Wagner Flexio 890 HVLP Paint Sprayer Review

To apply paint onto larger surfaces, you can never rely on the brush or the rollers. Not only do they take too long but also suffer some damages in the course of doing that. Your best bet lies in the sprayers. These are machines that convert the paint into the vapors and spread them atop the various surfaces.

Though many such sprayers abound, the Wagner Flexio 890 HVLP Paint Sprayer stands out.

  • But just why is this the case?
  • What are some of its strong and unique points?
  • Could there be some inherent benefits that a user stands to reap from engaging it?

We answer these and many more relevant questions next.


General Review of the Wagner Flexio 890 HVLP Paint Sprayer

wagner flexio 890 paint sprayer 0529021

If you want to jut out unthinned latex paint, this is the sprayer to set your eyes on.

It does have the distinct capability of pushing out the extra thick paints without too much ado on your part. That is given its extra powerful motor that produces extensive pushing power for you.

Portable Paint System – Overall, the entire system is extremely portable in the sense that it is simpler to carry around. For this reason, it gives you the freedom to carry it for an extended duration of time without tiring a bit too soon! You hence have it for the taking if you have a larger surface to impact.

Two Nozzles – Unlike your standard sprayer, this one has some two nozzles. Thanks to the existence of these two nozzles, the item is faster and more reliable insofar as the dissipation of paint is concerned. With these two nozzles, you also get to reap the benefits of a detailed finish on the surface you target.

Adjustable Settings – A series of adjustable settings also exist for your own leverage and eventual engagement. You use these settings to vary the pace and the intensity of the paint output. Its settings are comparatively easier to handle and adjust unlike many of the competing sprayers. You need not possess extensive manpower or skill to engage them hence.

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Key Features of Wagner Flexio 890 Paint Sprayer 0529021

wagner 0529021 flexio 890 hvlp

Below now are the key features of this Wagner Flexio 890 HVLP Paint Sprayer:

  • Extreme Portability

As noted earlier on, this sprayer is extremely portable. The portability is mainly brought about by the extensive use of the smaller and the lighter materials.

On the strength of its portability, the gadget is simpler to carry around and deploy to the remote locale with ease.

  • Broad Surface Coverage

With this item, it is possible to cover a broader area of space per unit time. You will engage the iSpray nozzle extensively to realize this awesome end.

On the same note, the item also delivers the unthinned paint exceptionally well. That also goes a long way in cutting the time you need to prep it.

  • Unmatched Spraying Power

Compared to the many of its peers, this item delivers unmatched spraying power. An X-Boost Turbine that exists at its core is the one responsible for the generation of the spraying power. Being potent, it gives rise to an effective spraying action and end results.

  • Exceptional Controls

A set of exceptional controls adorn the entire length and breadth of the sprayer. These include the low overspray, full coverage and the adjustable controls to name but a few!

In total, they give you the leeway to stay ahead of your game. Hardly will you have to stray or expend too much effort to have your way.

  • Integrated Power Dial

Also complementing the exceptional controls is the integrated power dial. As you may well have conjectured, the dial is the one you use to vary the intensity of the spray output.

Being easier to handle, it allows for prompt and unparalleled engagement of the item on the whole.

  • 11.5-foot Hose

To deliver the paint outputs, the sprayer makes use of a hose that measures 11.5 feet. Being long, the hose is definitely capable of accessing those parts and areas that are largely hidden from the view of many people.

Also, it lets you get around the projects and obstacles easily.

  • Amazing Speed

On the whole, the item works at a pace that is truly amazing. It is as a matter of fact 12 times faster than your normal brush.

By deciding to place your bet on it, you will not have to wait for too long to get the necessary outcomes.

  • Detail Finish Nozzle

Regardless of the size and the scope of the project at hand, this item guarantees you some detailed finish.

That is due to its ability to churn out just the right amount of the sprays at the precise spots where the same may be wanted. Your end results are hence truly amazing to the eyes.

  • Appropriately Organized

By its sheer stature and overall makeup, the item is truly organized. It also comes along with a power box in which you stash it when not in use. The existence of the box minimizes clutter and the inconveniences that ordinarily arise in the course of accessing it.

  • Reliable Housing

A reliable housing closes the list of the many awesome features it has to offer. This housing is the one that acts to contain all the constituent parts and components of the piece of equipment. Its reliability sees it allow for easier access and retrieval if and when the need to do so arises.


Pros and Cons of Wagner Flexio 890 HVLP Spray Gun


  • Great and suitable for a vast array of projects
  • Leaves behind some superior finish and overall outcomes
  • Tackles a wider number of surfaces


  • Costs you around $200

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Where Can Wagner 890 Be Used?

This machine can be used in the following areas or kinds of projects:

  • Cabinets/Doors/Trim

It may be used to deliver some detailed finish on the trim, doors, and the cabinets.

That is mainly because of its capability of accessing those parts and spaces that are generally out of the reach of the ordinary sprayers. Its portability also makes for its ability to be used seamlessly at such places.

  • Fences/Decks

You have a fence or a deck that you want to impact? Yet again, set your eyes on this special kind of sprayer.

It suits these two areas well due to its extra-long hose that measures 11.5 feet. The hose allows you to stretch the nozzle to get it to areas that are far detached from the reality.

  • Interior Walls

Apart from the outdoor environment, the item also serves the interior areas well. Its light weight blends with the two brushes to deliver the paint output to just about any interior space.

Thanks to its compact size, the sprayer is also bound to allow you to move it out and about freely.

  • Sheds

The sheds also are some of the key areas where you may engage the sprayer for use.

You will engage it for use in such areas mainly due to its iSpray nozzle that exudes the paint output in a manner that is faster and more reliable. In the end, it gives off some superior finish for you.

  • PERFECT FOR A VARIETY OF PROJECTS: The FlexiO 890 paint sprayer is great for applying a superior finish on furniture, walls, ceilings, cabinets, trim and more
  • PORTABLE PAINT SYSTEM: The turbine sits on the ground, keeping the weight on the floor and reducing hand fatigue for long projects. It then delivers air power through the hose to spray unthinned coatings
  • TWO NOZZLES INCLUDED: iSpray nozzle is ideal for spraying larger jobs and Detail Finish Nozzle is best for small projects and fine finishing. Spray patterns include horizontal, vertical, and round
  • ADJUSTABLE SETTINGS: Turn the X-Boost Power Dial on the gun handle to easily adjust the level of air pressure. You can also turn the material flow control to increase or decrease your paint flow
  • CONVENIENT CLEAN UP: Cleaning your spray gun is quick and simple. Plus, the turbine base has the ability to store both the hose and two nozzles for easy, portable storage


People Who Should Avoid It

This sprayer, though great, is just not for everyone. Below are some cadres of persons who should never use it at all:

– Pregnant Women

If you are a pregnant woman, you should avoid using this sprayer at all costs. In the course of using it, you will no doubt inhale the paints.

The paint droplets travel through to the lungs via the nasal cavity. In the end, it may impact the unborn child adversely.

– Inherent Respiratory Illnesses

Do you have some inherent respiratory illnesses like asthma or blocked nose? Yet again you are advised against using this sprayer.

The item may only serve to deepen the issues principally by making the nose even more blocked. In fact, you should just stay away from matters of painting altogether.



Many thanks for staying with us till the end. It is our hope now that you have received the insight you need to appreciate the Wagner Flexio 890 HVLP paint sprayer better and possibly make greater use of the same.

Is it too much to challenge you to acquire one soonest possible? Kindly pass the information to another one who might need it!

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