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Best Paint Sprayer for Interior and Exterior – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide in 2021

Suppose you want to save time when painting objects or even part of your wall, paint sprayer is the perfect choice for applying the coatings. They are super-fast to save time and do a better job than brushes or rollers. The paint sprayer works by releasing paint at high pressure through a hose, and the paint is sprayed to a surface through small holes equipped on the device.

The paint sprayers are designed with ergonomic style for comfortable holding so you can sparingly spray the entire area for a good finishing too.

Best paint sprayer for interior and exterior – Top 5 on the market


Why do you need to buy an interior and exterior paint sprayer?

best paint sprayer for interior and exterior reviews

Is the exterior and interior paint sprayer worth it? Well, the answer is a big Yes! The majority of professional constructors prefer working with the paint sprayers over the traditional brushes. Here are some of the benefits of using the paint sprayer

  • Work fast to save time

The paint sprayers are devices that release the paint at high pressure in a mist form which in return spreads at a large area. The paint sprayers can spread paint at high areas as opposed to when you work with roller or a brush.

The paint sprayer also ensures to spread the paint evenly on the surfaces as long you move the spray gun around the area you are painting. This helps to save time for painting, considering you can work in a large area within a short period.

  • Easy to use

If you need a device that will save your strength and efforts when applying the paint, the paint sprayer is a good option. The tool is secure and smooth to operate since you don’t need to use your body strength to spread the paint around the wall or the ceiling.

As long you set the right spray pressure, the gun releases even amount of paint that is covered on the walls. Thus, all you require doing is move the device around, so the entire wall gets the paint.

  • Reduces paint wastage

The other benefit of owning one of these painting devices is that you end up saving a lot of paint than when you work with brush or roller. This is because the paint sprayer controls the release of paint, spread the paint on a large surface, and does not drip, or pour when spraying.


Reviews of the 5 best interior and exterior paint sprayers

#1. Best cheap – AOBEN HVLP paint sprayer with 4 nozzles for home and outdoor projects

With a power output of 750 watts, this paint sprayer gets the work done quickly and efficiently as long you know how to control its movements when painting.

cheap aoben hvlp interior and exterior paint sprayer

  • Four nozzle sizes

It is quite easy to control the panting process on various areas depending on the kind of coat you need with the available four nozzles. Interchanging the nozzles on the device is easy too.

  • Adjustable flow control

There is no paint wastage when working with this paint sprayer since you can easily regulate the paint flow. This is an excellent setting for a beginner

  • Easy to clean

It is easy to disassemble the painting parts for cleaning. It also comes with a cleaning brush and unclogging needle to remove the paint residuals.

Notable Features:

  • It has a large paint tank to paint large areas
  • You can easily control the flow of the paint when working with the device
  • It features three spray patterns to choose from

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#2. Best for professional spray – Paint Zoom handheld electric spray gun kit for even finish

You need to hold this paint sprayer with one hand to work since it is super light in weight for convenient holding, and portability.

Paint zoom handy interior and exterior paint sprayer for home

  • Versatile sprayer 

This is a convenient paint sprayer that you can use to apply a coat on wall, ceilings and even on floors. The gadget is super light in weight for comfort and easy reach on various areas of the buildings.

  • Indoor and outdoor compatible

The paint sprayer is ideal for both indoor and outdoor areas. It is designed with convenient technology for easy applying different paint coats on walls or ceilings.

  • Powerful paint sprayer

This paint sprayer is equipped with a powerful motor that facilitates it to distribute even paint on the wall to ensure good finishing.

Notable Features:

  • This paint sprayer is powerful and is powered by a quality motor
  • It does a professional painting job on different areas of the building
  • The paint sprayer has a long hose for convenient reach when painting walls and ceiling

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#3. Best for large spaces – Wagner Flexio 970 HVLP paint sprayer with adjustable flow rate

Are you looking for a quality and easy to use sprayer painter for finishing the walls in your home? This paint sprayer from Wagner is a good and reliable option to consider.

Wagner flexio 970 paint sprayer for large interior and exterior spaces

  • Features X boost Turbine adjustment

You can conveniently adjust the power release of this device to control the speed level from high coverage to low coverage

  • Easy to change nozzles

This paint sprayer device is made with the lock and goes split design for easy and fast-changing of the nozzle when painting various surfaces or applying different coatings.

  • Adjustable flow

You can easily control the amount of paint coming off this paint sprayer depending on the area to cover, or the size of the project.

Notable Features:

  • It has a paint tank that can hold up to 5 gallons of paint
  • It has an adjustable paint flow to prevent wastage
  • The device has an ergonomic handle for comfort when holding to work

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#4. Best for walls and ceilings – Wagner 0518080 HVLP paint sprayer for latex and stain

If you need to paint sprayer that will give beautiful finishes on the objects, this right here is a good option. You can easily adjust the volume of the paint to achieve exceptional to large atoms of paint for various finishes on the surfaces.

Wagner adjustable paint sprayer for interior and exterior walls and ceilings

  • Multifunctional paint sprayer

This paint sprayer is perfect for painting a wide range of items, including those that require smooth finishing since you can adjust the paint volume.

  • Compatible with multiple painting materials

This is another feature that makes this paint sprayer the right choice for professional painting results. You can set it to use for both thin and thick painting materials.

  • Adjustable flow

You can easily adjust the paint flow on this paint sprayer using the adjusting settings and to fit various painting needs

Notable Features:

  • This is comfortable painting gadget to use
  • You can use multiple painting products with the paint sprayer
  • It is suitable to hold when working
  • Controlling this paint sprayer is easy and convenient

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#5. Best for furniture – Graco Magnum x5 stand airless paint sprayer with 75ft hose

If you are okay spending a couple of more bucks to acquire a good and quality paint sprayer, this is a good option. It may cost more than other brands, but it is quite reliable for painting different surfaces and using various products.

Wagner magnum x5 stand interior and exterior airless sprayer

  • Adjustable paint flow

This paint sprayer has flow settings where you can conveniently control the speed and pressure of the paint flowing through the nozzle.

  • Compatible with different paint consistencies

This sprayer has a quality piston spray that allows you to paint with the undiluted paint on the surfaces. Thus, you can use various types of coatings on multiple surfaces.

  • Continuous spray mode

This paint sprayer features the RAC IV anti-clog mode that ensures the paint does not stick or block the nozzle when painting.

Notable Features:

  • This paint sprayer can be used with un-thinned paint
  • It has an anti-clogging part to provide continuous painting modes
  • Cleaning this sprayer is easy since the parts are removable

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How to pick the right paint sprayer for your interior and exterior projects?

interior and exterior paint sprayer buying guide

Are you planning to buy a paint sprayer for the first time? Well, not all the paint sprayers on the market will get the job done well and on time. In this case, here are essential things to look for when choosing the right paint sprayer for interior and exterior painting jobs.

  • Type

Do you need the sprayer for professional jobs or DIY jobs? This is a crucial thing to consider first before buying the paint sprayer for your interior and exterior since it guides you to choose the right brand.

The airless sprayers are classified into two major categories which are the airless cup gun, and the other model is an airless cart paint sprayer.

– The airless cup gun paint sprayer

This is the most accessible model of sprayer model to use and highly recommendable for beginners or simple jobs at home.

The airless cup gun sprayer features the gun like structure and nozzle with holes that release paint when working. The air cup gun paint sprayer has a paint storage cup, and different models hold various capacities of paints of less than 5 gallons.

This model of sprayer has a single hole that compresses the paint in varying pressure to achieve different painting jobs. These sprayers are easy to work with since you need to connect to electricity to begin working, plus they are affordable.

– The airless cart style paint sprayer

These are recommendable for professional painters since they can pretty much handle multiple projects. The airless cart style paint sprayers feature large paint reservoirs a good deal for people who need to get the work done quickly and well.

Also, these types of paint sprayers are reliable to paint multiple areas, including the ceiling and further parts of walls since they are equipped with long hoses. Thus, you can comfortably move to various areas around the room to paint.

  • Paint

This narrows down again to the usage needs of the paint sprayer. Do you need a sprayer that you can use to paint a wide range of items such as walls, ceilings and even finishing cabinets at home? Well, then you need a device that can handle all these jobs.

Choose a sprayer that is compatible with different textures and consistencies of paints, and that gives quality finishing on various surfaces.

  • Settings

Some paint sprayers have multiple settings that allow the user to adjust the pressure, speed, consistency and even the volume of the paint.

This is a regular feature to look out for if you are a beginner since the settings will guide you when working on different surfaces and projects.

It also helps to prevent wastage and ensure you achieve the perfect finishing when working on various materials. So, make sure the sprayer you choose has at least two or three of these settings.

  • The area to use it

Do you need a paint sprayer to use for interior painting or exterior painting or both interior and exterior?

Although several sprayers can be used for both interior and exterior painting, there is still a number that is only recommendable for one side. So, to save money, consider checking out for a sprayer that is compatible with interior and exterior painting.

  • Ease to use and clean

Considering you will be using the gadget with various painting materials, you must choose a device that is easy to clean after every use.

The best paint sprayer should be easy to remove the painting parts for easy cleaning. Some brands pack the sprayers with cleaning accessories such as unblocking needles and brushes for removing the paint residuals.

  • The size of the paint reservoir

If you need a paint sprayer for large painting projects, you must check out the size of the paint reservoir. Why?

The last thing you need is to keep on continually cutting short your pining job to refill the reservoir. A reliable sprayer should allow you to paint a large area before refilling with the paint.

So, for more significant projects, consider buying a sprayer that has a large paint reservoir, probably a device that can hold around five or more gallons of paint.



These sprayers are suitable for exterior and interior paintings since they are compatible with different painting materials. All of them are equipped with ergonomic handles for comfort when working on various projects.

For beginners, check out the above-discussed points regarding the crucial things to check out for when buying the best paint sprayer for interior and exterior.