Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer 17M363 Review

The painting industry continues to improve every day, and the spray paint technology has explicitly advanced tremendously. The paint sprayer has helped cut down on cost and time for homeowners and painters all over.

The Graco ultra cordless airless paint sprayer is a good quality sprayer with several great features like giving you an even coat of paint. It seeks to better your painting experience.

The 17m363 is a cordless sprayer that is excellent for small jobs, especially those that require attention to detail. It is perfect for painters who want to do small jobs without moving around with large equipment.

Below is a review so that you can have detailed information before you buy it.

General Reviews of Graco 17M363 Handheld Paint Spray Gun

graco ultra cordless handheld paint sprayer reviews

The Graco Ultra airless handheld paint sprayer is an excellent paint sprayer designed explicitly for small exterior and interior projects. It is best for those projects that need you to be attentive to details giving you an airless finish.

Its small size makes it portable enough to carry around with you if you are a professional painter, very easy to assemble ready to go to work in seconds.

The tip is a reverse-a-clean X FFLP tip that works perfectly on Graco Airless Sprayers.

The Flex Liner feature is a bag system that allows you to spray using any angle, including upside down. The pump replacement system is designed to be quick and pretty straightforward, not to give you any problems.

The battery that comes with this spray is very efficient in that it uses only one charge per gallon, which is why professional painters use it more because it does away with moving around with large sprayers.

This spray deals with paints alone and can also spray mineral spirits and even water, which is very convenient.

If you are a homeowner that wants to try a DIY, then the Graco cordless sprayer is the one for you. It is necessary for all those small jobs that need a lot of precision and very user friendly.

It is straightforward to use that a beginner will not have a hard time spraying with it. All the painting capabilities that were only available to painters are now available to you and at a high cost.

The spray comes at a very pocket-friendly price hence affordable to homeowners who want to do small projects. All these features mean that it is an excellent investmen.


  • 2000 PSI
  • Easy to clean
  • Reasonably priced
  • Different spray patterns
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Dependable Great life battery


  • Small reservoir size
  • Need to charge when painting large projects

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Key Features of Graco Ultra Cordless Handheld Spray Painter

It is true that the best way to determine whether a product will work for you, you have to look at the features.

The Graco ultra cordless airless handheld paint has several features that make it an excellent sprayer for both professionals and homeowners who want to try the DIY. Below are the features:

Graco ultra rechargeable battery cordless paint sprayer gun

#1. Lightweight and Handheld

Graco ultra airless cordless sprayer was designed with portability in mind. It is lightweight and portable enough to be used by anyone, even if they are beginners.

Its small size makes it flexible enough that you can paint at any angle. Its portability ensures that you can comfortably move around with it and guarantees you precision on those essential projects.

Being light also means that the sprayer is very convenient to store and additionally very easy to clean.

#2. Cordless and Free Mobility

Being that the sprayer is cordless, it means that you can move around quickly, and both professionals and armatures can easily use it. Spray paint guns that use a power cord to work can be very restrictive as there are places they cannot correctly reach.

It also means that it is effortless to store and transport; it’s ergonomically designed guarantees you a comfortable use.

#3. Adjustable Speed

Greco ultra comes with a motor speed control that allows you to adjust the spray concentrations depending on the type of project you are working on.

The pro-control II features are designed for those who want to paint either very slow or rapidly and still get an excellent finish. The machine does not come with an inlet check valve, which is perfect because these valves often get stuck and prevent the sprayer from doing its work until you fix the blockage.

The automatic knocker is designed to help control the pressure ball for a flawless startup every time you want to use the sprayer.

The smart control feature enables you to move the sprayer over the spray surface at different speeds without oscillations.

The balanced pressure and adjustable-rate prevent rough finishes and keep you from going back to recoat the surface that may need more paint.

#4. Triax Triple Piston Pump

With spray paint guns, the more the pistons, the more the sprayer has power. The Triax Triple Piston Pump gives you more power than you can rely on and helps the system not overheat or stress that it stops working.

This feature is most important to those professional painters that have to use this machine every day. It is dependable and has a heavy-duty output that is great for everyday use.

The pistons in this specific machine are made of high-quality stainless steel materials that not only make them powerful but also increase their life, ensuring they last you a very long time.

#5. Flex Liner Bag System

Flex liner bag system is a feature that helps avoid messes when painting. It allows you to interchange paints quickly without leaving any messes.

With this feature, you can paint at any angle, including upside down, without spilling any paint. Generally, the flex liner bag system is a feature to enhance easy cleanup.

#6. ProConnect System

The Pro-connect pump replacement system is a feature that replaces the pump on the go. It uses only one tool to easily replace the pump system the need for professional help or even knowledge on how to take apart the sprayer.

That makes it very convenient and money-saving; you don’t have to pay someone to come and replace the pump as you can do it yourself.

#7. RAC X FFLP Spray Tips

The RAC spray tips are an excellent feature that gives you a subtle finish or a low-pressure spray tip to provide you with a smooth finish without it being highly powered or using a very high-pressure setting.

This cordless sprayer’s spray tip is compatible with all Graco airless products and even with those large sprayers used in large projects.

The spray tips RAC cleaning systems will ensure that unclogging is a quick and easy process.

#8. DeWalt 20V Lithium-Ion Battery Packs

Since this sprayer is cordless, it means that it uses a battery to operate. The good thing is that it comes with a great batter that is very reliable.

Homeowners and contractors should not worry about it life as they will get both longevity and power. There is an LED indicator that shows you how much battery charge you have left so that it may not power off unexpectedly.

The DeWalt battery charged faster at a rate of 30 percent more compared to other types of batteries. With this speed, it only takes 35 minutes to charge fully and will not inconvenience users.

The battery is 20 voltage and uses only a single charge to spray a gallon of paint. That means it will take long before it runs out of charge.

You also choose to upgrade the battery because it is compatible with most batteries; you can even upgrade to a higher version. Since it has two batteries, you are guaranteed 70 minutes of non-stop use.

#9. 2 Spray Patterns

The Graco ultra is a cordless airless sprayer with many features, and one of the most important ones is the spray patterns. To use the patterns, rotate the nozzle 180 degrees so that you can change the pattern.

The sprayer should be off when turning so as not to release any paint. Depending on the surface and kind of paint you are using, this setting will be convenient for the perfect pattern.


What Is In the Box?

  • Spray Gun
  • 1 Tip
  • 2 Batteries
  • AC Charger
  • A Carrying Bag
  • A couple of Sleeves


Where Can The Machine Be Used?

This machine can be used in any place that requires fine attention to detail. It is designed for small projects that need more eye to detail, and since it does not need a power cord to function, there are several projects that it can handle. Some of the projects that this machine can be used include:

– Interiors of new constructions

Airless sprayers are necessary when painting your interior walls, mostly if it is for the first time. Since they are cordless and don’t need an outlet, the new house may not yet have electricity sockets to be perfect for such places.

The sprayer is very fast as it can spray 0.2 gallons per minute; hence you don’t have to worry about time.

– Ceiling board

Even professional painters hate painting ceilings, but when using a sprayer, the job becomes very easy.

Since the sprayer is cordless, it can be turned in any direction to get full coverage. That makes the paint gun very efficient and convenient; what’s even better is that they don’t over-apply paint.

– Outdoors

The sprayer can work on different types of materials hence can also be used outside to spray places like your deck. You can apply paint or stain to your patio without any problem because it is cordless.

The battery is good enough to give you enough time to finish the work. The sprayer also has liners that are easy to set up and clean. You can also use it on your doors and cabinets.


People Who Should Avoid It

There is no record of anyone who should avoid this type of sprayer. The only people that should not use it are kids, so ensure that you keep it away and out of reach.

If you have respiratory issues and you have to use it, please wear protective gear. Things like masks will prevent you from inhaling paint fumes that may affect you.



This Graco Ultra cordless airless paint sprayer is a must-have for professionals and homeowners that want to save on time and money.

Buying this sprayer will be a positive investment that you will have for a long time due to its durability.

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