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Best Handheld Electric Paint Sprayers – Reviews and Guide in 2021

Have you ever thought about making your painting experience much more pleasant? If you have, then you must have thought of embracing the best handheld electric paint sprayers.

That is because these two things will always go hand in hand, thanks to the efficiency that electric paint sprayers provide. But besides that, what do you know about these sprayers? Here are a few insights to keep in mind.

Top 6 best handheld electric paint sprayers list

What surface can a handheld electric sprayer paint on?

Undoubtedly, everyone will often look forward to attaining the best results whenever doing anything. Painting is no exception.

However, what matters the most is understanding which surfaces need handheld electric sprayers. It is through this that you will not end up disappointed.

Here are some of the things you will want to keep in mind.

best handheld electric paint sprayer reviews

#1. Smooth surfaces

Handheld electric sprayers will often come in handy whenever you want to spray a relatively even surface.

Usually, this option becomes viable if your handheld electric sprayer makes use of HVLP and airless technology.

#2. Smaller and hidden surfaces

Handheld electric sprayers will play a significant role when spraying specific points, including crevices and small surfaces.

Thanks to how easy it will be to point to such regions, this process will be not only efficient but also time-saving.

Ideally, this device allows you to reach some of the hard-to-access spots, giving you the convenience you so deserve.

Reviews of the 6 best electric paint sprayers with handheld

#1. Best sale – HomeRight cheap paint spray gun with adjustable settings

HomeRight electric hvlp handheld paint sprayer with adjustable settings

The HomeRight sprayer has proven to be one of the best sellers in the market today. Thanks to its levels of efficiency and usability, this is a product you will hardly want to ignore.

Ideally, this product is an entry-level paint sprayer that tends to suit most beginners. As long as you want to step up from regular paint and brushes, this will be the ultimate choice for you.

Further, it will suffice to mention how suitable this choice will be for relatively small projects. Whether you are looking forward to handling craft or furniture, this will be the ideal choice for you.

This product boasts of adjustable settings that will comfortably meet your project needs. Usually, these settings will allow you to turn the air cap horizontally, vertically, or even round. It will all depend on your preferences.

Further, you will be free to adjust how material flows, whether you want to increase or decrease the output.

You will also appreciate its Lock-and-Go technology, which plays a significant role in enhancing your safety in the long run.

Notable Features:

  • Unmatched suction power
  • Assures you of consistent finish

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#2. Runner up – Rexbeti HVLP electric paint sprayer with high power

Rexbeti hvlp electric handheld paint sprayer with 3 nozzle sizes

Besides being among the best sellers too, this product boasts of a myriad of impressive features.

Usually, it comes with up to three distinct spray patterns, including horizontal, circular, and vertical.

While at it, the flow control knob is not only easily accessible but also easier to control. This way, you will adjust the flow rate of your paint without too much hassle.

This product comes with an impressive design that will effortlessly get you smitten. The design is ergonomic, meaning that you will have an easier time handling it.

Besides, you will appreciate what a firm grip this option tends to provide. Did you know that it comes with a detachable design? With this, you will have no issue when it comes to cleaning it in the long run.

You can hardly ignore the HVLP technology that this sprayer comes with, as it is out of this world. This technology assures you of a low overspray technology.

Ideally, you will effortlessly spray up to 750ml per minute, which is relatively higher compared to other options at hand. What is more, the suction and spray power provided is unparalleled.

Notable Features:

  • Faster spraying
  • Ergonomic design
  • Up to 3 different spray nozzles

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#3. Best with double-duty – Wagner Spraytech HVLP paint sprayer for stains

Wagner double duty handheld electric sprayer with 2 cups

If you are looking for a product with double duty, this will be the ultimate choice for you. It will suffice to mention that this product has been outstanding for a relatively long time, thanks to the features it has.

Its technology assures you of much faster performance and even broad coverage.

Thanks to the Perfect Tip Spray Technology, you will comfortably magnify your coverage whenever necessary.

This product comes with an impressive design that makes it easier to use. Besides the controls being straightforward, all you will need is to pull triggers whenever you want to use it.

The Lock-N-Go design implies that you will change both the cups and materials within a relatively short time.

Wagner SprayTech comes with a two-stage motor, which ensures that you enjoy enhanced safety at all times. Further, you will hardly get exposed to flammable fumes, as they get contained inside.

Notable Features:

  • Full control
  • Compact design and ultralight
  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor, small and large jobs

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#4. Best for unthinned latex – Wagner Flexio 590 electric handheld hvlp sprayer

Wagner hanheld electric paint sprayer with adjustable flow

This electric paint sprayer is suitable for unthinned latex. It is no secret that it prides itself on multiple impressive features, including the following.

The X-boost turbine is one of the things that makes this product relatively outstanding. With this turbine, you will effortlessly adjust the speed and even pressure of the sprayer.

You will have access to up to 9 different settings, which ensures that you have control over your sprayer.

Pattern adjustments will no longer be a problem, as there will be diagonal settings for awkward angles.

It also comes with the iSpray technology, which allows you to spray up to 8 gallons per hour. This iSpray usually assures you of up to two relatively efficient nozzles.

Notable Features:

  • Adjustable spray patterns
  • Easy to control the airflow
  • Will comfortably spray dense materials

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#5. Best lightweight – Scuddles HVLP sprayer for home and outdoors

Scuddles lightweight hand held paint spray gun

Are you looking for a lightweight electric paint sprayer? Look no further, as this is the solution you have been looking for.

With this product, you will be confident of up to three powerful spray modes. Whether you are spraying your interior walls, car, or furniture, the effect will be the same.

This product comes with five nozzles, which come in handy for both thick and thin paints. You will be the one to choose whichever suits your needs.

You will fall in love with the large paint container and funnel featured by this paint sprayer. Usually, this container will comfortably handle up to 1000ml of paint.

Notable Features:

  • High power and superior finish
  • Easy to assemble, use, and wash
  • Relatively lightweight, but durable

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#6. Best cordless – Graco Ultra electric airless handheld paint sprayer

Graco Ultra airless electric handheld spray gun for home painting

This product has proven to be the most reliable cordless electric paint sprayer.

The Graco Ultra Cordless comes with a flex liner bag system, which allows you to fill it with paint and then remove it once done with the painting process. It is for this reason that you will have no issue when cleaning your device.

Its impressive modular design tends to be eye-catching. This design allows you to assemble, disassemble, and rebuild your device within a heartbeat. This way, cleaning the parts becomes an effortless task for you in the long run. Besides, the grip offered when handling it remains unparalleled.

Above all, the TRIAX triple piston pump will be one of the most impressive features to consider. This pump is not only heavy-duty but also able to resist breakdown upon exposure over time.

Ideally, with more pistons, you are confident of enhanced power.

Notable Features:

  • Free movement
  • Extremely portable
  • Exceptional battery

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How to choose the best handheld electric sprayer?

Various aspects go into the selection of the right hand held electric paint sprayer. Ideally, it will be hard to highlight which one is the best for you, as people have different preferences.

It is for that reason that you will need to observe a few aspects independently before you decide in the long run. Some of these variables will include the following.

#1. Check the pressure of the sprayer

Undoubtedly, you will want a device that exerts as much pressure as needed on particular surfaces. It will always be vital for you to consider something that produces about 2-3 Psi, as this will assure you of enhanced atomization.

Further, if the pressure is set at around 28-29 Psi, you should be sure of a better flow out of material. These variations mean that adjusting the pressure should be no hassle.

An HVLP that gives you an average of 40 Psi will be the best.

#2. How much will you pay for the device

Nothing could be as integral in your pursuit as the amount you spend on the electric paint sprayer. On average, a spray gun will cost you between $50 and $500, which means you will pick one based on how affordable it is.

However, there are higher chances of getting value for money by picking a product that costs you more.

Further, hvlp options seem to be more affordable, as you will pay around $100. On the other hand, airless could cost as high as over $100.

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Rexbeti hvlp electric handheld paint sprayer with 3 nozzle sizes

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#3. Check the size

The size of your ultimate choice will often be dependent on how compact the design is. Usually, a product that assures you of enhanced mobility will often be the most suitable for you, as this makes it easier to handle large projects.

Ideally, such will be the time to confirm how portable the sprayer is. Whether it is a backpack or wheeled, it should give you the convenience you so deserve.

#4. Check the adjustability

Did you know that how adjustable the product is will determine the kind of finish you have in the long run? Usually, an adjustable model allows you to dispense the material at different thickness levels, spray patterns, or speeds.

It will be the right option for you if you are looking forward to better outcomes. Now will also be the time to confirm how many nozzles are there and how powerful they are. The higher the number of these nozzles and the power, the better for you.

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Scuddles lightweight hand held paint spray gun

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#5. Consider the type of device

Most often, you will need to choose from pneumatic sprayers, airless sprayer guns, and HVLP sprayers.

  • Airless sprayers are ideal for those who want to pump paint at high pressure and get an even coat surface.
  • HVLP sprayers assure you of a high volume of air but a relatively lower, steady pressure.
  • On the other hand, pneumatic sprayers will be ideal for you if you need smooth and even coats.

#6. Confirm the accessories

Attachments have proven to be critical in improving one’s experience when painting. From enough filters to advanced extensions, these accessories will be ideal for you.

Always aim at a product that provides you with enough accessories to enhance convenience.

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Wagner double duty handheld electric sprayer with 2 cups

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Airless vs. HVLP electric sprayer with hand held

It will be unfair not to compare these two devices, as they are the face of electric paint sprayers. Indeed, they come with differences and similarities alike.

However, a comprehensive look into the same will ensure that you make a logical decision at the end of the day.

Some of the insights into these two will always include the following.

#1. Surfaces and coats handled

There is no denying that there is a significant difference in the surfaces and coats that these two can assure you of in the long run.

Mostly, HVLPs tend to come in handy when doing touchup services. We could attribute this to how hard it can be to refill an airless electric paint sprayer at this point.

#2. Speed

Airless electric paint sprayers will often assure you of enhanced speeds at all times. It is for this reason that they will handle high-volume jobs without too much fuss.

Remember, airless electric sprayers will spray between 1.5 and 2 gallons per minute, which is much higher than what you get with HVLPs.

If you are looking for much faster results, then, airless options will be handier.

#3. Type of outcome

The finish provided by HVLP devices will often be more appealing than what you get from airless sprayers. Thanks to the small atomized units released by HVLPs, forming a uniform surface becomes no issue.

For instance, if you are working with varnishes, enamels, and stains, this device will assure you of much better results. The smooth finish will be effortlessly noticed.

On the other hand, coarse grinds will often work better with airless sprayers.

#4. Cost

Undeniably, HVLP sprayers seem to be less pricey than the airless ones. That, however, does not mean that the former is any less efficient.

#5. Air pressure

Airless options do not rely on air pressure to push out the paint. Instead, the use of hose technology becomes relatively more significant in this pursuit.

As long as there is the nozzle, controlling the amount of paint leaving the gun is no hassle.

On the other hand, HVLP paint sprayers make use of air pressure when operating.

How to use a handheld electric paint spray gun?

Understanding how to use a handheld electric paint spray gun ensures that you take the least of time in your project. With enough skills at your disposal, it will be easy to take on both big and small tasks without much worry.

In most cases, you will need to pay attention to various tips, including the following.

  • Practice and practice

You will hardly gain enough skills to use this device if you do not invest the time to learn the basics. That means that you should neither be content about your first result nor be discouraged by it.

Instead, take the time to refine your skills by trying smaller projects.

  • The settings will always matter

Most experts will suggest that you adjust both the techniques you are using and the setting of your device when painting.

Settings and techniques tend to differ depending on the surface you are painting and your ultimate goal.

For instance, narrow settings assure you of more precision, while wider ones cover much larger surfaces.

  • Consider the prevailing weather

Did you know that the temperature outside will always affect how the paint adheres to the surface?

In most cases, you will find it valuable to spray when the temperature is between 45 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Other useful tips will include the following.

A. Ensure that you apply masking before you spray.

B. The spraying distance should be 12 inches.

C. You do not need paint thinning.

Are electric handheld airless sprayers any good?

The simple answer to this would be yes. Thanks to the myriad of benefits that these sprayers attract, you will hardly resist falling in love with them.

But are they worth your money? Here are a few reasons why you will never regret owning electric airless sprayers.

tips of how to use your handheld elctric paint sprayers

1. Enhanced speed

Did you know that airless sprayers will be up to four or five times faster than brushes? This way, you will not only keep labor costs in check but also control how much time you use.

Ideally, you will effortlessly complete your project within a fraction of the time you would have otherwise spent.

2. Unmatched flexibility

Whether you want to use it indoors, on furniture, or even on your fence, this handheld electric airless sprayer will come in handy for you.

Besides, most of these devices tend to be relatively lightweight, which means you will find them more portable in the long run.

3. Quality

Did you know that these sprayers will assure you of incredible results? Regardless of the surface, you will have no difficulty in attaining a perfect finish. Remember, you will achieve this within a relatively short time.

4. Even application

You can hardly ignore the significance of a uniform spray application. It is for this reason that this sprayer remains ideal for uneven surfaces or even ceilings.

As long as you need impeccable results on these surfaces, this should be your ultimate choice.


In conclusion, having a handheld electric paint sprayer will assure you of value for money. As long as you select the right one, you will have no reason to worry.

What matters is how affordable the device is and how effective it can be. The insights above will guide you accordingly.