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Best Paint Sprayer for Furniture – Reviews & Guide in 2021

Applying paints to surfaces that are tight and squeezed is never easily realizable using normal application methods and processes. The paint sprayer is by far the best kind of item to dedicate to the job. It allows you to vary the accuracy of the painting as per your unique specifications and needs.

It is for that reason that getting to know about the item makes perfect sense. We are here to help you out in this one. Our team of researchers has done a great job of scouring the best paint sprayer for furniture that exist at the moment. In addition to that, they shall also help you to find a great one for yourself.


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Best Paint Sprayer for Furniture – Top 10 Options


Why Do You Need to Buy a Paint Sprayer for Furniture Painting Projects?

best paint sprayer for furniture reviews

You need to buy the best paint sprayer for furniture for the following reasons:

  • Faster Painting

A sprayer concludes the task of painting at a rate that is faster than the brush or the roller. That makes it good enough in those times and circumstances that time is not on your side.

Why would you have to wait for too long to accomplish something that is achievable within minutes?

  • Minimal Effort

Engaging the best prayer is less tiring than the rollers and the brushes. All you have to do is to trigger and channel the sprayer to the desired direction to have your way. Thus, it is a great item to pick and use if you lack the necessary muscle power.

  • Less Wastage of the Paint

Considering its ability to vary and channel the intensity and volume of paint discharge accurately, you will also enjoy the benefit of less wastage of the paint overall.

That is definitely economical in the sense that you won’t have to spend too much of your time to undertake a typical painting exercise.

  • Ability to Access Hidden Areas with Ease

Owing to their agile natures, the sprayers allow you to access the ordinarily hidden areas with absolute ease.

These include the portions of the walls that are cracked, have some bumps, or are generally inaccessible by the ordinary means of the applications of paints. They deliver truly awesome ends comparatively.

  • Uniform Outcomes

Your typical sprayer is able to deliver some truly uniform outcomes indeed. To achieve this awesome end, you have to make several passes atop the surface that you impact.

As you do so, be sure also to vary the intensity of the sprays accordingly for maximum impacts.

  • Less Tiring for Long-term Use

A paint sprayer is smaller and more compact to handle and engage. For this reason, you may have to use it repeatedly without having to worry about the muscle power you might expend.

In addition to that, the item also saves a great deal of your time in the course of the engagement.


How to Choose the Best Paint Sprayer for Furniture?

To lay your hands on the best electric paint sprayer for furniture, you have to factor in the following considerations:

  • Adjustability

This refers to the approaches that may be used to set the direction of the sprays. A good device must have the ability to set the direction to the four corners of the earth.

That is to give you the utmost freedom and leeway to impact just about any portion of the targeted surface with ease.

Best with Full Adjustability – Wagner Spraytech Handheld Double Duty Spray Gun

double duty furniture spray gun

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  • Controls vs. Expertise

You definitely have to figure out the controls of the sprayer and measure the same against your own expertise.

That is to avoid an instance where you might settle for an item that is way too complicated for your case. An honest assessment of your expertise might be necessary to ascertain this.

  • Cleanliness and Maintenance Regimes

These best paint sprayers for furniture do sustain some dirt and debris in the course of engaging them for the task of ejecting and supplying the paint onto the targeted surfaces.

You have to see to it that you lay your hands on an item that is less inclined to the risks of dirt and at the same time is easier to clean.

  • Paint Compounds or Makeup

Paints come in diverse shades and forms. You yet again must see to it that you settle for that which is able to fit the sprayer you have in mind.

This consideration is necessary to prevent corrosion and other issues that may usually come out in the event of filling up the container with the paint.

  • Filtration Mechanism

In the course of their workings, these items do filter out the paints to allow for finer sticking and enduring outcomes. Thus, it is sensible for you to ascertain the filtration mechanism of the sprayer in your search for the right one.

A good sprayer has to possess a filter that may be replaced and cleaned for reuse.

  • Type or Kind

These sprayers, as has already been stated, come in diverse kinds and forms. You have to choose the one that most likely suits your unique circumstance of use.

Read about the kinds of sprayers we have around in the proceeding section of our discussions to gain the insight you need.

  • Weight

Needless to say, the weight of the device ought also to be a topmost concern for you. The gadget you pick for the job has to be light enough for you to lift and deploy for use repeatedly.

That may demand that you assess your muscle power first and foremost before proceeding.

Best Portable – Graco Magnum x7 Cart Airless Sprayer

spraying water based paint on furniture

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  • Spray Patterns

A typical spraying undertaking entails varying approaches and styles of painting. You have also to see to it that the sprayer you pick for the job is able to eject paint using that very pattern.

Then of course your own expertise has to come in handy when choosing the ideal pattern.

  • Flow Controls

Apart from the patterns, the best paint sprayer for furniture you pick for the job will generally jut out the paint in varying degrees of flow and intensity thereof.

Yet again, you have to ensure that the item you pick for the task of spraying paint has the controls you are seeking. These controls have to be easy to engage in.

  • Pressure Output

Closely related to the above is the pressure output of the sprayer. A good sprayer has to eject the paint at the pressure output rating that is desirable for your task. Then again, it has to give you the ability to vary the output as per your unique painting task.

  • Quality vs. Price

When all is said and done, you will want a machine that returns a higher value for money. To ascertain this metric, you will have to gauge the quality of the paint output versus the price for which it goes. On the whole, the expensive models are more valuable than their cheaper counterparts.

Best Price – Rexbeti Handheld Paint Spray Gun with High Power

paint sprayer for finishing furniture

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What Are the Types of Spray Painter for Furniture Painting?

There are many kinds of spray painters that you may use for furniture painting. Below are but a few of the leading ones which you may contemplate taking advantage of:

– Mist Dust Sprayer

The mist dust sprayer ranks first among the many of these items at the moment. As its name suggests, it discharges the sprays in the form of mist rather than vapor.

In many cases, it is largely applicable and proper for the application of the undercoat or a thick layer of the paint on the surfaces.

– Horizontal Triple Piston Pump Sprayer

Also abbreviated as HTP, this best paint sprayer for furniture contains three rather than one piston pump. It stands at the horizontal instead of the vertical position.

The mix of these two arrangements enables the item to serve many purposes at a given time. Then again, it concludes the task of discharging the paint at a faster pace.

– Airless Sprayer

An airless sprayer is so-called because it does not mix the paint with the air as many other gadgets ordinarily do. For this reason, it discharges greater volumes per unit time than the many alternatives that exist.

Also, it minimizes the overspray that is prevalent among many other like-minded gadgets.

– Air Compressor

This one is the opposite of the airless sprayer in that it compresses the air and uses the same to discharge the paint output.

It stands at a position of advantage in that it may be used in those locations that are detached from the national grid and other sources of power.

– High Volume Low-Pressure Sprayers (HVLP)

The high-volume low-pressure (HVLP) spray gun delivers a higher volume of spray but at a pressure that is quite low. Thus, it may be a good one to pick for your detailed and elaborate painting assignments.

Then again it possesses exceptional controls that put you right ahead of the painting game.

– Conventional Sprayers

If you never attempted to use these sprayers before, we ask you to start it out with this one. It is the most basic and easiest to use of the items that be at the moment.

Like its air compressor counterpart, this one also uses the compressed air to tuck the paint and deliver the same when needed.

– Knapsack Sprayer

Do you have a pretty large painting task to carry out? The knapsack sprayer might be all you want. It is large and placed at the back of the body.

Then again, it discharges the paints for a duration that is longer than average. Need we add that it connects to many other accessories.

– Portable Power Sprayers

A portable power sprayer is that which is light but at the same time powered to deliver the paint output wherever and whenever the same might be needed.

For a large part, it is operable by petrol or electricity. On the strength of this, it saves your time and effort considerably.


Reviews of the 5 Best Paint Spray Guns for Furniture

We take a look at the best paint sprayer for furniture:

#1: Best Sale – HomeRight 2412331 Quick Small Portable Finish Paint Sprayer

Do you operate a timeline that is somewhat squeezed? You need a quick finish paint sprayer of this kind. It has the characteristic capability of concluding the tasks at a pace that is faster and more reliable than others.

best hvlp paint sprayer for furniture

  • HVLP Spray Gun

It operates on the High Volume Low Pressure. That makes it conclude the tasks of painting at a rate that is faster and with the least hassles or impediments realizable. At the same time, it confers exceptional controls.

  • Adjustable Settings

A series of adjustable settings adorn the entire length and breadth of the appliance. You use these to vary and set the desired level and intensity of the discharge manageable. Also, you obtain the ends of your maximum comfort.

  • Easy-to-spray and Clean

On the whole, the item is easier to spray and clean after a spate of use. Hardly does it demand that you expend too much of your effort to accrue the necessary ends. In this way, it is great for beginners also.

Notable Features:

  • Delivers a smooth and consistent finish
  • Easily held and operated by the hands
  • Unlikely to ruin your projects


#2: Best Price – REXBETI High Power HVLP Furniture Paint Sprayer with 6 Nozzles

By its stature, this sprayer is truly powerful indeed. It is hence great and useful for those tasks and circumstances that similarly demand heavy-duty power output. Why not try it out for your projects?

paint sprayer for finishing furniture

  • Extra-long Power Cord

An extra-long power cord stands as the premier part and aspect of the machine. It gives you the leeway to reach and access those spaces that are ordinarily hidden from the view of painters.

  • Adjustable Flow Controls

Next comes the trait of adjustable flow controls. The controls help you to vary the pace of discharge as well as the intensity of the paint output altogether. They hence put you in firm control of the spraying process.

  • Varied Spray Patterns

With this item, it is possible for you to accrue and enjoy the benefit of varied spray patterns. This is due to the 6 nozzle sizes and the 3 spray patterns that exist for your own consideration and eventual leverage.

Notable Features:

  • Juts out the paint output at a higher power
  • Gives rise to a superior finish
  • Its container has a higher capacity

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#3: Best for Cabinet and Furniture – Wagner Spraytech 0518050 Double Duty HVLP Stain Sprayer

If you are seeking a sprayer wholly for your furniture and interior structures, you can have no better friend than this one. Its tiny and agile nature is the one that is responsible for the attainment of this end.

double duty furniture spray gun

  • Two-stage Spraying

The item tackles spraying and painting via two rather than one stages as is the norm with the other sprayers. For this reason, it leads to more uniform and deeper outcomes than the leading alternatives that be.

  • 3-spray Patterns

Using this item, you may leverage some three spray patterns. You may turn the item horizontally, vertically, and around and about. Its end results are exceptional outcomes that are truly amazing as well.

  • Perfect Flow Every Time

All factors considered, you are assured of some perfect flow every time you engage the item to apply paint on the surface. Hardly will you have to expend too much of your effort in tackling the painting tasks.

Notable Features:

  • Applicable on a variety of surfaces and materials
  • Good enough for many kinds of projects
  • Manages to cover a wider area

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#4: Best Handheld – Graco 16Y385 TrueCoat 360 Paint Sprayer for All Types of Paint

Wishing simply to apply some coat on the already painted surfaces? We ask you to attempt your luck on this one. Its stature and overall make are such that it can overlay an undercoat or a pre-existing paint on a surface.

best paint gun for furniture

  • Reversible Spray Tip

Its flagship trait is the reversible spray tip. As its designation implies, this tip is able to eject the flow of the paint in either direction for your own use and continuous paint discharges.

  • Stainless Steel Piston Pump

The piston of the pump is made of stainless steel material. Being strong and tough, this pump enables you to jut out unthinned paint as well and at a pressure that is way too high.

  • VacuValve Technology

Coming in last is the VacuValve technology that basically lets you spray the paint output in just about any direction you may so wish. To do this, it generates and puts in place an airtight mechanism for the paint discharge.

Notable Features:

  • Discharges a whopping 25 gallons per annum!
  • Great for the multi-colored projects
  • May be recycled and re-used with time

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#5: Best Budget – Scuddles 1200 Watt Powerful Electric HVLP Paint Gun for Home Use

Of all the sprayers we have around, this is the one that juts out the highest level of power output. That presently stands at the whopping 1,200 watts. It is good enough for commercial or large scale projects.

painting furniture with spray gun

  • 3 Powerful Modes

It does have some three powerful modes via which it operates. These modes exude some three unique spraying patterns that impact your surfaces wholesome. They include the vertical, horizontal, and circular respectively.

  • 5 Nozzles

To discharge the paint output, the item relies on some five nozzles. These are used to eject different kinds of paints and at speeds that vary considerably from one another.

  • Large Paint Container and Funnel

At its core are a large paint container and a funnel. Being large, the container sees to it that you tackle the larger projects smoothly without having to change the containers every now and then as is the norm all the time.

Notable Features:

  • Saves some bit of time for you
  • Requires no tools to operationalize
  • Comes with its own extra attachments

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Reviews of the 5 Best Paint Sprayers for Medium-sized and Large-sized Furniture

We now take a look at the best paint sprayer for furniture for the medium and large-sized pieces of furniture:

#1: Best for Semi-Pro Projects – Earlex HV5500 HVLP Spray Station Paint Sprayer for Woodworking

Are you a serious or an aspiring serious woodworker? This sprayer is here for you. It is light yet potent enough to impact the wooden surfaces and materials that may exist in the household for you.

painting furniture with hvlp spray gun

  • Two-stage Turbine

Its torque comes from a two-stage turbine. It is the turbine that rotates and ejects the sprays for you to enjoy and impact your surfaces. Being two-stage, it is pretty thorough and awesome for you.

  • All-metal Gun

The paint discharge mechanism is managed and handled by the use of an all-metal gun. The gun comprises a tip and needle that are both made of stainless steel materials. They offer long-lasting operations for you.

  • Convenient Design

For all practical purposes, the item comes about in a truly convenient design for your course and use. Among the items that exist as part of this elegant design is the onboard horse storage that expedites your handling.

Notable Features:

  • Finds great relevance and use in the workshop
  • Delivers truly perfect finish and outcomes
  • Its settings adjust the paint outputs accordingly

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#2: Best with Adjustable Pressure – Graco Magnum 257025 Project Airless Painter with 50Ft Hose

The Graco Magnum brand has been renowned for its strength and efficacy from time immemorial. Is it not wise and amazing for you to similarly tap into this awesomeness yourself? Start out with this appliance as it is truly amazing.

best airless paint sprayer for furniture

  • Fully-adjustable Pressure

Its pressure output is fully adjustable in the sense that it lets you determine the intensity of the output of the paint as per your unique needs. That lets you be in full control of the painting process.

  • Extra-storage Compartments

Other than the sprayer in and of itself, the entire package also comprises a set of additional storage compartments. These include the spray tips, spray gun, and the power cord, all for your wholesome needs.

  • Longer Cord

Connecting the sprayer to the nozzle is a cord that is somewhat longer. The length as a matter of fact stretches to about 50 feet. It hence gets to locales and places that are beyond the reach of the ordinary sprayers.

Notable Features:

  • Easier to clean up after a spate of use
  • Bears the necessary certifications and approvals
  • Sprays the un-thinned paints as well

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#3: Best Easy to Use – Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer with Wheels

Want to enjoy much of your time when applying paints onto the surfaces? Choose to work with this airless sprayer. It takes up a limited amount of space but is nonetheless capable of really satisfying your needs.

spraying water based paint on furniture

  • TrueAirless Spray Tip

Its most notable trait is the TrueAirless Spray Tip. This is the one that churns out the paint in the form of the sprays. Its airless character allows for more precise delivery of the paint if and when the need be.

  • Continuous Spraying

With this gadget, it is possible for you to manage continuous spraying. The benefit is largely brought about by the SwitchTip that works well in either direction i.e. the forward and the reverse formats and manner.

  • Faster and Easier Cleanup

As soon as you are through with your spraying exercise, you will enjoy the benefit of cleaning this item at a pace that is faster. That stems from the fact that it does not catch the dirt a bit too easily like the rest.

Notable Features:

  • Controls the pace of outflow of the paint seamlessly
  • Delivers the paint output at a higher pressure
  • Ejects the paint directly from the bucket


#4: Best for Broad Surfaces – Wagner Spraytech 0529017 PaintReady Station HVLP Paint Sprayer for Interior and Exterior

Most sprayers will have you assemble the various parts and components together prior to the use thereof. Not so with this one. Instead, it comes fully assembled and ripe for engagement.

wagner flexio 4000 stationary hvlp paint sprayer furniture cabinet woodworking 0529090

  • Wagner PaintREADY Station

At its core of the Wagner PaintREADY Station that comes fully assembled and readied for eventual use. It has the ability to impact a wider surface area than the many alternatives that be at the moment.

  • Powerful Turbine

Complementing the above station is the power turbine. The role of this turbine is to deliver the power via the hose and eventually onto the surfaces whereupon the paint is eventually discharged.

  • Multi-directional Sprays

On the whole, the item discharges the paint across numerous directions. These could be the vertical, horizontal, broad, and narrow, to name but a few! They make your life somewhat easier when applying the paint.

Notable Features:

  • Imbues much comfort when applying the paint
  • Allows for prolonged use and engagement
  • Comes ready for eventual use

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#5: Best for Smooth and Detailed Finish – Wagner 0529021 FLEXiO 890 Stationary HVLP Spray Machine

Do you have a larger scope of work to handle? If you do, we ask you to set your eyes on this specific sprayer. It comes with two nozzles that expedite the task of ejecting the paint output onto the surfaces.

spraying garden furniture

  • Excellent Housing

All its constituent parts and components are enclosed in some excellent housing indeed. The house in question is made of the superhard materials that resist all forms of damages that may be leveled against the same.

  • Added Beauty and Aesthetics

Outside its core role of discharging the paint output, the item also adds some beauty and aesthetics to your home. Its nozzle that bears the detailed finish is the one that is primarily responsible for this end.

  • Exceptional Spray Nozzle

Both the two nozzles bear some exceptional make and ultimate performances. Particularly, the nozzle has a broad surface that tends to cover a wider area for your maximum peace of mind and end results.

Notable Features:

  • Truly portable to take wherever
  • Handles a vast array of painting projects
  • Does not suffer from the overspray


How to Paint Furniture with a Paint Sprayer?

Follow the steps below to paint your furniture with the paint sprayer:

Step I: Prep your paint

It always begins by prepping your paint. Do this by mixing the main paint together with a sufficient amount of water to obtain the right texture and viscosity.

Unless stated otherwise, you have to mix one cup of the water with one gallon of the paint. Stir thoroughly for uniform outcomes.

Step II: Sand the surface

Having prepped the paint, you now have to sand the surface on which you are to apply the paint thereafter.

Use sandpaper and gently yet steadily eliminate the dust, dirt, debris, and pre-existing paint. You will have to make several passes for the best results.

Step III: Apply a primer or an undercoat

Now apply a primer or an undercoat. It is to prep the surface in anticipation of the incoming paint. The primer you use has to be thinner and yet drier.

At the same time, you must also exercise some great due diligence while applying this primer to prevent staining the surfaces.

Step IV: Apply the main coat

Get to the core business now of applying the main coat. It is the main coat that stays visible to the external viewers.

Then again it serves to protect the materials that make the furniture up from the possible damages that may be leveled against it. Trigger the nozzle of the sprayer to release the paint output.

Step V: Finish off with the Polycrylic

Conclude the painting exercise by spraying Polycrylic atop the main coat. This is a waterproof coating that serves to prevent the seepage of the water into the coat.

It hence works to preserve the paint from premature damages and peel offs. Leave the paint to dry before storing the furniture.

PS: For more effective painting, you are advised to sand the surfaces lightly in between the two coating stages. That shall make the said surfaces smoother and more accommodative of the paint.


Spraying Techniques for Furniture Painting

small paint sprayer for furniture

Adhere to the techniques hereunder for better outcomes overall:

Tip I: Refrain from painting when dusty or windy

You should refrain from painting when it is dusty or windy. The reason behind this is rather obvious.

Your paint droplets will be swayed with the winds. The outcomes will also most likely be compromised by the dust as it mixes with the paint droplets and vapors.

Tip II: Maintain a proper distance between the can and the furniture

Always see to it that you maintain a comfortable distance between the furniture and the can that contains the paint. This preferably should be around 10 inches.

It is necessary that you maintain this distance to come up with the right intensity of the paint.

Tip III: Employ a primer and paint that are both compatible 

Both the primer and the paint you make use of having to be compatible with one another. You have to check it out with the manufacturer’s recommendations before proceeding.

Picking any two at random will only serve to make the task difficult not to mention less satisfactory.

Tip IV: Practice makes perfect

As with any other undertaking, practice indeed makes perfect. You hence have to practice preferably on the scrap metal first before doing it on the real furniture.

That is to give you the expertise you need to end up with proper and enduring outcomes.



1. Can You Use a Paint Sprayer for Furniture?

YES, you can! As a matter of fact, the sprayer is largely recommended for the furniture given its ability to discharge the paint precisely to the hidden locations of the furniture with ease.

Of all the sprayers that exist, it is the high volume low-pressure variant that stands out.

2. Is It Better to Spray Paint Furniture or Brush?

Spraying is the better of the two options. Not only is it faster but also does it target and delivers the paint outcomes to those areas that are otherwise inaccessible by the ordinary painting techniques and approaches.

Need we add that it conserves the paint considerably?

3. What Kind of Paint Should I Use on Furniture?

The latex or the oil-based paints are the best for the furniture. Unlike their water-based counterparts, these two are not easily washed off with water.

Then again, you have to finish the outer coat with the semi-gloss or the satin materials.

4. Do I Need to Sand My Furniture Before Spray Painting?

YES, you have to! Sanding eliminates the debris, clogged dirt, and other impediments that may compromise or slow down the seepage and absorption of the paints.

Use a sander that is tough and able to eliminate all the debris that may exist atop the surfaces.

5. What Tip Size Is the Best for Furniture?

0.017 inch, it is! This has been noted to deliver the paint sprays in ways that are effective and reliable in equal stature.



Our peek into the subject matter of the best paint sprayer for furniture comes to an end there. It is now our trust that you appreciate these items well and can now go ahead and make the most informed pick for yourself.

What are you waiting for now? Go ahead and purchase at least one from the list above!