Wagner 0518050 Control Spray Double Duty Paint Sprayer Review

Are you a woodworker or metalworker who wants to apply paint on the pieces of furniture he makes? If at all that is the case, you need to use a piece of equipment that is specially designed and optimized for the job. We recommend the Wagner 0518050 Control Spray double duty paint sprayer.

In our reviews and buying guide hereunder, we shall seek to lay bare its finest details for you. The reviews tend to offer more information on the strong points of this wonderful gear.


Reviews of the Wagner 0518050 Control Spray Double-Duty Paint Sprayer

wagner control spray double duty paint sprayer reviews

The Wagner 0518050 Control Spray Double-duty Paint Sprayer is a painting gadget that emits the paint outputs in the form of sprays rather than the stream like is the norm with many alternative gadgets.

It operates via the high volume low-pressure technique that covers a wider area with limited effort on your part.

Its makeup is also adjustable to put you ahead of the game insofar as the controls and engagement of the painting exercise is concerned.

The adjustable faculty of this apparatus let you decide the pace at which the paint is ejected as well. That gives you some leeway in choosing how long the exercise is to last.

Thanks to the double duty nature of the gadget, you are sure to multitask and conclude the stated tasks within the least duration of times possible. Additionally, it also gives you the leeway to multitask i.e. tackle many other associated purposes within the same timeframe.

When all factors are taken into consideration, the item may tackle the woodwork, furniture painting, cabinets, and decks with an equal degree of reliability and overall efficacy.

By choosing to work with it, you won’t have to set your eyes on any other items as it handles everything on its own.

Notable Features:

  • Creates great sprays that leave behind enduring outcomes
  • Works on just about any surface
  • Able to disperse just about any other substance

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Main Features of the Wagner Control Spray Double Duty HVLP Spray Gun

wagner 0518050 control spray double duty paint sprayer

Here now are the main features of the Wagner Control Spray Double-duty Paint Sprayer:

  • High Volume Low-pressure Technology

As explained above, this gadget utilizes high volume low-pressure technology to discharge the paint output.

Thanks to this technology, the item emits sprays that are thinner and more precise. Then again,  it gives you the leeway to vary the pace of the painting overall.

  • Two-stage Air Turbine

Its core operations are mainly facilitated by the two-stage air turbine. It is the turbine that generates the flow of the paint sprays.

Considering that it is powered by batteries, the turbine negates the need for you to expend any muscle power to do so. That spares you of any tiredness.

  • Superior-performing HVLP Spray Gun

To make your operations even more efficient is the spray gun. The performance of the spray gun is top-notch on the account of the high volume low-pressure operational mechanism.

To add to this, the gun operates via the two-stage mechanism to deliver a truly fine finish onto your surfaces.

  • Superior Nozzle

At the tip of the gun is the superior nozzle whose purpose is to regulate the pace and the intensity of the spray output.

This nozzle may be used to spray out countless projects and materials. It also has the added advantage of being responsive to your inputs and other prompts.

  • Perfect Outflow

Its flow, when weighed against those of the prevailing alternatives, are perfect indeed. Thanks to this perfection, the flow is more reliable to make great use of.

It also has the added advantage of generating perfect and regular patterns when channeled and deployed on the respective surfaces.

  • Highly Versatile

In all, this item is highly versatile to the extent of being useful in conjunction with a wide variety of materials. You may use it alongside the varnishes, lacquers, urethanes, sealers, and stains.

Some may also handle the thicker latex. On account of this trait, the item is truly profitable to make use of in the long run.

  • Multipurpose Sprayer

Other than being versatile, the item is also multipurpose in the sense that it handles just about any project with absolute ease and maximum efficacy.

You will indeed deploy it easily to your cabinets, furniture, fences, patios, and decks to name but a few! Moreover, it also fits both the interior and the exterior works equally.

  • Three Spray Patterns

Altogether, the gadget can generate a whopping three spray patterns. These are the round, vertical, and horizontal respectively.

With these three patterns, the item is capable of impacting your surfaces conclusively regardless of whichever angle you decide to confront the matter with. That of course leads to better performances all the while.

  • Adjustable Flow Controls

While engaging its controls, you will enjoy the benefit of seamless handling and adjustments of the outflow of the spray paint.

These controls make for the increase and the decrease in the material output as per your unique expectations and overall requirements. Also, they allow for smoother end results on the whole.

  • 2 Material Containers

Some two material containers also exist as a wonderful part and aspect of the sprayer. These are the ones that contain and hold the paints in escrow.

Being two, they jointly confer the support you need to tackle just about any other kind of project you may have in mind.

  • Simpler Installations

Though packed with loads of elegant and top-notch features, this sprayer is simpler to install. That is mainly because it comes about as a ready to use the item.

Hardly does it require any assembly prior to use. The same case applies to the ease with which the item may be cleaned after use.

  • Faster Operations

Its pace of operations, when weighed against those of its peers, is faster. This is due to its faster pace of discharge of the paint sprays. Additionally, the item is also faster than the roller and the brush.

Count on it hence if you want to tackle your tasks within the shortest duration of time possible.

  • Three-position Air Cap

Fixed at the extreme end of the nozzle is an air cap. It swivels in three main positions to allow for smoother and safer adjustments of the patterns of the sprays.

On the strength of this trait, the cap enables you to place the decorations and the patterns that are suitable for your course.

  • Variable Trigger

A variable trigger manages the flow of the paint from the hose via the nozzle. It triggers the flow within the range of ½ inches to 9 inches, all for the maximum coverage of the surface concerned.

On the same note, it also manages a whopping 4.9 fl. oz. of paint outflow per minute.

  • SUPERIOR PERFORMING HVLP SPRAY GUN: This HVLP sprayer utilizes a two-stage, indoor/outdoor rated air turbine to provide a fine finish on your surface.
  • PERFECT FLOW EVERY TIME: Adjust the material volume by turning the regulator on the trigger of the spray gun to achieve a smooth material flow. You can also adjust the spray pattern to spray horizontal, vertical or round
  • USE WITH A VARIETY OF MATERIALS: Applies thin materials such as stains, sealers, urethanes, varnishes and lacquers
  • GREAT FOR ANY PROJECT: Includes two material cups, 1 quart for smaller interior work and 1.5 quart for larger exterior work. Perfect for transforming decks, patios, fences, furniture, cabinets, and more



You should now confront this Wagner 0518050 Control Spray double duty paint sprayer with the utmost confidence.

The in-depth pieces of information we have provided above are truly awesome and appropriately geared to the realization of that end. Why not take the earliest opportunity to make an acquisition?

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