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Best Paint Sprayer for Exterior Stain – Reviews and Guide in 2021

Imagine the glow that your exterior walls have, and the impact they have on your curb appeal. Undoubtedly, this effect is so huge that getting the ultimate exterior paint will suffice.

The only concern here would be the paint sprayer you choose, as it determines how flawless the paint will be in the long run. It would be best if you never allowed yourself to go wrong when selecting a paint sprayer for your exterior stain.

But what should you have in mind during the pursuit of the best paint sprayer for exterior stain? Here is what you should always remember.

Best Paint Sprayer for Exterior Stain – Top 6 on the Market


Why You Should Buy a Paint Sprayer for Exterior Stains?

best paint sprayer for exterior stain reviews

The enviable benefits that come with buying a paint sprayer will always be your driving force when making logical decisions. For this reason, having them at your fingertips should always be necessary. Here is why you should buy this paint sprayer for your exterior wall.

  • Saving Time and Effort

There is no denying that these paint sprayers will allow you to cover a significant surface area effortlessly and within a short time.

Usually, paint sprayers could consume up to less than 20% of the time you spend using brushes. There will be no reason to worry about physical pain as long as you embrace paint sprayers.

  • Impressive Finishes

That paint sprayers allow you to override gaps, cracks, and bumps is no secret. The sprayer will readily fill these gaps in a way that assures you of no imperfection.

While at it, there will be no overlapping, and detailed results will be inevitable. Nothing could add to the elegance of your exterior more than a fine coat.

Remember, the design of these paint sprayers ensures that there is hardly any overspray. The coat is not only even but also relatively more durable.

  • Cost-effectiveness

While these sprayers could initially cost you a fortune, they are relatively cheaper to maintain and even use. Besides, you will not worry about job repetitions, which saves you a lot of money too.


Reviews of the 6 Best Exterior Stain Paint Spray Machines

Are you looking for the right paint sprayer for your exterior stain? Here are the best options for you to consider.

#1. Best Overall – Fuji 2202 Semi-Pro 2 HVLP Spray System for Exterior Stain

Fuji semi pro hvlp paint sprayer with adjustable pattern fan control for exterior stain

This product comes out as one of the best choices you could have, thanks to the various features. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, this HVLP sprayer will address your needs.

This paint sprayer allows you to paint various spray patterns. Whether you want to spray circularly, horizontally, or vertically, all you will have to do is adjust the settings. What is more, these adjustments are incremental, allowing you to vary the pattern between 1 and 12 inches.

Fuji 2202 boasts of a compact design, allowing you to carry it around. With the robust metallic construction, you will be sure of both matchless durability and incredible performance.

Its spray system is automated, and it comes with various controls attached to its base. This way, you are confident of getting impressive output and performance. You will also fall in love with its long hose, as this ensures you enjoy incredible accessibility.

It comes with a two-stage turbine, meaning that it will hardly struggle with dense materials like latex and acrylic. It assures you of enough power to handle any project you have, whether big or small.

Notable Features:

  • Unmatched affordability
  • Better control and adjustment
  • Relatively long hose
  • Much straightforward to set up and use

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#2. Best with Long Hose – Graco Magnum X5 Airless Paint Sprayer with Adjustable Pressure

Graco magnum x5 stand airless paint sprayer for exterior stain with 75ft hose

If you are looking for an airless paint sprayer, nothing will beat the performance provided by this Graco Magnum 262800.

This product boasts of the True Airless Technology, which assures you of incredible performance. With this technology, there will hardly be a reason for you to consider thinning. Thanks to its stainless steel piston pump, spray delivery will always be unmatched.

It assures you of excellent control and effortless adjustment. Usually, it will deliver a relatively soft spray, guaranteeing you a much smoother finish.

Further, its spray tip will ensure that you fully take control of the device and avoid oversprays. The tip ensures that you enjoy continuous spray too. This spray will come at consistent pressure at all times, ensuring that you do not mess up.

Besides having an excellent paint flow rate, this paint sprayer prides itself on a relatively long hose. For this reason, maneuvering around will be much easier.

Notable Features:

  • Easy to use and adjust the pressure
  • There will be no reason for you to consider thinning
  • Much faster and straightforward to clean
  • It comes with a reversible tip

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#3. Best with Complete Adjustment – Wagner SprayTech 0518080 Spray Machine with Lightweight Gun

Wagner hvlp paint sprayer for staining a fence

The impeccable accessibility and convenience offered by this sprayer are worth lauding. Thanks to its long hose, you will have an easy time moving around as you paint.

It is an HVLP sprayer whose reliability and versatility can hardly get doubted. Whether you are painting, staining, or priming exterior surfaces, this paint sprayer will come in handy for you.

It comes with a powerful turbine that can handle different materials, including thin and thick paint. With this 2-stage turbine, achieving the precision that you need within a short time will be no hassle.

You will be free to try up to 3 different spray patterns, including horizontal, vertical, and circular. If you want to change the spray pattern, all you need to do is realign the nozzles.

This product comes with adjustable and customizable settings. Whether you intend to change the material flow or control the pressure, the control dials are readily accessible.

By controlling these settings, it will be much easier to attain the finish you envision.

Notable Features:

  • Straightforward cleaning and maintenance
  • It comes with variable air pressure control
  • The hose is relatively long
  • You will be free to try different spray patterns

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#4. Best Handheld – Wagner 0529015 Handheld Spray Gun for Exterior Stain Projects

wagner handheld paint sprayer for exterior stain

The popularity of this handheld sprayer has incredibly grown recently, thanks to its portability and powerful turbine.

This product comes with a flexible air hose, allowing you to move around much more effortlessly when spraying. Besides ensuring that the turbine is stable, this long hose is vital for those who want to reacher higher surfaces.

It features an X-boost turbine, whose power is worth beholding. This powerful turbine ensures that you paint much faster and efficiently too. Besides, you will be sure of a much more refined finish in the long run.

You will also be free to change between two nozzles, allowing you enhanced flexibility. With multiple nozzles, you could consider painting your exterior surfaces without necessarily thinning the paint.

You will also appreciate that the sprayer comes with two separate paint containers, including a finishing and a general painting container.

Notable Features:

  • Assures you of an unrivaled speed
  • Comes with built-in flexibility
  • Does not produce much noise
  • It is reasonably lightweight

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#5. Best Rated – Fuji 2904-T70 Mini-Mite 4 Platinum HVLP Paint Sprayer

top rated Fuji paint sprayer for exterior wood staining

The Fuji 2904-T70 is now the best-rated paint sprayer in the market, thanks to the various impressive features.

It comes with a 4-stage motor, assuring you of incredible pressure and much finer atomization. This high pressure produced means that the paint sprayer will effortlessly handle highly viscous material.

The noise reduction cover technology is one of the most impeccable ones. With this invention in place, the noise produced by the turbine is muffled.

You will also appreciate the heat dissipation chamber on this paint sprayer. This chamber is critical for removing any excess heat and channeling it to the back of its case.

Notable Features:

  • Robust construction for durability
  • Impressive pressure rating
  • Comes with a reliable heat dissipation chamber
  • Assures you of noise reduction

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#6. Best for Woodworking – Earlex HV5500 HVLP Spray Station for Both Oiled- and Water-Based Paint

Earlex hvlp spray painter for exterior stain

Nothing beats the satisfaction that this paint sprayer will give you when you are woodworking. With its impeccable results on wood, it will be a charm to behold.

This paint sprayer comes with one of the most refined mists, ensuring that you worry not about oversprays. This feature ensures that you a highly calibrated stain at the end of the day.

You can barely overlook the impressive design of this spray station. Its onboard storage means that it will hardly take much of your space. Besides, it will be a lot more straightforward for you to move around with it.

The product assures you of multiple nozzles. That means that you will be free to try different spray patterns, depending on what tickles your fancies.

Thanks to the incredibly long hose, this sprayer allows you to reach the least accessible areas. Besides, you will be confident in maneuvering with much ease.

Notable Features:

  • Comes with onboard storage
  • The hose is reasonably long
  • Impressive finishes

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What to Look for When Buying a Spray Painter for Exterior Stain?

paint spray gun for exterior stain

Have you ever thought about what goes into selecting paint sprayers for your exterior stain? Perhaps not. The following variables will suffice in this regard.

  • Consider the Size of Your Project

Undoubtedly, you will barely need a high capacity system if you have a small project. Conversely, industrial-duty airless paint sprayers will be essential for you if your project is relatively large.

During this time, you will need to focus on something that does not expose you to constant downtime. It is through this that you will save both time and effort during the project.

  • Decide on the Type of Sprayer

Different types of paint sprayers will always be at your disposal, including airless, HVLP, and pneumatic sprayers.

Pneumatic sprayers rely on air to apply paint, and they are familiar with oversprays.

If you were to consider HVLP, you would be sure of steady paint distribution and an unmatched finish.

Simultaneously, airless sprayers release paint under high pressure, and they will provide you with an even finish.

Take the time to choose whichever type suits your needs and budget.

  • How Versatile is It?

There is no denying that not all sprayers will work with specific types of paint. It would be better for you to aim at a sprayer that is relatively compatible with different paints.

A model that will readily handle oil-based and water-based paints will be suitable for your exterior project. Such models will assure you of enough convenience and flexibility at all times.

  • Confirm Your Budget

Take the time to understand how much you are willing to spend. For instance, a smaller spray gun will often suffice if you intend to handle no more than painting your deck. That means that the amount you should set aside needs not to be much.

On the other hand, if you were to handle bigger projects, you would need higher capacity sprayers that could end up costing you significantly.

In brief, ensure that the budget you have will readily meet your needs. Above all, pick something you can comfortably afford.

  • How Safe Is the Sprayer

Confirm how much the chosen paint sprayer can withstand extreme temperatures. Remember, if this sprayer explodes when working under high temperatures, you could end up with significant losses.

Sometimes, the situation could end with a fatality. For that reason, the materials used in making this paint sprayer should be top-notch and temperature-resistant.

  • Confirm the Nozzle Tips

Did you know that you have nozzles suited for spraying large surface areas, while others can only fit in smaller projects?

The bigger the spray nozzle, the more likely it will handle a larger surface area. Since your focus here is on stains, ensure that your nozzle is relatively small but with more than enough pressure.

That means that the output per minute needs to be relatively significant. While at it, reversible tips will often cushion your sprayer from constant clogging.

  • Is It Easy to Use or Maintain?

A good paint sprayer should be relatively straightforward to set up, use, and maintain. The control dials need to be accessible, as this will give you enough control over the process.



1. Is It Better to Spray or Roll Deck Stain?

Spraying is the best option for you whenever you want to stain your deck. From the impressive coat to the speed you get, spraying is all that could give you the flexibility and convenience you deserve.

As if that is not enough, you will not need any preparation when using a sprayer, unlike rolling. Spraying is much faster, especially in places where you do not need much accuracy.

2. Can a Paint Sprayer Be Used for Stain?

You are free to use a paint sprayer whenever considering stains, thanks to how they are effective. However, the catch would be to aim at a sprayer with smaller tips, which is likely to give you better, consistent, and even finishes.

3. Is Paint or Stain Better for Exterior Wood?

Stains are better on exterior wood. That is because they penetrate the wood and preserve their elegance.

Further, they wear off after some time without extensive scrapping, protecting the appeal of your wood. On the other hand, the paint barely penetrates, and it will need extensive scrapping when the time comes.



Staining exterior wood is a time-consuming process, but it is worth it. With the best paint sprayer for exterior stain at your disposal, you can only be sure of much better tidings to come. Let paint sprayers top your priorities at all times.