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Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayers for Smooth Result in 2021

The best professional airless paint sprayer isn’t a new term in most professional painters.

If you need to take your painting skills to the next level, finish your contractor faster, transform the look of your home interior and exterior, you may need a professional airless paint sprayer.

The tool is designed to speed up painting jobs and reduce paint usage. It’s a perfect way to spray paint unthinned and get the best look.

The current market has multiple of these professional airless paint sprayers. Buying the best might be the most challenging thing you can engage yourself in considering the numerous options.

That’s why we’ve decided to prepare this guide for you. Inside it is a list of best professional airless paint sprayers and a buying guide to help you buy the best.

Top 6 best professional airless paint sprayer


What paint sprayer do professional use?

Typically, there are five common types of paint sprayers available:

  • Airless paint sprayers;
  • HVLP paint sprayers;
  • LVLP paint sprayers;
  • Gravity feed spray guns;
  • Compressed air paint sprayers.

All these kinds have specific usage, with the most ideal for professionals being the airless paint sprayer. Why?

best professional airless paint sprayer reviews

Airless paint sprayer is perfect for professionals and skilled amateurs with a big budget.

Airless paint sprayers use a ton of pressure for atomizing the paint and force it out through the nozzle tip in the form of tiny droplets. The paint droplets spray an even pattern on the surface to give it a smooth finish.

For the airless paint sprayers, it’s all about paint speed and precision; the high pressure creates a first stream of paint that allows a professional to complete massive projects at hand in a short period.

It’s an excellent way to handle a large volume of painting work. With an airless paint sprayer, you can handle surface painting, both indoors and outdoors, in minutes instead of hours.

And to make things more intriguing, the paint usage is less compared to the other sprayers. You also get to use the paint directly from the mixing bucket with some models.

Reviews of the 6 best professional-grade airless sprayers

#1. Best sale – Graco x5 stand professional airless paint sprayer for fast work

Graco magnum x5 airless paint sprayer for professional-grade painting

The Graco x5 is here to make it effortless for you, an avid DIY homeowner and handyman, to power through those tiny to medium jobs with finesse and speed.

It’s a cost-efficient paint sprayer with high-speed performance thanks to its Magnum x5. The sprayer is ideal for handling all indoor painting projects or take care of your outdoor painting jobs such as small home, fence, siding, and deck painting.

Furthermore, it does come fitted with a fully adjustable pressure designed to allow you to have the ultimate control over the paint flow depending on your project size.

And since some of your projects might require high-pressure painting, the unit does come with a stainless steel piston attached to its robust pump. The design allows it to perform excellently and will enable you to paint unthinned and at high temperatures.

What’s more, with a 125-gallons annual spraying rate, this is a model you can expect to last for a while.

After all the cleaning, you will want to have to clean. The best part about this is, it has a fast, straightforward clean-up. Its power flush adapter does connect effortlessly to a garden hose providing an easy way to clean the whole thing.

Notable Features:

  • Duraflex paint hose
  • Flexible suction tube
  • Fully adjustable control
  • High-speed performance

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#2. Best corded – Graco TrueCoat airless handheld sprayer for small jobs

Graco TrueCoat professional corded handheld airless spray gun

Graco TrueCoat is the best-corded model in the list ideal for an absolute beginner, hobbyist, or a fixer-upper. This Graco’s DIY Series sprayer is here to deliver amazing results.

As a DIY homeowner, you can use it to whisk through any small painting projects thanks to its TrueCoat 360 DS Technology.

What’s more, this unit is perfect for indoor and outdoor projects such as doors, small sheds, trims, ceilings, decks, interior walls, or any small home improvement project.

It does come with dual adjustable speed, with the low rate being for the small detail paintwork and the high speed for the large projects needing faster painting.

Similar to the first product, this model does also has a stainless steel piston pump created to allow you to spray paint unthinned and at high pressure.

Another thing you get in this spray machine is the VacuValve Technology perfect for creating an airtight system.

Why is that necessary? It allows you to spray in all the directions. It’s a sprayer you can trust to handle all the basic painting jobs, especially at home.

Notable Features:

  • Reversible spray tips
  • Spray in any direction
  • Dual speed adjustment
  • Ideal for multi-color projects

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#3. Best for large job – Wagner Control Pro 130 professional airless paint sprayer

If you’re looking to take your spraying experience to a professional level, you might want to lay your hands on the Wagner Control Pro 130 Sprayer.

It’s a professional airless paint sprayer best for a thorough job. With this in town, it has never been this easier to paint like a Pro.

The model comes with everything you may ever need from a commercial airless sprayer.

The best part is that it can be used to spraying a wide variety of latex paints and unthinned materials. If you have massive projects such as a house, decks, fence, garage, interior walls, or more large area painting and staining, this the model to buy.

It does also have High-Efficiency Airless Technology designed to produce pro paint finish using 55% less overspray compared to the traditional airless sprayer.

There is an integration of handles and tip storage for smooth, safekeeping. The gun and hose also fit conveniently in the tank providing effortless storage.

Another feature that most Wagner Control Pro 130 customers loved is the spill-resistant lid. The design is making the painting jobs mess-free while keeping the paint clean – free of contaminants.

Cleaning the unit is highly straightforward. All you need to do is flush and rinse.

Notable Features:

  • 515 HEA Spray Tip
  • Softer spray pattern
  • Continuous painting
  • Fast coverage with low overspray
  • Spray unthinned paints and stains

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#4. Best portable – Graco x7 cart airless sprayer for a professional result

Graco Magnum x7 cart portable professional airless paint sprayer

Here is another Graco Project Series Sprayer that has proved to be more than a simple model.

Graco x7, the best portable airless sprayer that ensures you deliver nothing short of a professional result.

It does make it easy and smooth for avid DIY homeowners and handymen to deliver exceptional results through those small to mid-sized jobs and with finesse and speed.

When you acquire the Graco x7 cart, you’ll be equipping yourself with a sprayer that will save you time and money. It’s perfect for indoor projects and outdoor as well.

Thanks to improved and fully adjustable pressure, you have all the control over how much paint you need by controlling the flow.

There is the use of a RAC IV SwitchTip designed to reverse the spray tip when the gun gets clogged for continuous, uninterrupted spraying.

And that’s not all; you also get to spray paint unthinned and at high pressure all thanks to the utilization of stainless steel piston pump.

Notable Features:

  • Flexible suction tube
  • Continuous spraying
  • Fully adjustable pressure
  • Ideal for multi-story homes

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#5. Best for free movement – Graco Ultra cordless airless handheld paint spray gun for cabinets

Graco professional cordless airless paint sprayer review

Graco has proved to be reliable and reputable in producing the best professional airless paint sprayers. That’s why we’re giving yet another model from them the Graco Ultra 17M363.

It comes as a cordless airless paint sprayer designed for excellent paint spraying. If you’re looking for the best professional airless paint sprayer that gives you the best movement, this is the product you’re searching for.

It comes equipped with improved features to provide you with top-notch airless spraying performance.

It does power you with a portable, always-ready-for-spraying sprayer that you can take with you everywhere and use it even in those remote areas.

When it comes to its construction, this model is a durable, high-performance unit coupled with Reverse-a-Clean X FFLP tip ideal for use with all the Graco airless sprayers.

As a handheld airless paint sprayer, it uses a high-quality and long-lasting 20V lithium-ion system from Dewalt. There is also the Smart Control feature that offers advanced pressure control.

Its quick and easy pro-connect pump system allows straightforward pump placement.

Notable Features:

  • Ultimate portability
  • Adjustable motor speed
  • Triax Triple Piston Pump
  • Uses RAC X FFLP spray tips
  • DEWALT XR Lithium-Ion system

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#6. Best with less overspray – Titan Tool high efficiency professional airless sprayer with a handheld spray gun

Titan Tool professoional airless paint sprayer for large painting projects

The list is finalized by the Titan Tool 0580009, a high-efficiency airless paint sprayer, the best with less overspray. It’s here to give you a severe DIYer and Handyman, high output with extra control, and minimize the mess.

You can use it on the interior and exterior jobs with your favorite unthinned paints or stains on the walls and surface finishes.

The unit comes equipped with a High-Efficiency Airless system (HEA) designed to decrease the overspray for up to 55%, which also delivers softer spray to ensure you achieve consistent finish all the time.

The best part is, thanks to the implementation of ControlMax Technology in this paint sprayer, the unit does achieve a rate of 0.33 gallon per minute. That is impressive, especially if you’re looking to quicken your output and still make the professional touch.

The model uses a 515 spray tip, which is ideal for latex paints. Pressure adjustability is also something you get to enjoy when you’re using the Titan Tool 0580009.

Notable Features:

  • Variable speed pump
  • 1500 PSI max operating pressure
  • Ideal for interior and exterior jobs

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What to look for when buying the best professional airless paint sprayers?

Best professional airless paint sprayers won’t come screaming – pick me! Pick me! You have to settle down, weigh your options, and decide the best model for you.

For that, you need to have a list of considerations to help you make the best decision. Here are some of the things you need to look for while buying a professional airless paint sprayer:

#1. Type (Corded or Cordless)

  • How mobile do you want to be?
  • How big is your project?
  • Will you move a lot or less?
  • Is your project an all-day project?

These questions can help you decide on the type of professional airless paint sprayer you need.

If you are moving around more, you may decide to go with a cordless handheld model allowing ultimate portability and mobility. However, if your project requires you to stay in a limited area, then a cordless model can serve you well.

If you’re undertaking an enormous painting job, the cordless model won’t be ideal for you. You need a corded model that can handle more runtime without running out of power.

Buy Graco Ultra cordless paint sprayer for more flexibility

Graco professional cordless airless paint sprayer review

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#2. Reliability and Durability

A professional airless paint sprayer isn’t that cheap. It’s something that will take away a significant amount of money from your pockets. That means you need some form of investment in it.

It needs to pay for itself before you can start repairing it. With it having some moving parts and a motor, you can call it a powerful tool.

For that, make sure you buy a model built using high-quality materials with advanced craftsmanship; it needs to be durable and reliable.

Apart from checking the materials use, another way you can check for the durability of the sprayer is to consider the warranty. Most of the professional airless paint sprayers in this guide offer a 2-year warranty.

You can also examine the unit’s capabilities. A high-quality model can deliver around 150 gallons of paint in a year, which is relatively impressive.

#3. Mobility Range

A professional paint sprayer with an extended range is quite versatile. It does allow you to use it efficiently and effectively in any corner of the surface you’re painting.

There are majorly two things limiting the range of a professional paint sprayer: power cord length and the sprayer hose length.

You can decide to buy a corded model for the power cord where you have to check the length of the power cord or a cordless that comes with a rechargeable battery.

If you decide to buy a corded model with a built-in container, make sure the power cord is long enough to reach your worksite or workstation.

On the other hand, if you will be using an airless paint sprayer directly from a paint bucket, check the sprayer paint hose length.

Buy Graco Magnum x7 airless spray machine with 100ft hose for extended painting

Graco Magnum x7 cart portable professional airless paint sprayer

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#4. Paint Capacity

There are two main types of professional airless paint sprayers when it comes to capacity.

A tank-less model uses an external paint bucket or a model with an inbuilt, compact container for holding the paint. The amount you can store in these containers is crucial.

A huge paint container will allow you to paint and work without interruption with refilling needs.

A compact, a small paint sprayer is more comfortable to handle and move around with, especially if it’s a handheld airless model.

However, you’ll need to refill it time and again, which might not be convenient for you if you’re working on a considerable project.

If you need a professional airless paint sprayer for a large commercial or DIY project, you may want to consider a model that sucks the paint directly from a bucket.

The benefit here is, you can decide to use the most convenient bucket size you find depending on your requirements.

#5. Pressure

Like any air painting gun, you need to check the pressure rating of the professional airless paint sprayer you want to buy.

Some models would indicate this on the product description, but in the manual, you need to check it before you invest your money.

If you’re looking for an airless paint sprayer for wall, fence, or other small surface painting, a model with around 10 PSI is enough for you.

However, if you plan to buy a model with various nozzle tips, you need more pressure and something you can regulate.

Buy Titan Tool high pressure airless paint sprayer with 1300PSI

Titan Tool professoional airless paint sprayer for large painting projects

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Can a starter use a professional airless paint sprayer?

Yes, but of course, with a manual on the one hand.

If you’re a starter planning to use a professional airless paint sprayer, you must first learn how it works. You also need to understand how to use it properly before you can take on any project.

That is a must, especially if you’re a complete newbie to these types of tools.

The sprayer isn’t much of a hazard to you, but you still need protective gear to protect yourself for the dangerous paint chemicals and paint fumes.

Other than that, you need to focus and take it slow.

Take tests on different areas before you can decide to paint the actual surface.

Who should buy a professional airless paint sprayer?

what is the best professional airless paint sprayer

A professional airless paint sprayer isn’t your typical paint sprayer. It uses no air and does a fantastic painting job. But who needs a professional airless paint sprayer?

If you’re an experienced painting professional, contractor, a DIYer, or a home handyman, this product is yours.

It’s recognized as a substantial investment that will ease and take your painting output to another level.

If you’re looking for higher paint spraying speed, better performing machine, that’s durable, easy to maintain; a professional airless paint sprayer is the way to go.

As you well know, in every job you undertake, time is money, especially for the contractors. Right? Professional airless paint sprayers improve painting performance and boost productivity.

What you get when you use these types of machines is a superior airless finish every time. They deliver the best combination of high-quality finish and speed.

The technology used in these units makes sure you get uniform and flawless paint coat coverage on all the surfaces, both interior, and exterior.

So, as a contractor, a regular handyman, a home DIYer, or professional paint, these machines can be your time-saver, paint spraying speed improver, and better your spraying quality.

It’s a useful tool if you have a considerable painting contract or job that’s time-sensitive. And you know what, various models come with nozzle tips ideal for different applications depending on the liquid material.

Buy hot pick Graco Magnum x5 stand airless sprayer with 75 ft paint hose

Graco magnum x5 airless paint sprayer for professional-grade painting

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How to use a professional airless sprayer?

As mentioned above, operating a professional airless sprayer requires some time to get used to it.

#1. Hold it 6 to 12 inch away from the painting surface

The whole idea is to cover the surface with enough and uniform paint coating. You need to hold the spray gun at a constant six to twelve inches from your painting surface.

Make sure you maintain the distance with each move you make.

#2. Keep the sprayer parallel

What’s more, it’s best to keep the gun parallel to the surface. Do not sweep back and forth; if you do so, you might end up with a broader paint arc on the surface.

The paint gets concentrated in the center, and each end becomes transparent.

#3. Move the machine from top to bottom

Every time you make a pass, ensure you paint about 3ft of a horizontal strip at a go. Once you’re done covering the 3ft wide area, top to bottom, you can go back to the top paint another 3ft wide area adjacent to this down.

Overlap the previous with an inch or two to make it uniform and prevent having two zones.

Before you call it a day, examine the sprayed area, and ensure the entire surface has a uniform coat. Ensure you operate the spray gun and control the pressure, as indicated in the manual.

Once you’re done, clean the tips and flush water through the spray tip.


And there you have it; everything you need to make sure you buy nothing but the best professional airless paint sprayer.

As you might have noticed, every model listed here is uniquely built to handle the airless paint spraying the best.

We’ve highlighted every model’s unique features to give you an insight into what you might be buying. Analyze the product you want to buy, use the buying guide to make sure you’re purchasing the right product for your needs.