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Best Automotive Paint Gun for Beginners

For newbies, DIYers, and beginners, spray guns are such a time-saving tool. Also, different types of automotive guns are available for the convenience of the users.

The main purpose of using the best spray paint guns is because of their modified airbrushes and mechanism that make the whole process of painting much faster.

There are various types and mechanisms of each gun. Commonly, airless ones do not use compressed air whereas the HVLP requires the air compressor or turbines to atomize the paint.

On the other hand, gravity feed spray guns are costly in comparison to the siphon ones but they work more.


Firstly, Knowing The Layer of Paint:

Generally, there are several coatings of paints before the final look. The primer usually protects the material. A layer is to create more and better adhesion by increasing durability.


Primer is a mixture of glue and paint. The very next step is the basecoat. This is done to smooth the surface of the material. Also, base coat application is mostly indoors to block the dust particles and to maximize the results.

Soon after the final base coat is dried, wash the car surface with soap and water to remove the fingerprints if found any. The one trick that always works is that the base coat must not be too shiny or dry.

It should be balanced between the both. Give a break for at least 30 minutes between the base coat and the clear coat. The final clear coat is necessary to improve the overall structure and gloss of the surface. It also gives color depth and increases the material’s durability.

To overcome the no-stick and adhere factor, it is important to apply primer. The surface of the car might be smoother or not at all. This is the reason to prime which is constant to fix that.

Also, it works for giving an even texture and look. A primer’s main function is to build up the covering layer that seals the material’s durability. This is how the car won’t want more coats of paint. They locked the original color and support in spreading the paint seamlessly.

Basecoat and clearcoat

This is true that the base coat and primers are different. A base coat is the first layer of paint that is applied right after drying out the primer. One of the major advantages of the base coat is that it acts as the base for the next layer.

This way it gives enough protection to the car. Right after applying the base coat, it is good to paint the car with a clear coat because it helps in preventing the oxidation of color.

Also, it brings more gloss and shines to the surface. The final touch of the clear coat increases the thickness of the layers and life of the paint. Try to do it in the form of thin layering, drying it out, and repeating it after a few minutes.

The main purpose of a clear coat is to make the overall look polished, creamy, and even out. Primer, base coat and clear are step by step important for achieving the desired results of painting.


How to Choose the Auto Paint Sprayer for Starts:

Every step counts especially when you are starting as a new painter. Auto paint sprayers are available in huge amounts in the market with different benefits. It is amazing to select the right tool for fulfilling the purpose of painting.

Nozzle size:

To get the finish of the paint, choosing the right nozzle size of sprayer gun is mandatory. It is significant to adjust its size. The nozzle tips play a significant and prominent role while painting any object.

The accurate knowledge and selection make the work easier and worthwhile. However, sprayer guns have a variety of options for users. Read the guide and select accordingly.

  • For primer: A kind of painting rule is set that it must be in between 1.7 to 2.2 for applying primers.
  • For basecoat: The best nozzle size for the base coat is 1.4 to 1.6.
  • For clearcoat: As this is the last and final coat, selecting nozzle size is quite necessary. It should be around 1.3 to1.7 and not more than that.


Other than functionality and purpose, the weight of a spray paint gun is an important factor. It is hard to neglect this feature because the holding and handling might get affected.

The maximum and ideal heaviness of a spray paint gun range from 3-15 pounds. Also, it is necessary to identify the weight before purchasing any product. Any spray gun which is heavier than this will create controlling issues.

And it will be more difficult to carry it for long hours and big projects. Half of the customers’ concerns are regarding the more weight issues as they find complications in using it.

Lightweight is the best recommendation for any kind of automotive spray gun. Try to go for the ones that are durable, reasonable, and lighter in weight.


Review of Best Car Paint Gun

Easy to Handle – YATTICH Sprayer Gun for Automobile

detachable paint gun for car

Who is this product best for?

YATTICH- Sprayer Gun is best for beginners. It is the perfect go-to option for painting any kind of furniture. Each tool is adjustable and given according to the shape and size of the gun.

This works flawlessly without any further need for external guidance. It will be the best decision for the new users to enjoy and continue their painting journey.

What makes this product outstanding?

This spray gun is amazing for people looking for something lightweight and good quality in return for their money invested.

Easy to handle: one of the best things about a spray gun is that it comes with parts that are easy to assemble and do not need extra assistance.

Gives full coverage: Unlike paint brushes, rollers, and other tools, this gun allows the user to paint and provide coverage to each part of furniture equally.

Cleanliness at its peak: It is normal to see the mess in painting different things. But because of this spray gun, cleanliness is the biggest positive aspect. As it doesn’t leak or waste paint.

What do people review on this product?

I bought it because it is inexpensive and gives the premium quality finish paint. All the directions are very clear which makes the preparation process less tiring. With the use of this spray gun, I can complete my painting quickly and safely. A must-buy product for beginners.

What this spray gun may not fit for?

Hard to separate the tubular part: The separation of the sprayer from the motor is quite tough and difficult and it will require a lot of energy.

Weak measurements of viscosity cup: Sprayer gun having a viscous cup is not satisfying according to the usage plus ratio of the paint and water.

Occasionally heating issue: If the use of guns is prolonged than 30-35 minutes then it becomes hot.

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Gravity Feed – TCP Global HVLP Spray Guns with Air Regulator

gravity feed paint sprayer for cars

Who is this product best for?

HVLP It is the finest product for DIYers and comes with all essential parts. It has a water filter attached which maintains the moisture and also a locking regulator. This handy spray gun is ideal for new and everyday users.

What makes this product outstanding?

High-volume low-pressure spray guns are amazing for painting wooden and other products effortlessly.

Affordability: Such an affordable yet worth a single penny. It won’t cost you much.

Great working efficiency: This gun is a powerful tool and comes with easy handling which makes it unique. The functionality is impressive and does not interrupt the painting procedure.

Time Saving tool: These guns give you maximum output in less time that is the biggest benefit of using them.

What do people review on this product?

At first, I was hesitant to buy it but soon after using it, I realized how helpful this little tool is. This is an excellent product. It makes painting easier for me even if I am doing it after so many years.

I would suggest others buy it for the beginner level. It will assist you to gain confidence and command over the painting; However, I observe some kind of leakage. But this happens very rarely with me. Also, I think there are several reasons behind the wearing and tearing of parts.

What this HVLP spray gun may not fit for?

Lack of long-lasting properties: The lifespan of guns is short and they may become non-functional after continuous 6th or 7th use in a row.
Not a quality packaging: Out of 10, almost 5 packagings are not up to the mark and damage.

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1.8mm for Primer – Astro Spray Handle Nozzle with Cup

easy to clean spray gun

Who is this product best for?

Astro Spray handle is ideal for medium to small projects. From the standard of product to work, everything is just too good. All the parts are of the highest quality and are safe to use.

It is best for applying primer, base coat, or clear coat as well. This is amazing for users who are not that experienced. The overall finish achieved from this spray handle is quite appreciable.

What makes this product outstanding?

Impressive price ranges: As compared to other products, It is affordable. The level of working is outstanding and surely a good investment.
Amazing performance: It is convenient for using longer hours. Also, the gun doesn’t heat up or stop which boosts its performance.

Sprays evenly on the surface: The prominent feature is its working and applying the paint all over without leaving uneven patches or drops. This makes it a more reliable product.

Metal quality is good: All the parts are market competitive and the quality of the metal is impressive. It also doesn’t change its color.

What do people review on this product?

This is one of the best spray guns I have bought. I received this just exactly like I saw at the time of ordering it in a picture. It makes my painting experience better.

I think I am becoming a regular user of this product. This gun is very economical and low-priced with guaranteed quality. Also, I will recommend it to my friends.

What this Astro spray gun may not fit for?

Minor adjusting problems: Few of the guns are having these problems. The adjustment of tools is sometimes becoming hectic for the user.
Constant clean-up is an issue: If it is not clean on time and after every use then it may disturb the overall working of the gun.

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1.4mm for Basecoats – PNTGREEN HVLP Spray Gun for Car Painting

spray gun for basecoat

Who is this product best for?

PNTGREEN HVLP spray Gun works amazingly for hobby and DIY projects. It has the best adjustable knobs and the utilization is exceptionally convenient.

This comes unders the category of very budget spray which never fails to show performance. The product is reliable and for new users who want to learn and grow in the painting domain.

What makes this product outstanding?

Superb quality and affordable: It is a very excellent and praiseworthy product. Also, comparatively cheaper than the rather expensive spray guns.

Easy to use: The handling and usage is quite interesting and easy. It doesn’t take too much time to assemble it. Other than this, it comes with proper instructions.

Trouble-free cleaning process: This product is very easy, convenient to clean. The internal parts are operational even after cleaning frequently. Due to this reason, it becomes an ultimate pick.

What do people review on this product?

At first I was using a much expensive gun then I switched to this and believe me it was the best decision I took in my life. It saves my time like no other product and also allows me to collect the painting method in a few hours.

Also, I used half a gallon for one coat which shows the perfect finish results. The most beneficial thing is that I found it more useful with the reasonable and regular pricing ratio.

What this PNTGREEN spray gun may not fit for?

Only worked for a couple of times: Rarely, the gun stopped working on and off after sometime. Then it started working suddenly.
Not suggested for professional use: This product is better for the small projects of painting.

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HVLP or Airless?

HVLP stands for high volume low pressure. It uses compressed air to atomize the painting mechanism. Airless ones don’t want air compressors or turbines instead they pump out the paint by high pressure.

Also, airless guns are good at working on greater efficiency levels but they cause more waste. If we talk about the quality of work, HVLP never fails. The fact is that they produce less amount as compared to the airless sprayers, which is about 10 psi as an output.

They save the paint from getting wasted. No doubt Airless is faster and quicker. These gun sprayers tend to produce as high as 2000 psi as the final output. Although there is a risk factor of causing injuries is much higher in airless than HVLP.

what is hvlp paint sprayer

Working efficiency:

A major difference is noticeable in both the sprayer paint guns. HVLP empties the paint at a rate of 600 milliliters per minute whereas the airless do it as 7 liters per minute.

This is the huge factor that directly affects the working quality and efficiency. Airless is responsible for leaving more waste behind and HVLP is the opposite of it.

Although airless sprayer guns are the winners for speeding up the process and in comparison, high volume low-pressure sprayer guns are a little slow at producing more paint. Moreover, HVLP is well-known as the precise sprayer painters and airless ones are famous for high production.



1- These guns are good at decreasing the 50% amount of waste.
2- HVLP pumps out less paint which saves it for later use.
3- They are inexpensive and save money.


1- The speed of airless paint guns is much faster.
2- They give the finest quality finish.
3- It is excellent in producing even surfaces.


There are some drawbacks linked with both types. Hence it is a major reason for finding the difference in the working capabilities.


1- HVLP is not as quick as airless paint guns.
2- They do not have high capacity.
3- It has issues in producing a thick coating of paints.

– Airless:

1- They are costly and not affordable.
2- Airless sprayer guns have problems controlling the amount.
3- The wastage is more in them.
4- The risk of getting injured is higher too.


Gravity Feed or Siphon Feed?

There are two types of automotive paint guns. One is gravity feed(cup on the top) and the other one is siphon feed(cup on the bottom). Just like the name defines more about it, “gravity guns” require gravity to operate and function.

Also, gravity feed guns allow the smaller flow of paint at one time by utilizing gravity. One of the biggest drawbacks is that gravity feed guns can be expensive but again it depends on the quality of the product which you are buying.

On the other hand, siphon feeds are no less in handling and provide user-friendly options. Siphon feed guns are simple and work by creating siphons with the help of movement.

They are then able to suck the paint from the tube. Siphon feed guns have a container attached with the end that sucks the liquid through the nozzle. However, they are less expensive. But the overall working mechanism is a little difficult and less controlling.

Siphon feed guns work by putting pressure on the air movement and then create a siphon that makes the paint come out of the reservoirs. Sometimes the fluid does not pass properly and sits on the paint cap which impacts the efficiency of the fluid.

The major difference between gravity and siphon-feed guns is that the gravity ones have the paint holder attached on the top of the airbrush which uses gravity and air to paint.

And the siphon-feed has a paint holder which is hanging below the airbrush, also it depends entirely on the air pressure for pulling the paint out. Undoubtedly, both are amazing.

But to give the best surface finish, gravity feed guns are the best choice. Also, gravity feed guns give the finest atomization and compatibility with both HVLP and LVMP. They are worth buying for beginners as it is easy to clean and control them.

what is siphon feed paint gun

Electric or Pneumatic?

The major difference between an electric or pneumatic tool is the basic supply. As the electric guns on the electricity while the pneumatic needs an air compressor.

For beginners, it is good to go for pneumatic ones because they are lightweight, affordable, and have more life. Air tools require less maintenance and are safer as compared to electric ones.

The most common disadvantage is the cost becomes higher due to the use of an air compressor. Electric tools are good to buy, but they are more for professional use. They are much more expensive than air tools.

Also, the potential chances of electric shocks are much higher. The movement of tools is no doubt great and convenient in electric ones rather than pneumatic tools.

Electric tools are heavier and bigger. Comparatively, air tools are long-lasting, sturdy, and strong. Apart from spray guns, the common use of pneumatic tools is in industries dealing with construction, woodworking, and metalworking.

Although electric tools give more versatility, air tools are much lighter and stronger ones. So, the suggestion for the new users is in favor of pneumatic tools more.

Some of the major advantages of pneumatic tools:

  • It does not generate much heat.
  • Air tools are safer for newbies.
  • They are more functional in continuous use.
  • As compressed air is clean, it is less prone to fire.


How to Prepare for Painting Your Car?

Several steps are mandatory to do before painting the car. It is important to follow instructions in the right manner. These guidelines act as the precautions which save your car from damage later on.

how to prepare for car painting

Below find the number of steps to do right before applying the paint:

1 – Cleaning: A tried and tested formula for painting your car is to declutter it. Try to remove everything from the inside to give maximum exposure and paint freely.

2 – Wash your car: There are always do’s and don’ts for everything. Similarly, for painting a car, you should wash it. Also, make sure that it is dry then move to the next step.

3 – Improve the surface quality: for sure, the paint will bring a glossy shine but it will be impossible to fill the dents and states. So it is equally important to take care of this before painting the car.

Make it feathered to prevent the prominent sight of uneven car surface texture. A kind of process of filling the car dents to make the painting more smother.

4 – Sanding a car: This is reality and there is no myth in accepting this that the new paint needs some surface roughness. Sanding is a method to bring that and done with the 500-grit scotch-brite. However, in the presence of good old paint, sandpaper is enough. Also, it will help to make the necessary changes and increase the desired roughness.

5 – Use of Rust Killers: After sanding, this is an important step. Even the slightest of dust can ruin the overall look of the freshly painted car.

That is why it is essential to pay attention and remove all the dye particles before. Don’t forget to apply rust killers for 48 hours before you start painting.

Always remember it is easier to handle light surface rust with sanding. But in the sceneries of heavy rust, only rust killers will work.

6 – Taping and Masking: No doubt masking will contribute a lot to making the process convenient. Mostly while painting, newspaper the rescue but in auto paints, it is not that effective.

They can transfer to glass or metal and create a mess. So, proper paint tape is a good selection. Also, it will keep things neat and clean. This process makes the car ready for further steps.

Here the completion of the preparation process shows that the car is okay for the next major steps that include the use of spray paint guns.


How to Paint Your Car with a Spray Gun?

Now as the final step is about to start, try to arrange all the necessary things. After the initial cleaning of the car, it is important to make a list of products that can help you in painting.

This becomes important to follow the right instruction for operating the spray paint gun and start your painting experience.

methods for car painting

Below find the list of things that you will need:

  • Paint thinner
  • Air compressor depending on the kind of gun.
  • The spray gun
  • Solvent for cleaning
  • Hand gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Face mask

Follow these steps and begin the process:

Select a Spray gun: According to the level of your painting, choose the spray guns. It can be HVLP, airless, or any other type.

Control the pattern: Just a few minutes before painting, it is the best thing to control the pattern of spraying and observe it to do it later in the same form. It can improve the texture of the paint.

Double-check the pressure: Try to confirm the pressure of the gun and also adjust it to maintain the output of the sprayer gun. This will save you from the waste of time and paint both.

Cover the major areas: In case to save some parts of the car. It is good to mask them with tape and cover it. This way it will not absorb the new paint and will be good in saving the material.

Do some practice: Take out the old vehicle panel from the backyard and set the distance. Make it approximately 15 centimeters apart from it and paint it. Find out the difficulties and overcome them. It will guide you to make your car in a much better way.

Mix paint with thinner: Although it is a wrong concept to expect the finish of the paint and not applying primer. No one can not expect a smooth and fine look without it.

This is important to prime the car before you paint the first layer of paint. It will go like sanding, priming, blocking with the sand, and again priming. This is how you will be able to achieve the results.

Leave it for 10-20 minutes: After applying the primer, it is always good to leave the surface for drying out. This will make the process of absorption smoother and will make the material ready for the next layer.

Apply the paint: Now the primed surface is waiting for the base coat. Do it by spreading the paint evenly with the help of a spray gun. This will guide you about your performance right after one application.

Give it some time to dry. Make sure to watch the handling of the sprayer gun to avoid any wastage. Then apply the final layer of clear coat to make the car shine.

By following the operating rules of the paint gun, it will be easier to achieve the results. This will give you a whole new experience of painting.


Final Thought:

Automotive spray guns will eventually save half of the time. They are reliable as well as secure. Also, every painting project is doable and remarkable because of its unbelievable quality. The easy-to-use characteristics make it stand out from others.