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Best Electric Paint Sprayer for Furniture – Reviews, Different Types & Guide

Are you a carpenter or an artist who has been on the lookout for the right gadget to help paint his furniture with? Did I hear you answer back in the affirmative? If I did, then, you want to pay some keen attention here. We have prepared a review-cum-buying guide to help you out in all these.

For a start, your solution rests in the acquisition and subsequent use of the best electric paint sprayer for furniture.

This is an appliance that is used to channel out and dispense paint in the form of sprays in ways that are tiny, minute, and appropriately targeted.


Best Electric Paint Sprayer for Furniture – Top 5 On the Market of 2021


Benefits of Buying an Electric Paint Sprayer for Furniture

best electric paint sprayer for furniture reviews

Below are the major benefits of buying the best electric paint sprayer for furniture:

  • Highly Adjustable

A typical furniture sprayer is highly adjustable in the sense of being packed with essential controls to allow for just that.

Your preference for the sprayer hence negates the many inconveniences that other forms of painting and painting items potentially bring forth. It also puts you ahead of the game as regards the use thereof.

  • Saves Paint

By using a sprayer, you get to save some paint considerably. You only jut out the volume of the paint that may be necessary for the job at that time.

This stands in sharp contrast with the roller and the paintbrush that only allows for rough estimates.

  • Simpler to Make Use of

Most sprayers are designed in such a way as to allow for easier comprehension and subsequent engagement thereof. You do not really have to spend too much of your time and effort to juggle around it hence.

That of course inflicts some convenience of use in the long run.

  • Easier to Clean and Maintain

Considering that the sprayers hardly catch dirt as compared to other forms of painting tools, they are easier to clean and maintain. You do not need to wet yourself as is the norm always.

In fact, all you have to do at times is to simply wipe off the excess paints and that is it!

  • Light and Portable

By its sheer nature, the paint sprayer is light and portable enough to carry around to the remote locale of use. Thanks to this, you may use it repeatedly for a prolonged duration of time without necessarily feeling tired or worn out.

Also, you will find the task of carrying one to a remote locale a bit simple.

  • Accurate Painting Outcomes

Of all the painting items we have around, none is as suited for more accurate outcomes as is the paint sprayer.

It gives you the leeway to determine the volume, direction, intensity, and nature of the painting outcomes you may be desirous of. You may even use it to decorate your furniture.


Reviews of the 5 Best Electric Furniture Paint Sprayers

We now get to the reviews of the best electric paint sprayer for furniture as of today’s market:

#1: Best Value – HomeRight C800971 HVLP Handheld Paint Sprayer

Looking for a sprayer to finish or decorate the exteriors of your furniture? This could be the one you have been looking for!

handheld electric paint sprayer gun for cabinets

  • Adjustable Settings

Its controls are all adjustable to allow for the smooth determination of the painting outcomes as per your wish. This also comes in handy when attempting some decorations.

  • Powerful Spraying Experience

It does have a motor that bears the 450 watts rating. This delivers a powerful spray of the paint to make your furniture assume and endure better painting outcomes.

  • 3 Brass Spray Tips

A set of three brass spray tips close the list of the many features that the item has to offer. These are the ones that channel out the flow of the paint as per your unique expectations.

Notable Features:

  • Suitable for do-it-yourself projects
  • Delivers some exceptional finish and exterior coating
  • It may be used across several surfaces and projects


#2: Best for Large Furniture – Wagner 0580678 Control Pro 130 Airless Paint Sprayer with Powerful Motor

Of all the sprayers we have, this happens to possess the highest efficacy with regards to the churning out of the spraying outcomes. It also doubles up as possessing a fair low overspray.

wagner 0580678 electric airless paint sprayer for large furniture painting

  • Control Pro 130 Power Tank

At its core is a tank that holds the paint in escrow prior to the spraying of the same across the various surfaces. The tank is larger and discharges the paint outcomes three times faster than usual.

  • High-efficiency Airless Sprayer

As noted above, the item is highly efficient and less likely to spill over the paints as is the norm with the ordinary kinds. In fact, this item produces a whopping 55% less overspray compared to others.

  • Multipurpose

You may deploy and dedicate this sprayer to many other tasks and associated surfaces. These include but not limited to dispensing unthinned paints, interior and exterior areas, and so on!

Notable Features:

  • Improves your controls and engagements
  • Delivers more consistent finish outcomes
  • Suitable for continuous spraying and handling

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#3: Best Budget – YATTICH Electric Hand Held Paint Spray Gun with 5 Copper Nozzles

Want to imbue some decorations and patterns across your surfaces? You may want to lay your hands on this particular paint sprayer. It indeed has the ability to spew off patterns thanks to the responsive nozzle.

cheap electric paint spray gun for furniture

  • Detachable Parts

Most of its critical parts detach to allow for easier cleaning and engagements thereafter. You hence will find it a lot easier to restore to the previous good working condition after a spate of use.

  • Copper Nozzles

Its nozzles are made of copper and are thus long-lasting. The copper nozzles also go beyond that to withstand a higher degree of pressure than the traditional plastic variants.

  • Rear Foam Pad

Closing it all is the rear foam pad. As you may have guessed, this one mainly serves to prevent the paint from flowing backward. To do this, it blocks the nozzle and also makes the sprays come out uniformly.

Notable Features:

  • Gives off three spray patterns
  • Able to spew to the paint from various angles
  • Compacts enough to use across a variety of surfaces

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#4: Best Cordless – Graco Ultra 17M363 Electric Airless Handheld Sprayer without Cord Limits for Furniture Painting

Lack the necessary skill and experience? Fret not as this handheld machine is designed and made specifically for you. It is also light and simpler to make use of.

graco airless cordless spray machine for furniture

  • Ultra-airless Handheld Sprayers

On the whole, the character of this sprayer is such that it is light and easier to handle on the whole. That enables you the user to carry it around as need be without too many strains.

  • FlexLiner Bag System

A FlexLiner bag system comes about as a vital component of the gadget. It is this one that gives you the power to spray out the paint at whichever angle that may be, even upside down!

  • Smartcontrol Advanced Pressure Controls

For your added engagements, the item taps into a set of the Smartcontrol advanced pressure controls. These offer a fairly high degree of agility that is largely lacking in other sprayers.

Notable Features:

  • Really convenient to carry around
  • Just out the paint output in seconds
  • Great even for the small jobs


#5: Best with Long Hose – Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer for Unthinned Paint

Are you a seasoned painter who engages in outdoor and indoor projects most of the time? You want a sprayer that is also suitable for the indoor and outdoor settings equally well, like this one.

best electric paint sprayer for medium-sized furniture

  • Fully-adjustable Pressure

It confers to you the ability to adjust the pressure as accurately as can be. That of course puts you in firm control of the painting exercise and the decorative tasks that generally ensue.

  • Stainless Steel Piston Pump

Its pumping mechanism on the other hand comes about in a stainless steel mechanism. That gives it the strength, vitality, and longevity of use it is naturally supposed to exude while in use.

  • Flexible Suction Tube

Existing to make your painting experience even more hassle-free is the flexible suction tube. This one gives you the leeway to paint directly from a bucket whose capacity is 1-5 gallons.

Notable Features:

  • Sprays more projects per year
  • Allows for a faster and expedited clean up
  • Enables continuous and uninterrupted spraying


How to Choose the Best Electric Paint Sprayer for Furniture?

best price electric paint sprayer for furniture

Now, we discuss those factors you may have to consider to choose the best electric paint sprayer for furniture that potentially serves your needs:

– Materials and Projects

The materials and the projects you want to engage in should rank at the top of your consideration. These appliances are generally designed for a variety of surfaces. You have to match the surface you have in mind with the precise piece of equipment for the job.

– Intended Frequency of Spraying

  • How often do you plan to spray the surfaces?
  • Is it only one time or repeatedly?

You have to make a choice depending mainly on the number of times you may have to spray the surfaces. Choose a sprayer whose tank’s carrying capacity is similarly higher if you want to spray quite often.

– Force or Intensity of Spraying

With how much force do you plan to jut out the paint? You have to ensure that the sprayer you pick for the job is capable of jutting out the paint at the force you may want it to.

The purpose of this is to enjoy the outcomes you desire for any given project you may have in mind.

– Tank capacity vs. Scope of Work

Areas differ significantly with regards to the scope of their sheer size. The tank is the component of the sprayers that hold the paint and make the same available for the spraying of surfaces.

You hence have to match these two metrics to ensure that you have enough paint for your surfaces.

– Patterns and Decorations

Want also to form some patterns and decorations? If that is what you are looking for, you may also want to consider whether the sprayer you have is able to do that or not.

Check out the nozzle and see whether it is indeed as responsive as should be the case.

Best Budget – Yattich Sprayer with 5 Nozzles and 3 Patterns

cheap electric paint spray gun for furniture

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– Number of Colors

Could it be that you also want to dispense more than one color per time? If that is the case, you want to see to it that the sprayer you have in mind is indeed capable of doing just that. Check out the manufacturer’s manual to find out whether that is the case.

Basically, you need to find an electric sprayer that is easy to clean, avoiding blending the 2 or more distinctive colors together.

– Skill Level vs. Degree of Sophistication

Needless to say, you also have to be mindful of your skill level as well. You do not want to choose a gadget that is too complicated for your level of understanding and comprehension. For that to happen, you must assess your capability in an honest manner.

– Speed of Spraying

People work at different paces. You must ensure that the item you pick for the job is able to deliver the paint outcomes at the pace that is comfortable for you. As much as possible, we opine that you emphasize the sprayer whose is variable.

– Care and Maintenance

Using these items is one thing, restoring them to their clean working conditions is yet another thing altogether.

You hence have to be mindful of the care and the maintenance regimes that may have to be used to restore them. Of course, you have to pick an item that is easier to care for.

– Cost of Acquisition

When all is said and done, how much the item goes for will determine to a large extent whether or not you may subsequently purchase the same.

Choose an item that is cheaper and well within your affordable means as a plausible way forward. That may demand you comparing the prices of many dealers first.


What Are the Types of Electric Paint Sprayer for Furniture?

We now get to the types of the best electric paint sprayer for furniture:

– Airless Sprayer

The airless sprayer, as its name suggests, does not require air to channel out the sprays.

Instead, it relies on some powerful force that fans out the paint. It is hence convenient in the sense of not relying on external agents to do its work as others ordinarily have to.

Best Sale – Graco Magnum X5 Stand Airless Spray Machine

best electric paint sprayer for medium-sized furniture

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– HVLP Sprayer

This stands for the ‘High Volume Low Pressure’ and it juts out a steady stream of air to propel the paint from the tip of the nozzle. It is on the whole easier to control, and also leaves behind comparatively less water or mess.

The HVLP sprayer might be a good one for decorations and patterns.

– Air Compressor

As the name implies, the air compressor relies heavily on air to jut out the paint output. In this item, the air is mixed with the paint and is compressed before getting jutted out.

For a large part, this appliance is mainly used for finishing the exterior surfaces of the objects of interest.

+ Pneumatic Air Sprayer

The pneumatic air sprayer is a kind of compressed air sprayer. However, it differs in the sense of using air that is already packaged in its tank.

Thus, it cuts down the time and the effort you would generally have to expend when attempting to apply paint onto the surfaces.

– Handheld Paint Sprayers

Handheld paint sprayers are smaller and more compact than your ordinary sprayers. Because of this, they are able to facilitate your painting exercises in areas that are generally remote and detached from the mainstream.

Also, small nature enables seamless transportation to those far-away places with absolute ease.

– Conventional Compressor Sprayers

Closing the list of the many sprayers we have here is the conventional compressor sprayer. This is mainly used to adorn the exterior of the automobiles as it is more agile and accurate than the two.

Many a time, this sprayer is simple enough for the common do-it-yourself applications.


How Much Does an Electric Furniture Paint Sprayer Cost?

Kindly note that there is no standard pricing for the best electric paint sprayer for furniture. The precise price is dependent on a variety of factors like the tank capacity, intended purpose, designated area of use, and the speed of operations. Also, where you choose to purchase one may make a whole lot of difference.

When all factors are put into consideration though, expect to part with no less than $40 to acquire one for yourself. Do not hesitate to bargain for the best deals available.

That may mean approaching the many sellers we have around and inquiring how much they sell their merchandise for.



We are now cocksure that you have the preparedness you need to purchase the best electric paint sprayer for furniture for yourself. In case you may have missed anything, we ask you to go back to the explanations and read the same slowly and steadily a second time.