ensures that the sprayer works for much longer and even harder.

You will fall in love with its flexible suction tube. This tube ensures that you enjoy unimaginable convenience when spraying.

Further, its adjustable pressure control ensures that you have flawless results in the long run.

Did you know that besides its relatively compact design, this item comes with a set of wheels? With this, you will find it relatively convenient to cart it around.

Notable Features:

  • Relatively easy to set up and clean
  • It will comfortably spray any coating
  • Its wheels make it more than portable

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How to choose the right exterior home sprayer?

Various aspects go into the selection of the right paint sprayer for your home. From their performance to how reliable they can be, it will always be vital to be careful about which one to choose.

Considering how daunting this process can be, here are a few variables you will want to consider.

#1. Spray type

It will always be vital for you to decide on which type of paint sprayer to consider, depending on your preferences.

For instance, you will need an airless sprayer if you want to paint in high pressure. HVLP sprayers assure you of a smooth finish, thanks to the steady stream of low-pressure air.

On the other hand, pneumatic sprayers will need an air compressor to function. However, they tend to be vulnerable to overspray issues.

#2. Type of coating

The type of coating you get will always be integral in your decision-making process. Usually, you will need to decide between organic and inorganic coatings.

For instance, HVLP will come in handy when spraying metal surfaces, which is what organic coatings highlight. You could use airless paint sprayers for inorganic coatings.

Best for stain – HomeRight airless paint sprayer for power painting

HomeRight airless paint sprayers for exterior house painting

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#3. Spray tips and nozzles

You can hardly ignore the shape and the design of the sprayer tips. It will suffice to mention that the size of these tips and nozzles will often affect your ultimate efficiency.

That is because smaller nozzles tend to be much suitable for smaller surface areas, while bigger ones are for larger areas.

Further, you might want to consider whether they are reversible or not. It would be best to pick reversible options, as they help in unclogging stuff whenever necessary.

Best with 2 reversible tips – Graco handheld airless paint spray gun with variable speed control

Graco best airless paint sprayer for exterior

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#4. Painting area

The painting area will often determine which type of paint sprayer you should consider. That is because there will be a need to focus on the speed of the task.

Most often, airless paint sprayers tend to assure you of enhanced speeds. For this reason, you will find them suitable for bigger surface areas.

It will also be vital to consider a paint sprayer with bigger nozzles, as they will be handier when spraying broader surfaces.

#5. Power

Did you know that the power of your chosen paint sprayer will significantly affect the finish you get in the long run?

The ideal spray power for your device should be around 450 watts to 700 watts.

The higher the power, the more likely you will get a superior finish in the long run.

Such will also be the right time to pay attention to the pressure that the sprayer highlights. The stronger the pressure, the better it will be for you.

#6. Capacity

Take the time to understand the storage capacity of your chosen exterior paint sprayer. It will be best to pick an option that assures you of higher tank capacity.

That is because it will affect the level of convenience you enjoy in the long run. A bigger capacity means that you will hardly need to keep refilling it from time to time, giving you the peace of mind you need during the process.

A compressor that assures you of a CFM of between 4 and 19 will be best for you.

Best with 5 gallon paint bucket – Graco Magnum x7 cart paint sprayer fro multi story home

Graco x7 portable paint sprayer for house exterior

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#7. Ease of use and clean up

The ease of use will often depend on how accessible the control knobs are.

  • Are these control knobs adequately named?
  • Is it easy for you to adjust both pressure and flowrate?

If yes, this is the ideal choice for you. While at it, you will find a paint sprayer with minimal extra features to be much easier to clean.

Also, those that assure you of easier unclogging tend to be much more reliable.


What are the different types of exterior paint sprayers?

Exterior paint sprayers come in three distinct types, including HVLP, airless, and air compressor paint sprayers. Each of these options assures you of different forms of application and even results at all times.

Here are a few insights into each of them.

1. HVLP paint sprayers

HVLP stands for high volume, low pressure. This type of paint sprayer involves air getting pumped from its turbine or air compressor to atomize the paint.

The turbine will often keep the air power and the paint separate, and these two can only meet at the point of spray.

This sprayer allows you to customize the spread, pressure, and the volume of the paint, thanks to the adjustable controls.

Best cheap – Paint Zoom HVLP electric paint spray gun with hand held

Paint Zoom exterior spray gun

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2. Compressed air paint sprayers

This type of paint sprayer ideally relies on an air compressor for it to function. Technically, this type of sprayer highlights the low volume, low-pressure mechanism.

It is relatively simple, as it requires no more than a spray gun and an air compressor. Usually, the compressed air paint sprayer will come in handy for beginners, thanks to its level of simplicity.

However, they tend to be more susceptible to clogging and overspray issues.

Hot sale – TCP Global air paint sprayer with robust construction

3. Airless paint sprayers

You can hardly ignore how popular these paint sprayers have become in the recent past. They tend to rely on pressure to atomize paint, which ensures that this paint comes out in relatively small droplets.

Due to this small size, the droplets will comfortably form a uniform pattern that assures you of a much smoother finish.

You will effortlessly fall in love with the speed they tend to accentuate.

As if this is not enough, controlling both pressure and the flow rate will be relatively easy, thanks to the ease of adjustment.

Best for medium-sized project – Graco Magnum x5 stand airless sprayer

Graco interior and exterior paint sprayers

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Which is the best type of paint sprayer for exterior walls?

There is no denying that airless sprayers have the edge over the rest whenever you want to paint your exterior. Thanks to how they handle thicker paint and their suitability for large projects, these paint sprayers will readily get you smitten.

Besides being lightweight and portable, you can easily plug them into domestic power supplies, which makes them ideal for DIY too.

Is it better to roll or spray the exterior?

Choosing between sprayers and rollers will often be a fight between affordability and detail. Undoubtedly, sprayers will be much better for you—that is no secret. Here are a few reasons why sprayers will edge rollers out.

  • Details

Sprayers will often come in handy for complex textures, including crown modeling, deep exterior textures, and dentils. Further, these sprayers will comfortably be able to reach even the narrowest crevices.

You will hardly have to worry about pooled up paint or even drips, thanks to their flexible hoses.

  • Larger surface areas

You will always find sprayers to be suitable for large projects. That is because they assure you of not only speed but also convenience.

Remember, you will hardly struggle to prime your space, as the tips and nozzles of this sprayer will be on your side. T

hese sprayers will cut the time spent on the project by up to 80%. However, if this surface is dirty, paint-rolling will be the ideal move.

  • On a budget?

There are times that people will want to stick to a relatively small budget, and you might be no exception.

In this case, it will be best for you to consider rollers, as they hardly waste paint in the long run.

Remember, atomized paint could readily drift away during the painting process.

Whichever way you look at it, sprayers tend to be much better for you.

How to paint a house exterior?

While painting the exterior of your house might seem to be a straightforward process, it is something that will need the utmost care. With the following steps in mind, you will be confident of getting the top results in the long run.

what is the best paint sprayer for exterior painting

– Identify the right tips and nozzles for the job

It will always be vital for you to ensure that the spray tip you choose does not exceed the capacity of your sprayer. With the right tip, you will be sure of consistent color.

While at it, you should focus on using a small nozzle if the painting area is small and vice versa.

– Start with a small area

This step is vital for most beginners, as it allows you to know how good your job is likely to be in the long run. You could start by spraying the eaves, or the underside of these eaves.

Further, it will be the right time to identify the right direction of the spraying.

– Work in sections

Always ensure that your spray tip is about 12 inches above the surface. This distance allows you to come up with the best results in the long run.

However, you should be specific about the sections you should first work on.

Usually, you will need to consider banding, as it marks the outer edges of the area you need to paint.

– Time to focus on the walls now

Once you are done with the eaves, you will be free to proceed to paint the walls. Preferably, start by cutting around the doors and the windows before you consider other flat surfaces.


In conclusion, having more than one type of paint sprayer for exterior projects will come in handy for you. That is because it could help in different types of projects.

However, what matters the most is that you need to be careful about which one to pick. Let quality results be your drive!